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Hey Everyone

Happy Tuesday Tutorial day!!!  I hope you all are fantastic and  enjoying life! 🙂 Things have been crazy for me STILL with technology I can’t believe the amount of troubles I am having – It could be an entire fictional story because no one could believe it’s really what I’m going through. Serious Conspiracy Theory type stuff.

Anyway!  I have a video about Square 1 for you all today!  This is still so exciting for me to get the opportunity to work closely with the Square 1 family and take on roles for them and develop some absolutely incredible new things.  I have been a fan of Square 1 for quite some time now and believe whole-heartedly in this product and there are many health and environmental reasons why as well, but the most important part is, it’s FUN!  It’s something that really allows you to stretch your creativity and its also SIMPLE!  It’s clean, its EASY and the sky is the limit! So here is a new video today talking about Square 1 – some of the benefits and the Cricut Imagine.

You can get your hands on Square 1 HERE and also watch one of my original videos using the product with a photo of Jena and I.

Enjoy the Moments!

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