Paper Layerz CHA Sneak Peaks! 40

Alright,  Well the 6 Sheet Sample Packs are SOLD out at the AboveRubiesStudio store and there are only a FEW Paper Layerz/Cut Mates combo packs remaining!

You guys are SO AWESOME and I’m so thankful for your support!  I really want to work hard at getting this paper into a Retail Store near you, for two reason, ONE – So you have it whenever you want to go get it and TWO – So you can save money on Shipping!  Shipping costs from our store is not the least expensive thing when it comes to paper.  I apologize for that, but hope you can understand I’m not trying to rip you off either!  SO if you want to see Paper Layerz in a Store Near you, you can go to THIS POST and print out a letter that you can send and give to your favorite retailers to make them aware of how AWESOME Paper Layerz is!

I head out for CHA on Sunday Morning and I’m SO very excited because Paper Layerz by Megan Elizabeth was selected as a TOP 20 contender on the CHA Innovations Products 2011!  That means, CHA loves this Paper SO Much they are awarding it a position the top 20 as one of the most innovative products of 2011.  They will place Paper Layerz in a special showcase and on Monday morning (July 18th) I get to present and demo all the fun things that Paper Layerz can be used for! I’m SO very blessed and EXCITED!  If you will be attending CHA – stop by and see me at the World Win Booth #1107!

Paper Layerz will be shipping in August to retailers and I will have more in the Above Rubies Studio Store, including Paper Stacks of 24 sheets and 36 sheets and we will have open stock available.

Now as if THAT Isn’t exciting enough!  Paper Layerz ALSO is going to have its VERY OWN Projects DVD that will be released at the same time as the New Paper Line!  Soooo awesome!  Can NOT WAIT to share that!  This DVD contains all KINDS of goodies about Paper Layerz and using it with multiple die cutting machines like:

  • Cricut and Gypsy
  • Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition (Two ways of using PaperLayerz in that machine)
  • Silhouette SD
  • Slice by Making Memories
  • eCraft by Craftwell
  • and lots of PROJECT Ideas you will LOVE!

Now – You can go ahead and take a LOOK at the NEW Pattern SAMPLES that Paper Layerz will be coming in!  SOOOO EXCITING!!! 🙂

What are your favorites??? (click on each to full size image and Paper name in on the Bottom)

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40 thoughts on “Paper Layerz CHA Sneak Peaks!

  • Irene Baker

    Congrats on your upcoming demo. I just love the multitude of color samples, and am so eager to see the DVD. Thank you!!

  • Shirley E.

    I love them all, but if I have to pick one it would be the “grid and bear it” “sneaky#110501”. I got 2 pakages coming and am now curious with so many designs which 2 I will be getting! So excited for the DVD as well. Loving the solids that I have already, they really do cut like butter.

  • Rhonda Harre

    Congratulations on Paper Layerz and being Top 20 at CHA!! It is all very exciting news. I love all the colors and it is hard for me to pick a favorite. I am so looking forward to the DVD, I have several of your DVD and they are all very informative. Have a Grand time at CHA!!! Blessings – Rhonda <

  • Ruth

    Congratulations Megan! I can feel your excitement all the way here in Michigan! Wishing you a wonderful show and God’s blessings!

  • Krizty

    This paperis incredible! Cuts like nothing else I have ever used.
    Cannot wait for it to be in stores. I hope they stock up cause it will sell out fast.

  • Mommyme

    Congratulations! I’m exhausted just following you! I love the “freshly flourished”, “fresh & friendly”, and the “sprinkles”!

  • Denise

    You know what i would love to see, one with all of the colors:
    black, white, gray or brown,
    orange, purple,green
    blue, red, yellow and then a pastel version of the same or the back side the pastel version. I craft a lot with groups and it’d be nice to give each person a sheet of basic color without having to cut it myself or ask them to share.

  • Edwina Brown

    I like 5 of them. ell Rounded-late night, Waitting in line-pumped,Sprikles-Boy oh Boy, Fresh & Friendly-quaint rose, Spirkles-field day. I’d love to have these.

  • Marina

    Hi Megan. Congratulations on the Paper Layerz. I do have one question for you. I have a Cricut Create, so the 12×12 Paper Layerz won’t fit without having to cut it up. Will you be creating any for the smaller machine?

  • Jennifer

    Megan!! It is so AWESOME to see great things happening for you!! Woot!! Woot!! CHA!! Just AWESOME!! I love….love……..your paper!! I really like all of them, but I will just list the first couple of my fav’s……#1:Fond of Boo!! #2:Waiting in Line!! #3: Sprinkles #4: Freshly Flourished!! But seriously, I could use them all!! What an great idea!! Congrats!!:) Jennifer

  • Chris Frost

    Oh Megan, what a fantastic variety. I love them all. Will they come in variety packs or individually? I would not know which one to pick, I want them all. Will they be available through your store?

  • Jeannie

    Who knew how one idea could turn into all of this! You go girl, how blessed you must feel at this time. This is my new “go to paper” for cutting. I’ll be getting the entire line when it all comes out, I LOVE this paper!!

  • LeeAnn from NC

    Congratulations ! I hope you have a great time at CHA…..can’t wait to hear all about it. Since there are no longer any lss around here I hope your paper will be available at Michaels. If not, I’ll definitely have to order some . Can’t wait to try it…what a great idea !

  • Michelle

    Megan, I love all the designs so can’t pick a ‘favorite’. Can’t wait for my local stores to carry the whole line. Congrats on all of your successes and God Bless all of your new ventures. May His face shine upon you.

  • Ema Perez

    I just got my paper. OH Megan you are wonderful. thank you so much I kick myself for not buying more but I am going to order more asap. Love love the color the texture just love it thanks again you are awesome. Ema Happy Crafting

  • Leslie

    Megan, I just received my paper order and the Paper Layerz paper is just gorgeous. I love the patterns and can’t wait to use it! Best of luck on your new endeavor. You deserve all riches you receive.

  • Janet Nelson

    Great idea. I have loaded my cricut mat with small pieces of paper in the past but I like the idea of having colors that “go” together all on one sheet.