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Hey Everyone, It’s Tanner filling in for Megan this week with your TNT! 🙂 I absolutely LOVE doing these.  These make me think, Which is great to do!  I always learn something as well 🙂 

Have you ever wanted to add that extra little something to a card? Well this TNT is for YOU! Pull out the score board because this is a favorite of mine! 

This was simply made, By running a few lines on your scoreboard! This is one of the simpler ones, But you can get more into it! 

The video shows how to do the lines on your card base and it also shows how to make a Frame. You can do frames on ANYTHING, Stamped images, Paper, Sentiments, etc. 


Above shows the lines on the pattern paper, You can’t really tell via pictures but when your looking at the card you can really tell a difference, Which is great! 


Here’s also a completed picture of the card : 

I hope I have taught you something this Thursday and that you enjoyed it! 🙂 If you use this idea, Why don’t you head over to the Above Rubies Facebook page HERE and share a Picture? 

Thanks for stopping by today guys and have a great Day! 🙂 

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