The Countdown Begins…Be in the Know! 9

Hello Everyone!

We have BIG Announcement news, and we’ve already shared a HUGE Part of it last week on the live Ustream, but there is SO MUCH MORE that we just haven’t quite let out of the bag yet…but its a BIG Deal to EVERYONE regardless of your previous interest…I can tell you, YOU WILL be interested NOW šŸ™‚

Let me share with you the new Club Ruby Designers Blog as well – there you will see some featured projects of previous kits and other things, but really there is some info on there EVERYONE should go check out now….

Those who read and take note beware – SPECIAL things in store and prizes JUST for checking it out….more detail on that later and I can’t wait to continue to spout out new things as I can!


Those who haven’t been able to do so before can now check out designers profiles and check out what I’ve shared by clicking… HERE

My Club Ruby Profile

Have a GREAT weekend!!!! šŸ™‚

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