Ustream Recording! Winners From Pink Tools 10

Enjoy this 30 Minute Ustream featuring Genna M! We talk about the Imagine DVD and announce all the winners LIVE!

Here are the Winners from this past weeks comments and posts! 🙂  Congrats EVERYONE!

Club Ruby Kit and Month Free to – Peggy (peggywhiz)

Club Ruby Kit and Month Free to – Becky (has been emailed)

Club Ruby Kit and Month Free to – Igna Klaus

ScrapCessories Prize Pack – Chris (cgwarner)

Pink Craft Iron and Embellishment Pack – Sarah G.

Pink Glue Gun and Embellishment Pack – Sharon Harrison

Big and Juicy Ink Pad and Embellishment Pack – Susan (Iknowsusan)

123 Stamp DVD – LindaP.

123 Stamp DVD – Sylvia Anadon

123 Stamp DVD – Erika Seever

GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the PINK SLICE!!!  – Betty Roark

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10 thoughts on “Ustream Recording! Winners From Pink Tools

  • Sheila Courts

    Megan and Genna great job last night excited about all the new things. Looking forward to playing after all the updates and the new CD’s. Thanks again. Have fun Genna while you’re there the time will go to quick.

  • Inga Klaus

    Thank you so very much! After watching the stream, it was mentioned you cant get the kit in Canada as That is where I live please draw another name so someone else can enjoy your kit and membership. I know there is someone in the states who could use a smile. Thanx again and keep up the amazing work!

  • Chris

    Megan, Great ustream last night. I really enjoyed it. I was so excited that I won the scrapcessories prize pack. My dh came running in to see what was going on!

  • Sharon Harrison

    I sure hope the Sharon Harrison that won the glue gun is me! I was really shocked when I heard my name. Would Inga like to trade?

  • Sharon Harrison

    I hope the last comment didn’t sound ungrateful – I just thought it would be nice for her to get a prize. I am trying to upgrade my club membership and am having trouble but the glue gun would be great too.

  • Betty Roark

    Oh My! I can’t believe I won this. THANK YOU!! I feel honored to win this PINK Slice machine and I can’t wait to cropping with my girls group and tell everyone how I won this and the website to check. It will remind me everytime I use it of the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness. THANK YOU again!!

  • Linda P

    Hi Megan & Genna
    I am assuming Linda P is me unless there is 2 of us… Yippee!!! I won the DVD!! Can’t wait to get it.. It’s kind of cool that someone from MN (thats me) won it since Genna was on tonite & shes from MN!!
    Thanks again
    Linda Posterick

  • Pam D

    Just wanted to say Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Just watched my Gypsy A to Z because I just wasn’t getting it on my own. I would get so frustrated before. And now it’s finally sinking in. I’m sooo excited to finally use my Gypsy instead of it being an expensive paper weight. Got the Cricut one too, figured I could always learn something new. And now with the Imagine one coming out, will probably get that one too. You guys are awesome!
    Thanks again,
    Pam D