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Hey everyone, I’ve gotten responses from everyone – Just wanted to give the update – for some reason forms had typos and or my email was “blocked” by a few people’s mail servers as “spam” – In any case – it’s worked out – Prizes are going out tomorrow (with the exception of the few that are not being sent out directly by Above Rubies Studio) and you should have your prizes by the end of the week šŸ™‚

Have a great day!

Hey Everyone,

I sent out an email, but I’ve gotten little response from the winners from the Live UStream and the Prizes from CHA.

Please read these two Posts:

Live Ustream Winners


Winners from while at CHA

See if your name/comment was listed as one of the winners.Ā  Many emails where bounced back or unavailable to me, so please contact me in the next 7 days to claim your prize or I will choose the next person in line on the 13th of February.


Please email me at

Thanks so much!


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43 thoughts on “Prizes Winners Please Contact Me

  • Claire

    Ha Ha I’m with the others, redraw!! lol Count me in if there is.. I love your Blog and visit pretty much every day. Nice review by Monique! Way to go!!! Man, I really want this cd now.

  • K imberly

    Never mind the redraw…..just send them all to me!!! Tee hee, just kidding. Hope you find the rightful winners. NOT! Oh, kidding again???

  • Marigrace

    I sent an email to you through your contact
    form and an email to you at the above email
    as well. Never received any emails from you
    even checked my junk folders and nothing.

  • Sandy Bayles

    I read the list and I was not on it. Maybe next time. I only got to listen to the lst hour and got dropped. I for got to mention in the e-mails I sent yesterday that I love the cutting guide. It is wonderful.
    Still learning…So many things to do and so little time… Keep up the good work……….

  • StaddieJ

    If there is a redraw,count me in!! I’m sure the winners will come forward soon … I’ve read and reread the list, and my name never appears!! Ha!!

  • Mary S

    I emailed several times. I hope you got it. I am anxiously waiting at the mailbox each day. Nothing yet. Can’t wait! I never win anything so I am tickled to death to get something. YEA! Thanks so much! Thanks also to Scrapaccessories!

  • Kasia

    per all the other gals! I am not above left overs!!! šŸ™‚ Count me in on the redraw! LOL!
    Thanks for your generous and fun spirit! I really enjoyed my first Ustream-live the other night! Though I still wish I was on Eastern time so that the boys were in bed and I was not bouncing around trying to get them to eat dinner and prepping for hubby’s return home from work! LOL!

  • Pat

    Hey Megan,
    I have emailed you on the win of the DVD but also have not heard anything back. I along with the others did not receive an email from you on the win just saw it on the list. Maybe there is some type of glitch in the website or something with your emails not going out and not getting any reply’s from you on the emails to you. I know you always email pretty promptly when someone emails you so that why I am wondering if there may be some glitch in the website and things just are not coming in to you and going out to us that you have sent. Computers are a wonderful invention but they can be a headache also.

  • Megan

    It’s worked out! Pat I actually have emailed you several times – so I am not sure what is going on with that for sure. I know that there were at least 5 people who did get my emails and responded – so I am sorry that there is some kind of glitch. For some reason my email has been “blocked” by a few web servers and we are working on getting it fixed šŸ™‚

    IN any Case – There is only ONE person that I have not yet heard back from – but their email was not bounced back – All prizes are going out tomorrow šŸ™‚ If you don’t have it by the end of the week let me know šŸ™‚

    Have a great day šŸ™‚

  • Pat

    Thanks so much Megan. I am really excited. I figured you had tried to email me because I also know you are very quick to respond. Not sure exactly what the problem has been but glad it is worked out. Hope your keeping warm and have gotten shoveled out from the snow. What did you end up with. Bet your kids loved it!

  • Melanie

    Hey Megan – I sent you an e-mail here through here on your site I think when I never heard from you. I have checked my spam folder, etc. and have not seen any messages from you. I’ll send you another e-mail in case i’m the one you haven’t heard from! LOL I’ll look for my sample of the glitter vinyl in the mail this week that I won from the Ustream video. Thanks again.

  • Megan Gravener

    Hey Melanie, that’s weird because i got your email and I replied to it as well – and it didn’t give me an error. I did mail out your prize today though, so you should have this week šŸ™‚

  • Pat

    Hey Megan,
    I received my prize winning dvd in the mail at the end of last week. I say that “prize winning” for two reasons…1. because I was the lucky gal to win one. 2. Top job on the making. Very clear and informative and full of tips and information!
    Thank you so much. I hope by now you and your family are shoveled out of the ton of snow you receive. Have a great day. Thanks so much for all you do and the wonderful website.

  • Sandy Evans

    I was a winner for the ABOVE RUBIES STUDIO LANYARD, I don’t know what that is, but i have e-mail Tammy 3 or 4 times and get no response back… šŸ™ hoping someone will contact me.