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Hi Friends,

Britten here again with another part of the 7 Ways to Make Money with your Craft….Here are a few more details of what Megan and I are talking about and a bonus list of wonderful blogs (including yours) that will help inspire you and get you started!

If you have a blog, it can make money for you.  

Starting today.

It’s true.  There’s no catch or fine print.

It’s called becoming an affiliate.  And it’s really simple to do.

Let me give you a real life example of how an affiliate program works….

So let’s say you have a crafty blog where you post your projects and write a little about them.   You list the  paper, the tools, the die-cutting machine and cartridges you use for each project you post.

Now let’s say that you used Paper Layerz by Megan Elizabeth on one of your posted projects.   And let’s also assume that you signed up to be an Above Rubies Studio affiliate and you have a  badge on your blog that works as a link to the Above Rubies Studio store.  One of your blog reader’s loves your project and decides she wants some of her own Paper Layerz.  So she clicks on the badge and she is taken directly to the Above Rubies Studio store, where she purchases a package of Paper Layerz.   A percentage of her sale is deposited into an affiliate account with YOUR name on it.   Once you have earned a minimum amount, Above Rubies then transfers that amount into your paypal account.

I promise it is really that simple.

Still have your doubts?  Here is just one of many articles that explains how an affiliate program works  “What is an Affiliate Program?”   There is literally tons of info out there on the internet about affiliates…it can be a bit overwhelming.  So take your time and do your homework.

You may have heard of the fabulous website where you can search for images on the entire library of Cricut cartridges.  The founder of that site is Shawn Mosch and she has had great success with affiliate programs, especially the one here at Above Rubies.  She was kind enough to post some really helpful information here  about affiliate programs.

So what are you waiting for??  Go sign up for the Above Rubies Studio Affiliate Program and start making money from your blog TODAY!


And now….as promised earlier this week, here is a list of crafty bloggers where you will find tons of inspiration and fun!

FREE Crafty Bloggers List by ARS

This list is just getting started: Megan and I did not have time to completely enter every last 150 plus blogs that we have on the list – BUT this page will get you started with some great Inspiration of Wonderful Blogs out there! (If you don’t see your blog listed yet, you can leave it in the comments if you did not on Monday, otherwise, we will get them up asap!)

Best Part is! You can VOTE for your Favorite Crafty Blogs! VISIT right now!

If your blog appears on the list and you would like to get more votes you can copy and paste the Badge code on the side bar and let all your friends and fans know where they can go to increase your rankings!

Thanks for Stopping by today!  Hope you take some time to VOTE for your favorite Blogs Right Here Right Now!

Now Go Scrap Something….Or at Least Blog about it!

Vote for my blog at Above Rubies Studio


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