5 Top Adhesives for Scrapbooking or Cardmaking 36

Adhesive, adhesive, adhesive!  Oh how I love the stickiness of you! 🙂

Adhesives seem to be the bane or glory of every scrapbooker out there, especially if you are using your Cricut machine.  Sometimes it’s hard to decide on what adhesive to use and when, why, how, all of the above!

I would like to say I can help you take away all your worries and troubles with adhesives, but that would be slightly unrealistic!  Each situation, each cut, calls for something different it seems.  So what I can do for you is give you my 5 top favs on adhesives and give you the reasons why.  You can do what you like with those reasons and the tips for making them work for you.

I see many O’ Questions on what adhesives to use with your Cricut cut outs and I receive at least 2 emails a day asking what adhesives I use, so that is why I decided to do this post next.  I love adhesives and playing with different types, I like learning about new things and re-visiting some “oldies but goodies”….

If anyone knows of any other adhesives that I should try, tell me about them, I would LOVE to hear it!

Let’s just get to the favorites!

Five Favorite Adhesives for my Cricut, Scrapbooking and Cardmaking!

  1. ZIG Squeeze and Roll Two-Way Glue Pen – I have seen many comments and concerns and questions about the Zig, but it is by far my favorite!  I have four different sizes and tip types on my ZIGS, but my favorite is the Squeeze and Roll Pen.  It allows me to squeeze out and have precision control of where my glue goes.  It has very low mess and it gives me great flexibility in use.  If you are unfamiliar with a two-way glue pen, it works simply like this, when you apply the glue to your surface it comes out blue, and when you adhere it to your project while it is still blue, it is a permanent bond.  If you wait until it dries clear or “white” it is a temporary repositionable bond, great for making cutting mats sticky again,and other things.  The “complaints” have been that the glue dries to fast to be “clear” before you get to the end of your cut out and then it’s only temporary hold.  I like to beg to differ especially if you are using the Squeeze and Roll!  It comes out perfect and you should have PLENTY of time for it to stay blue while you finish all corners of your images! 🙂
  2. ATG 700 – My yellow ATG 700 is the BOMB diggity!  Adhesive applicator or “gun” for a two sided adhesive tape…You can check it out in many of my videos 🙂  I have an ATG 700 which is the yellow “gun”.  Many crafters use the ATG 714 which holds 1/4″ tape.  Let me explain why I use the 700 🙂  I started using the 700 simply because of the price of under $30 that I paid for the gun at a local framing store that I purchased it from.  But, why I love it so much now, is because I have the flexibility with a simple adapter that came with my gun to use three different sizes of tape.  It is SO awesome!!!  The tape inside there lasts FOREVER on top of being SUPER sticky and permanent, I can feel assured knowing my pictures, embellishments, etc… aren’t moving from where I put it for a LOONNNG time!  With my ATG 714 I keep the 3/4″ tape inside, I love it for almost everything, except for small intricate cuts, but then I use my ZIG for those anyway!
  3. Xyron 2.5″ Sticker Maker – Woot Woot for the Xyron that I use ALL the time with my intricate or “thin” Cricut Cuts.  Things that are just too detailed for me to want to take the time to individually glue, like small words, letters, phrases or silhouettes.  I love the 2.5″ maker size, I feel like anything bigger I use my ATG or mono-adhesive glue runner on.  Anything smaller I use my zig or the size is just fine in there 🙂  You simply place your cut out or paper in the front opening turn the crank and out pops your “stickered” image.  It is SO much FUN!!!  “Complaint” to it, sometimes it leaves extra glue “boogers”…while that can be true, I don’t find it to be a lot or overly annoying.  To rectify that situation, just use a WHITE pencil eraser over the edges of the image you made a sticker and it pulls the “boogies” right off. (and YES, in case you where wondering, BOOGIES are the technical term for the access glue 😉 😉 lol!) In all seriousness though, I have never found there to be an over-abundance of glue on any image no matter the size that would ever make me turn from my Xyron, it’s purple, it’s helpful and it is sticky!  I <3 it! 🙂
  4. Pop Dots – Whatever your brand of choice, Pop Dots, Dimensionals, 3D Foam Dots, Zots, etc… POP UP YOUR IMAGES!!!  I LOVE them!  You can get a variety of sizes and shapes for Pop dots and I’ve tried a gamut!!  You can get them in dollar store bins and then pay as much as $6.00 per pack!  I will tell you that my favs to use are the actual “Pop Dots” from the All Night Media or Plaid Company, I really like their size and thickness, they stay on well and I just enjoy them for the price. I also use a lot from Target, they are really reasonable and multiple sizes come in one pack, I’ve been told to “watch out” that they loose their stick, but I’ve had them in my albums for over two years and have not yet had any loosing stick problems.  I like to be fair and tell you about that, but it has never been my experience with them. 🙂
  5. Adtech Glue Runner – I must sound like a serious nay-sayer to many people because I have  seen more than several comments of people hating this glue.  I don’t know if it’s the climate in my house, or the way I keep things, but I LOVE the Adtech Glue Runner from Walmart!  This is the glue runner I started with years and years ago when I first started scrapbooking, between this glue runner and photo splits, I was a happy scrapper! 🙂  It is so inexpensive and the permanent bond has thus far (at least the past 5 years) has been permanent for me!  🙂  I have heard peoples complaints of it not holding up, so again, to be honest with you I will tell you about that, but I truly can say for the less than $2.00 refils, I have always been happy with it!  My favs! 🙂

So please, do share with me your favs!  I will mention to you that I have been using several other adhesives more often lately than I used to, I may make more mention of them later, but don’t be surprised when my top 5’s turn into top 10s!  I just love so much!!! 🙂  Can I mention it now, Stick and Spray by Crafter’s Companion, Glue Dot Stamper by Elmer’s and Zip Dry Glue all creeping up on my lists, but not enough to take over 🙂

(*just an FYI side note here – these are all just the opinions of Above Rubies Studio, non of these products was I in anyway paid to review or plug, I just love sharing my thoughts and getting yours here on this blog! Have an awesome day!*)

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36 thoughts on “5 Top Adhesives for Scrapbooking or Cardmaking

  • Ashley

    I came across your blog not too long ago and I looovve it! As for adhesives, I am always looking for the deals :] I also use the walmart glue runner, as far as my scrapbook pages it has held up so far but on some of my cards and home decorations sadly its lost its stick :[ Also I have had issues with the pop ups from the dollar tree, they also have lost their stick. I just ordered an ATG gun off ebay for a great price and I cant wait until I recieve it! Anyway thanks for the great blogs and great ideas! Also I was just wondering, I am decorating some empty paint cans for Xmas and wanted to know if you have ever done this and if you could possibly do a video to show a demo? I know your super busy but I would love to see! Thanks!

  • artsyladyPenney

    Every time I go to the store the Zig’s scream at me and say BUY ME! Now that I read your review I think it’s about time I buy it! Now to my favorites: My favorite-“can’t be without” adhesive’s are the Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive – when I am not worried about placement – this is must for me! Then there is the Elmers Craft Bond Acid Free Multi-purpose spray adhesive, I use this for my intricate,thinner cuts & longer cuts. – Yes the Xyron’s are great for some shorter cuts (be sure you rub to get rid of the extra adhesive before you remove the top film layer!!!)- Thanks for letting me voice my opinion – 🙂

  • Corliss

    Thanks for the review, I totally agree with all. I really needed the help on deciding which to purchase between the ATG 700 and 714, you have solved my problem.

  • Kathryn

    As a new scrapper, I really appreciate everyone’s advice. I love to watch your videos because you explain what product you are using and how to use it properly. I will have to try the squeeze & roll glue pen. TFS.

  • Amy Yoder

    I really like using the Adtech tape runner from Wal-Mart too, infact that’s all I use. I get both the permanent and repostionable. I haven’t had any problems with using this and my projects/layouts are still all stuck together. The bonus is when buying refills you get two in one package and they’re cheap…love that! I also use the Zig 2-way glue pens for small/intracate pieces and glue dots for heavy embellies.

  • miriam

    I have to try that Adtech tape runner, I’ve been looking for a good repositional adhesive.
    My adhesive favorite are: Zig 2-way, 714 ATG gun,pop dots, and the one I use most to hold down heavier objects, is ranger’s glossy accents. I love glossy accents!

  • Sharon Harrison

    You always seem to have an answer to my questions! I am new so I really appreciate all the information to narrow now all the choices. Thanks so much.

  • cricutkris

    I love the Adtech tape runner. I tried others and they never dispense properly and I ended up throwing them away. This one works perfect EVERY time!

    I also have the ATG 714, love it too. And I have just tried the Tombo mono multi adhesive. So far I’m liking that too. A must are the Zig or Martha pens. I have redline tape but haven’t used it yet…I think it’s going on the mini I’m working on now.

    Thanks for posting this…I had so many questons about adhesive when I got started and it was a trial and error period. Great info for those just starting out!

  • Kathy

    Has anyone ever tried the Zip Dry adhesive. I love it for big gluing projects. I will have to try the Adtech tape runner. Thanks for the info.

  • Melissa

    I totally love the adtech runner from Wal-Mart. It’s just so stinkin’ cheap. I’ve only been scrapping for like three years, but I’ve never really had a problem. I also love the zig pens and am trying to decide if a xyron machine is worth it.

  • Alyson

    I have just found that my tuesday morning sells adtech for 1.50 per tape runner. My neighbor has the one from walmart that was almost 4.00, and it pretty much has the same quality.

  • Nora

    Thanks for sharing. I use many of the same products – Zig 2 way pens, xyron, pop dots, and like all of them. I don’t have an ATG, but I use the GlueGlider Pro and get good results. The GlueGlider was on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and I found refills at a great price online (with no S/H) so I stocked up. I must say I prefer the High Tac to the repositionable tape, but it is so easy to chage the cartridges in the GlueGlider that it’s no big deal. One of my other favs is the Quickie Glue pinpoint roller by Sakura. It’s just like writing with a fine point pen and is great for really small items (words, phrases, gems, etc.).

  • Lisa D.

    Hmmm. I must have been doing something wrong, because I went through about 3 Adtech runners. I would get a few lines of adhesive down and then they would stop working.

    Late, last night I ran out of one of my fav adhesives, so I tried to use the Adtech runner I had kept (it’s hard to throw away money, plus I have two refills for it). The only way I could work with it was to use my finger to drag some of the tape forward and then try rolling it onto the project(this makes for very messy fingers). I don’t know if the adhesive is clogging the runner, going off track, or sticking to itself. Whatever the case I have not had a good experience with this product. Judging by all the possitive comments though, I think the problem must be me.

    5 adhesives I use a lot for now are:

    1. Zig 2 Way chisel tip and fine tip -Mostly for
    small, intricate cuts.
    2. Xyron adhesive runner – Love it, but I run out
    too fast. Con -little room for error. It has an
    immediate strong hold.
    3. Terrifically Tacky Tape – mostly for boxes
    4. A variety of adhesives that pop your images –
    Glue dots, foam dots, foam squares and foam
    tape. Not sure which is my fav yet.
    5. Xyron 1.5 sticker maker -I have only used it a
    few times, but I think I’m liking it.
    “Boogies” are easy to remove with my adhesive

    As soon as I can find a deal on the ATG 700 I’m going to buy it. If I had found one for the same price you paid for it, I would have pounced on it. I’m having a hard time putting out the $60 -$70 plus for one. Come to think of it, I probably have already spent that much on adhesives and today I sit here not able to finish a project, until I head into town Friday to buy more.

    Sorry for the long comment. Guess I had a lot to say. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

  • Rhonda H

    I use Duck Easy Stick for cards. Wal-Mart used to carry them in a 4-pack, and that was sooo convenient.

    I love my Xyrons. I can pre-make stickers and just leave them on the backing until I’m ready to use them. Works great for my little boy’s projects, too.

    Megan, I have been dying to try the Crafter’s Companion Stick Away spray and Stick N Spray. But I am really having a hard time finding it. At least at local retailers. Even online, I’m struggling to find it. Is it NEW??

  • Samantha (WIfe2TJ)

    Thanks for sharing!!! I use most of the adhesives you listed. My favorite is the Sakura quickie glue pen. I use it for all my small pieces. I hold them with my cutterbee tweezers, and use the quickie glue pen then apply to my project.

    I have the zip dry glue, but haven’t used it yet so I can’t form an opinion on it. lol! I need to try it out.

    I have an adtech runner but stopped using it and I can’t remember why. lol! I stopped using the tombow mono adhesive runners as they really didn’t stick well for me. I may have to pick up the adtech and revisit it again 🙂

    TFS your reviews!!! 🙂

  • Bonnie

    Rhonda H,
    the Crafter’s Companions can be found on Custom Crops.com. It can’t be shipped out of the US for some reason however. Sucks to be me! LOL

  • Mary Rievley

    I use the Zig Two-Way Glue Chisel pen, the Xyron, glue dots, and mostly the Adtech Glue Runner. I love it. I’ve had problems with other runners but not the Adtech. It may be that I just use a lot of it. My last refill purchase was $2.50 for 2. woot woot!!!

    I have not yet tried the ATG gun, but have seen you use it in videos. That might be in my future when the price comes down a bit.

    Thanks for your post. I really enjoy these.

  • Janine

    Love the Zig Two Way (for some things), Scor Tape more than the red sticky tape (gets on my nerves way too much). Can’t decide if I like the pop dots or not. Not really having too much success with these little buggers…lol Sheer tiny glue dots on white sheer paper just doesn’t seem to mix too well with a newbie. Would be nice if they could make the paper they are stuck to another color (black) so you could see them. Somewhere else I saw UHU mentioned. I like the fact that it goes on one color and then dries clear but, so far, I haven’t tried it. I recently saw a video done by Custom Crops for Crafters Companion Adhesive (for Cricut mats)—one cleans the mat and the other is repositionable. This will be on my short list as I’ve already messed up my first mat. I hung onto the mat thinking I might find a solution to fix it and that’s when I found these adhesives on Custom Crops.

    Another on my short list is the Xyron 2.5—for the same thing that you use it for. I can’t imagine having to glue down bitty Cricut cuts and walk away from the experience still sane….lol

  • leila

    I came across your videos and wanted to check out your blog. I wanted to thank you so much. I have your list of favorite adhesives but rarely used any of them but always using my trustly glue gun. When i read you can use your sticker maker to glue letters i wanted to hit myself over the head. I have 40 abc books to make and was hand glueing each letter which was taking forever.

    thanks so much.

    aloha leila

  • Monie

    I too am an adhesive junkie, I also love the zig, squeeze&roll for layerig cricut pieces there is none better. I purchased the glue glider pro this summer to try as an alternative to the ATG, because I have corpal tunnel, and absolutely love it. I prefer the High tech, but they have peramanent and repositional tapes. And last but not least, give me anything XYRON, I have every one but the new one,(creatopia) cant justify it to my self, yet!! I could not live without my sticker maker, everytime Xyron products are on sale I stock up for fear of running out.

  • Anniebee

    I also love the Zig glues but I have had problems with the sqeeze & roll pen leaking and blobbing up on me from time to time. The leaking is the WORST problem of all and therefore I have given it up for the regular 2 way pen. It gives me nearly the same control without having to worry about the aforementioned problems. I also like SU’s 2 way glue, Diamond Glaze amd GlueGlider by GlueArts though I really want to try the ATG to see if it applies more smoothly than the GlueGlider. These are in addition to various pop dots, Zots, tacky tape. glue sticks and such. I have started using ribbon glue too because it’s thick enough that it usually doesn’t soak through my ribbon regardless of how thick or thin it is. Oh, and I just got a Xyron but haven’t had an opportunity to use it yet. I think I’m an adhesive addict! I have more varieties than I have Cricut carts, for heaven’s sake!

  • Michelle

    Hi, I have the adapter for the Scotch ATG 700 as well but can’t figure out how to use it. Would you happen to have any instructions or hints that may be of help? Would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Tricia

    I like tombows. It is one of adhesives that you do not have to play with in terms of strip of continuious glue line. I also like the glue pro gun (the one that looks like the ATG gun).

  • Lynda

    I like Zig glues. I use CM’s tape runner and have for years. I also don’t mind the TomBow ones as I received a lot of free ones at a crop. I am really liking ZipDry glue for making this Cricut castle. Will have to see what other’s I can try. I have no desire to purchase the ATG however. I’m happy with my tape runners…..
    I really really like my Xyron’s as well. I have the little “X” and have had the 510 for several years. Very handy gadgets!

  • Vicki

    When I went to rearrange the pages in my albums today, I found that almost every page that was glued together with Ad-Tech Tape Runner glue was falling apart. The glue was no longer holding the paper together. I was very dissappointed to find that I had to reglue all those pages. The ones I was working with were glued 6 to 12 months ago.

  • Cindy

    I LOVE your A to Z DVDs, videos, etc! You are so fun, perky, cute & inspirational ! I owe any successes I’ve had with using my Cricut “Big E” all to you !
    You first crossed my path when I stumbled upon your Cricut Cutting Guide online & your video about re-sticking/extending the life of the Cricut Cutting Mats using the “Crafter’s Companion” sprays. I had just gotten my big E for Christmas and was about to use it for the very first time. Based on some of your videos I watched shortly thereafter, I bought one of the Zig 2-way pens & the Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive. I tried the purple Scotch tape runner and didn’t like it that much (user issues LOL, awkward to use/get used to, etc). I’ve since bought other Zig 2-ways I’ve found locally & discovered I DO NOT like ordinary glue sticks any longer !!
    I put off buying a Scotch ATG gun for several months- mostly due to the expense (while I’ve been accumulating Cricut carts, cardstock, other adhesives, various supplies, etc – I’m a complete NEWBIE/Novice to the world of card-making, etc!). I broke down a couple weeks ago & bought it w/a coupon at my local Michael’s, but I haven’t used it yet.
    Now Here’s my question….What I cannot seem to determine is it’s model# – It’s the pink one (which supports cancer research) – it came supplied with 2 (1/4″ rolls of) tape, it says it can also use 2 other width rolls using an adapter (which I believe was supplied). So…my question to you is…would you consider this the 700 or the 714 or another model ?? I’ve not found locally any other Scotch ATG than this one.
    Keep up the great work you do & keep the videos coming ! You’re the Greatest, Megan !!

  • mary

    Once you finish a page with cricut cut outs that have multiple layers how can you seal the project? ? My fear is pieces falling off. The project will be used to decorate lockers. Laminating looks terrible because of the air bubbles from the layers…any suggestions? ?