Tuesday Tutorial: Postponed – But GREAT News to Watch For! 45

Heylo all my friends!

I’m sorry to disappoint, I really like having Tuesday Tutorials up and going for you all first thing Tuesday Ams!

However…I had a minor surgery last week and have had pain/swelling in mouth so I’m slightly delayed…SO Sorry!

I will be posting a Tutorial LATE today or first thing tomorrow.  It’s all ready to go I just have to finish the video process.  It’s a really cute 12×12 scrapbook layout using Doodlebug Designs paper, bright cheery cardstock and adorable pictures of kiddies and their Morning Cup of Coffee.  🙂

We’re going to be using the Hello Kitty Font Cricut Cartridge and The Cricut Stamping Solutions Cartridge.  Hope you enjoy it.


There is some BIG news coming out and I’ll Highlight a few of the points here so you can WATCH for official Announcements:

  • Cricut Imagine A to Z is JUST about to “hit the shelves” Thats right all you Imagine owners or want to be Imagine owners, the A to Z DVD that is the beginner to advanced guide on that incredible machine is ALMOST ready to be in YOUR HANDS!  Scheduled to be ON SALE March 22, 2010 get ready to get your copy as soon as possible!
  • Awesome news about the Cricut Imagine A to Z launch…we are GOING TO BE GIVING AWAY A CRICUT IMAGINE!!!  Thats right the ACTUAL Cricut Imagine Machine, and details on HOW TO WIN will follow after the official “launch” of our latest DVD.
  • ClubRubyDesigners.com LOTS of great things happening including a Re-Launch to take on NEW Members very soon!  However we are ALWAYS open to allow ANYONE to sign up for FREE RIGHT HERE.  If you don’t have your FREE Profile with Club Ruby Designers, go sign up today to get all kinds of ideas, inspiration and participate in FUN Challenges and win GREAT Prizes!
  • Club Ruby Designers is going to be holding an OPEN Design Team Call over the next few weeks and we WANT YOU to Apply for a position and show off yourself and your talents!  In order to be considered you have to have your own profile at Club Ruby Designers which, once again IS FREE, so sign up TODAY! 🙂  Details on how to apply to follow very soon!
  • Above Rubies Studio is on Faceboook!  Hey something that has been confusing and we’ve seen several emails about is the “Fan” page and “Friend” page of Above Rubies Studio on Facebook.  We want to make it really fun and clear for everyone, so if you’re on facebook, JOIN us for extra updates, prizes and fun at http://www.facebook.com/followaboverubies when you click “Like” on that page that allows you to follow us.  The COOL part is – once we reach 3,000 Followers we are giving away a REALLY cool prize pack valued at over $150.00!!! Tell you friends and have fun!

Ok well I’ll see you all very soon!

Have a GREAT Tuesday and enjoy!

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45 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorial: Postponed – But GREAT News to Watch For!

  • sherry

    Looking foward to the new tutorial. I have an imagine and would love to know if you can control the brightness of colors. Mine seems to print only very soft muted colors. I do hope you feel better, nothing worse than dental work. Love your site and i do like your other tutorials.

  • ScrapnVA

    Megan take care of yourself!!
    I’m sooo excited for the layout and the new tutorial. I can’t wait! But having to wait makes it all the better!

  • Renee hamschin

    Goodmorning Megan. Hope you feel better real soon. I was wondering when the Club Ruby package is going to becaebr out for March. Thanks a million and take care

  • Angela

    totally new here. sorry to hear not well. tried to join club ruby, but there is no way to confirm my password so i keep getting an error that i haven’t confirmed it.

  • Robin

    You are right! I do look forward to Tues am and your wonderful tutorials! I hope that the surgery was a success and that you are feeling better in no time!

  • Charity

    Looking forward to seeing the video on the Imagine..don’t have one yet but being debated upon at the moment…want to make sure I will like it first….good luck with the dental work…no fun at all!

  • Rosalind

    good morning Megan and friends, Megan get better. I really do look forward to Tues tutorials as well but your health is more important. Hope you feel better soon.

  • millie

    Hi Megan hope you feeling better. wow so many things goin on can’t wait for tutorial and the imagine thats awsome.Thanks for all the good news.

  • Jeanette g

    Megan nothing worse than a sore mouth 🙁
    Hope is eases up for you soon!
    Great news about imagine A-Z I’ve only used mine once – how and am I?!!

  • Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

    Meagan, I hope you’re smiling broadly and painfree ASAP. Take good care of you!

    Wanted you to know that when I go to Club Ruby to sign up, my enrollment keeps getting kicked back saying that my password and password confirmation don’t match. Problem is, there is no box in which to type a password confirmation! Am I doing something wrong (which wouldn’t surprise me!) … or is does the form need some minor surgery too?


  • LeeAnn from NC

    Your tutorials are well worth waiting for. I look forward to them ! Great news about the Imagine A-Z coming out. I didn’t think I wanted the Imagine but recently changed my mind when I did a design on my gypsy and realized how much easier it would be to cut if I could choose the colors and print is like I wanted it , and how much less paper would be wasted on that particular design . Now I’m convinced that I want one after all and just need to find the funds to purchase one (unless I get lucky enough to win one somehow ! lol). Your dvd will be the perfect way for me and lots of others to avoid alot of trial and error while learning . Thanks for all you do for us. Looking forward to seeing more and more of your association with PC. Maybe you can join Jinger on HSN sometime !

  • kathR from Scotland

    Hope your feeling better soon, and look forward to the new tutorial, even though I don’t have an Imagine( I can dream can’t I)…but maybe I might get lucky…

  • Joann

    Maybe you should forget the tutorial for today and just rest! Oh well, I know you won’t rest but I sure hope you feel better. Maybe a big Milk Shake! a green one for St Patty’s Day.

  • carolyn hartle

    First I want to say that I hope everything went well and hope you fell better soon. Missed your creative talent, so glad your back. Take care.

  • Mary NSC

    I Hope U better real soon I M going through the same thing WELL JAW Issues I been crying and crying HURT so bad.. I got my DVDS I have not got to watch them yet But I cant wait.. I like to TAKE MY TIME AND ENJOY I not want to be hurting and watching.. Thank U for getting there here so fast. Cant wait to get the stamps too..

  • Sandra

    I myself, had oral surgery about 10 days ago, so I know exactly what you are going through. I wish you a most speedy recovery! Sandra Joy

  • Dorothy helmkay

    Hope you are feeling fine. No fun. I received my dvds 123cards and stamp.Watched part of one and I am really enjoying it. Looking forward to the tutorial.Take care Dorothy

  • Shelly

    Ouch! Ouch! Sounds like you had some teeth work! Hope you’re a lot better and will heal very quickly! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us! God Bless,

  • Sharon

    Hi Megan, I hope you are feeling better real soon. I just wanted to express my disappointment in regards to the sweepstakes cricut imagine giveaway not being available to Canadians. I was so excited to see the email prompting me to enter early for double the chance but after reading the Sweepstakes Rules I found out that it is only open to U.S. Residents.

    I do wish everyone eligible good luck.

  • Christeen

    Hi Megan, Just a note from downunder to say how awesome I think your videos are. I was so excited about the cricut that I went out and purchased a Cricut Personal. I had never seen these before in Australia but my local scapbooking store had one. I have spent the last week during my two hours train travel to work and back enjoying, watching and learning about my new purchase. I wish now I had purchased the Expression but as these machines are quite expensive here I am thrilled with my Personal and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my SCAL software. We have a very busy year this year with engagements, weddings, births an 18th and a 21st so I know my Cricut will get a great workout. Thanks heaps for the inspiration.