Free Cricut Workshop – Giveaways & Downloads 51

FREE Cricut Workshop Hey all!

Workshop aired Thursday Oct 2. Downloads and Giveaways available for you now! Check out the Giveaways and enter today!

Check out the FUN FREE Downloads and Goodies I have to really help you out tonight!

  • One is a Whisper Mini from Cara Miller to go along with our plans tonight and should really help you out a ton
  • Two is the recipe sheets for what we are making during the live event!
  • There are also a total of 6 Giveaways you can enter for and I can’t wait to share all of those details with you live tonight! 2, $200+ Shopping Sprees from me in Close To My Heart select goodies! 4, Whispers from Cara Miller as amazing helpful giveaways to be cheat sheets and learning helps with your Cricut!  HUGE Value from her so THANK YOU CARA!

Downloads are prepared below the video embedded that will be LIVE at 9:00pm Eastern Time on October 2, 2014

*This was recorded and will not be available for playback until October 5, 2014! – REPLAY IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO THOSE WHO ARE ABOVERUBIESSTUDIO.COM VIP MEMBERS – Join on the Top Right Sidebar by giving your email address and name! It’s always free to join, but its for content only Members can receive!*

Oct 2 Cricut Workshop Download (Right click and save PDF or Left click to Open)

Artfully Sent Mini Whisper (Right click and save PDF or Left click to Open)

Giveaway and Prize Information:

To enter Cara’s Whisper Giveaway please comment below with the following information:

  • What is your favorite Machine/Die-Cutter to use?
  • What is you favorite thing to create, make, do?
  • What is your biggest struggle or hurdle that you really want to learn how to do?

Two ways to enter to win one of the two $200+ CTMH Select Shopping Sprees through

These giveaways are independently run by Above Rubies Studio LLC and have no affiliation with Close To My Heart, Facebook, Twitter or any other independent CTMH Consultants.  See all contest rules, limitations and terms here.

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51 thoughts on “Free Cricut Workshop – Giveaways & Downloads

  • Ann DeHart

    I tried to watch but between all the commercials and the camera changes, it just wasn’t working for me. Maybe I can watch the recorded playback on the 5th. Sorry it didn’t work out.

  • Phyllis Antosz

    Thank you for everything. I have been trying to chat but don’t seem to be able to. Also, I am not sure if I have signed up for the VIP membership but I have tried and thought maybe I have. Thanks

    • Alayne Fleming

      I love cricut and use it mostly for welding elaborate titles for my layouts. My greatest frustration is mat wear and tear. I try to restock when needed, but sometimes I “overstick”.
      Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us!
      Always, Alayne (KY)

  • Mary Lawrence

    Thank you I have been seeing a lot of the whispers. I have been wanting to see them. Love my explorer but need helpers to utilize it to the fullest.

  • Dennise (Dee) Robinson

    I love my cricut but sizing is one of the big things I’ve had problems with unless working in CCR, My biggest struggle at the moment is finding time to do what all I want to do and the money to do it. No real support system either. I love what all you do and am so glad to have my crafting friends even if we are states away and online! I love getting all the hints and tips on little things I can do to create and keep trying to get ahead.


  • Linda Reiser

    Very informative broadcast. I would appreciate more examples from the Artfully Sent cartridge. There is so much in it and it is easier to see real examples than just using handbook.
    Can’t wait until next workshop!

  • Barbara

    Missed the beginning of the class but will watch the playback. I love the Cricut but really like the Gypsy to go with it. I can line up parts and pieces and get the most out of my paper. I am sure Design Studio is the same, but the gypsy can go downstairs and is just so portable. I best like all the options that the Cricut has, and have used it for just about every kind of craft. Scrapbooking was my favorite to start but I have to get that motivation back. Maybe the new Artfully Sent will be my motivation. I struggle with the mats – the first ones seemed fine; however newer ones come in various strengths and I have the hardest times with the thinner papers. Thanks for all you do.

  • Margaret

    Nice broadcast -the tech issues were not too distracting. I use my Cricut Explore and Expression to make decorations for kids parties. I make cards, a bit of scrapbooking and love to make decorations to put on walls. Just started using vinyl.
    Biggest frustration is that I do not have time to make svgs and cannot find what I want to make such as Beatrix Potter and storybook characters and scenes.
    I would like to learn more about how to add stamped images in more than 1 color. Also I am very short on time, a typical work day is 12 plus hours and I really do not have time to go hunting for the info I want. Cricut has some really good functions and is always improving, however there is a learning curve. The print and cut feature should be a lot of fun.

  • Alayne Fleming

    Loved the seminar inspite of the commercials….and appreciate the effort you ladies have put forth. Love cricut and use it mostly for titles because I love the text box and easy weld capability.
    The new ABC’s on the Artfully Sent is lovely!
    My frustration with cricut usually revolves around the stickiness of the mat or lack of stickiness. I have trouble regulating it.
    I also am having trouble getting the black line IMagine mats and I still love that machine.
    Again, thank you for sharing your info with us.
    Always, Alayne (Ky. I tried to comment before but my internet is “tired”)

  • Peggy whisenhunt

    I enjoyed what I could get tonight. I truly love all Provo products. I have an expression and imagine and so want the new explore. My favorite Provo product is my gypsy. It has every cartridge loaded on it and makes going to my monthly crop so much easier without having to take my 75 plus cartridges but most of all is the support they offer at Provo. Every time I call I get the nicest and most helpful people. And then being a part of above rubies and all the help you have given me these past years is amazing. You are so knowledgable about so much and have the desire to help all of us with our problems and issues. You are a blessing

  • Debra Gardner

    I Love using my Cricut Expression with my gypsy to weld titles together for scrapbook layouts. I love the look and being able to glue down one title instead of individual letters. It saves on time and messes. I have been using the CTMH cartridges to make cards and layouts the most lately. My frustration is just that my size dial on my cricut is off track and it takes too much effort and time trying to set the size, hence using the gypsy comes in handy more. Also when I get bad cuts, trying to figure out the cause: if its 1) the paper, 2) my mat is too sticky or not sticky enough or too dirty, 3) my blade is too dull or has paper stuck in it,or 4) my settings can be very frustrating and time consuming.

  • Connie Bardon

    Favorite thing about my cricut Explore it cuts small things out niclely,It’s a all in one machine which I really like.2. Love to create scenes….My biggest struggle is keeping everything updated.It would be nice if we could push a button and it’s updated.

  • Lisa Kay

    Megan I enjoyed your upstream tonight…I agree that Ustream is frustrating…Thank you for the Workshop Downloads and thank you to Cara for the Mini Whisper’s… I love all the variety of designs…I have a lot and I mean a lot of cricut cartridges…Halloween is my favorite thing to design…I design many different paper crafts…but my favorite thing to do now is paint on canvas and Mod Podge paper to my canvas painting… I am most frustrated with the Imagine and wish I had never bought it. I can not throw it away because it cost so much money so it just sits and sits…I almost stopped being a Cricut customer but I have so much invested that I didn’t give up and now a VERY happy owner of the Explore…I have been a lover of CTMH for a very long time…it is truly the best in quality…Thanks again…

  • Kenna Routh

    Thanks for the great upstream!! I have both the Cricut Expression 2 and the Cricut Explore. I really like the ease of use with the Explore. I love being able to cut out box cards in a matter of minutes. It is taking a little bit of adjusting with the sizing with the Explore. In that area the Expression 2 is really easier.

  • Barbara Hart

    Thanks to Megan Elizabeth and Cara for the downloads and for the video tonight! Even with the glitches, it was awesome. My favorite Provo Craft product is my pink Cricut Expression. I use it to create cards for all occasions mostly, although I make a number of banners, too. My biggest struggle has been not figuring out how to use the Cricut Craft Room.

  • Simple Creations

    Had a great time at your Cricut Workshop. I love getting connected with other crafters. Thanks for the instructions. I printed them out to craft with them. I have the E2 Cricut Machine. I love making Cards. I absolutely love Artfully Sent Cart. I never thought about making layouts with it. Now the crafting possibilities are endless.
    I get frustrated when cutting using thick paper. I usually have to tape heavy paper down with painters tape because it moves while cutting. I think that it is primarily because it defaults the cuts so close to the edge. Yes I know I can space or return on the screen to move the cut over, but I don’t think about that till my cut messed up. Thanks for your inspirations tonight.

  • Margaret K

    I couldn’t get in long enough to view the upload so .looking forward to seeing the play back on Sunday. I did see the card that you were going to make. I received my cartridge and have made the sock monkey card so far. I didn’t get to play with the cartridge as much as I want to. Sorry I missed the broadcast.

  • Luria

    Hello Megan
    Thanks for the great information. I love my expression but can’t wait to get the new Explore and us a of the new features it has. Thanks for the free downloads as well. You ROCK.


  • Heather Mano

    My favorite machine is my Cricut Explore…. LOOOOVE it and my favorite things to make are holiday cards for all my friends and family. I really want to learn how to use Vinyl! Im too afraid I’ll mess it up and end up wasting all that material

  • Carmen

    Thank You for this amazing video and for the chance to win a prize! My favorite machine is the Cricut Expression. I love to do all kinds of crafts, but I would have to say that I love to make and design cards most of all! I will have to admit that my biggest frustration is when my sizes don’t match up and I have to take the time to experiment to make them fit! Have a blessed day and good luck to everyone on the drawings! 🙂

  • Debbie in LA

    My favorite Provo Craft product is my Gypsy. However, my favorite cutting machine is the Silhouette Cameo. I love everything about its software. I usually craft cards but am working at the moment on a scrapbook for the 3013-2014 history of my Sweet Adelines Houston Horizon Chorus. I am late; it was due in May. So you may be able to guess that my biggest frustration is finding the time to do what needs to be done. I would love to learn how to edit photos using PSE.

  • Connie Turner

    My favorite die cutting machine are my sizzix machines. I make cards and party favors. My problem is getting help with my cricut expressions 2, it’s just to complicated…… but I do want this new cartridge!

  • Bev McConnell

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch the livecast but hope to be able to look at it when you put it up on October 5th. Had been looking forward to it but unfortunately real life got in my way. LOL doesn’t that seem to be the way all the time

  • Liz

    I love my cricut and I also really still enjoy my cuttlebug! I typically use my cuttlebug & dies for cardmaking and my cricut for scrapbooking-make cool titles or cutting some embellishment for a page. I do not have Design Studio and I do not have a gypsy. I do have Sure Cuts A Lot (the old version). I would love to see a comparison of these and other ways to lay out and plan, weld, etc and what the strengths & weaknesses are.

  • angie s

    I have a cricut expression and cuttlebug. I love cardmaking and use both machines for this. I have MTC program that I use often & try to recreate things that I see. My problem is I like things with detail & when I want to put them on cards some of the pieces are to small to cut (ex. eyes, lips etc). Thanks for chance to win. Love watching your videos and appreciate the help you are willing to share with everyone.

  • Dorothy Breitenstein

    I have the Cricut Expression, gypsy, and the Cuttlebug. Have not had a lot of time to spend making things. Would love to do more with the gypsy. Have most of my cartridges loaded on it but have not had the time to work with it. Love making cards and would like to get more into scrapbooking. As you can tell time is a big issues with me even though I am retired. Love all your tutorials and the inspiration you give me. Would love to see more tutorials using the CTMH cartridges!

  • Laura LS

    Favorite machine Cricut even though I have a long way to go on it. At least I dont have to crank anything!
    I’m just learning card making, and all thrilled with fun papers and tools.
    My hurdle is finding time to do any of this! And to make layers look nice.

  • Kathleen

    I can’t wait for the replay. I was unable to see the original airing. I love my Explore and my Gypsy. I would like to see more videos on the design space to better learn different things that can be done there in making a unique project. Also more on the new Artfully Sent cart. Also determining sizes of things when a particular size isn’t given without wasting a lot of paper and time. Thanks so much for all your help.

  • Connie Lewis

    Thanks for all you do! Love the tutorials! I have everything Provo Craft makes except for the Explore and hope to get it for Christmas. I love my Cricut expression (not the E2) and really like the Gypsy to go with it! The Gypsy makes it so portable you can design anywhere and just about anytime, then cut it out at your convenience. My favorite is the Expression because of the options it has, makes it wonderful for just about every kind of craft. Scrapbooking was my favorite to start but, now it is card making. The new Artfully Sent cartridge is the bomb! Thank you Megan! My biggest struggle is with the sizing the different icons, etc. and with CCR. Hopefully I will get better at this before I get my Explore for Christmas. 🙂 Thanks again for everything. Blessings! Connie

  • Luria Dantzler

    Okay so hear goes my favorite machine is the expression right now but I know that when I get the Explore it will change. My favorite thing to create is cards. And lastly I have such a hard time picking colors that
    work well together. Thanks for the chance to win.


  • Maria Elliott

    I love my E2 my favorite things to create are scrapbook layouts and the most difficult thing is knowing the size and how the E2 works with other cartridges.

  • Susan polack

    I love my expression but I have to take my explore out of the box still, I like cards and the computer stuff is a challenge for me

  • Marion

    I love my Cricut Expression, I wish I had more time to play with it.
    I love to make Cards, and elements for cards that I stamp, and 3D decorations for the holidays
    My biggest struggle is layering, so I tend to make simple elements so far.

  • Cathy Sobotka

    I love my Cricut Expression and Gypsy. I usually make cards and scrapbook layouts (about 50/50% of the time). My biggest struggle is finding the right papers and/or colors for my projects and, of course, finding the time to do it. It seems like even though a card or LO should be quick and easy, it always seems to take a really long time for me from start to finish. I’d like to learn how streamline things so I can get things done quicker. Thanks for listening.

  • CathyinMN

    I love my Cricut Expression and Gypsy. I make cards and layouts about equal time. My biggest problem is finding the time to make anything and if I do have some time, it seems like something that should be quick and easy takes a lot longer than anticipated. I also have a real hard time finding the papers and colors that go well together for my projects. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Jessica

    I love my cricut expression – I love the versatility of the machine and cartridges. I love using it to create my scrapbook pages for my 4 kids and family. I would say my biggest struggle is learning to use the cricut craftroom and how to layer and multi cut or blend things.