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4 thoughts on “ClubRubyKit

  • Kimberly Mussachia

    I love the club ruby sets! They are always full of interesting paper and ribbons and make the cutest projects. Megan, can you make day 7 a repeat of all the specials you presented this week for those of us who were too busy to retrieve our email on the first two days? I would love the expression 2 DVD. I have the others and they have helped me a lot with learning my machines.

  • Suzanne

    I would simply love to have all the gadget for create more scrapbooking… I have to order online all the time, no scrapbook store in my area… So shipping does add up after a while… Anything I get my hand on when I travel, is a gift to myself… Keep on rocking with your ideas, and great stuff…

  • Jayne

    I’d love to purchase this but just saw the 20% off (from several days ago). I have the original DVD on Expression but would LOVE the newly revised one and the E2 one! Please advise on ordering instructions!