Club Ruby Concerned Comment and Reply 63

Hi Everyone,

There was a comment posted earlier today about Club Ruby and Above Rubies Studio and I just wanted to make it as public as possible so that we keep clarification as open as possible. I’m truly hoping just to help as many as possible and want you to have fun with all that is going on! 🙂

Here is the comment this am and my reply is below…

“With all the mess over elitist and exclusive clubs like the cricut circle, I’m surprised you decided to go that route too. I thought your blog was open to anybody and everybody. Oh well. Hope it works out for you. I won’t be following your blog anymore.”

My Reply Directly to the comment:

I’m sorry that you feel that way. The Club is open to everyone and anyone who wants to sign up. However, we HAVE to limit the initial launch a certain number of members simple because I don’t have a limitless resource of paper materials and such and because we didn’t want to bite off more than we could chew in helping charter members get set up. Membership will continue to open up as time goes by, but its going to take time. The reason there are two levels is because we wanted to give people as many options as possible. The “elite” membership is simply a way of saying the highest level of membership offered. With the highest level you actually receive a physical monthly paper club kit…full of paper, embellishments, products etc… every month. We realize however, that not everyone necessarily will want to receive the monthly kit and supplies as they just like to use their own…so then we created the lower level that features the education side and many other member features. We made it as budget friendly as possible and remains totally free with the same videos, giveaways, resources and more that we’ve always provided.
Hope that clarifies a few more things for you and I’m sorry if you choose not to follow along any longer. I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy all your crafting endeavors!

Again – I just really want to clarify that Club Ruby is separate from Above Rubies Studio in the fact that remains Megan Gravener’s blog on crafting, tutorials, giveaways, stuff I love to give out like the Cricut Cutting Guide and more.  Its not going anywhere!  🙂  Club Ruby is a membership Community that we have taken much time and planning to creating to bring something totally different to the Crafting World.  We have done all we can and will continue to try to provide exciting and educational content and allow members to grow their own profiles and blog within Club Ruby and much much more.

Really just trying to make clear they are very separate even though its something Sean (my husband) and myself have decided to start! 🙂

Thank you so much for your understanding and your patience as we grow this community and as continues to expand as well! 🙂

Let me know if there is anything I can do to further clarify or help! 🙂

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63 thoughts on “Club Ruby Concerned Comment and Reply

  • ScrapCessories

    I can see where the confusion would occur since both websites are run by Megan, but she is a great person, that is driven and always busy! I am sure no one that follows this blog will be let down! She will continue to share all kinds of great videos and tips I am sure! Megan is only trying to bring everyone more great opportunities!

  • Barbara

    I think the Club Ruby is a nice endeavor for you and Sean. It help to make some money with all the work you do! I am not able to afford the fee to join, but I will still continue to follow your blog. It is one of the best out there and i love your passion for what you do!

  • Donna C.

    I had sent you an e-mail and as yet have not recieved a reply, so will ask here. I seem to remember when I bought the DVD on the Cricut when first offered, you said that it would include a membership in Rubies Studio Club. Am I remembering correctly? Thanks alot for all that you do here on your blog for the crafting community.

    Donna C.

  • Megan Gravener

    Hi Donna – Yes – the email to everyone who purchased in the Promotion Period is getting their access codes THIS week to get their free month to the Base Membership 🙂 We have everyone who purchased in the promotion period in an email list and they will receive their month trial! Hope you enjoy!

  • Leah

    HOW RUDE!!! Ok, Megan, I appreciate all that you do for the crafting community and hope that you will not in any way, change your goals or the direction you feel necessary to take. Structure is important in every aspect of life. I beleive in creative freedom, as I do freedom in general. That being said, I also know there is a “price” to be paid for such freedom. Freedom is not possible without some structure and organization. I feel like I am rambling, but I grow weary of those who expect all for nothing. I don’t get everything I want in life, but I don’t expect others not to have it. Anyway…Megan, keep up the awesome work you do. Since you are not required by law to share your talents with us, I feel blessed to be able to share the benefits of your creativity.

  • Megan Gravener

    Hi Margie – I’m really not trying to leave anyone out! I promise! That is why is continuing on COMPLETELY for all of you! 🙂 I will continue to do everything i can to bring ideas and education just as always before! 🙂

    We aren’t able to offer kits that we buy for free to everyone! I wish we could! Its just not possible! I hope everyone will understand and continue to have fun and enjoy what’s here at aboevrubiesstudio and those who join clubruby have fun as well! 🙂

    RJ – you can go to

  • Kristie Maynard

    I’m sorry that some don’t understand. I can not afford to be in Club Ruby either and I haven’t even looked at what the cost is. I am on a craft spending diet, so I don’t want to tempt myself. My answer to those “being left out” is that there are lots of things on the internet as well as in stores that we can afford, but we don’t expect them to just let us have things for nothing. Just because I don’t have the funds right now to be in Club Ruby, doesn’t mean others shouldn’t have that chance.
    I will certainly continue to follow ARS blog. I have learned a great deal in the past and I’m sure I will in the future. If anyone wants to cut off their nose to spite their face, that is their loss!
    Thanks Megan for all you do!

  • Linda Lapotka

    Thanks Megan for clearing up the difference. I hope the person who left the message read it. More than anything I hope you aren’t hurt to bad by it. Some people get angry before they think. You work so hard and have done so much it is wonderful to see you grow. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do.

  • Sue Magnant

    Megan you and your husband and team have worked hard to help people with questions on scrapbooking and now its time for you to be rewarded. Keep up the good work. Most people wouldn’t have done what you have done for free.
    Good Luck!

  • Cynthia G.

    Megan its so sad to see that people still behave that way. I know there is alot of people out there with lots of issues in there lives but I think its unfair that they always need to bring others down with them, well they try. Megan God has blessed you with your business, be proud on how successfull you have come. One fan will not make a difference in this group, she was never your friend or a devoted follower. No worries girl chin up and go foward and always remember God has your back…LOL 😉

  • miriam

    I am very excited about club ruby! Don’t let angry people get you down. I know that’s easier said then done.
    I’m really looking forward to play with my kit.
    The videos are great!The papers will be perfect for my scrapbook of my trip to Prince Edward Island. YAY! I can’t wait to get them!

  • KarenLinPA

    Are you kidding me? Someone is going to boycott your FREE blog that contains so much instructional information just because you add an additional service that costs money? I don’t understand that logic. PLEASE don’t let that stop you from your new venture & maintaining your blog. Both are valuable. Life is about choices, afterall.

  • Lisa S

    I think it’s great you are expanding. There are probably many that can’t afford to tag along in that arena, and I think you are speaking loud and clear that you are keeping ARS going. You are constantly giving away some wonderful ideas and the Cutting Guide and more. We are blessed with your blog. I imagine that gal didn’t understand, and now hopefully she does. Thanks for clearing it up…and staying open for business! =) God Bless all your endeavors!

  • Jeanette

    Megan, as I have said before, you have done so much for crafters like me who were “newbies”at crafting!
    I’d never heard of the cricut or gypsy amongst lots of other stuff in the crafting world!!
    I know im not on my own when i say I’ve really appreciated all the hard work you put in purely because you enjoyed sharing your knowledge, passion and enthusiasm with us all.
    I’m so pleased that ARS has gone from strength to strength and is progressing, I’m also really pleased that you can combine your crafting passion with a career, working with and having support from your husband, family and friends is great.
    I’m so glad club ruby has launched and as it grows and expands those who want to, can take part.
    ARS has lots of followers from all around the world!!!!! I for one am looking forward to Club ruby becoming international!!
    Thanks Megan x

  • Mary Ann S

    Megan, You are such a wonderful, considerate person who shares her crafting abilities with those of us who love to craft. Congrats on your new venture Club Ruby! I appreciate your keeping the ARS blog while offering another opportunity for those who wish to join. I will continue to follow your blog, as it is one of the best on the web. Don’t let negative responses get you down–most of your followers think you are pretty terrific!!!

  • Debbie - NanaBugaboo

    Megan I think you do a great job, I hope you have great success with Club Ruby, I won’t be jointing because I have my monthly craft budget already alotted elsewhere. But I will still follow ARS and look forward to the great lessons and ideas you provide. Nanabugaboo

  • Amanda

    Megan you do a fantastic job. Personally, I never had any confusion over it to begin with. I thought you made it pretty clear in the months leading up to the launch. You’ve made a smart decision to let it grow slowly and I am honored to be a part of that (I signed up yesterday) and lucky to be one of the first people to receive a kit. Thank you for your time and enthusiasm. You are awesome!

  • Kimmie

    Megan, I hope this comment didn’t make you, Sean or any reader lose heart on your new endeavor. You have given so much of your talent for free and continue to do so. Has this “friend” ever once thanked you for that? You have nothing making you post as you do other than your love for the craft. I know I have been appreciative of your time and talent shared.
    Just like anything in life, we have to choose where we are going to spend our time and money. Time spent on your site has always had great value for me. I don’t know of anyone giving away kits for free and I certainly wouldn’t expect you to do so. You have been very up front and didn’t let anyone down by charging for this new endeavor. You are supplying not only materials but so much more.
    It is nice seeing your talent expand into other avenues and I hope it becomes financially successful for you. Shame on anyone who wishes differently.
    Thanks again for your sharing of your talent, and I will pray for you and Sean with your new venture.

  • Sean Gravener

    Hello Ladies!

    Thank you so much for the encouragement; it means a lot to me and I know Megan always feels re-energized after reading comments like these.

    Anyone that feels “left out” or wasn’t able to afford the levels of membership offered for this LIMITED launch, don’t give up on Club Ruby just yet… there is A LOT in store that we haven’t told anyone about yet.

    Believe me, everyone will want to know about what’s coming. We’ll post more details at the Club Ruby Blog as we progress –

  • Jane L chadwick

    I cannot see how anyone could be confused about Club Ruby. It has been clear from the start. But have you any idea how long us in the UK will have to wait until we can join in the fun.

  • Dianne Bell

    Lots and lots of good luck on this new venture Megan and Sean. You have worked so hard in the past and now you are reaping the rewards of making many scrappers so very happy. Congratulations on the success of this new venture. Keep up the good work.

  • Cynthia Guy

    Hi Megan- I read all of the comments. I want to throw in mine as well. I wish I could join up with club ruby. It sounds awesome. But at the moment I’ve not any time to devote to scrapbooking as much as I’d like so it’d be throwing money away in a sense if I’m not going to get to enjoy the benefits. But I am extremely excited that above rubies studio is continuing on because I enjoy the project ideas. Ceili does too! 🙂 I am very happy for both you and Sean. I hope you guys continue to grow in many ways. I still remember our talk at church not that long ago when Sean just simply wasn’t working. I pray for you often and am glad to be in your life. I know I can’t financially help your business grow. But I’ll always be here for you as a friend and praying for you and Sean. And we still need to plan that scrapbooking day!

  • Jean

    Hi Megan. I think you are the best of the best and I am sincere in stating this. It is sad that this person has to complain and “guit playing” just because she doesn’t get her way. You do so much for all of us and I to have learned so much. You are not pretentious at all. You offer your skills free of charge and your ideas are clear and rewarding. Please don’t let one person spoil your goal. I am sure she is reading all of these and will continue to visit your blog in spite of what she said. We all love you and thank you for all you do for us. No one expects you to give things away free. No one could! God Bless you and Sean in your goals. Let’s move on and have fun. Many hugs to you. Jean

  • Sharon

    Megan, You are such a wonderful, considerate person who shares her crafting abilities with those of us who love to craft. Congrats on your new venture Club Ruby! I appreciate your keeping the ARS blog while offering another opportunity for those who wish to join. I will continue to follow your blog, as it is one of the best on the web. Don’t let negative responses get you down–most of your followers KNOW that you are pretty terrific!!!:)



  • Ruth Greene

    Hello Megan, I have read all of the above and understand all the feelings. When I watch your videos and my copy of your cricut dvd I feel like I am enjoying time with my precious daughter. I love that you laugh and have fun with us as we follow along with you. Wishing you all God’s blessing in you expansion. Ruth

  • Rita Alexander

    You know what makes me so upset….people who think you should give them something for free….I follow your blog and feel I get a lot of ideas and help for FREE! If I choose to join your club it is up to me! You put the offer out there….I think it is great….but whether or not I choose to purchase and take you up on your offer is on ME and should not reflect on you! I am sorry that you have received negative comments about Club Ruby. I think it is an awesome idea and I think you are an amazing and talented person who has shared so much knowledge and talent with all who follow (or just look) at your blog! Thank you for all you do and have done to inspire me!

  • Trisha

    I, too, was a little bit hesitant to join due to the cost–even though I think it is well worth it. I am trying the lesser priced one and I know I will love it. Never could figure out how you could offer so much to everyone for FREE. You are terrific. Thanks.

  • Cathy Thomas

    I can’t afford to join club ruby, If I could..I would.. Thanks for keeping the ARS opened for all of us. You are a wonderful gal and you have given me alot of inspiration. Keep up the good work..

  • Katherine A.

    Megan, I just wanted to let you know that I think you handled that comment admirably and please don’t let it discourage you in any way. You have been so generous on this site with all you share with us and we do appreciate it. You deserve to be able to turn your passion into a business. And what new business doesn’t start off small and then grow (God willing)to something larger? Good luck and best wishes in your new endeavor!!

  • Virginia S. Waddy

    Megan, the devil is always busy, please don’t let them crush your joy, I hope thar rhey read your message again, you truly did a wonderful job in explaing the different, all I ask please don’t let it get you down. Move on and continue to do more wonderful things and your readers are waiting to see what you have in store for us.God bless you and your family. Thank you for a wonderful job well done!!

  • Muggy 2

    To be honest I also had a first bad reaction to the club situation. I got the email after I got home from having a very long day and when I went to sign up, the “club” was already filled. I thought – WOW – how does that work? Anyone that isn’t close to their computer was out of luck! I had to talk to myself for a minute to change my thinking. Never did I consider dropping my regular visits to your blog over it. I was just disappointed that it opened and closed before I even knew about it. Maybe that was hard on some others as well. I didn’t take anything personal… You do a wonderful job.
    I do understand how that woman may have felt though and I hope you realize that her honestly may have enabled you to address others that were not so open about their feeling.


  • Sheila G

    I’m looking forward to Club Ruby – I also joined yesterday and look forward to the adventure – I too am on budget – but figured I could give up my pop a day to do Club Ruby a day and I reap the best rewards! Getting more crafty and sharing the love with those that will receive the gifts. God Bless you!

  • scrapper69

    WOW! I can’t believe someone would want to leave this GREAT BLOG! :o) You guys are AWESOME and do wonderful things and teach us sooo much! I always knew Club Ruby was a seperate endeavor….. :o) I totally hope it works out for you and Sean…. You both deserve this and I can’t Thank You enough for sharing all you have shared with us already! :o) Keep Up the AWESOME WORK! :o)

  • marchelle

    Megan….Please don’t get discouraged when people are not happy w/ something you are doing. YOU ARE FABULOUS (and your hubby to for supporting our wonderful habit)…I cannot tell you how truly lucky I feel that I actually stumbled across your DVD’s when ordering a book on….I have shared you w/ my best girlfriend. AND when it comes to your tutorials….OMG….I seriously have learned more in the 10 min…then in the 4 years that I’ve been blundering through figuring out my cricut. I even have taken a class through our local scrapbook store…and I have benefited from your DVD’s and recent tutorials greatly. I truly appreciate what you are doing for us….I know its a lot of work and we appreciate it very much. I wish you the best and PLEASE keep up the good work….I hope to join the membership one of these days…Take care BIG HUGS from Prescott, Az

  • Jennie Barger

    What can I say!? I second everything that these ladies have said about how much we appreciate all that you do! We all know that your goal through all of this is to enhance our crafting experience with tutorials and awesome tips, etc.!! You have done a fantastic job in doing that and so much more!! We all love you here and we know you will take good care of us! 🙂 Looking forward to lots of fun together!!

  • Keri

    I joined Club Ruby and am excited to take my crafting (and maybe bloggind!) to the next level…so I’m happy you launched it! All of these helpful sites and blogging are new to me and I don’t totally understand it…but I’m willing to give it a try…hopefully the unhappy poster will too!

  • Cat

    Wow! I guess this person’s never heard that there are No Free Lunches!!

    I also can’t afford to join right now and would love to. And,
    I totally understand that you cannot continue to do everything you do without charging for it. It’s a lot of work and you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for charging for your services. Good luck to you and congratulations on Club Ruby!
    I will continue to visit your blog for all your updates.

  • Donna

    I have read all the comments and can see just how many lives you have touched!! Your sweet spirit and joy for life have lifted many a morning as I open your blog. I have gone from someone who knew nothing about the cricut to actually feeling positive about using it and I thank you and other blogs for helping me. I didn’t know if I would be able to join club ruby as many other clubs were over my budget, however when I saw that I could join for $12.00 a month (not the elite package) but full of information that I can use and grow, by I was thrilled. How many of us spend less than $12.00 on a single trip to Michaels 🙂 So, I figured it was one trip to Michaels a month I wouldn’t take….but I will get far more support by joining club ruby.
    It is such a blessing to see Sean and Megan work together and support one another. God bless you as you pour into our desire to learn..whether through the blog or club ruby.

  • Steph H.


    I’m sorry your special day was overshadowed by this comment. It is, unfortunately, part of being in business.

    Unfortunately, in this era of “everything is free online,” many don’t get that people have to make a living and they cannot give all things away for free forever. If they do, they are not in business, it’s a hobby. You are making the transition from a free offering to monetizing it. This is a big step and you have already learned the first hard lesson – not everyone who has gladly accepted your generosity will be willing to give back by paying for what you offer.

    It appears that the commenter misinterpreted the “limited” or “exclusive” nature of Club Ruby. Perhaps the announcement info could be rewritten to make it more clear? I certainly thought it was clear, and it looks like most others did too. But, at least one person didn’t.

    I thought you did a great job of clearing up her confusion and perhaps you could add your explanation to the information any potential member would read so it’s even more crystal clear?

    As a previous business owner and one who’s about to embark on another adventure of this type, I applaud you for knowing what you can handle and not overcommitting on the initial launch. It’s much better to start off slow, do things well, and learn and change things as necessary with a smaller group than to go out big, get overwhelmed and fail, or at the very least, piss off a bunch of your customers. Kudos to you for making that choice.

    The biggest lesson I learned is this:
    You can’t make EVERYONE happy. If you focus on providing value and exhibit integrity in all you do, the people who value these things will be your best customers. And, after all, aren’t those the types of people we want in our lives and as customers?

    I wish you all the best with your new venture.


  • Pam

    Well you can’t please everyone all the time. I try to spend my craft cash very wisely and the fact that you get the materials and all sorts of great ideas on how to use them is something that’s so valuable. I love the idea that you’re not locked in for months and months too. I think that the way you set up the club is great. There’s a quote that goes “I wouldn’t belong to any club that would have a member like me.” I’m happy to join a club that has lots of member like me! Thanks!

  • Denise

    Megan and Sean,

    I have had my share of bad attitude in my small business, I do custom ceramics, some think since I do this out of my garage that I can do it really cheap, however this is my family’s extra income for Christmas and Summer Fun. Over the years I just learn to dust the chip off and realize you never can please everyone and I wouldn’t expect to either. You have plenty of TRUE, HONEST and POSITIVE support. People can also be careless with online and emails and not think rationally before hitting send. You Inspire me everyday..Just got my kit, and I LOVE IT! Just have to finish the cleaning before I can play ;(. Oh well, vaccum and dust are screaming at me. Chao!

  • Nana

    Wow the support for you is just awesome…forget the negative comment..
    I too wish I could afford Club Ruby but can’t.. no job.. fixed income…ah life…
    I would never leave (as long as internet exist in my house)this site…
    I have learned so much from you Megan and just love your enthusiasm and generosity…
    Chin up always…hugs

  • Carole N.

    Due to medical bills I can’t afford to join the club at the present, but there is always tomorrow. LOL
    I am looking forward to the free month membership that came with my DVD purchase. I am so excited to get the e-mail.
    Thanks for all that you share here and teach us.
    It is so appreciated.

  • Sharon from Pa

    Hi Megan and Sean… of luck to you both. Hope I run into you again someday at M’s. Can’t join the Club but it sounds great. Thanks for all you guys do……and you go girl. I will keep checking your blog. I bought your first CD so maybe I will get a peek at the club….blessings.

  • Brandi Abshire

    HI Megan, I think you are doing an Awesome job. I felt when I signed up for Club Ruby that the two memberships were giving me two different options to choose from if I wanted to do so. I think it was great and it is up to anyone who would like to sign-up. Everyone is in a pinch these days, it is up to the individual person who may want to sign up or not. I understood why you would not want to bit off more than you can chew at first that is just good planning. You announced to everyone time and time again about Club Ruby and there would be limited space at first. I myself wanted to sign up because you have helped me so much with my crafty Cricut world. I knew I would get my monies worth and more with Club Ruby. Unfortunately, there is always going to be someone with negative posts. It is really funny to me that people take the time to write such replies. Just keep truckin on and you will do great. I am behind you and your new business. Thanks, Brandi

  • Linda Peterson

    Thanks for clarifying how everything works. That is how I assumed it worked and glad I am right because I love to read your blog.

  • Anne

    Club Ruby is a great idea but it comes a little too late for me. I was just laid off my job last Friday so other than what I already have in my stash, crafting supplies, club memberships and such are off limits to me right now. Good luck with it though.

  • Sue Parks

    The more some people are given, the more they expect to get for FREE. Life is not like that. So many blogs show us so much for free. Your time is as valuable as anyone else’s. Keep up the good work and if they don’t want to follow, they certainly are, so far, still free to leave. We, so far, are still able to make our own choices about things.

  • Peggy

    I love that you have offered this Club Ruby to those who wish to use this avenue of scrapbooking help. Some people just do not understand the whole picture. This is my favorite blog, love all the help and support you give us scrappers and I know God will bless you in whatever endeavers you do for all of us. Have a great day. Peggy

  • Kathy R

    Megan and Sean, don’t let this get you down. You are very talented people and your ideas will soar. Just remember you can’t please everyone all the time. If someone does not want to go to your blog anymore, let them go. One will leave for several more will follow. Keep up the good work.

  • Marilyn E

    There are always going to be the few that have to complain. No matter what you do, there is always one in every crowd. You do an awesome job, we are so fortunate to have the age of the internet to obtain so much “free” informative information. Get over it, I understand people are on fixed incomes, I understand some people don’t want to pay and may not like that you have started this, but we all have choices. She doesn’t have to participate, no one has to, that’s our choice. If we want to participatem that’s our choice also. Megan, you do an awesome job, please don’t change anything!

  • ellen tucker

    I am a new follower to your endeavors. I am so excited to see all the information you have provided to everyone for FREE!! thank you on behalf of the internet users. some folk just don’t know how to say thanks. believe me your worth to all in the crafting experience is far above rubies. thanks again and keep up the good work.

  • Sue Stroud

    Hugs to you Megan and Sean!You guys are great!! I have also learned a lot from you. I live on Disability and just can’t afford it right now. Believe me when I say I would join in a heart beat if I could.I know its hard to ignore what other people say, especially when its something negative. But just look at all the positive!! You guys just keep your chin up and keep doing what your doing and everything will work out!! Thanks again for all you do! Your Loved by lots of people:). Sue

  • Tonnia

    I do not remember how I found your blog but am glad I did. I bought both DVDs and love them. I feel like the Cricut machines should have come with videos that contained that much quality instruction, especially for the price but they didn’t so….good for you. Also, I love your videos on your blog and I have watched each one several times….and all for FREE! You know have “branched out” and are charging for it…yes, I am a member…my choice…and good for you also.