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Britten and I have been working for awhile on 7 Ways to Make Money and its a Free Download we released in May you can view it and download your copy HERE

I have SO much I want to share and over time I’m going to be, along with Britten, walking you through more details of each of the 7 ways.


Today’s Break out Lesson from our 7 is about Following Other Bloggers and Designers.

Sometimes its hard to know where to start, but I can tell you, the more you learn the more you can share and tell your spins, your own inspirations and earn money from relevant and meaningful topics to the Crafting industry.  Since that is where your passion is, this is where we want to focus.

We have started a list of bloggers that you can follow and learn from by visiting THIS LIST.

But much deeper than following designers that you can learn from, the more important “Blogs” to follow are those of your Local Scrapbook Stores, Favorite Product Manufactures and Industry Company Blogs.  There are tons of them, they not only provide insight to their products so that you can use them to their fullest, they also post opportunities to be on design teams, job openings and much more, so these are a must follow.  (More on this below!)

Before I go any further, I want to touch on an interesting Topic. This was not going to originally be a part of this post, but I was reading Kristina Werner’s (one of my favorite blogs) post the other day where she talked a bit more about her views on Inspiration vs Copying (you can Read that post here). I felt this was not only good to share with you, but it was a must to share within this post because it is very much a relevant topic in our ever growing online world.  Pictures are everywhere, tutorials come out everyday, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, all flood us, sometimes its hard to tell an original idea from a copy.  I have some of my own views on this and I definitely wanted to share.

As you are looking to grow and making a reputable business or extra little side income, this topic is something you need to carefully consider.  Personal integrity is paramount to weighing Coping vs Inspiration from others as well.

Things that Kristina mentions you need to remember are along the lines

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3 thoughts on “7 Ways To Make Money Freebie Download: Tip #2 Follow Other Designers Blogs

  • carolyn moore

    Thanks for keeping in touch. I love to hear what you have to say. I have been doing craft about 40 some years. I have always had a job that has to do with crafts. I have work in craft stores. I have work for my self a few times. I am a floral designer right now. I love crafts. and I would like to make extra money. Thank you

    Carolyn Moore