Winners! YAY! 12

These are the wonderful followers who won prizes from the live Ustream on Monday night! 🙂  Winners, if your name is listed below, please use the contact form on the home page of to email me your full name and shipping address – prizes will be shipping as I receive address.  Please email me within two weeks of today’s date to claim your prize!!!  🙂

So happy you all could join us and I hope that we get to see all of you again very soon! 🙂

Gypsy DVD – Sandy said “Last night was fun, I did think everyone was saying you gals where tipsy but then I realized you were talking about “the tipsy” lol! I got one!

The answers to the 3 questions are: 1)babbee soup 2)Anaheim, FL 3)Micku Mouse  Have a safe trip back!”

Cricut A to Z DVD – Okieladybug “I KNOW I KNOW!! 1. Babbe soup 2. Anaheim FL 3. Micku MouseHope that sunburn is feeling better!! I loved the UStream you guys did!! My fav UStream out of the ones I have attended!”

Tipsy – Marilyn – “Thank you for the fun LiveStream. I am grateful for what you offer through your videos. Thank you!
You are a blessing.
1. Babbee Soup 2. Anaheim, FL 3. Micku Mouse.
Thank you!”

Pearl Pen –  Joann Lloyd “Baby Soup, Anahiem Florida, Micku Mouse.  Ideas for DVD’s Tools and Techniques and projects for all occasions and seasons, scrapbooking and cardmaking.

Thanks so much for taking time from you vacation to ustream for us, we love you.”

Stamp Caddy – Nancy Hjortness “Babbee soup Anaheim Fl.——-Micku ouse—Upstream was a riot—Nancy”

Cutting Guide – Jan Lynn “1. babbee soup. 2. Anaheim, fl. 3.micku mouse Enjoyed watching the ustream this afternoon after work. Had to go in very early so I could not watch it live. Sorry but I had lives to save at the hospital.”

Cutting Guide – Jennifer Carr “1.Babbee Soup 2. Anaheim, Florida 3. Micku Mouse.  Loved watching you girls last night. Hope your headache is gone today. Thanks for a chance to win some great prizes.”

Glass Effects Pen – Snappyscrappy1 “Had a great time listening and chatting-would like to see an a-z on color, different techniques with ink, pens, colored pencils, coordinating papers. Answers are Babee Soup, Anaheim, FL and Micku Mouse–too cute!!”

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