Saving MONEY while Scrapbooking & Cardmaking!!! 28

We ALL love to save money, so here are a whole list of tips and tricks and things I have done from the time I started scrapbooking to this wonderful collection I now have today with Above Rubies Studio.  I just hope to share at least a few things that will help you think about how you can save money and make things work for you.  This is a two part video series where I just sit down and have a chat with you.  So sit down grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a little time of soaking up the money saving tips! 🙂

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Part 2

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28 thoughts on “Saving MONEY while Scrapbooking & Cardmaking!!!

  • Jennifer

    These videos were such and inspiration for me. I’m always trying to find the more economic way of scrapbooking/crafting. Thanks again for the videos

  • Kim Wright

    Wish I had watched this video a few hundred dollars ago. Love your idea with the embossing plates from Cuttlebug. I am saving for a Cuttlebug as well but will try this in the mean time. Another trick I have is to use the plastic sheets that come with your Cricut cutting mats for windows in cards and boxes.

  • Glenda

    Love all of your ideas. I am going to try my rolling pin on the fiskars design plates and see how that works. you gave a very comprehensive list for beginers. I am sending your site to my sister in law who is a true beginner.

  • Sole

    Thanks for the tips. Especially the one about the flowers…duh, why didn’t i think of that. Oh well. Also never buy more than 4 cricut mats. There are tons of ways to resticky them.


    You are a real cutie! Really held my attention and even though I have been scrapping for-ever I always look for new ideas. I picked up a few from you today. I am also going to try your rolling pin tip just like Glenda is. I also printed out you Cricut Cutting Guide. Kudos to you for sharing that with us.

  • Dayna

    Great ideas! I too have been scrapbooking for awhile but I got a few tips I never thought of before. Like taking out that white paper in my scrapbooks!! I’ve always just left them in there, I’m going to go and take them all out now and use it now. Thanks again for some great tips!

  • Dawn

    What great ideas! I am definately going to try the rolling pin and cuttlebug embossing folders. I am not sure I want to invest in a Cuttlebug yet, but I really like the folders I have seen. And I am now going to cut holes in by background paper. I am not a beginner but you gave a great list for those starting out and some great ideas for us veterans! Love your website!

  • Amy

    Thanks for the great tips! As a former CM consultant I talked with many of my customers (years ago) about ways to make their paper go farther and will refer some of them with whom I still keep in touch to your site. Thanks again for all your hard work!!

  • Carole N.

    I loved your tip about cutting out the paper behind a photo, etc. What a great paper saver!!!

    I make my own pop dots. I buy the sheets of craft foam that has sticky on one side. I run it through my Xyron so that both sides are sticky. I can then cut it into any shape I want to use as pop dots, strips, squares, etc. So much cheaper.

    Thanks for all the great tips.

    Big Hugs!

  • Anniebee

    Megan, I have to tell you that you are just an adorable girl! I’m very new to your site and have been watching some of your videos. The Tips and Tricks are great… you’ve thought of some things I haven’t! Like the old addage says, “Necessity is the mother of invention!” Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the information on your site and the time you spend making it available to all of us. You’re da BOMB! :o)

  • Cathy-Lynn

    You’re such a delight and like a breathe of fresh air. You’re so talented and I’m so blessed to have the availability to your web site. I really appreciate all your teaching and sharing your ideas. Thank You! Thank You!

  • Roselle

    I just ordered my cricut expressions and it should be arriving tomorrow. I got two character cartridges too. My daughter who is a special needs child loves elmo and wanted to get her the cartridge to do crafts with her and maybe decorate her room and do fun things. Use the cricut to make her flashcards with numbers and letters and elmo on it.

    The thing is though my fiance is saying how this is already looking like an expensive hobby so your site is so awesome and is giving me more and more encouragement that I can do this and not spend lots on lots. But investing in the cricut did break the bank a little and he says I should start a business with it. I’m hoping!! THANKS A BUNCH for your help!!

  • Andrea


    These two videos gave me some really great tips and tricks for staying on budget. I am also one of those shoppers that wants everything and I have been saving up for a cuttlebug. The rolling pin idea was a fantastic tip because I really would like to try some embossing to add to the cards I have been making.

    Thanks again for the great videos. I really enjoyed them.


  • candace sanford

    love your saving ideas. I bought the texture boutique from sizzix for embossing. It’s much cheaper than the cuttlebug. Also people can also check their local goodwill. They get donations from stores like Walmart. I purchased my cricut expression without a cord for 20 dollars! bought a cord from for 30 dollars. I bought my mom one from there for 99 dollars. It was boxed with the cutting mat and 2 carts!!

  • Diana

    I am ready to get started in my many projects. I have the Expressions Cricut machine and over 45 cartridges, (I am always adding to my collection)
    I have the Cuttlebug and many different dies & embossing folders, Cricut designing software. I will be setting up an area for my equipment.

    I went through your wideos of saving money and tips, and made notes. Put out an e-mail to a few people for baby food jars.

    Where would I find the Sure Cuts Alot software you spoke of in your video? I want to checkit out.

  • dianne davis

    Hi Megan :). Great Videos!!! I wish I had seen this a few years back, I could have saved lots of $$$$. Please let everyone know not to buy the cheap glue sticks-that only holds for a few days or months, then nfall off after a short time

  • Shelly

    Great ideas Megan! I have been using all of the ideas that you mentioned, but there were 2 that I have not heard of. The rolling pin is a super idea and also the cutting mat’s at Walmart for $1.00. I did just get a cuttlebug, but I still think the rolling pin is an awesome alternative! Thanks!

  • Gigi

    OMG, I can not thank u enough for all your tips in this video I just started this hobby and like u said I want to just go out and buy buy buy but my husband WILL kill me lol, so I will be using all your tips. Ty

  • Athna May Porter

    Hi Megan,

    Recently joined your group and just want to let you know that when I watch your videos or read your tips, I feel like I am visiting with a really good friend. I have been scrap booking and making cards for about a year and love all the tips and ideas that you and your website offers. Thank you for taking the time to create and share with all of us. We so appreciate it and YOU!

    Hugs, Athna May

  • Christine Breiten

    Ok, I am looking for all my saving tips and I came across these 2 videos make back in 2009 on money saving tips and I would like to know about the sure cuts alot software and where do I go to get it?