10 Hot Trends for Scrapbooking and Cards in 2010 (Free Download!) 38

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying this fantastic New Year of 2010!  I have been doing some hard core research into the latest, hottest fashions and trends for this year, and I have some predictions to share with you.

In this free report, I’ll break down 10 of the latest and greatest you will see in scrapbooking papers, embellishments and color combos.

Even though these are styles that are “the in thing”, some may or may not be “your thing”. That is ok! Trends or not, scrapbooking and card making are still about your personal style and creative techniques. My goal is to give you an inside look at what is popular and currently on the paper crafting market and for you to be on the lookout for in 2010.

So have fun and use this report to educate yourself on what’s current, but don’t abandon your style, use this to enhance it!

Happy Crafting and Enjoy!

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