Setting Up 31 Days 6×8 Album & DIY Musical Journal Cards

3 Videos Today, 1 Video EVERDAY for 31 Days! Let's Do This Thing!

Are you ready? I haven’t been truly THIS excited to keep working on and doing all the things for the 31 Days!  Honestly if not ONE person did it along with me I would be so thrilled with what this work has been…but here’s the thing, we have more SheMakesClub Members and new event subscribers than ever before so I really hope you don’t miss out!  I did this video this week setting up my album basics to start on Sunday. Take a look!

You have 2 options to get IN on the 31 Days, get started HERE!

This year I am making all kinds of custom journal cards, and templates that you can use also to create personalized Spotify Song Code Pocket Journal Cards or just fun thought cards for inside your albums…. Here is another quick video showing that process as well!  

I forgot this!!!

I have started using my Promptly Journal and WOW!  They are beautiful, kind of deep and really something incredible!  There is something for everyone, but I really am thankful I grabbed the grief journal bundle. I actually was speaking to my Sister’s husbands new wife, who also lost her husband suddenly and she will be doing these journals along with me also.  I think it’s beautiful what God can do even through the grief and pain when we face it with Him.

HTVRont reached out and sent me this Heat Press for review because I have been using their HTV rolls for some time now. I’m actually really excited to test their Rose Gold and Chameleon HTVs also!  Right NOW they have this fun “Carnival” going on and you should absolutely check it out!

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