Bottle Caps, Spring Home Decor and Odd Sized Cards 39

Happy Saturday!

Its time to MAKE SOMEONES DAY!!!! Follow along over on Facebook and comment here with how I could make your day!!!

For now I have several videos for you in the stash!  There isn’t much time left in National Craft Month so lets make some crafts this weekend!  Heres some cute ideas for decorating with Bottle Caps and Magnets to start!

Lets go pull out the Cricut and the SongBird Cricut Cartridhe to create some really sweet Spring time Wall Decor for the home!  So easy and beautiful – you can get all the supplies included in THIS Kit still on Sale for National Craft Month and EVERY order receives a WINNING Scratch off ticket with prizes up to $6,000.00.

I really love this card, I think it turned out adorably!  And its a different size card, that still fits in business envelopes so great!


I know many of you were asking and had no idea I was moving, I’ll just say – I didn’t either LOL!  It was a very quick decision in the sense of where and how this all worked out – but it was really what we felt was best for this time in our lives.  It is only a temporary situation and its been so positive and exciting! I’m loving being so near Craft-e-Corner and the blessing Dean and Carrie (owners of CEC) have been is just incredible!  I have a great little creative crafting space in my room and kids love the activities they have available to them right now!  I would love to ask each of you to keep praying for us and can’t thank you enough for the love and support you have given.  Life isn’t always perfect and you never know where its going to lead.  I’ll share more later but for now, the prayers and encouragement from my ARS Family means the world in this transitional and growing time!

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39 thoughts on “Bottle Caps, Spring Home Decor and Odd Sized Cards

  • vivian kaufman

    I am praying for you and your family. Sometimes we don’t know why God have us in a certain place but we know that He knows best and nothng but good will come out of it if we just go through the trial trusting Him.

  • Amy

    I have been going through a difficult time in my life right now and just about all that is keeping me going is the ability to still make scrapbooks for my kids, I have been wanting to get a few of your kits but right now the $$ thing is just impossible. You could “make my day” by sending me a kit or two, some paper layerz…just something so I can keep scrapping 🙂

  • Barb A.

    I am sure that you’re in the place the good Lord has intended you to be at this time. He knows best! I will pray that you remain in His loving arms and to help you make the transition easily. I think it’s great that you want to continue to “make our day” a little easier for us. I would dearly love to try one of your kits or some of your paper layerz. Thanks for asking! Keep smiling. Someone loves you. Know God……know peace. No God… peace.

    scrapbooknut67114 at gmail dot com

  • Suzanne Watanabe

    Hi Megan!
    I will surely keep you and your family in my prayers. Sometimes life just throws us a curveball and having your strong faith, the courage that God provides and prayer, everything will fall into place the way God intended.
    It’s so sweet of you to continue to “make our day” to help us. 🙂
    What would make my day is to somehow figure out a way to organize my tons of craft supplies so that I can be more efficient in scrapbooking my family’s scrapbook albums. I actually haven’t really gotten started because everything is so unorganized and I am so overwhelmed with all of my photos, which I fortunately have organized chronologically in photo boxes. Thank you for all you do…we love you..keep the Faith. Have a blessed day! 🙂


  • Kathy

    Dear Megan,
    I just want to let you know that I am continuing to hold you and your family in my prayers. Whien my daughter was in high school, she and her friends had a mantra that would help them through difficult times, “If
    God leads you to it, He will leave you through it!” I loved that these inspirational words came from these amazing young woman, but as we are told, a child shall lead.
    You give so much to so many with the sharing of your gift of creative inspiration. With the celebrationm of that gift and the gift of your family and “new to you ” family at yur side, everthing will work out just fine. I know first hand that if you let God guide your paths, you will have His blessing and love with you at all times.
    Thank you for being my source of inspiration,

  • Margaret K

    Megan, I am continuing to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You are such a blessing to each of us.
    I am inspired by watching your videos. I would love to have a couple of the Megan Elizabeth kits thawt nyou put together every month. They are so cool but the money has been a problem with trying them. Thanks for your Make someones day Saturdays we love them and we love you.

  • Terresa (Trish) Wood

    Hi Megan! I finally am able to get into the site and am wondering if it could have been my computer. Yikes. I pray that the Lord continues to bless you and your family. HE is awesome!! I know I would love a green Cricut but what I really need and would make my day is a rolling tote to go to crops with. I just can’t afford to purchase anything at this time. It amazes me how much the cost of living has gone up and also gas and the wages stay the same or shrink. I have sticker shock each time I go to the store now. Thanks for making my day just by keeping up your website.

  • Steph

    love the vidios. Hang in there everything will work out ok. When you find time you could make my day by do a a vidio with all you die cutting machines showing the different options they all do especially your new pazzle. Love all you do for all of us. THANKS

  • Vickie

    What a great witness to the world walking your walk for all of us to see. I know that God will bless you abundantly for your faithfulness. Looking forward to hearing all the Lord is doing in your life. Thanks for sharing your creativity. Happy Spring.

  • Jean

    Megan, you in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure that you will survive and prosper from each bump in the road, Keeping your faith will keep you going, Thinking of you,

  • Danita

    It’s how we walk through the trials of life on life’s terms that shows and builds our true character. I guess these lessons that we learn are to make us better help others who go through the same thing.
    I love any Cricut cartridges, paper layers (very inventive!), or your sparkle things would brighten my day!
    God bless you and your family.

  • Mabel

    Everything happens for a reason…some of those we may never know. Praying for you and your family Megan and hoping for the best for you always.
    As for me I am still wishing for the childs year cartridge or the Cricut DVD’s. I just know I am not making the best use of my Cricut and would love to learn more. Thanks for all you do Megan 🙂

  • dedra

    I have been waiting to find the cricut cartridge for cupcake wrappers on sale and that would make my day and help me be able to use it to make treats for others and make their day too.

  • Norma K

    May God continue to bless and keep you and your family during these trying times. I too am going through some trying times and have all but lost the feeling to craft but need something to get my mind off myself and on to others. My sister-in-law has lost her mother and my best friend has lost his uncle all this week and I don’t have the money to attend either service. I would love one of your paper kits and some ideas on sympathy cards. Thanks

  • Audrey Roseman

    Hi Megan,
    My houghts and prayers are with you and your family. God cares and is always there. His word says the He will never leave us of forsake us. Hold on to His word and speak His word and He will totally take careof you.
    I love your videos and I learns o much I have to say I love your nail polish color. So prety. God Bless you and I thank God for you every day.

  • Sue Anderson

    Great tutorials, thanks for sharing! It would make my Saturday to receive one of your kits and some paper layerz. That would be totally awesome! I am housebound due to some medical issues, and I don’t get to see my family near as much as I’d like (Once a year). In fact, I only get to get out of this house once a month for a doctor’s appointment, and I’m going stir-crazy. Being able to craft some greeting cards for my family and friends would really brighten my day! Have a wonderful weekend, and I will keep y’all in my prayers. ~Hugs!

  • Jan Lynn

    Trials and tribulations are what make us strong. and our faith is what gets us through. You are on an adventure right now and good will come out of it. Enjoy the new sights and activities around your new home. I love your videos and learn so much from them. Today you made me see the Songbird cartridge in a new light and it is now on my wish list. You made my day with these videos and I will be makeing some of my cards in this larger size.

  • MommyMe

    My nearly 90 year old grandfather, (who recently lost much of his sight), is frequently the voice in my head. He is a fiercely independent widower, who until now, has hardly taken a moments rest. His pep talks are short and precise: “Put a smile on! You will get through. Your faith and character will be stronger for surviving it with a positive attitude.” He may not be eloquent, but his, (and His), words are true. Eventually, your tribulations will be mere memories. I will hold you and your family in my prayers. Although, I could ask for material things, YOU make my day. Your walk is inspirational, your positive energy is uplifting, and your creativity encouraging! Thank you for each moment you spend on others!

  • Lisa LeMay

    I am so glad things are going so well for your family! I wish I was there to help you out and give you an extra pair of hands to put to good use. 🙂 I hope to hear more of your wonderful success and see more beautiful photos AND videos of your precious kidlets! Take care! 🙂

    P.S. I would die for an ATG!

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    When God closed a door he opens a window and I know that HE will lead you in the direction that is best for you and your family when you lean on HIM. Looks like a new beginning and I know that you will have tons of new things for us in the future. I feel so blessed to follow your blog, you are a blessing and inspiration to all of us. Your husband is so supportive and we get to see your children from time to time, growing up. You share your family and heart with all of us. May God pour out all HIS abundant blessings on you and ARS. This 64 year old scrapbooker looks forward to many years ahead with ARS.

  • Becky Humphrey

    What would make my day is for your heart to heal. Your the best. I love your kits and pearl pens. But most of all I just love you!!

  • Brenda

    Megan – All the best to you and your family, God does have a plan and is always with us. Just believe, follow and stay positive. For making someone’s Sat, I wish for you help someone, who doesn’t have much. For me (pk, being a little selfish) I would love to talk to you regarding a couple layouts that I can’t finish, nothing looks good.

  • Elise

    Hi Megan Elizabeth,

    I’m semi new to card making and enjoying every bit of it. And because card making makes me happy I’m on a mission to make those around me just as happy. Thank you for all you do with sharing your creative juices with all of us. You can extend the gin on my face with anything to keep my card making fun and expressive such as one of your kits, cuttlebug, your favorite stamps or anything you would like. thanks so much:)!

  • Angela W

    Hey Megan!
    I hope you are enjoying your new condo, you and your family are in my prayers, I hope he will give you peace. If you want to make my day, I would be soooo great for one of your kits with paper layers. My daughter have been diagnosed with a heart condishion and chromes disease and for the past 4 months she has been on homebound and we have been scrapbooking and I have been making her card to cheer her up when she has been in alot of pain. We are very blessed that her condishions are no as bad as they could be.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • Maria

    Thanks for sharing so many great videos!!!! I hope everything works out for the best for you and your family.
    Any surprise of crafty goodies would be wonderful to win.

  • Carol M

    Megan- Thank you so much for every thing that you share with all of us..I made a promise to my Mom before she passed,that I would finish the albums for her 15 great-grand children, so far 5 done and given for their 16th birthday,so anything would be greatly appreciated,especially your paperlayerz.May God bless you and your family and keep you in His lovingly care

  • Marilyn COLEMAN

    we’ve all been there one time or another and Faith will get you through not to worry! prayers for you and family. i love your videos

  • Roxanne

    HI Megan,
    Thank you for all you do! I am still praying for you & your family in this time of changes. I want to encourage you and say that there is nothing that happens in our life that has not passed over God’s desk first. All will work out the way God has planned for us. You could make everyone’s day by staying a very positive person and encouraging us to be positive.

    Thank you for shaing your creative ideas and your life (faith) with us,

  • Janet Workman

    My prayers are with you for a smooth transition, you said in your video that you were going to decorate the business envelope but you didn’t did you run out of time? l always decorate the envelope because it gives the Postal Service something to chuckle about. l love your Paper Layerz, please keep the videos coming. Will you by any chance be doing a video on the Cricut Craft Room because no matter how hard l try l just cannot figure it out. Thank you for all you do Luv Janet

  • Lane Lent

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We don’t always understand why things happen in our lives but God always knows. He will have you all in his loving arms and handle things in the right way. Just hang in there and do what you always do to make all crafters happy. We all love you and your work.


  • Name (Required)

    Hi Megan,

    Thanks for sharing these videos. I just want to encourage you to stay strong. I’m not sure what is going on but I can say for certain that God is not surprised by anything that you are dealing with right now. He promises us that He has a plan for our lives that is good and full of hope. Hold on to that promise with all you’ve got and be comforted in knowing that He never goes back on his promises!


  • Sharon

    Hi Megan,

    Thanks for sharing these videos. I just want to encourage you to stay strong. I’m not sure what is going on but I can say for certain that God is not surprised by anything that you are dealing with right now. He promises us that He has a plan for our lives that is good and full of hope. Hold on to that promise with all you’ve got and be comforted in knowing that He never goes back on his promises!