Prizes for Pink for Monique and Others Fighting Breast Cancer 147

Hey Everyone!  Lots happening today and you are going to see several posts throughout the day to CHECK BACK OFTEN ALL DAY you do not want to miss ANYTHING!!!!

Today is a day I just wanted to make a special day to encourage and support Monique Griffith who is an amazingly talented crafter and a Design Team Member for Club Ruby Designers.

She is having surgery today for her fight against breast cancer and I just want to send her extra love and hugs from all her fellow crafters to let her know we love her and our thinking of her!

Many of you have sent her cards and gifts and I know she is encouraged by it!  I challenge you all to reach out to someone you know and love that has either had or has cancer and send them a special card from the heart!

Today lots of GREAT and Wonderful things are happening here at Above Rubies Studio and we want to share!

Today is the re-opening launch of Club Ruby Designers and it is ALSO the launch of our brand new 123 Stamp DVD…

In honor of Monique and all those fighting breast Above Rubies Studio is going to be donating a portion of all sales today to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help raise awareness and fight against this disease.

We also have a giveaway for you! I have Three Prize Packs to giveaway!

  • One winner will receive a Pink Craft Iron and Embellishment Pack from Club Ruby Designers.
  • One winner will receive a Pink Hot Glue Gun and Embellishment Pack from Club Ruby Designers.
  • One winner will receive a Pink Big and Juicy Ink Pad, Pink Daubber Top Paint and Embellishment Pack from Club Ruby Designers.

All you have to do is comment on this post with thoughts and wishes to someone you know and love with cancer.  If you are a cancer survivor, then I would ask that you post what encouraged you during your battle!

Lots of thoughts, prayers and hugs to Monique especially today, but to all of those out there, know you are loved and we support you too!

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147 thoughts on “Prizes for Pink for Monique and Others Fighting Breast Cancer

  • Lori K

    Am thinking of you Monique! Prayers sent to surround you while you are facing this battle!
    It is always great to have a day to think of those who have a rough road to travel, and for that I am thinking of what I can do.
    Thank you for this venue to remind us of those that are facing such difficult times.

  • Janet

    Prayers going your way Monique and eveyone else who is fighting this horrific disease. At the moment there is no one in my immediate circle of family and friends who is dealing with this dreadedful disease TG!

  • Karen

    I have several family members who have fought the good fight battling this horrible disease. We need to find a cure, quickly. God is good!

  • Sandy N.

    Thank you for supporting breast cancer research and awareness, and thank you especially for encouraging all of us to reach out to those we love and lift them up with prayers and things like cards. I have a dear friend who is going through treatment for the second time. She was cancer-free for 11 years, and she is an amazing woman whose outlook and courage inspire all of us who know her. For Marcie, who does her job as a mail carrier every day, shows up faithfully to help teach 1-6th grade girls with me every Wednesday, and comes to church on Sundays, I honor you. I pray for healing and comfort. For my dear friend Sarah, who just had a mastectomy two weeks ago, I pray for healing, hope and comfort. For all of you who are facing this terrible disease, may God help us find a cure–soon!
    Sandy Nall

  • Char

    Blessing on you Monique as you go through this difficult time. I’ve had two sisters who have had (and survived) breast cancer and pray that God grants you the hope, peace and strength to fight this terrible disease.

  • candace s.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to my family members and others that are in the fight for their lives. I am scheduled for my 1st mammogram on Thurs. 🙂

  • Trish

    We’re thinking of you, Monique! And also of my sister. She has stage four metastatic breast cancer and is still working on her third round of chemo. It’s been a long rough road for our family, but she is still fighting!

  • Jennifer Carr

    My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone fighting this disease. I don’t personally know anyone with this but my thoughts and prayers are with those that do. Thanks Megan for supporting this cause.

  • Amy

    Thoughts, prayers and best wishes to all who are fighting any type of cancer. It has been almost 3 years since my grandmother passed away. She fought so hard and we were all so proud of her. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her or “talk” to her. God bless you all.

  • Erika Seever

    My thoughts and prayers are going out to Monique and everyone else who is fighting any type of cancer. My grandfather died of cancer. I saw what he went through and how hard he fought. Hoping one day there will be a cure! HUGS TO ALL!

  • M'Liss

    Definitely, continued prayers for Monique and all who are facing this battle. One of my ‘sis a breast cancer survivor. Also, my mom, who died of ovarian cancer. She will always be my hero!

  • Janice Jacobs

    We will keep her in our prayers and wish her all the luck in the world. My mother and 3 of her sisters have had cancer. That was many, many years ago. They have come such a long way with great new treatments.

  • Anne

    I will keep Monique in my heart today especially and hope that her surgery is successful. I lost my younger sister to this horrible disease this past May. She was my crafting partner and a source of inspiration for me. I miss her very much.

  • Connie

    Love, encouragement, and prayers to all battling or who have survived cancer. My mom had leukemia and it’s not easy watching someone suffer so. Am trying to do my part by supporting St. Jude Hospital and growing my hair for Locks of Love.

  • Tammy Brownlee

    I wish my cousin Tracie and Monique the best of luck! Tracie is in remission now from breast cancer, and that’s how it’s gonna stay! I also want to let Freddie’s family know that we on the billiards team still talk about Freddie & his courage each time we play. He came to support the team until two weeks before we lost him! He inspired us all! Freddie lost his cancer battle early this year. Cheers Freddie! Get an eight on the break!

  • Jackie Ritsema

    My prayers are for Monique and everyone who is fighting a cancer battle or other disease right now. I pray also for their loved ones who feel helpless and are hurting too. May they feel God’s loving arms around them and lift them up! I pray there is a cure!

  • Sharon

    My prayers & thoughts are with Monqiue today. May God give you hope, courage, strength & lots of loveto win your battle with breast cancer. My mom is a breast cancer survivor of 30yrs now.I firmly believe that our family & God, gave her the will, courage& strength to help her to survive her battle with cancer. My mom is my friend & inspiration to be the best of all, that I can be. Luv u Mom. Thks for supporting a fellow crafter and this deadly disease, Megan. U ROCK! 🙂



  • Lesley F

    My thoughts and prayers are for Monique and everyone else that this terrible disease is affecting in some way. My Aunt is a breast cancer survivor and has been for 8 years!

  • Melissa Brown

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Monique today! I hope she has a successful surgery with a speedy recovery. I lost a co-worker to breast cancer and my husband’s grandmother is a survivor. I hope that someday there will be a cure for this disease!

  • Anna Marie Jones

    My thoughts and prayers are with you,Monqiue and sll the others fighting this terrible disease. I lost a beloved sister-in- law to this monster and have had 3 neices battle it. Love to all the brave people that have fought and won. Keep the faith.

  • Anna Marie Jones

    My thoughts and prayers are with you,Monqiue and all the others fighting this terrible disease. I lost a beloved sister-in- law to this monster and have had 3 neices battle it. Love to all the brave people that have fought and won. Keep the faith.

  • Kathleen Murphy

    Thoughts and prayers go out to you today and every day, Monique! Livestrong!!! I pray for all those fighting this disease, including my friend Stephanie, as well as those who have fought it long and hard and ultimately succumbed – my dear friend Donna in Heaven will be missed by so many! RIP my friend.

  • Sheila G

    Prayers to Monique and continued strength to my girlfriend Tracey – who has also battled this disease and is currently ahead of the game! Fight hard Monique!

  • Kim in Idaho

    My thoughts and prayers are going out to Monique as she’s in the middle of this battle and also to my friend Joy, who’s on the down hill side of it all. Keep up the good fight ladies!

  • Judie Lawrence

    My thoughts and prayers are with Monique, Jared, Emily and her mom and dad, Susan & Brent. May her surgery go well and I pray the pain won’t be overwhelming and can be controlled.

  • Tammy

    My friend and vendor Betty, Suzanne Somers and my aunt Mary are all Breast cancer survivors:) I pray that Brenda and Monique will be added to that list soon. <3 Be blessed

  • Jan Lynn

    Prayers and Hugs for Monique today and all the days to follow. My friend Grace went through treatment a few years back and has been in remission ever since. She has been a Cancer Mentor ever since and gives encougement and a shoulder when needed. She tells of her experiences with treatment (she tells that her now curly hair was always straight as a board before it fell out).

  • Diane K

    My Mother and sister battled this horrible disease and won!!! They are both survivors now for over 20 years each. Unfortunately, my aunt was not so lucky. She put up a wonderful fight but eventually the disease took her from us. Special thoughts and prayers are going out to Monique today and forever!!! Keep up the good fight!

  • Carol Ewing

    My prayers are with you Monique and I am also praying fopr a lady in Wiscosin who just had surgery to remove both breasts. God be with you both.

  • Sharon Harrison

    I thank everday for the awesome support I received from my supervisor and the fellow teammates I had during my 3 years of fighting breast cancer. I am a survivor of 14 years now and know their support was what made the decision to win.

  • Barbara

    Monique has and will be in my prayers. My mother had breast cancer in her 40’s and since then, suffered from skin cancer, bladder cancer (twice), colon cancer (twice) and eventually pancreatic cancer, which took her life in 2005. She was the true meaning of survivor! After her breast cancer battle (that took away all of the breast as well as the muscle around it, very radical), she volunteered with an organization called Reach for Recovery. She was a wonderful role model, and she is sorely missed by the many who loved her!

  • Nancy

    My thoughts and prayers are with Monique today especially and with her thru this very difficult time. My heart goes out to anyone that is fighting this battle.

    Thanks for making so many of us more aware.


  • Debbie

    Monique, my thoughts & prayers are with you. I have a very special girlfriend that has been battling this disease for several years. We truly believe that the support, prayers & love of friends, family & those praying are the best healing you can get. Hang in there.

  • cardchick

    many many prayers for Monique AND for all that are going through this….including my only daughter…faith is what gets her through and her fight to live for her son and hubby……

  • Kathy Immekus

    Prayers for Monique. My mother died of cancer 10 years ago. I know what a fight it is and she fought very hard. I have 2 friends and 1 sister-in-law who are breast cancer surviors and I pray every day for a cure.

  • Sue

    Prayers are with Monique now and in the months ahead. I have a very dear friend who is a breast cancer survior . What a fighter she has been and what a great inspiration she is for all that know her.

  • Pat

    Many thoughts and prayers are with those fighting this terrible battle. In the past two weeks we have learned of two of our own family members fighting this. I also lost my father-in-law to cancer and several church members also. So sad.

  • Pam

    Actually, I’ve been following Monique’s blog for about a year and feel like I know her. I’m thinking of her today and her battle. She’s a real inspiration and I wish and pray all the best for her.

  • Katherine A.

    Praying for Monique and all the brave women who are fighting this terrible disease.I am please with all the recognition being given to the fight against breast cancer this month, all the way down from pro sports to my grandson’s 1st grade class (even though they can’t say ‘breast’ at school)

  • Alyssa

    I am blessed not to have anyone in my immediate family who is battling cancer, but a very close friend of mine is helping her mother to battle it every single day. My prayers are with my friend Kris and her mother, and with Monique and her family as well.


  • Barbara Cambron

    I mis-spoke on my last email. I should have said Cricut CD not Design Studio. I use my Design Studio so much when I think Cricut I think Design Studio. Sorry Sorry. Still sending Monique good thoughts.

    Barbara TX

  • Debbie

    My mom was a breast cancer survivor who lost her battle with another health woe, but we were grateful to have had the time with her that we did.

  • Stephanie

    My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who knows someone or who is personally going through a battle with breast cancer. My Grandmother had a double mastectomy six years ago. It was really hard on the whole family but we all came together and prayed she would be okay. She is a vibrant lady and an such a great inspiration to us all. I am praying that Monique has a successful surgery today and for her road to recovery.

    I think it is amazing that a portion of your proceeds today will be donated to Breast Cancer Research. Thank you for having such a kind heart.

  • Pat Wimbush

    My thoughts and prayers go to all fighting breast cancer, really any type cancer. I have survived breast cancer for 1 year. It has been a long hard road, and I am still moving forward. Thanks for everything that you are doing to help find a cure for this disease.

  • Linda

    My DH won his battle with multiple myeloma two years ago. My best friend’s husband just fought non-hodgkins lymphoma. My prayers to all who are fighting any kind of cancer. I know this is breast cancer awareness month. I am showing my support by wearing my pink crystals glued along a clear nylon thread clipped in my hair.
    My prayers to Monique for a successful surgery.

  • betty wilson

    Prayers to Monique!!! I am also a breast cancer survivor.Four and one-half years – Wooo-Hooo!!! What got me through it all was my wonderful husband,family and friends. I did not cook a meal for a year (
    and still don’t cook much). My friends were so supportive. You can do it!!! Good luck and lots of prayers to you!!!

  • Ann G

    I don’t personally know anyone right now but if you are battling cancer may God bless you and hold you and know that you are in my prayers.

  • Glenna

    My thoughts and prayers are with Monique today. As a cancer survivor myself I can say what helped me most were friends, family and a positive attitude. I had double mastectomies 11 years ago and remain cancer free today. Be brave Monique and stay strong.

  • Debby Jensen

    All my prayers go out to Monique and her family. My husband is a cancer survivor-and I thank every day that he is cancer free. My step son is still battling the effects of his chemo, but is cancer free also.

  • Milly D

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Monique, and my grandmother who is also fighting breast cancer at age 88. 4 rounds of chemo therapy, surgery, and now 5 weeks of radiation, hang in there grandma. Prayers to everyone going through this battle.

  • Kathy T

    Prayers go out to all of you who are battling cancer…I have someone I work with who is a breat cancer survivor…Monique you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Danyiel Wise

    my thoughts and prayers go out to all that are battling or are a survior of this disease called cancer. My prayers for the families that have lost loved ones to it.

  • gltinnola

    My niece is a breast cancer survivor. As a matter of fact, I finally got to finish a special pink card for her last night celebrating her amazing journey. I hope Monique has as much success with her treatment.

  • Suzanne

    My awesome friend Jane is battling cancer and has been a huge encouragement to me as she keeps her eyes on the Lord and walks like the Apostle Paul. Prayers for all who are battling in the world.

  • Chris

    I am a 2 yr breast cancer survivor. I just took it one step, one day at a time and tried to look at everything as one step closer to my cure. My best advice is to put yourself in God’s hands. especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed and scared, and trust Him to carry you through.

  • Jeanette

    Praying and thinking of some family members fighting cancer now. Thinking too of Monique in her treatment and all the others fighting this disease, also those who have beaten the disease too. Am making my appt for breast screening in the morning.

  • Marilyn C.

    Monique – You are in my heart and in my prayers today. I am a endometrial cancer survior – five years now. As many have already said, Trust in God, He will carry you through.

    Marilyn C.

  • Rebecca G.

    Please share with Monique–Trust in the Lord. Keep a positive frame of mind. Be open to prayer. Expect good health. You and all sisters who are effected in one way or another are in my prayers.

  • Susan

    My thoughts and prayers are with Monique and everyone fighting this battle. I have a cousin who is a breast cancer survivor and my husband has had bladder cancer 3 times.
    Let’s find a cure!

  • Carla B.

    My prayers today are for Monique and Brenda and my Aunt Jean who are battling this horrible disease. May they all heal quickly from their surgeries and kick butt with the other treatments following.

  • Claudia

    Praying that Monique has a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Prayers also for my cousin Carol who is battling cancer. Praying for a cure.
    Bless you for recognizing this fight against cancer.

  • Debbie

    Thoughts and prayers are with you all. Always remember your journey is just one day at a time and you are not making this journey alone. God has your hand every moment.

  • Dana C

    I personally do not know anyone that has had the disease (and am VERY thankful for this). However, I try to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation in any way possible and send my love to those currently fighting the disease!!! Wishing all of you the best….


  • Julie

    Megan I just new right from the start when I first found your web page that this was love at first site. You never sees to amaze me all that you do. I can only wish the best to the people who are struggling so hard. I wish the cure could be found today. Thanks again and keep on keeping on.

  • Angie Smith

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all those battling Breast Cancer right now. I found a lump on my breast and have been closely monitoring it for the last 1-1/2 years. My great grandmother was a survivor of Breast Cancer until the day pancreatic cancer took her to heaven. I pray that everyone who experiences cancer will experience the healing powers of God.

  • Pat

    Praying for Monique. Also praying for my sister-in-law who is in the battle for her life with cancer. Rosann had cancer about two years ago, got through it and then lost her husband/my brother last August and now her cancer is back. It will be hard going through it all over without the help/support of a loving husband. She does not live close to me but was encouraged when a lady from my church sent me a card to send to Rosann.

  • Gloria L

    Prayers and thoughts go out to everyone going throught such a difficult time, and to their families and friends for all the support they are giving.

  • Terri S.

    Megan, thanks for doing this stuff. A little support goes a long way with someone who is fighten cancer. I am sure everyone going through cancer treatment appreciate all that everyone does to support. Great job.

  • Tammy Jennings

    My thought and prayers go out the Monique and all of the others who are fighting to win against Breast cancer, I lost a very dear friend and cousin to breast cancer 4 years ago, I miss her terribly!

  • mumtaz

    I hope that Monique feels better soon. I feel very bad for her. I do not know anyone else but I pray and hope that she gets better as soon as possible.

  • Nancy Hjortness

    My thoughts and prayers for Monique today as she goes in for surgery, and a speedy recovery—-know you are not alone—-Nancy

  • Kathy Stutzman

    My 88 yr old aunt surprised me one day by telling me she had had surgery for breast cancer. Who would have thought one would get it at that age. I love her dearly. Due to her age, there was no chemotherapy just pills. Thankfully, she came through it. I recently made a breast cancer journal for my boss who just got a six month checkup and she is still in remission. Monique, I would be honored to make you one also.

  • Sharon Harrison

    Good luck to Monique. It is a long battle but with all the support you have coming your way I hope it is a successful battle. I’m a survivor and know how important support is.

  • Kim T

    I lost my grandmother to breast cancer many years ago now and wish all those women who are battling breast cancer at the moment all the best and hope that there treatment is a success.
    Kim xXx

  • Donna Cohen

    Prayers for all fighting the monster. So glad Monique (and everyone else) is doing so well! We have to beat the monster – GO PINK!!!


    I had cancer also. been cancer fee for 9yrs.
    The best thing I can tell you is It’s okey to have a fell sorry for me day ONLY ONE DAY I didn’t let it (cancer) get me down becaude if you let it get you down it (cancer) will take over GET OVER IT and don’t let it get the best of you your better than life to it’ fullest I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU GOD BLESS YOU and no matter how had it gets keep smiling!!!!!!!!!!