Simple to Recreate 6×8 Scrapbook Pages with Hidden Journal Windows

I will be fully honest, I am in the midst of some struggle and storms right now processing through everyday life and pains. We are ok, I’m not sharing it for any sympathies or anything dramatic, but it’s real life and I just don’t want to pretend all is great, when right now, I’m just not great. In these moments I am turning more into what God has for me, my family and what’s next and also, I still process through life crafting! So with Septembers theme inside SheMakes.Club being STRENGTH, again I find it so great that I’m living out the reality of what true strength IS! Sometimes strength isn’t the big smile and rainbows….the true strength comes from admitting the need for help. Recognizing where our strength comes from in our absolute weakest points. We all have them and I just want you to know, it IS ok! We will get through this together and the more I live out this journey, the more valuable scrapbooking, journaling and story telling becomes!

This 6×8 layout is simple, but holds a lot of heart in the hidden journal windows. It’s my favorite thing to do with my scrapbook pages. It just feels more comfortable to me instead of just writing out my heart where just anyone could flip through my albums and see everything. Sometimes it’s just better to know it’s there and share your heart for generations to come without it just being THERE…. make sense?

I am using the new Flower Shoppe Paper, Stickers & Embellishments from Close to My Heart! They’re BEAUTIFUL!

With that, let’s get to it and MAKE!

Promptly Journals Guided Grief and Healing Journals

I mentioned that part of my plan for September is to go deeper in my Promptly Journals for Grief and Healing. They have beautiful journal bundles that are guided/prompted to help you process through things. I started my Remembrance Journal of Erin this past week. I really was very resistant to it because it felt like a LOT and it felt heavy to me. And I’ll be honest, it is! However, I really recognize that I can be very gentle with myself and go slow and process and it’s GOOD to spend the time and be honest with yourself, your thoughts and feelings ESPECIALLY around grief and healing. Not allowing myself to feel EVERYTHING from the regrets, the rejections, the resentments because it “feels bad” when you’re missing all the joyful, happy, incredible moments and memories is confusing at times. BUT, our body holds onto all of it, even IF we’re consciously trying to ignore allllllll the subconscious undertones! This is why my journey into Therapeutic Arts Counseling and Life Coaching has become so much deeper and critical to me over the years. I really believe that these “hard” things we are facing and I am deep in right now is preparing me for what is to come. It is NOT fun, but I really have such a hope in what will be no matter what.

All that to say, I’m going in. Slowly. Facing it all. Each memory, Each emotion. Each part! Thankful Promptly Journals can help! I am an affiliate with them because I believe in what they offer and are doing. Would LOVE for you to experience the gift of guided journals….whether is be for Self Love, Healing, Remembrance, Story Telling, Journals for Grandparents, Babies and all in between! Visit Promptly Journals HERE!

Flower Shoppe by Close to My Heart

If you love the Flower Shoppe papers, stickers and embellishments, check them all out right here! I love being a Close to My Heart Advocate and how they have changed their structure and programs over the years, but continue to bring us phenomenally beautiful paper crafting supplies and Cricut Images to tell our story and make a life we love! Become a VIP for even BETTER benefits and no sales requirements ever!

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