Easy Metal Stamped Jewelry: Bracelets! 3

personalized jewelry metal stamped bangle Hey my metal stamping, jewelry loving, personalized fanatic Friends!

Today’s video is for you!

ImpressArt just sent me their ALL NEW Bangle Making Kit!  It comes with metal blanks (for the jewelry) and the bangle bender to make amazing custom stamped jewelry say whatever you want it to say!  The other amazing fun and cool thing are their all new Pattern metal stamps that you can line up with their straight tape or have fun and whacky designs like I did in the tutorial below!

I hope you enjoy this video – go over and check out ImpressArt – tell them Megan from Above Rubies sent you and ENJOY!!!!

Shopping: http://www.pjtooljewelry.com


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3 thoughts on “Easy Metal Stamped Jewelry: Bracelets!

  • LilGreenBug

    Hey, Megan! I’m posting here because the post and links for the bracelets is not working.

    Blessings and hugs on your birthday and always!

  • Debbie

    Happy Birthday Megan!!

    I cannot access the link for the free bracelets. I keep getting an error message saying too many redirects. I tried going directly to their page but the coupon doesn’t work.

  • TiffanyT

    Yes, the same thing is happening every time I try to even open the blog post about the bracelets. It says too many redirects. I did find another code and get the special, and I love the bracelets that I got! But ur code didn’t work for me either. :-/