Gypsy vs. Sure Cuts A Lot

Let’s Break It Down a Little Shall We!?!?!

This short video does a brief overview of Provo Craft’s Gypsy and Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL).  Which is for you?  This video can help you find out – and if it doesn’t ask me!  We’ll figure it out together!  Make sure you comment on THIS POST, so we can help others too!

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0 thoughts on “Gypsy vs. Sure Cuts A Lot

  • Rachel

    Thanks for all of this great info, and for sorting out some of the rumors that have been going around about the gypsy. For those of you who think you may prefer SCAL, I found another video as well about using the small laptops.

    Thanks again Megan.

  • Linda Vanorio

    Hi Megan,
    I am new to Cricut, but have purchased the expression to use in cutting out fabric shapes for my crafting! I am very excited. This video was extremely helpful in explaining the Gypsy vs. SCAL. I do have one question.
    Does program give you the ability to draw freehand shapes? Or do you need to draw your shape in a drawing program Corel, Paint, Photoshop etc. then import it as a jpeg into Inkscape in order to save as a SVG file?

    Thank you
    Linda Vanorio Sent from TMobile My Touch
    “Kind Words & Deeds Never Die”

  • Martha

    Hi Megan,

    It seems like you like SCAL the most! My Mom just ordered the Gypsy from HSN for me and it’s going to ship Nov. 15th. Now I don’t know if I should just forget it and tell her to cancel. I have 8 carts. and can’t afford all the ones I want. I do on the other hand have a Pazzles Inspiration which my Mom got off of HSN for my birthday in May. Which is a lot like SCAL. I did buy Design Studio and I don’t use it at all because I don’t think it’s user friendly. I like the idea of playing with it when my husband is watching boring tv, but I don’t know it is a lot of money. It was $344 with tax. I could get a lot more carts if I didn’t buy it. You’ve answered questions, but confused me all at once! What’s a girl to do! LOL

  • Wilma Payne

    I just got a Cricut Create. I’m seriously considering SCAL, but would like a bit more information. I use a Macintosh computer. I have an old one in my craft room, running system 9.2, and a newer one upstairs in the office (where my Cricut ISN’T!) running system 10.4. I’m also using a laptop from work – on Leopard (10.5). Is SCAL compatible with these operating systems? Do I need special cables to connect my computer to my Cricut? Thanks for any help you can give.

  • Sonia Tolson

    I am brand new to Cricut, having ordered my Expression from HSN after watching an infomercial. I purchased SCAL2 after running across it on the internet while researching CDS. I purchased Gypsy from HSN at the world launch. Now, I do not scrap on the go ~ I bought Gypsy to keep track of all my carts and to use instead of CDS, which I think was a HUGE waste of my money. SCAL2 is wonderful, but I am still new at paper piecing, so I enjoy the simplicity of the designs on PC Carts. As I learn, or “cut my teeth” (as they say) I will be using SCAL2 more and more, I am sure. I have only bought shapes carts and do not plan on buying alpha carts ~ I can easily do that in SCAL2. So, to sum it all up, the only thing I wish I had not thrown my money away on, is CDS. It just does not compare to SCAL2.

  • Samantha (WIfe2TJ)

    Thank you for taking the time to explain this to us all. I Just ordered the gypsy yesterday I do have about 50 carts so I think it would be great to have them uploaded to on the gypsy so I can find things I need easily and not have to lug around all my cartridge. I like that you don’t have to swap out carts when cutting like you have to do with CDS and the jukebox. I hate taking my laptop everywhere b/c DS is on it and don’t want to put out the money for a mini book as I just purchased the gypsy. This is one of the reasons I”m thinking I will really love the gypsy.

    I have been interested in scal though. I downloaded the trail, but was having a hard time using it. Is there any books or information that would give you a step by step on how to create in it. I do like that you can get any cuts out there and not just limit yourself to what are on the cartridge provo puts out. There are other very talented creators as well. I guess I just need to be shown how to use scal and I will like it more. lol!

    Thanks again for the video, it was wonderful! 🙂

    • Megan Gravener

      You can not draw freehand in SCAL yet, I’m not sure if that’s coming or not. There are programs that allow you such as Inkscape to make your svgs

  • Becki Jo

    You can draw something freehand and scan it, make it bmp and SCAL can trace it and cut it. Even before SCAL2.0, I traced around a certain section of a photo and blacked it out, saved it to .bmp, then sent it to inscape and made it to .svg… I know that sounds like a lot, but it made the project unique. Nobody else had that. It was a silhouette of my husband… 🙂

  • Karen

    There are a few more cons to the Gypsy:

    1. It is NOT compatible with CDS right now. The G software is different and separate from CDS.

    2. There are functions that are on CDS (hide contour) that aren’t on the G and vice versa. The G does autoweld and grouping.

    3. ProvoCraft has not fixed the bugs with CDS (Big red X, endcaps not showing up or welding, needing to burp designs, etc)and instead worked on the G – will they fix the ones on the G when they show up?

    3. The CDS has a bit of a learning curve due to it’s quirks, but once you get the answers to the basics, then you’re up and running.

  • Debbie Meyer

    Wow, did I learn so much in this video! I have a Gypsy pre-ordered through my local scrapbook store. I had considered SCAL previously but didn’t want to take my good laptop to crops plus I spend too much time on the internet I didn’t want to spend more looking for files to download. However, saying that….I just finished helping my daughter do a book report poster with a Mayflower theme. I had the cartridge Our World which helped a lot but there were more items that we needed. I think I will wait for my Gypsy but I’m not ruling out getting SCAL too. Thanks again.

  • Yolanda B

    I prefer the SCAL you can cut thousands of fonts and dingbats…never buy another cart ever again!! Create your own using Inkscape. The Gypsy sounds good but it’s expensive plus you still would need to by carts. Scrapping Table video on YouTube makes better sense, just buy a small laptop for that price tag and you can get more use out of the laptop than the Gypsy

  • Cyndi Landrigan

    Thank you, thank you for this video. I have been debating which to buy, and after watching this I am going with the SCAL software. The reasons are: I do not scrap on the go, I have heard that the Gypsy screen is too small for us Seniors, and I have 56 cartridges for my machine.

    Thanks again for this comparison!

  • Linda Carson

    I bought my Gypsy at the Michael’s launch on the 4th. I got it for $180. It did not come with the car charger or the extras you got on HSN but I have it in my hand for a great price. Not sure if the clerk charged me the correct price or if I got the deal of the year?! My question is… there is NO cd or book or directions of any kind? How do I know how to do the basics? like recharging the battery? Are you supposed to own the CDS too? (I do but I haven’t used it yet) and can you import cut files into the gypsy like you can into CDS? On the SCAL do u have to be online to use it once you download the files. I wouldn’t mind having a mini laptop but I don’t want to have to pay the hefty monthly fee to buy the wireless service.

    • Megan Gravener

      $180 is a great deal and from my understanding a total mistake on Michael’s part so WAY TO GO!!! 🙂 Enjoy it!

      There is no instructions I know! Total BUMMER! But Above Rubies Studio to the rescue! We are working on a full series of videos on just how to use the Gypsy – so stay tuned also – has some really great videos on using the Gypsy as well – so between the two of us – You should be able to get a lot of help.

      With SCAL – you do not have to be only to use the files you have already downloaded. Also, you do not have buy a wireless service to use the laptop or SCAL on it. You would have to buy the wireless service to use it anywhere that does not already have a free WiFi connection (many cafes and other places have free WIFI services) You can use SCAL without connection and still use the library of fonts that is in the mini web book. You can also transfer downloads from your desktop to the webbook without a connection by using a “jump drive” or “USB Drive”.

      Hope that helps you out! Thanks for watching!

  • Corliss

    Thanks Megan, You really made me feel good about my decision. I have the Sure Cuts a Lot and love it. On the other had I have ordered the Gypsy from HSN and await its November delivery. What can I say the pros for both out weight the cons.

  • Sandy C.

    Great video. I am really looking forward to more information. I have the Gypsy, I ordered it from HSN the first time around. I really had no problems with it yet. The only problem was registering and the pc cs helped alot with that. I hate to say this, but I think I want SCAL too!!! I have been intrigued since I first heard of it. Do you have to be really computer savvy to use it? My problem is I don’t know where to get all the files with the alphabets and shapes, etc. Are they easy to locate? I do love your idea of having a library devoted to just that. I already LOVE your blog. Thanks so much. Sandy C.

  • Sole

    Thanks for the info. I am definetly not buying the gypsy. I have heard nothing good about CDS and since this is just a portable version of that I am not interested. I have SCAL2 and I love it! It is the best thing I have found since the cricut.

  • Amanda Trusty

    There is a downloadable PDF instruction manual on Provo Craft’s website for the Gypsy. It is awesome and super easy to use! I LOVE MY GYPSY. I don’t have SCAL but I scrap alot outside of the house and don’t always want to drag along my laptop. So, I love the portablitity and small size of the Gypsy. If I scrapped more at home, I think I would have to have SCAL

  • Gloria Westerman

    Thank you Thank you I was struggling on the Gypsy. And I don’t think I need it. To me it’s like taking a video game to the park. I want to see the park not what’s in my hand. I do spend hours on the computer but I can stop at anytime and just walk away.
    Thank you again Megan you are a great help.

  • Cathy Hartle

    Thank you for all the info. Since I do all my cardmaking and scrapbooking at home, I don’t see the need for the Gypsy. I do, on the other hand, want to get SCAL. (just have to come up with the money to pay for it) I haven’t seen it on sale for any cheaper than $65. At least I have been able to get Cricut cartridges for under $30. Oooo! that would be a good “give-away” for one of the blogs!! Great blog!

  • Michelle

    I read somewhere that if you buy the Gypsy and connect it to your cricut, the software from the Gypsy will upgrade the Firmware (I think that’s what it is) and will block SCAL from working on your cricut. Is that true?


    • Megan Gravener

      @Michelle – sorry I didn’t approve your comment sooner – I wanted to get back to you – I have noticed since upgrading my Gypsy that my SCAL does not work – I put in a message to Craft Edge (Makers of SCAL) – I did not know this at the time of video – and it’s only been in the past few days that this has come up. I will be getting back to everyone with an update on this as soon as I know something.

  • Ruth McCranie

    I have just come across your site while looking for instructions for my new Gypsy. Your site is VERY informative and I look forward to viewing the gypsy video and hearing from you on all other issues. how did you get the download for the gypsy instructions? thanks so uch ruth

  • jean leikin

    I purchased the Gypsy and so far I love it. I teach a lot of classes and the ability to lay out a lot of cuts on one mat works great for me. I do not have the SCAL so I appreciated your take on that product. I might have to get it in the future. 🙂 So far, your website is great.. Keep up the good work, looking forward to your Gypsy how to videos!

  • Elizabeth

    I just purchased my gypsy and love it. I also use SCAL2 and love it. I had already purchased DS when I came upon SCAL2 totally by accident. Like one of the other posts I would not have purchased any fonts cartridges if I had know SCAL existed. But I do love my qypsy and SCAL when I want a special font (there are hundreds of free fonts online) or something that I don’t have a cartridge for and my be able to create myself or find on the interent at a much more reasonable price. Just found your site today, looking forward to looking at some of your other posts.
    Thank you

  • Whitney

    I have just purchased the Expression machine from HSN and can’t wait until it arrives. After looking at multiple Cricut sites I came across SCAL. I have also learned a lot from watching your video. I do think that the SCAL is the better fit for me since I can put it on my laptop and make it portable. Thanks for the wonderful info!

  • josie

    I’m thinking of buying the SCAL2..but have a question about the cd vs the download…which is: if I buy the cd, can I load it on my laptop and desktop too??? I take my laptop with me on long trips but also use my desktop when I don’t want to pull out my LT….thanks and great site

  • Mary

    Thanks a lot for the great information on your video!!! Helps me a lot. I’m leaning toward SCAL because I don’t have lots of cartridges and I don’t scrap anywhere but in my studio (I have too much to lug with me and can’t seem to choose what to take the few times I do go: I want it all with me all the time!) One question: I have a Mac and know I can only get 1.0 version right now. In that version, can I meld letters so I can cut out one word instead of the letters individually? I’d really like that feature for cursive writing and small scales of words.

  • Megan Gravener

    Mary and Rochelle – Yes you can Weld with Sure Cuts a Lot v1.0 or v2.0 – it’s AWESOME! 🙂 So Mary you can absolutely use weld for cursive letters even with the older versions of SCAL. Rochelle, if they only thing you want Gypsy for is weld, then you really should go ahead and consider Sure Cuts a Lot or even Cricut Design Studio. Let me know if I can answer more questions for you about it! I’m happy to do so!

  • Rochelle

    Thanks Megan. I just recently purchased the cricut from hsn so need to pay that off first. I am so glad I decided to surf for info and found your website…I am a newbie and have not even used the cricut yet. I will order the Sure Cuts. I was wondering do you have a list of links for some really great font and dingbat sites?

  • Kelly

    I have been toying with getting SCAL but I have 2 reservations– I don’t want my CDS to stop working and want CDS and SCAL on the same computer, and I am concerned about learning SCAL–SVG and Inkscape and everything seems a little complicated compared to plugging in a cart.

  • C Miller

    Thanks for the video. I upgraded to scal2 after watching and absolutely love it. With SCAL 2 the possibilities are limitless. There is nothing I can’t cut with Scal2 and Inkscape. Thanks for the info,I don’t think I Have a need for the gypsy THANKS

  • Claudia Mitchell

    Megan, thanks for all the great info. I have been debating on this very dilemma and after watching your video, I have decided the SCAL is what is best for me. I have many catridges but dont really need to use it while traveling. I only scrapbook at home or at a store which I have started to do more digitally anyway…. Thanks again!!!

  • Teresa

    Do people that have a gypsy already have any trouble using both the gypsy and SCAL on their cricut? I was just wondering. I like the price of the FREE fonts and files! I have a gypsy and like it, but would like more fonts and designs without paying such a high price for each cartridge.

  • Cindy M.

    I recently purchased a Cricut Expressions and downloaded the Trial Version of the “Sure Cuts-Alot”. I did not see alot of tutorials for the “Sure Cuts-Alot”. Could you tell me where I may find some tutorials and perhaps some project ideas on how to use the software?

    Thank you!

  • Heather

    My daughter lives in a city about 5 hours away from me. Can I take a Gypsy and use it with her Cricut? I would love to be able to play when I visit her house.

  • Karyn

    I have the same question as Heather. If I put all my cartridges on the Gypsy, will it work if plugged into a friend’s Expression, or will it only work on my Expression? Thanks!

  • Susan

    Hi Megan. I’ve been thinking about getting SCAL for quite a while now but Will it work with Windows Vista? I’m scared it’s gonna mess up my computer in some way.

  • Judy Burkhard

    Hi Megan, I just got my Cricut and ordered Gypsy. I will be getting SCAL 2.0 soon. So, any more info on the message Michelle left in October? (see below)

    >>Michelle – sorry I didn’t approve your comment sooner – I wanted to get back to you – I have noticed since upgrading my Gypsy that my SCAL does not work – I put in a message to Craft Edge (Makers of SCAL) – I did not know this at the time of video – and it’s only been in the past few days that this has come up. I will be getting back to everyone with an update on this as soon as I know something.<<

  • Dianne

    Thanks for a very informing video about SCAL and Gypsy. I do not have the Gyspy yet, but I think I will try the SCAL first. It is more affordable and seems to give unlimited resources. Hope to get it a Christmas. We’ll see and if not I will buy it myself. Thanks again

  • Dianne

    Thanks for a very informing video of Gypsy and SCAL. So happy you gave us info on ins and outs of both. I think I will try SCAL first. It is less expensive and has many more resources. I love your turorials.
    Thanks again,

  • TinaV

    Thank you for this video. I have been wavering between the two and my DH thinks the SCAL will be more versatile (he’s right plus I think he has work related projects for me!) but the computer cost was a bit scary. Hummm, I think I have a very generous gift under the Christmas tree and it’s not from provocraft! Again, thank you for this video, it cemented my decision to save for SCAL!

  • Marie R

    Very helpful info, though I haven’t made up my mind yet. I had heard among the Cricuteer gossip that if you use SCAL, it negates the warrenty on a Cricut machine. Do you know if there is any truth to that?

    p.s. Megan, I love your website/resources/ideas. You’re awesome;)

  • Brenda

    I do not design as I travel so the Gypsy did not make sense to me. Also with it I would have to continue to buy carts.
    With SCAL I get all the designs I need and can personalize my own. I will stay with SCAL and my laptop.

  • Karen Billington

    Love the info…love your website!!! I have a Gypsy…don’t think the SCAL is for me but I love knowing about it just in case. More CAN be better sometimes. I’m so addicted to everything scrapping and card making!!!Thank You.

  • Dawn Vincent

    Hi, did you ever find out what the compatibility is between the gypsy and the SCAL2 is? I have a Gypsy and would love to get the SCAL2, however don’t want to get it and have it not work on my machine. Any input you have on this would be helpful, as you have both, do they both work for you?

  • Sherry

    Love your site-and am very excited as I just dod find you!! Lot’s to catch up with I think!! I have the Gypsy-still watching alot of the videos. My question(sorry if this was already asked before) does anyone have any ideas of SCAL becoming compatable with the Gypsy?? THAT would be awesome!

  • Roxanne

    Hi love your site just found it…
    I am trying to get chipboard to cut all the way thru and can’t seem to do that, any Idea’s?
    I just wanted to say I love my Gypsy, took it to the allergist and my cricut and that was fun instead of waiting for 4 hours doing something else…. WooWee!
    Can’t wait to try my Sure Cuts alot… ordered it today!

  • Wendy

    I’m so confused, I thought I would be able to download fonts & dingbats on to my G through CDS or on it’s own. Have CDS & don’t really use it or care for it. I need to decide on SCAL or MTC. One thing I did find interesting & exciting with the MTC trial was that you can cut out digi stamps. Can you do that with SCAL too? Also, what is a “true type font” and how do I know if one I choose is it? Lot’s of ?’s Sorry~I’m just confused & want to be sure I buy the right program (user friendly & meets my needs). Thanks!

  • Candace

    Thank you for the video. Answered my question about Gypsy and linking carts. I have SCAL 1.0 and really love it. I was considering upgrading to 2.0, but then I saw Make The Cut!. I think I want to try that. Have you heard of/used that program?

  • Rosie Glenn

    I just got your video A-Z with Cricut and I Watched this one on SCAL and the gypsy. You have enaswered so many questions and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. In the end I think I will go with the SCAL for now but I can see having the Gypsy in the future! Rosie

  • melissa

    thanks for your video,,i really think the scal will
    be a good thing to buy..your video’s really help me
    though to decide..thanks! Melissa

  • Judy

    Enjoyed hearing your points to ponder in regards to the SCAL & Gypsy, although I still don’t know which would be best to start with. I’m new to Cricut (not out of the box yet) and all of this seems to be so OVERWHELMING! Dingbats? SCAL compatible w/Gypsy? SCAL voiding Cricut Warranty? SVG? Inkscape? I also heard that Design Studio DOES NOT work on a MAC? Just trying to gather enough information to help with decisions to be made in the near future. It doesn’t help that I do not feel to computer wise, and just learning a MAC. Lots to learn – but willing and learning every minute. Thank you for your great site w/all the information to help others like me try to figure things out.
    Wishing you a blessed day!

  • JoAnne

    This was very helpful! I just got my first Cricut machine (expression) and I’m having a ball. I also quilt, machine embroider and sew. Since I support multiple craft room addiction, I was concerned about having to spend so much to get a decent inventory of shapes and fonts. I do not need the portability so this comparison you provided has confirmed my own research. I am going to get SCAL 2.0. Thank you so much.

  • Donna

    thanks for all the effort on all the videos, I sure am learning alot,however I was wondering ifcan you use gypsy with a pc so that you can get a larger screen image..I have som sight issues and need a bigger screen. thanks!

  • Janet

    Thanks so much for the video. I have been trying to decide weather to buy SCAL or not. I have now made my decision after watching your video…BUY IT!!! Today is the first time to visit your website and I am sure I will be back often. Thanks again!

  • Jackie "B"

    Thank you for the pros and cons of both SCAL and Gypsy. Being new to the scrspping world, this video is really helpful. I was planning on ordering the gypsy from HSN but now I will look into buying SCAL. 🙂

  • Eulouise

    Very, very helpful. I still have questions about how easy SCAL is to use with a Mac. I don’t like glitches, and I don’t want to have to find a Windows computer to do whatever folks say I’ll need it to do with it. You’re a great teacher! Keep it up!

  • Sarah

    I have the first sure cuts alot and loved it than I bought the gypsy I love it also but for some reason now my sure cuts alot will not work… I’m not very computer savy so I’m confused.Can you help with this problem… Thank you

  • Nettie H. Washington

    I met you and bought Cricut A to Z at CHA in Anahiem. That dvd is a blessing to me. I did not realize how much I did not know about my Cricut Expression. I knew nothing about Sure Cuts A Lot until accessing your site today. I came to your site looking for a dvd on the gypsy, which I purchased for $199.00 at JoAnns. I hope your dvd on the gypsy will be available soon. I signed up to receive one at CHA. Thanks for helping a nub gain knowledge.

  • Linda L Weisholz

    I just love my newest version of SCAL2. There’s one thing I have to say for Craft Edge, they keep improving between versions and updates are free. I really like the way you can assign different colors for the different layers. Also, I like being able to hide certain layers on the virtual mat when you need to edit a certain area. Some of the simplier tasks that you once have to perform in Inkscape can now be done in SCAL2. You can import jpeg, gif or png files into SCAL2 and trace it. For exmaple, you want a shilouette of a loved one for a scrapbook page. SCAL2 also has group & ungroup and nodes so you can alter your SVG files. I design many cultural theme based mesh that I cut out on my circut and frame to give as gifts to family members and friends on very special occassions. I still use Inkscape to design elements that I don’t have in my modest collection of Circut cartridges. I use my CDS to make quick cards with many of the elements on my cartridges. No Gypsy for me, when I’m on vacation, I want to stay away from any electronic gadgets. If I have an inspiration, I used my good old sketchbook and pencil.

  • Mary NSC

    If U go and buy a little mini computer to do this make sure it is the same platform u bought to put it on I went and bought one It was Windows XP Instead of Vista so Now I can not use it on my Mini.. It just said scal on Windows platform I thought it would work Well Now I got the mini but now I will have to buy the SCAL to work on it. I dont think so..:O(

  • Eulouise

    I’ve just ordered the Gypsy but am having second thoughts. I use a Mac and decided to get the Gypsy because I could use DS with it and not with a computer. Am I right that I don’t need a Windows computer to use the Gypsy?
    Thanks for answering me.

  • Sharon

    Hi, question — Someone said: If you update your Gypsy results will be that your SCAL will no longer work???… Will the updates for the Gypsy
    interfer with my Scal???…

  • Sylvia

    I was just wondering is the gypsy capable of storing free fonts from internet as well as other SVG files (downloaded by SCAL). If so, that would be very convenient. Thank you for all of the info. Great website.

  • Kelly

    I just wanted to say what a great video you did on these topics. Good example of both pros and cons of both products. I personally chose Sure Cuts Alot so I could use it on my laptop. I love it. The more I play with it, the more I am glad I purchased the software. I thought about the Gypsy, but being able to only upload the carts on one was just not for me. Scal has tremendous versitilty for me. Love it!!!! Any one else out there that is more experienced and wants to show off there talents. Please feel free.

  • Joan Lowder

    Finally got my cricut this week at Michaels, “Create”, $149.99. Now gypsy is on sale for $149.99 (ends today) at Michaels. Now it was on sale for same price a week ago so don’t feel pushed. Now my issue is buying all the cartridges. Love the idea of using Sure Cuts a Lot. Just off the top of my head with Cricut still in the box, that Sure Cuts a Lot is my best option as I’m at this point more interested in fonts and the fact that you can cut out a word rather than individual letters. I teach Stampin Up classes so I’ll just use this for my crops. Tell me what you think. Love the idea of $75 for it.

  • Janice

    I got my Gypsy for 99.00 on Black Friday and there is a website that is having a sale on SCAL for 60.00. I am going to get it since I saved so much money on both. I also was able to find a lot of carts on sale for 25.00 or less between different Michael’s in my state. Hope this helps.

  • Shayjayd

    Megan, Did you ever find out if SCAL will work if you have updated your cricut with the gypsy? I got a gypsy, but wanted to eventually get SCAL as well. Did not see anything here about what you found out. Thanks

  • DJ

    I’m so glad I found this site. I will be checking back often and hopefully offering some tips and ideas as I learn. I received my Cri-cut Expression last year for Christmas, yes, you read that right…2009 and I just used it this Christmas and the first thing I made with it was t-shirts! Can you believe that? Then I made some Christmas ornaments. I have been hooked ever since. I have the CDS but just purchased the SCAL for $49.95. I’m hoping they won’t conflict with each other. It sounds like our imaginations is our only limitations with cutting machines. Did anyone find out if you use the SCAL it will void your warranty? I am surprised that software would do that, but you never can tell I suppose. Happy New Year to all!

  • Christopher

    Hi Megan. I received a Gypsy as a gift. I have 6 cartridges. The reason why I just have a few is because I have SCAL. You may have answered this question already but I haven’t used the Gypsy yet because I’m concerned that if update the firm way, I will not be able to use SCAL. Thanks for any information you can relay.