Sure Cuts A Lot Basics 14

Here is a quick run through video of all the basic features and functions of the Sure Cuts a Lot software by Craft Edge.  I absolutely LOVE this software and it is the easiest way to save money and have LIMITLESS possibilities with your Cricut Machine.  I can’t even begin to describe to you how much this opens to your world of crafting, scrapping, card making, stamping (that’s right I even said stamping), embossing, and SOOOOO much more!

YouTube Preview Image

Check it out…Advanced stuff to come soon!!!!!

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14 thoughts on “Sure Cuts A Lot Basics

  • Kim Wright

    Thinking agout getting SCAL. You’ve convinced me. Just two questions- I have a PC which is difficult to set my Cricut up to. Can I download the software to more than 1 computer (my daughter’s laptop) and what size USB cord do I need to hook up to my Cricut Expression? Thanks. Like you site.

  • Sandy Karlovich

    This really does look like a nice program. I’m sure it will be on my wish list too.
    What do you all get with the trial and is it just for an allotted time? Also heard it may have something to do with the Cricut warranty is this true? I do have design studio now and am trying to master that first.

  • Megan Gravener

    Hi Sandy – yes using SCAL can void your Cricut Warranty. The trial version is a full version of the software and you can cut with it – but the trial will put little cut marks in anything you cut as a “watermark” to the trial version. Hope that helps you.

  • Tiffanie

    How can using the SCAL void my warranty for the Cricut machines that I have? I have the Provo Craft Design Studio program on my computer but it has so many issues that I feel that I have waisted my money purchasing it…not to mention knowing that now I can get so many different fonts and shapes from the web I am considering using the SCAL program instead…Can anyone offer help with this?
    Thanks so much,

  • Linda

    Thanks so much for the video! Everyone’s heard so much about SCAL but probably a lot like me have been wondering exactly how it worked, what it could do, etc. I knew it was similar to CDS but it’s really great to actually see the features! Now I’m really thinking about this – LOL! I have spent so much money on carts it’s ridiculous; if my husband only knew….

    Thank you again for sharing the info!

  • Arline

    Hi ladies
    Just got the cricut. Am wondering if the Cricut A-Z is something that would avoid me spending time
    learning by doing. Also, what is your feeling about the Scal software? What is the cost?

  • Teresa

    What was the fonts with the butterfly, dingbats?
    Where do I find that font? (using a mac)
    Got a Create for Xmas and just ordered SCAL as all those those cartridges can make one go broke fast lol 🙂

  • christina

    when I go to print anything from computer to my cricut it cuts a line across it and about 1/2 way though my project a line is cut too what am I doing wrong? please help.
    Thank you