Sorry to AmyC for the Misunderstanding!!! :) 15

Unfortunately there has been a miscommunincation between AmyC and myself here at Above Rubies Studio. I am so very sorry that she did not receive the first DVD that was sent 2/16 with confirmation. There was also a new one sent today (3/12) Confirmation USPS: xxx1459 I hope that Amy will receive this DVD and enjoy it! Also hope everyone realizes we do our very best and sometimes things happen out of our control.  Again, so very sorry for this misunderstanding in communication.  There have been several emails sent directly to Amy, but this is a public apology for any frustration and hurt I have caused Amy.  She is a very sweet person and I want everyone to know that I am doing my very best to give and share what I can when I can.  I don’t want anyone to feel we are scamming them or trying to get info from them in anyway!  🙂  Thanks so very much!  🙂

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15 thoughts on “Sorry to AmyC for the Misunderstanding!!! :)

  • Marlou F.

    Just to share that I also didn’t my DVD and Megan sent me another as soon as I contacted her. She was GREAT! The strange thing is… the day I got the second DVD, I located where the first one had been left! Now my neighbor is thinking about buying the extra one. YOU ROCK MEGAN!

  • ShawnfromMn

    Meghan – as i told you one time – we can not control what is uncontrolable. Like my Aunt in Florida getting her birthday card at Christmas when it was mailed in March!!! I recieved my RAK from you last week and love it!! Good things come to those that wait – and sometimes the wait is longer than we wished!

  • Kristina

    I so glad to hear this will all work out OK. Now Amy knows it was a miscommunication issue and not a matter of Megan being a shady character 😉 Hooray for open communication!

  • Marilyn

    Your integrity is what is important, and you have shown that with your public posting. After all we are all human and last time I checked we all make mistakes. Hats off to you!

  • Pat

    I don’t know Megan personally, only by a few correspondences from her website, but this I do know, she tries her hardest to right any wrong EVEN IF IT IS NOT HER FAULT AND OUT OF HER HANDS AND CONTROL! She is the best! As we live in a computer age, we will always run across some types of error or glitches here and there. When Megan has problems with these types of errors, She with all the power within her, “fixes” the problem. I also was the lucky gal who won one of her DVD’s, and we (Megan and I) were having some kind of problem via emails to respond to the win. It was not a fault of hers nor of mine. She was trying to respond to my emails but for some reason I would not receive then. She tried long and hard to make the contact with me and the computer glitches kept happening. She was able to work through the problem and we finally were able to hook up with each other. I received my DVD and believe me……It was well worth the wait. I just hate poor Megan had to go through everything she did with her generous giveaways and especially when it was through no fault of her own. She is the best! Very smart, crafty, and knowledgeable for such a “young gal.” Keep up the good work. The verse in Proverbs that you chose your web site name from, goes on to say in Proverbs 31:13 that”she worketh willingly with her hands. Megan for sure does that. Then in verse 26 of the same chapter says,”She openeth her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness. She definitely fulfills that verse also. She has much wisdom and shares that wisdom everytime she opens her mouth in her videos she so graciously takes time to share with us. Megan has always spoken nothing but kindness in any responses and her goal is to please her web followers. She goes the extra mile to give an public apology to someone. WOW how many of us would do that? Well anyways, God bless you Megan and all your efforts. Hope your health is back to 100% now.

  • Chris R

    I can second these comments. I am new here and new to cricutting, etc. I tried to download the cutting guide and couldn’t get it to work. I emailed Meg and she sent it right to me via email, and that is FREE! I ordered the DVD and it came in just a few days, so I know she sent it out right away. I am confident doing business with Meg and have recommended her site to friends.

  • chris wooten

    I have had package to not arrive from other companies. I believe sometimes they just get delivered to the wrong address and we may or may not get them.

    When the mail carriers are out sick or just take a day off, their replacement help can sometimes make mistakes.

    It happens in the world of mail delivery. SO glad it all worked out for the best. We all and I am sure Amy knew it was not your fault and just glad to get another one sent.

    Love your blog

  • Jackie "B"

    I would like to say this, I too am new to scrapbooking and the Cricut. I ordered the Cricut Expression and waited 2 weeks for it to arrive. I tracked my order via UPS it was due to be delivered. All I recieved was a cutting tool. No Cricut. I paid almost $300. I immediately contacted the seller. They apologized and sent me another one. This is a large company. I had to wait another 2 weeks to get my Cricut, because of someones error. I ordered Cricut A to Z from Megans small company and recieved it on time. Actually it came before the Cricut. I was able to understand how my new Cricut worked. In closing I will say No One is PERFECT. a mistake can happen at any time. Let’s all think it could happen to me and be considered of those on the other end of the problem:) God Bless

  • Marla

    Aw, Megan, I want to say a huge THANK YOU for the way you handled the mix-up with my DVD. When it was sent to the wrong address due to some miscommunication via paypal, you sent me a new one without even waiting for me to receive/return the other one. I was *really* pleased with how well you handled the situation…will definitely order from you again once the Gypsy DVD is ready 🙂

  • Katherine A.

    Megan, a co-worker of mine use to say; “there has only been one person on this earth that was perfect and we crucified Him”.

  • Kathryn Martinez


    Life happens and sometimes things get a bit messed up, but it always works out in the end. I have nothing but the utmost trust in you.

    I am really looking forward to the new DVD. In fact I would love it right now since I keep fighting with my Gypsy. LOL

    God Bless,