WINNERS for the last three Drawings! 20

Winner of the 1 Pre-Order of the Cricut A to Z DVD –

This is based off of this post – Questions for the Cricut DVD

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Megan, I’m thrilled for you with this new venture. This is another part of the Proverbs 31 woman at work. Congratulations!

CONGRATS MARY!  You will receive your Cricut A to Z DVD as soon as we have them in stock the first week of December!  YAY!!! 🙂

Winner of the Scentsy Warmer

Winner is chosen from these comments in this post  – Decorated Home Scent Warmer

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Becca – Submitted on 2009/11/13 at 12:52pm

love this cute giveaway! i hope i win!! :)

CONGRATS BECCA!  I’ll send you an email and send out your Scentsy and your Scents this week! 🙂

Winner of the Second Pre-Order of Cricut DVD

Winner is chosen from comments in this post – I have a Questions For You

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Lori  – Submitted on 2009/11/06 at 7:06am

I think a little of everything. Home decor & using the Cricut with simple clothing ideas, too. Incorporating whatever holiday or season at that moment, as well. Using different techniques with the Cricut & the Sure Cuts a lot software, too.

CONGRATS LORI!  You will receive your copy of the Cricut A to Z DVD the first week of December when we have them in stock!

Winner of the Cricut Cartridge is going to be chosen in the next post with a few other surprises 🙂

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