Our First Day of School and MORE GIVEAWAYS! 677

Well, its getting to be that time of year again.  Time for School to start! And yes I said giveawayS! 😉

I sorta love something about the start of a school year….I’m a tad bit obsessed with new “back to school” items, I’ve always been lol.  There is something I just can’t resist about a BRAND NEW Box of Crayons for $.40 at Walmart and a fresh new notebook for $.20 at Target, they get me every year!!!

I was homeschooled, as some may know, some may not, but I was, from 1st grade through graduation. (This explains my spelling issues right??? 😉 😉 Lol jk!) 🙂  I didn’t always love it, just from the standpoint of I wanted to be with my “friends” in school, so I caused “fights” at home from time to time.  But, I did LOVE it as I got older, and I had a job and was able to graduate earlier than planned.

I am very excited and committed to homeschooling my kids.  I’ve always loved doing projects with them with the Cricut and stamping and reading…though I’m not the most consistent at it, my goal for the “school year” is to start changing that schedule.

While they are only 2 and 3, and I know its only going to get more challenging and time consuming as they get older, the fact that their Daddy is so committed too and we both have the privilege and honor to work from home, we pray to carry it through till they graduate as well.

Anyway, we are having fun doing some “back to school” projects.  Sean spent a LOT of time organizing and cleaning the kids rooms and toys, and I’m getting some coloring boxes and workbooks organized and we are ready!

Its going to be challenging to keep consistent and going for sure, but I feel like if I can get them and myself going into a groove now at 2 and 3 by the time they are 5 and 6 its going to be much easier to do the “real work” that’s required.  And I know it can all be fun and they will still learn tons.  Thanks for letting me share this with you! 😉

So today, we were doing basic Pre-k coloring and the Letter A 🙂

YouTube Preview Image

Now I did film this calling it a Tuesday Tutorial, however your regularly scheduled Tuesday Tutorial will be posted tomorrow using Scrapbands that I found out at CHA. These things are so cool and fun to decorate and I’m sure you can create yourself, but they are GREAT to use and have right on hand for you and they will be tomorrows giveaway AND a special offer too!!!

I just have to share one more picture cause I think they are the best! 🙂


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For today I want everyone to comment with your favorite SCHOOL DAYS Memory of either YOU or your kids to share with everyone!  Anyone that answers that question will be entered to win an AWESOME Cricut Educational Prize…you’ll love it!  Ask your friends too and tell them to answer for more chances to win! 🙂  Grab our new blinky and share with your friends – we would love to see the internet lit up with your love and support!

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Enjoy the Moments Everyone!

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677 thoughts on “Our First Day of School and MORE GIVEAWAYS!

  • Hanne

    I will never forget my first day at school. My mom sat in the back of our classroom, I sat on the front row. And I sat and made funny faces to hear all through the first schooldays. And I totally forgot that everyone in the class saw me and my funny faces=)

  • Caroline

    My school days memories are a blur. I am already worried about when it is time for my baby (now 15 months old) to start school…lol.

  • Christeen Baker

    Wow Megan home schooling your kids now I know you are a supermom. My youngest graduates in a months time and it is a little sad to think no more dreadful school concerts and parent teacher interviews lol. I will just have to wait for the grandkids to arrive.

  • Jeannie

    On the first day of school it was always tradition that I drove my son to school (we live in the county and he rode the bus all the time) but when he got to 4th grade, I wasn’t allowed (by him) to drive him anymore. He was a big kid, and he didn’t need his mom doing that…that was tough to take, but a proud moment though too.

  • Janet

    I still chuckle when I think of my daughter comming home from school with her first “homework” asssignment 10 math problems. She was devestated that she had homework and sat at rhe table for an hour crying. When she finally decided to get it done it took all of 10 minutes. She is now 36 with children of her own and yes she experienced deja vu with her daughter and home work. We still laugh about that today!!

  • Donna N

    My daughter was in the afternoon Kindergarten class. She was late for the first day of school because I lost track of time! Still I made her stand in front of the empty school entrance and take her picture before we went in and apologized to the teacher for her being late! Of course I scrapbooked it for her so she (and I) will never forget.

  • rhonda/bluecrayons

    i dont have kids but my niece lives with me. she loves math so when she comes home with any home work she starts with math. does a few then does something else in homework, then a lil more math, something else, more math. by time she gets done she started and ended with her favorite thing. MATH.

  • Maggy Tronche

    Well I have 2 special remembers for the school days of my son; 1.- When he start the kindergarden, I thought that he was crying or sad, but NO! LOL it was ME that crying and felt sad because I has to left him at school he was very happy his first day!! And the 2.- Was last year that he start to go alone at school, without mom! So he is growing to fast and I’m so happy! Hugs.. Maggy

  • Sue Allen

    My daughter just started High School…very scary. The new adventures will be fun for her but I will miss her as she finishes growing up!

  • Mary Dolese

    There was just something about freashly printed ditto sheets,you could always tell… when all the kids would smell them and it seemed all at once then all of a sudden you would hear a resounding ahh. That memory although a long time ago still makes me smile. Thanks Bunches, Mary

  • facsmom

    We always took a picture of my kids before getting on the bus the 1st day of school. They are in their 20’s now, but what a wonderful way to watch them grow up-even now and maybe especially now!

  • Jen

    The best was our daughter’s first day of kindergarten. We went to pick her up, she was in the morning class and out by 12. She loved it so much that she just couldn’t understand why her older brother got to stay all day and she had to leave. Not wanting to go home she cried all the way to the car and kept telling us how unfair it was that he got to stay. She didn’t stop til 2 1/2 hours later when her big brother finally got home.

  • Therese

    School with my youngest son was a game of dodging the kangaroos.
    We lived about 28 k’s out in the bush and school time seemed to coincide with on the move time for the “roo’s”

  • Helena

    I always remember the first day of school, seeing friends you hadn’t all summer, new school supplies, new clothes, new teacher, new start. Now that I have kids (10 and 7) I see the excitement through them and it is even more special. they are so excited they are giddy! school starts 8/24 and they will be exhausted by then because I can’t get them to go to sleep at night they are so excited about school.

  • Roxane F.

    I still remember putting our oldest on the bus the 2nd day of K. We were both crying. The bus driver called our house after he dropped them off at school to let me know she stopped crying when they got to the next house and her friend got on the bus. I was so thankful for that phone call!

  • Donna Dial

    Wow it has been lots of years since my childrens first day of school. I do remember it being traumatic tho, such a milestone. It is hard on moms but kids always seem to love it. Have a good day

  • Barbara R

    We lived on a farm and my son would go out a feed the chickens and pretend that he was driving a tractor. He told me he didn’t want to go to school because he would lose his job.

  • PKBB

    Watching the bus drive right past me and forgetting to drop off my kids?
    Watching one kid get off the bus, but not the youngest.. Who fell asleep?

  • Marion

    I have three children and every child I was a little bit sad that the Kindergardetime was over and at the same time proud that they started full of joy in the school

  • Amy

    I use to love getting the my daughters ready for school by shopping for school shoes and backpacks- we always had a great day! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Cindy

    My favorite memory was my daughter’s first day at kindergarten. She got off the bus, walked in the door, threw her backpack on the floor and said, “I’ve had just an awful day!” As sad as it was, I couldn’t help but laugh at her drama! Needless to say, even now at 29, she’s still very dramatic :-)!

  • LeeAnn from NC

    I always loved seeing my kids all dressed up in their new clothes and shoes for the first day of each school year and taking pictures of them before school that morning. One year we walked to school with our neighbors and then the other mom and I stopped at a coffee shop to relax on the way home.

  • Linda

    NOW as a grandma, I LOVE grandparents day at the schools, I was able to attend grandparents day at 4 different schools and they are great functions everything from a tea to a field day. Each grandparet did get a small decorated flower pot at 2 of the schools last year. Be sure to include grandparents day at your home school, I know everyone will enjoy it.

  • Amelia Andrade

    I have an everyday school routine that i love getting back to starting with the first day of school. I didn’t grow up with many kind words spoken toward me so on the first day of my first son’s day of school I vowed to encourage him. so, now my oldest id 13, going into 8th grade and I have 2 more. Every day I as they get on the bus I say “I love You, Do your best today, I believe in you and I know you’re going to do great! oh, and I always take first day of school pics to scrap the memory!

  • Susan B.

    My ‘favorite’ memory is my oldest daughter’s, she is now 9, kindergarten graduation ceremony when the principle said ‘I now present the graduating class of 2020.’ It finally hit me how fast time was flying and I couldn’t stop crying! And unfortunately I cried when he did the same for my youngest daughter, who is now 7! They just grow up way too fast, I just want to slow time down a little. thanks for the chance to win.

  • Vicki

    My favorite memory when my oldest son started kindergarten. He was not a happy camper. I have a picture of him on his swing with his arms crossed and a look that said “ain’t no way I am going to school”. Thank goodness when he came home he really did enjoy going to school!

  • Joanna P.

    I remember waiting for the bus on the first day of kindergarten. I was excited and a little scared. My cousin who lived next door was at the end of her driveway too. We waved to each other and I felt better knowing we would be on the bus and in class together. 🙂 – Joanna

  • Kristan(Crazy4Christ)

    How cute!! I try and get my three year old to help pick out colours for my projects and she likes holding onto the top of my hand when I cut, she also likes working with the cuttlebug!! I really didn’t like school but when I was in highschool I did co-op and got to work in a grade 2 class at my elementary school that was really fun!! Thanks for the chance to win!! I already have your blinkie on my blog!!

  • Lori Finch

    I homeschooled my children until 10th & 11th grade. I loved it while they were young….after about 8th grade it was a struggle. Anyway, my favorite memory was when my son had to dissect a frog. I couldn’t even get close because it made me so ill. My daughter was amazed and right in there with him. They were both laughing so hard at me! They are 20 & 21 today, and both doing great. I know my husband and I made the right decision about schooling. Enjoy!

  • Deb

    Every year,on the first and last day of school, I took a picture of my boys in the front yard with their backpacks. My oldest is now a high school teacher and I still ask him if his wife takes his picture every year! My youngest is a senior in college and I SO want to drive the two hours and snap his picture! (Can’t you see him rolling his eyes?) LOL

  • Linda Peterson

    For some reason I never wanted to wear any of my new clothes the first day of school, so would wait till the 2nd day. Not quite sure why I had that quirk, but did. I would always love the first day, getting back with my friends.

  • Wendy

    My favorite school day memory is of my son. Every year he gets so excited about going back to school and always want to look his best. New shoes, new clothes, new backpack. He just loves life! He is a totally in style kid. He must have gotten that from his mom… lol.

  • Ellen Crawley

    My favorite school day memories are actually from high school. Although I was scared to death, I joined the “Speech Club”. The teacher in charge of it was very encouraging, and worked with each person to help us become the best public speaker we could be. He entered our team in many competions and most of the time we won. The skills he taught me and the confidence I developed that year have been with me for 37 years and have served me well in my aspect of my personal and professional life.

  • Kay

    Our children have graduated but when the bus comes by, I still get teary eyed and pray those on the bus will have a great and safe year. (Congrats on Homeschooling, I wish I could have done it.)

  • Pam B

    I homeschooled my three kids most of the time and when they did attend school it was a Christian school where I was able to work. For some reason I never got that “first day of school” pic. My youngest started classes at the local community college last week and I had my camera ready for that one. Better late than never I guess!

  • kristy

    I have five children that I am home schooling as well. They are amazing and this is new to me. I love having them home and watching their eyes each time we learn something new along with the added bonus that I was the one to teach them! I love it! Thanks for the chance! It is really special that you are sharing free give aways with us!

  • helen

    i remember my son’s first few days in j.k. when he came home from school complaining about circle time, i asked what could be changed to make it better, thinking he turned to me and said how about a square or a rectangle not always a silly circle!

  • Linda Weiss

    My kids have both graduated, but I think the best time for me was when my son was in 8th grade. He had his best year ever and had never been so proud of the job he had done. This is my quiet child and to see him come out of his shell was amazing

  • Cynthia Guy

    Hello Megan-
    Oh how I want to cry with thinking about back to school. I too wanted to homeschoolt he kids. But my reason for doing it would be purely selfish and I can’t do that. But maybe one day I’ll have the experience. Anyways.. Ceili’s starting the 1st grade next Monday. I’m completely saddened at the thought of her being gone an entire day this time. we made it through kindergarten with flying colors..e.ven though the bus was almost 20 minutes later than expected her first day of kindergarten. I’m not looking foward to waking her up early for school…because that brings back dreadful memories of me having to be the first one up out of 5 kids because i was the youngest. 🙁 ANyways…I am excited to an extent to see what she learns this year. I’ll be out there taking pictures just like my grandmom used to do with all of us.

    I’m praying for you Megan..:)

  • Cindielu

    Personally, it was the lunches my mom packed! Every year, I took a picture of my kids on the first day of school. It is so much fun to see how they grew, year to year. It’s so cute, they where in the same position ever year, oldest always had hand on shoulder of youngest!

  • Kathy O.

    My favorite school memory is taking a picture on the first day of school and then looking back over the years of change. Where did my babies go???

  • Debi

    My favorite memory is when my oldest son went to kindergarten for the first time. He was so excited, my husband and myself were happy and sad at the same time. When the bus came to pick him up, he tried to get on, but the step was so high up it was a real struggle. I remember thinking what was I doing sending him away to a bunch of strangers. When he got on the bus he was laughing and smiling, waving good-bye to us. The bus left and my husband and I just stood there looking at each other, sad that our child was growing up to fast. He is now 25 and we still think the same way whenever he leaves. lol 

  • Dora

    Hi Megan, My favorite thing to do with my 2 girls, though one has already gradutated college and the 2nd in her 2nd year of college is buy school supplies. Every year including this one we go to usually walmart and pick up everything they need for aleast the first couple of months. It gets them really excited for school and puts us in the mood. And this year was no exception, even with the one in her 2nd year of college. Thanks so much for all your videos. Good Luck with home school.

  • Nancy A

    My most vivid school memory is in fourth grade. We were having races in the gym and I was first. I ran to one end and turned and ran back. I was winning! I hit the wall with my arms in front to stop and heard a big crack! My left elbow had broken. That hurt!

  • Jackie B

    The first day of school was always exciting. We would have a mini fashion show, new clothing shoes and back packs, They all went to Day Care so by the time they went to Elementary school they were pros. The fist days of day care was a different story. We can all laugh now.

  • Terri S.

    My favorite memory of my school days was in HS when we had a home coming parade – we were able to decorate our lockers, cars, and ourselves. It was a blast and I actually won for the best car decoration – I won something like 10.00 but that was huge. Congrats on doing the home school. Great job.

  • Michele Gause

    I took a picture of my kids on the first day of school every year. My youngest drove off yesterday for his second year at the Citadel.

  • Cathy P

    I love seeing the kids get on the bus on the first day. My parents come over to see them off and my husband drives all the way home from work, if he can.

  • Rita

    My favorite school memory was Senior kid day!!!! Me & my best friend dressed up in matching outfits that we had our mom’s make for us.

  • Darlene

    I am probably very much in the minority about this, but I loved wearing my catholic school uniforms. Green, white, gray and a touch of blue plaid. To this day, I am still drawn to plaids!


  • Melissa L.

    My favorite memory is my (now 7) daughters first field trip! We went to the pumpkin patch to learn about the pumpkins and they each got to pick one. After learning that the pumpkins were “alive” she couldn’t bear to carve it! Even though she carves them now, we still color that special little pumpkin! 🙂

  • Pamela

    I don’t have any children and school seems so long ago!!! I guess one great memory is playing the Mother Abbess in our production of “The Sound of Music”. Climb ev’ry mountain…

  • Nancy

    I’m a Grandma now but on my son’s first day of school he cryed and hung onto the car door handle and would not let go. He was one of the tallest kids. I was so embarraced at the time. I came home and cryed! It made me so sad but after about 4 days of, my belly hurts and crying, he was skipping into the school.

  • Houselady

    I am enjoying all the stories. My kids are now 24 and 27 years old but it seems like yesterday when I was getting my kids ready for the first day of school. I have many fond memories that warm my heart but that also make me tear up now. Time flies by so fast! I miss those days. Meagan I did not home school my children but I was a stay at home mom while they were young and I love it!. I admire your dedication! Cherish every moment.

  • Dawn M.

    FAvorite school memory is walking into the building the first day and smelling the back to school smell. There is a unique smell i associate with back to school and it is a reminder of starting new and school memories.

  • Heather Novinger

    Thank you for the chance to win all of these prizes, Megan! I remember having a crush on a first grader when I was in kindergarten. One day at recess I fell and got hurt and that boy picked me up and carried me to my teacher.I thought I was in love..lol Hope you have a great week!

  • Gail Sc

    I have many school time memories. I walked to school and on the way to school, I used to collect empty coke glass bottles the teenagers threw away so I could purchase candy after school at the local store.

  • Stacey M

    My favorite school memory was when I was in HS and had and awesome math teacher. This was when I realized that I wanted to be a math teacher and I have been doing so for 20 years. 🙂

  • JoAnn

    My favorite years were in high school. I just found out that they are tearing down the old school which use to house K-12, to build a new elementary. The church I was married in is also being torn down, so it is sad and brings back lots of memories.

  • Donna R

    We had the best kindergarten teacher for our boys. At the end of the year she always had the kids put on a play. Theyw ere so cute! We have videos of each of them so they will be able to show there kids when they are that age.

  • Jenny

    I think you have so much creativity and love for your children that you will make it work. As a former teacher I knew many children who were home schooled and did great. It is a huge commitment and I think you voiced a concern of consistency which is so important. Education has changed so much and schools just don’t use workbooks and worksheets anymore. Going to school, children has to learn to adapt to different situations and have opportunities to interact with other children. which empowers them to develop self-confidence and self-
    reliance. I would want to be the mom who enriched my children with things beyond what they can learn in a classroom and be the safety net when they try their wings. There is no right or wrong answer and it is a personal choice. I wish you well.

  • Peg H

    My own first day of kindergarten (56 years ago) it rained hard. I had an umbrella, and I was very tiny. I remember an older girl bending over and looking under my umbrella, then telling her friends “there is a kid under there, and she is so teensy!” That was the first time I realized I was smaller than any of my friends.

  • kim taylor

    my favorite moment so far was last year when my son logan started kindergarten his little sister savannah isnt old enough to ride the bus yet, so she was helping mom by pushing him to go get on the bus when it arrived i got the best photo and the smile she had was priceless like saying ” go on now you can do it”

  • Amanda Wood

    My favorite thing about school was the prep getting ready for it. Buying new clothes, shoes, supplies, backpacks, etc. I enjoyed more of the social aspect of school, but always had good grades as well. Glad it is over though. 🙂

  • Kim

    My oldest son’s first day of Kindergarten……I thought I was going to be ok, then on the walk back up the driveway from the bus I cried my eyes out. Oh, but how he has grown and matured since then….I’ll always remember that happy and sad day!

  • Diane Yeager

    My favorite school memory is my older daughter, Heather thinking she needed to change the bus number she rode (started out on #5 at age 5) and when she turned 6-thought she should be on bus 6! I told her-“No-I don’t know where that bus goes and you’ll be lost.”Thanks for the chances to win.

  • Sarah S.

    My favorite SCHOOL DAYS memory was in High School, back in 2006. My friend and I had study hall in the band room. We would find music and other people’s instruments and learn a few notes. Then we would call cell phones just to get answering machines (you know, you can’t answer your phone during class or it would get taken away). Once we got the answering machine we would play a few notes of a song such as 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago on a trumpet and trombone. We were both flute players in the band, so you can just imagine how horrible we sounded. Luckily our band teacher was (and still is) really awesome and had no problem with us doing that.

  • Jane

    We used to come home from elementary school for lunch everyday. We played word and animal guessing games with out mother while we ate. Good memories!

  • Dreama

    Other than being teary-eyed when dropping my own kids off for those many ‘first days’, three years ago, I felt like I was right back there. My daughter had to be out of town, so I took my grandson to first day of pre-school and I got more teary-eyed than ever. It was probably because he was so apprehensive about going and I didn’t really want to leave him after spending the previous week having all kinds of fun with him. We both survived.

  • Crystal

    My favorite school memory of my daughter was taking her to kindergarden. She asked me to walk her into the school, however as we entered the door and she saw all of her friends she let go of my hand and ran to the gym. I knew right there she was going to be fine, which is more than I can say for myself. 🙂

  • Denise

    My favorite school days were those from K to 8. I lived in a very small town, so everyone knew EVERYONE! No one cared what you looked like, or if you had money or the newest designer outfit. We were all friends and had a great time being with one another as well as getting a quality education. Our teachers cared and we weren’t a number because our class sizes were so small. It was like going to a private school without the huge cost of doing so. I love my school and am so happy that my DD will be going there. Just like I did, and just like my Mom did. 🙂

  • Poquosonmom

    A funny memory is my youngest son Brandon when he was in a Christian schooland in kindergarden had just started reading some. He had asked to go to the restroom. When he was gone he pulled the fire alarm. Needless to say we were called. When he was home I asked why he did it. He said because it said pull so I pulled it ( he couldn’t read the “in case of emergancy part”) I said what did you do when the alarm went off he said I tried to push it back up!
    He was 5 then and is 22 now, married and a father himself but has never lived that one down!

  • Jean_H

    My favourite school memory is our family tradition – on the first day of school we go out for supper and our boys get to pick the restaurant. It’s all about them and their excitement and sharing their day!!

  • Cathy Wegner

    One the first day of first grade, my daughter held onto my leg and cried. The teacher and I had to pry her off and I had a very hard time leaving her.

  • littlen

    i always loved shopping for new clothes for the first day of school. also getting new school supplies – crayons, notebooks, pencils, etc..

  • Theresa Miller

    I’ll never forget last Monday!! My son was a little excited for his first day of school, he flung himself on my bed and landed on his hand. There were lots of tears for his first day of school and when it was all said and done he ended up fracturing his finger in two places! I’m going to have to scrapbook this!! I hope I win!

  • Tina Campbell

    Great job home schooling your kids, I work with people that do the same thing and seen how these kids progress. They have more respect for people than the kids nowadays and one going to college is on Dean’s list majority of the time. So good for you on teaching those kids!

  • dori

    I homeschooled my 3 kids and LOVED every minute of it! Keep it up! They are 21, 26, and 32 now, and have been such a blessing to me; and were (are) always very mature and empathetic…wish I could do it all over again!

  • Mary N from MN

    I remember my sons first day of school..he was happy to go…but i cried. He walked to school with the neighbor boys. He was very happy when he got home that day.

  • Linda M.

    I will never forget my 2nd Graders first day of Kindergarten. Excitement was in the air, she had done the Pre-K program at the school, so she was all set. Bell rang, and off she went with a huge smile on her face and a huge lump in my throat as I watched her pigtails bounce!

  • Tonya

    I homeschooled my kids until my daughter was in 8th grade. There are definately tons of memories we would not been able to have if they had attended public school.

  • Karin

    Over here in the Netherlands there is not much homeschooling. So my boys went to school, but we only had one house between us and the school. So they could come home at lunchtime and we enjoyed it to eat together. My husband then was working from home. I still love the feeling of that even though they are almost 21 an 24 now. Good luck for you with your kids at your own school

  • Dana Desmond

    I love the stacks of clean notebooks. They seem to be waiting for a new start. A better school year than you’ve ever had.

    The unsharpened pencils, the empty notebooks, the unused crayons. I love it all.

  • Connie Gage

    My kids school days was many years ago but I do remember this tiny grandson of mine getting on the head start bus and he was smiling ear to ear, so cute. I had tears in my eyes.

  • Samara

    As a teacher, I get to be part of the first day of school every year. The week before school starts, you can find me perusing the shelves of my local office supply stores. I get such a big kick out of purchasing new pens, highlighters, and best of all crayons! The night before school starts I can feel my stomach getting jittery and then before I know it, I’m standing in my classroom full of bright and shiny new students. It’s one of my favorite times of year. 🙂

  • rene

    so – since fall and halloween are coming – i love to tell the story of my daughter at her first school carnival, she wanted so badly to go into the school’s haunted house, but parents couldn’t go it (size constraints) SO i was going to let her go by herself, she walks in with her friends they close the door and not two seconds later my girl comes RUNNING out of the door, saying i changed my mind i changed my mind!!!! i have never laughed sooo hard (and btw she hates haunted houses to this day)

  • Shawnee

    I will never forget the first day we started homeschooling. It was chaotic, loud, lots of reading, computer games, math, etc. I love homeschooling my children. I am starting again with the littles. I look forward to a wonderful year with them of learning and character building.

  • Wanda

    I have had awesome memories from school. However, the one that always stands out when people ask me about my school days is when my mom had a parent teacher conference while I was in the second grade and the class was at the lunch break. Someone cut in front of me at the lunch line and as I went to tell the custodian the kid pushed me and that was it. We fought at the lunch line. The custodian took us out of the line and brought us to the classroom. Little did my mom know that it would be her kid… I pray that as my son, Branden, goes into Kindergarden this week history doesn’t repeat itself… Although my mother tells me for her sake it does… HAHAHA! 🙂

  • Janet S.

    First day of school and waiting for the bus is always memorable. But I think my sons 1st day with our neighbors girl was the most. We were waiting for the bus and Sarah was chasng Zach around the picnic table to hug him and the bus came and they ran off to get on it and sarahs brother cried and cried “Sarah don’t leave me” so sad but they made it and 23 years later they are still friends!

  • Betsy Waxman

    I always loved the first day of school. New outfit, new pencil box and new shoes…which usually hurt my feet by the end of the day! Great memories!

  • MousEarz

    I remember excitedly telling my kindergarten teacher that I was going to have peanut butter for lunch when I got home (half-day AM kindergarten). It made no sense to her, but my mom explained that I had just had some dental work removed and was finally allowed to have peanut butter.

  • Trena P

    ok so my son just started kindergarten last week, and of course I thought he would be sad to see me leave him, but as we walked in and went to his class, I asked for a kiss and he said “mom I’m in kindergarten, we don’t give kisses in front of my friends” so he walked me outside the door and gave me one and told me to go on and don’t cry. I was shocked.

  • Tricia Krebs

    Mine was my son’s last day of kindergarten and their program. I wasn’t expecting to get emotional, however was very emotional…thinking man this year has flown by, now I know what everyone means about when they are in school time goes by even faster!

  • Linda

    My oldest daughters first day of school I thought she would be so sad leaving me and her little sister. I walked her to her classroom worrying that she would cry. Should have know better. She saw all the classmates and turned to me and said ” you can leave now”. I cried all the way home. Still love all the back to school supplies even though I have Grandchildren in school now.

  • Beth

    We homeschool here and have been using our Cricut. We cut out the home states of each of our presidents as we studies them and several of the Animal Kingdom figures for each chapter of our Land Animals notebook.

  • Irene Baker

    My first day of school was not actually my first day, but that of my older brother. And it was very memorable, even though it was more than 50 years ago. I learned to read and write (VERY WELL), when I was 4 years old. So I got to go as my brothers’s “show-tell project”, when he went to school that first week. The teachers thought I was so cute, they actually took me throughout the classrooms and I read from the individual books for each grade. Impressed the teachers, but must have impressed me too, as I still remember it so vividly.

  • Monica

    My most vivid back to school memory—Dropping off my 17 year old daughter at college across the country…her older sister cried harder than I did.

  • Kathy

    best school memories — many of them are tied to football games — watching my brother play, my boyfriend play, cheerleading, and then, best of all, watching my son play (& win!).

  • Terry

    Ok I have to admit, I am a back to school addict also. I had 2 boxes of new crayons and new notebooks in my hands at Walmart the other day. Oh wait… I have no one starting school.. So I sadly put them back. That was the fun part when my kids were in school. All the new school stuff. But I guess not this year. I will just have to look and not touch! 🙁

  • Miranda

    I remember like yesterday bringing my daughter, who is 26 now to her first day of Kindergarten. We were only allowed to walk them to their line with their teacher and we had to leave. I remember her telling me it was going to be okay and she would see me later that day. Needless to say, I cried all the way home and my two sons (now 24 and 21) couldn’t understand why I was crying so they were crying with me. It was a bitter sweet day for me. LOL

  • Jane

    I have 3 children, born all about a year apart. When the 3rd finally got on the school bus with the older two, I walked back into the house and I heard the house sigh! It was too quiet so I got into my car and went to visit a friend so I wouldn’t be lonely.

  • Mitch J

    I remember my daughter’s first day of kindergarten. She gave me a big hug when i picked her up and told me what a hard day it was for her and she was glad school was over and now she can start learning how to drive a car since that is what you do before you go to college. I never laughed so hard before.

  • Judy Spencer

    Even being a grandmother with my grandkids living out of state..I still love back to school..only wish I could be there to share it with them.

  • Sue Fulton

    I went to a private school during my middle school years. I graduated ninth grade in a class of twenty students. I will always remember the “family” feeling I came away with. It has served me well through the years.

  • Margaret

    I too
    love back to school supplies. I worked back to school at our Walmart for three years and loved it. The girls and I loved going shopping and then having a runway show for Daddy of their new clothes. Oh to go back to that time. Enjoy it while you can.

  • Linda Gay

    My sister always takes photos of my nephews first day of school. Today is the youngest nephew’s first day of college. When his girl friend found out my sister was concerned about getting a photo, she volunteered to take care of it and send my sister a photo. Problem solved. Also, I talked to a teacher last night. She likes to do a time capsule for her class each year. First day, they measure height, take photos etc. On the last day, they open up the capsule and check out the changes. I thought that was a really neat idea.

  • Sharon

    My son is graduating from High School at the end of this year, and will be going to college next year. Yet, it feels like yesterday that he started school. He laughed & smiled and was said “Bye Mom, see u later.” Hubby & I left, and I was one crying my eyes out. LOL! 🙂

    Thks so much for 21 days of giveaways. U rock, Megan.



  • Michele B

    So many memories – the one my boys detest the most is the first day of school picture! LOL!! Of course, I treasure them, because seeing them grow each year is just so amazing! Of course, now that the high school years are here, the pictures just aren’t happening! Grrrrr…. teenagers! I had to pull my oldest sons teeth (figuratively not literally) to get his senior picture taken 2 years ago, but at least my youngest is being cooperative in that aspect this year. It is hard to believe my baby is a senior in high school!

    The fun memories of being a homeroom mom – helping with parties, being the supply cart lady, being the school librarian when they were at a Christian school. A lot of great memories!

  • debbie susee

    I remember the excitement of new clothes and a new lunchbox. I too love a new box of crayons and have to force myself not to buy them each year. I don’t really need them as my kiddo is a sophomore in high school. 🙂

  • Cynthia

    My favorite first days of school were the 19 years that I was a 2nd gr. teacher. Wish I would have had my Cricut then! Miss getting my classroom all ready for that first day of school. Now a new grandma to a 2 month old. Can’t wait until we get to pull out the fun projects with him!

  • Cherie G

    My favorite school day memory would have to be in 4th grade. It was my favorite grade, and as class we ALL got along, which is amazing. In class we had a “take a part” center. Someone donated a TV to it, and we started to take it apart. Well, something went wrong and it started to smoke or release something into the air and they had to evacuate the ENTIRE school! Oh it takes me back, and I think the entire class will ALWAYS remember that!

  • Charolette Jones

    My favorite school memories were my senior year in high school during football season. Each Friday, we had a different theme that we could dress up. My favorite was First Grade Day where we dressed like first graders. We also had twin day, camaflouge day, senior day, 70’s day, dress up day, and more.

  • Rebecca

    My favorite memory is more a snapshot of many memories. My daughter started Kindergarten last year. It was amazing to watch her open up and start to enjoy learning.

  • Mary

    I remember my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten like it was yesterday. She graduated from high school this past may. What a ride! She has grown into a beautiful young lady. 🙂

  • Sylvia Pelekane

    I remember my firstborn son’s 1st day at school. I left crying wondering how he was going to manage. He came home full of discoveries,potato chips, sodas from a machine and Cristine, the little girl that sits next to him. So much for worry.

  • Rita

    My three children are all married with families of their own. My grandchildren (all seven of them) are in school and enjoy it very much. My oldest grandson starts highschool this September. I don’t know where the time has gone. I certaintly admire your decision to home school your children I don’t think I could have done it.

  • Jean

    My favorite school day memory is of my daughter, when she graduated from collage and became a para-legal, she had been a high school drop out and then became the mother of 2 girls.she then went back to take her GED and received her grade 12 through it, she then went to collage to become a pare-legal and now has full time employment in her chosen profession.

  • Bonnie Beck

    My favorite school memory is the CIF Championship football game my junior year. I was an Athletic Trainer through high school so I got to be right on the sidelines for all the games. That year was so exciting!! 🙂

  • Bobbi

    Every year on the first day of school, I have Back to School Breakfast at Bobbi’s for my adult women friends. Champagne flows. Some celebrate the kids going back, others commiserate with the ones who are sad to see them growing up. We all enjoy the time reconnecting!

  • kim

    We homeschool our 2 kids too, ages 14 & 9. My favorite time of the school year is the end when I am putting our portfolios together and I see how much my kids learned and did for the school year. I am always so super proud of them!!!!

  • Linda Anne

    All of my children had the same kindergarten teacher and they also went to the same elementary school that I attended. It was amazing seeing “my” school through their eyes.

  • Sheila

    My favorite back to school memory is getting ready with all the new supplies, outfit and backpack and then getting my picture taken before heading off to take on the world! It is a tradition that I try to carry on with my own children.

  • Donna and Sara

    I loved your post today. I am beginning my 21st year as a homeschool mom. 3 are grown Sara is starting highschool and Seth is 4. I have to say I wouldn’t trade one single day. The time with the kids is so precious. What a blessing God has blessed you with so many wonderful talents that you are able to share with all of us. Thankyou.

  • Angela

    I to was home schooled. I remember how I loved to be organized and matching. I have loved different colored ink pens to highlight (without using the highlighters).

  • Moira

    Good Morning Megan,

    Even though I teach preschool, my daughter’s first day at elementry School she was expecting me to stay and be with her like it was in Preschool. She would have to go early because I had to be there early, and she use to see me in the halls greeting her and others with hugs, high-5’s, and kisses. Then she would return to my room to eat lunch while I cleaned up my room. I volunteered on the days I didn’t work, and she loved knowing I was somewhere in the school. That somehow was a comfort as well. She is now going to 1st grade, and told me just yesterday that she wanted to go back to preschool to be in my room and play with the smaller children. Embrace the years you have until they are gone. It goes by in a flash. Thanks for sharing the gift of your family with us. They are adorable and sweet. Blessings, Moira

  • Valinda

    My youngest starts his final semester of college tomorrow! He will still have a year of student teaching to do starting next fall but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I am so proud of him and know he will make a great teacher!

  • Janet Sisk

    I wasn’t able to homeschool my kids due so one of my children having “special needs”. BUT I think I have had the next best thing to that because from 5th grade and up I have been able to work in my kids schools as a para educator. I remember fondly being able to bring my kids to and from school with me. I was also available to teachers right away if there was an issue or question concerning my kids. I feel very fortunate to have been able to have this opportunity and I think my kids (for the most part :D) are glad, too. Thanks for the chance to win, too.

  • Diane Weeks

    My favorite thing about back to school was getting a new pair of shoe’s and every other year getting new glasses, Hey if you had to wear them it was nice to get new ones!
    I’m a nana of 7 grandkid’s now and wonder about their excitement or dread for junior high or kindergarden. Awe how the time flies.

  • Barb L

    When I was in grade school(1960) I brought a thermos with hot soup. When I opened the thermos is exploded. I was accused of popping a paper bag. I cried.

  • Melanie

    I too, am a school supply junkie!! Fall is my favorite time of year, and while there are so many favorite memories this time of year, I can’t choose just one. I’ll tell you my favorite part of this season though…the smell of fall in the air. There is nothing like it. It’s the most amazing smell. {sigh} I hope it stays for awhile.

  • Nancy

    For me – it’s not the start of a new school year until I have a picture of the kids all dressed up with their new clothes and shoes on – holding their new backpacks!

  • d evans

    I picked my son up after school and he was playing so hard at lunch he didn’t have time to eat the ice cream he bought so he thought he would take the ice cream out then and eat it. The look on his face when he found it melted makes me laugh 25 years later.

  • desiree

    My favorite school memormy I cant say I remebered it but id say its my First day of school. I do love all the pictures my mom took and saved for me. I also love that everything I had on was handmade by her (other than my shoes). I can’t wait for my kids to start school so I can take picures and save them for them to look back on one day.

  • Pat Runnells

    Your children are adorable! I am a retired teacher and it warms my heart so much to see parents such as yourself spending quality time with their children. When my granddaughter visits, we are often in my craft room, creating something with my Cricut. She loves making coloring pages and cards for her friends, and she is only 4!

  • Heather

    Magan I am so excited to hear that you are also a homeschool mom. I homeschool my 3 kids age 9, 7, & 5. My favorite homeschool memories with them are snuggling up and reading books together. I love to share a book with them that I loved as a child. We also love crafting together and we are always looking for new ways to use our cricuit to do homeschool projects.

  • Debbie B.

    Megan thanks for sharing a little of your life with us. You will not regret teaching your children at home, but you will ask yourself now and then – what in the world am I doing?!?! When the Lord is in all we do He gives us exactly what we need to do the task before us. We homeschooled our 2 (now 29 & 31). We get to watch as our 6 grandchildren (not all school age yet) are being taught @ home. For anyone whether you home school or send your children to school – just capture the moments because believe me they really do fly by! Blessings to you Mom’s & Dad’s!

  • Judy King

    There are 2 things that standout in my memory of grade school. First, and everyone should know this by the second grade, but that teacher told us that there was not an Easter Bunny! I was crushed, guess I liked the fun of a bunny hiding eggs! lol The second memory is that my third grade teacher was my mother! I had a very hard time calling her Mrs Stevenson and not Mom! The other kids didn’t tease me but the 4th grade teacher who also was the Principal! But I survived the 3rd grade.


    I have so many memories but I guess by best memory I have is that I drove my kids to school the first day every year all the way to senior year. The senior year was the hardest….knowing it was my last year to get to do this…my boys loved that i did spent this special day with them. But I had to promise that I would not walk them into the school that year…..lol

  • Barbara Greenwell

    The thing that stands out in my kind about school is being in the 3rd grade at school and seeing all the teachers crying because JFK had been shot. No a good memory, but the one
    I remember like it was yesterday.

  • Cyndie

    I remember my first day of HIGH SCHOOL! We got our schedule in the first class (I was in band so it was where I went first & we all got our class schedule there). When the bell rang, I got my stuff & headed to class, then the next class but wondered why no one was there….oh, it was break time! LOL!! I was so scared that I didn’t notice the time of the breaks for the day! LOL!!!

  • Stephanie

    My fondest back to school memories are the first day, every year, I make a sign for my twins to hold while I take their photograph. It includes the year and their school. Now, my goal is to scrap all these as they graduated this past May. It’s fun to watch my signs progress over the years, especially with the use of my Cricut the last two!!
    Your children are PRECIOUS!!

  • Marlene

    My favorite school memory is from when I was a sophmore in HS. I had won an essay contest at all the levels and qualified for the state competition. Exciting enough but when we got there we were all treated like ADULTS! Now, when your told your just a kid and then be treated like an adult, it just gave me that extra boost that said “I can do this”. I try to do that with my own kids. Love your videos.

  • Lady S

    I believe that is the most adorable video I have seen in a long time! I truly believe in homeschooling since the curriculum has changed for the worst in our school system. My favorite school day memory when my daughters took their school pictures and my husband told them he wanted to see all of their teeth with big smiles. When we got the pictures back they were the biggest smiles I had ever seen on any little kid! They had this very big smile with happiness all over their faces. You can tell that they were smiling very big for their daddy. Everyone talks about those pictures whenever they come over. Now our girls are 20 and 21. They say them remember taking those pictures over all others. You would think they would be embarrassed for having the pictures up at this age, but they love the pictures too!

  • Kathleen

    Waaayyy back in the day, I had a good 5th grade teacher who had taught at a boy’s school in England. Every Friday afternoon, she would show us slides of Europe and museums she frequented. I loved it! And later in life, I took Museum Studies in college and worked in museums–thanks to her.

  • Krysta

    I too LOVED shopping for new school supplies with my Mom. I would manage to convince her every year that I needed BRAND NEW pencil crayons – even though mine would have probably done me just fine for another year. I loved labeling all the new stuff with my name and organizing it in my backpack.

  • Beda Stoner

    Wow, Home Schooling wasn’t even heard of when I went to school. I loved where we lived, we were 3 blocks from grade school and could walk every day with all the kids from the neighborhood. I’m sure it was my job to be the entertainment to and from school. Oh what fun we had. Now I am getting ready to celebrate my 50 year class reunion in 2015. Life is GOOD!

  • Lisa R

    I loved homeschooling our two boys when we lived in Africa. We had such great times together and you could build in real life experiences. You’re giving your kids a great start, Megan! They are learning colors and letters as well as how to follow directions. Enjoy it all.

  • Norma Weiss

    My fondest memories of school would be for my two kids (both now in their mid twenties) and how excited they would be the night before and they couldn’t sleep….seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and wearing all the new clothes, etc.

  • Mary

    One of my favorite memories with my daughter is the valentine parties. When she was in 2nd and 3rd grade I had the privilege to help with their valentine containers. We had a blast my them. I was lucky enough to have a flexible work schedule to be able to help in her classes and go on field trips with her. And Megan I to love the new box of crayons and notebooks. Can’t wait for the school items to come out each year.

  • Patricia

    On my granddaughter’s first day of school she rushed home and called me to say what fun she had and asked me to go with her the next day saying ” I know that you will like it too!”

  • Dawn Lampman

    I remember my 1st day of kindergraten, I sat waiting for the big kids to get off. When one finally got off I ran to get on, before I knew it I was whisked away to my class. I wanted the swing and didnt know how to find it. Now I know that kidnergarten was just the beginning of where
    my love for the Arts began.
    Dawn RI


    I didn’t know it at the time but kindergarten was the best year ever!! I met one of my bestfriends. I might travel all over with my husbands military career and only get to see him once in a decade, but we can pick up right where we left off.

  • Peggy

    My favourite school days memories are when both of my children went to school on the very first day. They were so excited and so cute in their new school clothes and bookbags. It was a sad day too because once they start school they grow up so fast and are no longer babies.

  • Stacey

    My favorite memory from school days is my Daddy taking me to school on my first day of Kindergarten 🙂 This was such a Special Day for me, not because I was starting school, but because my Daddy drove me to school (we lived in the country and I should have been riding the bus). It was a HUGE deal as my Dad had just started his own company and was usually gone before we kids got up in the morning and home after we were in bed. We didn’t see Dad much those first few years so when he made a point to be there it was very special. He continued that tradition clear through my Senior year in HS!!! And I never thought it was uncool…it still makes me smile. I now continue that with our kiddos… I hope that they allow me to do this through HS but only time will tell if I am a “cool enough mom” to pull that off!!!

  • Angel Burton

    My favorite memory of the kids and school is… Every morning while waiting for the bus we would jumprope, play hopscotch, sing songs, or have snowball fights. It is still one the memories the kids bring up at family dinner. We always had so much fun and they learned alot from that ten minutes every morning. Thanks, Angel Burton

  • Chevelle

    I remember one year when I decided to ride my 10 speed bike to high school EVERYDAY-rain,sleet, snow did not deter me! I did find out that wrapping real thin rope around the wheel made good “chains” for the snow! I survived though.

  • pat

    The very first day I took our first born to kindergarten. It was harder on my like most than it was on him. He was in a class with only 6 others and had a blast. How I wished he would cling a little like his friend but dismissed me 🙁

  • Martha

    We took my son to kindergarten on the first day of school and no one was there!! We were waiting around trying to figure out what was going on when the teacher showed up. We were 45 minutes early 🙂 He just started his freshman year of high school today.

  • Joan Polete

    My best memories of my school years are living memories, as I’m still really good friends with 6 girls that I went most of the way through school with . .and the best bittersweet type memories of my kids going to school is when my oldest got on the school bus that very first day . .tears came from me, but he was really excited!

  • Grace

    My best school memory wasn’t when I was a student, it came when I was hired to be an instructional assistant for a wonderful class of special needs children. All children are precious but these sweet kids needed a little extra love and attention. It was a successful day when a student spoke for the first time, learned to feed themselves or learn their first words in sign language. It was a challenge absolutely, but a joy to work with the children in my class. These are memories I will treasure forever.

  • Becky Elfert

    I’m sure one of my sweetest school memories will be in 3 weeks when my son goes off to kindergarten. (pause here as I have a “Mommy moment”)
    As for me one of my best school memories was when I made the high school drill team…more like a dance team.

  • Debby J

    I have so many great memories of my kids school years(probably better than theirs!!!). I loved their concerts. Both played the violin and even thought they were never in the same school at the same time, the concerts were always a family affair and pride seeped from all of us.

  • Beth W

    My most recent school memory was dropping off my second son at college…9 hours away from home. Let’s just say that was not easy!!! It didn’t help that his roommate was not a great match either. We both got through the year and survived ha ha 🙂

  • Shelly

    Well, I was in the first grade and there was a little girl sitting in front of me and she kept aggravating me. We were working on a craft project (go figure) and she just would not leave me alone. So I took my scissors and cut one of her pigtails off (yess I did) and she turned around and stabbed me in my chest with her pencil and to this day I still have that piece of pencil in my chest. Her hair grew back and eventually I was able to sit down after getting a spanking for being mean.

  • Deana Hayes

    My favorite school memory is from my sewing class in high school. I told my teacher that the stupid machine wasn’t working right, she told me that it wasn’t the stupid machine that wasn’t working right, it was the user!

  • Theresa AR Scrapper

    One of my favorite “back to school” memories actually relates to something special we do with our daughter. In late July, as soon as we get our hands on the coming year school supply list, we all load up and go on a special school supply shopping trip. We take our time and spend several hours just looking at notebooks, backpacks, cool pencils, etc.!

  • Susan Blaker

    First day of kinder was indeed memorable for my daughter, Teresa. We purchased school supplies, met teacher before the big day and planned something special to wear. She talked all through dinner about how much fun she had that first day. I suggested that we pick out something cool to wear the next day. She looked at me in surprise and said “you mean I have to go again?” She thought Kindergarten was a one day only event! I smile as I remember that first day of school 36 years ago.

  • Lisa

    Since I don’t have any children, I’ll give my favorite memory. It goes WAY back to kindergarten and “nap” time. We all had our special mats that we brought from home…and would lay them out on the floor…the room would get all quiet…ready for rest…but for me, the giggling would begin.
    The kind of giggling that the more you try and fight it the worse it gets. Before long, the entire room would be filled with giggles from me, the other students and the teacher alike. It’s my favorite memory because it reminds of a simpler time. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Barbara

    Long ago, due to overcrowding, I attended another school not in our neighbhor, so my sister and I started the same neighborhood school on the same day. We dressed alike and did our hair alike. People freaked out when they saw what they saw was the same person on different floors.

  • stacy

    My favorite school memories are from the football games…sitting in the bleachers with friends on a crisp fall evening and cheering along with the cheerleaders, singing fight songs….oh the memories!

  • Tammy B.

    The 1st thing that comes to mind about me in school, is that the teacher called my Mom on the 1st day of 1st grade, cause I wouldn’t stop talking! LOL. I stood at the chalk board with my nose in a chalk circle! Not a favorite, but a funny one!

    Some of my favorite memories of my daughter in school was when I became her Girl Scout leader. We had some of the best times from 1st through 5th grade!

  • Cathie Forman

    What a cute video. Your kids are adorable. My favorite school memory is the first day of school excitement that my daughter has. She will start Second grade next week.

  • Ruth Paul

    I remember my first day of school I cryed all day because I had never been away from my mom. I would have loved to be homeschooled.

  • Carmen

    One of my favorite school memories is watching my middle daughter graduate from college! She wants to be a teacher in the same school that she went to school in, and now HER daughter is attending that school! It makes me happy that she loved school enough to want to stay there forever! Cherish your children and their school years, Megan! They grow up fast!

  • Sandy

    Cherish the time – it goes by so quickly. My youngest hjust graduated high school but I can remember his first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday.

  • Crystal Nichols

    One of my favorit school memories is from grade school. I loved when we would have cheddar cheese sticks & applesauce for lunch. I would dip my cheese into my applesauce and eat it.

  • Peggy in Portland

    Wow, it is amazing what is clear in your mind once you open that door. I remember my first day of kindergarten. I was overwhelmed the second we walked in the door and did not want my mom to leave. She said she wouldn’t but she did sneak out at some point. I cried and cried and tried to go after her but the piano player (anyone else have a piano player in their Kindergarten?)let me sit with her. Soon it was FUN and I remember feeling so grown up by the end of the day. The lesson I carried with me: I NEVER told my kids I would stay if I didn’t intend to.

  • Linda

    I have fond memories of when I was in school plays. The one that stands out the most was when I was dressed as an indian along with the pig tails. The reason it stays with
    me is because when I could not get the rubber band out (it was tangled in my hair) I got those forbidden scissors out to cut the rubber band and cut a huge hunk of hair, which resulted in me having to get my hair cut

  • Barbara

    I have six children (all grown now) when our last son left for kindergarten I was so heartbroken I followed the bus and stayed at the school all day with him. I was not the only parent there

  • Kim

    The hardest day of dropping off kids at school was the first day of my older son going into first grade and my younger son going into K4. After dropping them off, I stood in the parking lot wondering, “What do I do now?” I had been home with them since the birth of my first son and they were my daily life. Now it was up to me to begin creating a new “ME”.

  • susan R.

    My favorite school memory is always the first day of school. I take a picture of the kids walking to the bus and scrapbook it every year. I love going through these pages to watch as they grew and achieved independence from year to year.

  • Carolyn

    Your children are so cute, I miss those days of when my children were young like that, oh what fun. Enjoy this time, it goes so fast!

  • Melanie

    First day of 2-yr preschool for my son. The first thing he said upon getting strapped back into his carseat at carpool was “Sammy miss Sophie” (his “baby” sister just a few months younger and sitting in the car seat right next to him. That made me teary.

    But by the time first day of K rolled around, EVERYONE was all smiles 🙂

  • Julie Luna

    One of my favorite memories, was during the one year I didn’t have to work and I was able to volunteer at both my daughter’s schools. They loved seeing me there in their classrooms.

  • Nikki C.

    One of my favorite memories is when my oldest son was starting pre-school several years ago. We got him all ready in his new outift and took the pictures, had the pep talks, took him to pre-school to find out we were a week early!!!! LOL!!

  • Cathy Plese

    My favorite school memory is of my son, all though at the time I was horrified! My son had the most gorgeous hair and the day before his Kindergarten picture he got up that morning before me and cut all his hair off, all the way to the scalp. He then came in to wake me and show me what he had done! He was bald except for two hairs on top of his head and I just cried. For many years after we have laughed about his first school picture!

  • Julie

    One of my favorite memories is of my son it was his first day kindergarten and we homeschool and i dont think he quite understood because when i told him it was time for school he put all his school stuff in his back pack and and went to the front door i asked him what was he doing he said waiting for the homeschool bus to take him to school

  • Rose

    My daughter’s first day of kindergarden my husband went out to meet her bus. The bus stopped at our house then drove on. To my husband’s dismay he saw our daughter smiling and waving out the window at him! we still laugh over this.

  • Lynne G

    I am a grade one teacher so I get to have a “first day of school” experience every year. Although my kids first days were the most important, I love seeing all those bright and nervous little faces, eager to start a new chapter in their education. I hate to see the summer end but do look forward to a new bunch of students to love and teach. Thanks for all the chances to win such great prizes. Good luck with homeschooling your little darlings!!!!!

  • Kimberly

    I remember taking my youngest to school on his first day and just last week, got to watch as he took his daughter to school on her first day! Wow, time flies when you are having fun with your family!! My DGD in school already…. WOW.

  • Sharon Harrison

    When we moved to Washington state from Southern California with 4 kids (all teenagers who didn’t really want to move)we were able to buy all of them Vans to start school. That made them special because the

  • Carole Toppen

    I think my favorite memories of school days was when my mom would take my sister, on separate days, to shop for school clothes. “Back in the day” we didn’t need to take supplies to school:) After school clothes shopping, we would go out to lunch just mom and me. I did this with my kids and now they are doing it with their kids. What a great tradition.

  • Sarah Joy

    Back to school is always so bitter sweet- I love sending my girls to school – Love the quiet house 🙂 but I miss them something terrible 🙁 Today i took my middle daughter to 1st grade and my oldest to 3rd. As I took a pic of my 3rd grader at her desk – it was hard not to cry remembering the day we took her to Kindergarten. Wow! does time fly and to see all the things she has learned and the wonderful young lady she is becoming. I love enjoying life with my girls and can not wait for them to come home and tell me all about their new friends and the wonderful things their teachers have tought them today 🙂


  • Kathie

    I loved going to school because I had no contact with children. I talked all the time and got B’s in deportment for the first grade and psrt of the second!

  • Marianna

    How exciting, I pick up my friends son from kinder and it’s so adorable to listen to him tell me about his day and what he learned, i can’t wait to experience this with my daughter and son when they are ready to start school

  • Cathy S.

    I loved elementary school (except for the Spanish — I never could roll my Rs). I remember what an honor and a privilege it was to be picked to clap the chalkboard erasers together to clean them. Yep — I’m really dating myself. Never heard of dry erase boards when I was in school. Your children are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Marcie Smith

    My kids are all grown with children of their own now. My baby who is 33 with twin girls (19 mos) who I take care of during the day while both parents are at work. I spend a few hours a day working with the girls, and I must say the cricut has been a life safer for sure.
    My fondest (although not at the time), memory is when my oldest child, Jason, started pre-school. I was a working mother, and had to drop him off rather early. He was the first kid there and as I got out to walk him in, he turned to me and said “It’s ok Mom. You don’t have to go in with me. I’m a big boy now.” I was crushed at the time, but I look back on it and laugh, because he has always been a very independant person and always had wonderful social skills.

  • nitasha j.

    One of my many favorite back to school memories is the night before the first day of school! I would always try on several of my new outfits, lay out all my school supplies, and get everything nice and organized for the next morning! Ah, I miss those days!

  • Celeste

    I, too, love the excitement of the new school year. I remember all the planning that went into that one special outfit I got for the first day. Second grade stands out in particular as I selected a lovely pair of cordaroy pants to wear. The first day of school was so hot and I couldn’t have been happier in my new school clothes. Something about being comfortable in a new outfit along with the happy days of a new school year! Somethings you just don’t forget.

  • Kris Dietz

    I’ll never forget my son’s first day of school. I must have been more nervous than he was because he told me I could go now and that he was a big boy. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Susan Landon-Arnold

    My children are no longer school age but I go back to school every fall as a college professor. It still is exciting and the 1st few days are spent chatting about what we all did “last summer”.

  • Shirley E.

    I have so many wonderful memories of school, starting with Kindergarten. Trying to think of just one to share was difficult, but I chose to tell where I discovered my “creativity”! All throughout school my favorite subjects were art and anything “art” related such as sewing, crafting, numerous hobbies and even cooking/baking classes. My fondest memories are of when I was in High School and joined two after two activities. One was “photography”, the other was “drama” where I was a member of all the back-stage activities such as make-up and set-design. No wonder scrapbooking and card making are my passions. Well at least second place below my Family.

  • Karen

    I loved getting new school supplies. Icould not wait until I went shopping with my mother. She would take my brother and myself school shopping after the first day of school. I had to have it all regardless if I needed it or not.

  • Rikki-Dee Flora

    I have a few school memories seeing how three of my four children are in school. I will never forget my oldest starting kindergarten. Watching my “big” girl get in the car with a backpack that was bigger than she was and the biggest smile I had ever seen as her daddy drove off to take her to school. I stood at the front door holding back my tears. My husband being a Marine has missed a lot of special days, but he has never missed the first day of school and that day was the beginning of that.

  • Nancy F

    I always loved the first day of school because finally got to wear my new outfits. I didn’t get many new clothes during the school year so the first outfits were a real treat!

  • Mary s

    My memory of school was socializing with my friends on the school bus. I was usually the first one on and the last one off. We would play cards while driving around to pick up the rest of the children.

  • Linda Woolsey (LilGreenBug)

    First off, Megan, let me say that your children are too cute for words!!!! Just wanna squeeze ’em!!! (The grandma in me came out BIG time!! haha) My favorite school memory was arriving that first day to find in my desk a brand new box of crayons, new pencils, papers, etc!! Oh, and I LOVED the smell of clay!! Smelling it now always takes me back to those precious, innocent days!!! Thanks so much for sharing your adorable children with all of us!!! Don’t blink!!! They’ll be grown before you know it!!!
    Blessings, love and hugs!

  • Michelle

    How funny! I did the same thing with my grand-daughter with the alphabet last year…of course using the cricut. We cut out the letter and things that start with that letter and glued them on a 12×12 sheet of card stock. We had a blast. This year she will be starting pre-school, but only two mornings a week. Loved your video with the kids. VERY CUTE!

  • Amy E.

    I think my favorite school days memory has to do with my daughter. She was in a program in high school called Running Start where she actually went to high school and the local community college at the same time for her jr and sr years. She actually graduated high school at 10 am and then graduated college with her AA degree on the same day at 2 pm. She was only 17 years old!!! What a day, and what a party after!

  • Cydney

    My favorite memory of my oldest son’s school days was when he made me a picture for Mother’s Day. It is drawn with crayons on lined notebook paper and has a house, me and him (stick figures) and it says I am the best mother he has ever had. LOL – I am the only mother he has ever had, but it was so cute. I have it in a frame to this day and he is 41 years old.

  • Allison

    I was worried that my third daughter would not get on the bus and go to school for the first time, cause if she decides she is not doing something she does not do it no matter what coaxing I do. She surprised me and got on the bus, waved and said “don’t miss me Mom, I’ll be back before you know it, I’m ready” I guess I ate my own words with tears in my eyes! My husband called minutes later to see if I was crying, he was right too. She is now ready for Senior Kindergarten in September.

  • Dawn

    My favorite thing about going back to school is. We take a pic every year of the kids in there new school clothes on the first day of school. It’s just a tradition that we have with our kids. It really is so much fun going back over the pics through the years.

  • mary jean

    we moved quite a bit while i was growing up so changed schools several times. On the last school change I went from a HUGE school toa itty bity school…The biggest shock and best experience that I had !

  • Linda Lapotka

    Hi Megan I home schooled my sons when they were in grade school. I taught 1st grade and was afraid I couldn’t get past 5th grade with them. LOL I taught 10 years had the boys and stayed home for 10 and taught part time at nights. Then I went back and taught 12 more years. I really miss teaching the little ones. But I am really enjoying my retirement.
    I am so happy I homeschooled my boys. I lost a few friend and got some fax but it really was a time I would do over in a heart beat. Blessing to you on you school year.

  • Jackie

    My favorite school memory is the first day of public school for both of my kids. They both went to a very small private day school through 1st grade. Moving to public school was a big, big change for them (and me!). They went from a 1st grade class of 12 to an average public school classroom of about 25, plus 4 other 2nd grade classes. Now they are 22 and 25. I would love to go back to those elementary school days and do it all over again. Thanks for the memories and the chance to win!

  • Carolyn

    My favorite memory is Mrs. Oyamot for 8th grade math. She taught overseas on a little island called Kwajalein. It used to scare me to death to have to go up to the board to write out the problems. Believe it or not that is where I learned to LOVE math! Now 30+ years later, when I talk with friends all over the world that went to that same school on Kwajalein, we all remember Mrs Oyamot and all say that she affected our lives in a positive way! I think that is cool!

  • Melanie Lewis

    I love that you are committed to being a stay at home mom! Those early year connections are so VERY important! Thanks for sharing with us too!

  • Lori

    I homeschool my kids too. Only one left. Too graduated from college and one just started. I love school and reading to my kids as they are curled next to me on the couch. Only one left to enjoy that with. Good memories.

  • Cynthia Guerrero

    My favorite memory is my two kids first day at Kindergarten. They were so brave,no tears and I walked home crying. But when my son who is the youngest started kinder I walked home and cried on the sofa till it was time to pick him up. Now my daughter is a Junior in HS and he is an 8th grader 🙁 Time went by to fast. And Ruby your babies are so adorable 🙂

  • Cara Usrey

    I remember my mom making my brothers and I stand in front of the house every year to take photos. A’s cheesy a’s I thought it was then I love being able to look back now and see how we all changed

  • Deborah Mussack

    Wow! Does that ever bring back memories. I homeschooled my three kids starting when the oldest was in third grade, the middle was in kindergarten and the youngest was in preschool. Cricut hadn’t been invented when I was homeschooling my kids but somehow we still managed to make some decent minit-books and lap-packs! Thrills my heart to see the next generation homeschooling their children. Great job Megan!

  • Marissa

    Since I am a 1st grade teacher, every 1st day of school is special and exciting for me. I am always eager to meet my new students…and like you, Megan, I can never pass up the back to school sales! One can never have TOO many crayons, pencils, stickers and fun items for the prize box!

  • Debbie Eslinger

    I home schooled my two boys, the day of their graduation would be my memory, my oldest was the first in the state to receive a diploma from the state
    upnurse at aol dot com

  • Ruth Halbach

    I don’t have any kids at home anymore, but I remember those days of ‘somehting is in my eye’ or ‘the sun is making my eyes water’.

    tfs, Ruth

  • cheryl

    i miss being a bus stop mom you knew everything going on at school and the town. i miss being involved.my daughter is 25 and son in college, its alot different. i love new school stuff though. lunch boxes and books that was always fun. thanks megan. you are super mom!!

  • Cheryl H

    I remember the smell of a cool first day of school, where the air was a crisp feel on your skin with a scent of fresh cool air. Walking my boys to the school bus last Thursday, I felt and smelled my first days of school all over again……And had that same heart warming feel!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! ;-}

  • Cindy Sue

    Megan, that was a long time ago. I do remember being a little bored, and not liking it because I could not read, or write and I had to be quiet and not talk to anyone, which was quite hard.

  • nancy r

    My fave memory was when I made the marching band as a freshman in HS and later precious memories of our children’s school experiences and now our grandchild.

  • Anna G

    We had prepared our oldest child for the first day of school and everything went well. The next day, when I started getting her ready for the 2nd day of school, she said, “But I already went!” She didn’t realize that school was not just a one-day affair. That was over 40 years ago. I’m a grandma now.

    That started me thinking about my own early grade school years, which took place during World War II (USA). During air raid drills, we were all marched into the basement to wait until the all-clear siren was sounded before going back to our rooms. In addition to regular window shades, all windows also had blackout shades. Once a week, we were urged to buy stamps to be used towards the purchase of war bonds. After the war ended, these were converted into savings bonds.

  • Ana Maria

    My favorite school day memories are from high school. I went to private school and loved every bit of it… from the football games to English lit… ahh the memories 🙂

  • Urszula

    My baby is only 19 month so no school experience here yet 🙂
    But I still remember my first day at the elementary school – I was terrify and excited at the same time, and didn’t want let go my mom till I find out about my classmates and cool teacher 🙂 Ah those memories – what a beautiful and careless time that was 🙂

  • Hailey Gurr

    I think the thing I remember most is one time for my first day of middle school my older brother dropped me off at the front door and as he was driving off he yeld out the window hailey pee’s her pants!!! I could have killed him then but now its funny 🙂

  • Cathy

    I was so thankful that my teenager wanted to go to the Christian High School in our area after being in the public school through Middle School. He is just starting his junior year! What a blessing!

  • Allison

    My favorite part of school, just like you, was supply shopping. Even now I have to look at every back to school item when I go to Target.

  • TK

    Love your help, inspiration and ideas that you supplied to me over the short time that I’ve become aware of your website. I also purchased your Cricut A to Z DVD, which is very helpful.

    Hmmm… my favorite school memory. Well, it would have to be the fact that I too homeschooled my kids. We went from Kindergarten all the way through high school and have many special memories along the way! I love spending the time together doing things since they grow up so fast. I just wish I had my Cricut earlier since all three are in college now, and my oldest just got married two days ago! I cherish the time we have together, especially when we have a great project to do.
    Thanks again for all you do!

  • Ruth

    I guess one of my fondest memories would be when my now 7th grade daughter was in 1st grade. Her teacher was a huge Star Wars fan and he dressed up as Chewbacca (without the weaponry.) Well, I’m not sure if many 6 and 7 year olds know much about Star Wars, so they were convinced he was a big fuzzy bear. The chants of Ted-dy Bear! Ted-dy Bear! rung out as they did their parade around the school and during the party despite his trying to convince them he was a Wookiee! Knowing him like I did and being a Star Wars fan myself, I was cracking up and still think this was a memorable moment even after 6 years.

  • Helena

    I just finished watching your video that you made with your two children. They are absolutely adorable. God bless them! I was talking and reminiscing with my husband about our first days of school. We both concluded that one of our most fondest memory was being excited to wear our brand new clothes the first few days of school. Our kids, Ayla (6) and Stefan (8) get excited wearing their new clothes but also returning to see their friends.


  • Bibi Leak

    Ah! My favorite back to school memory has got to be having a brand new red and black plaid sachel filled with new lined notebook spiral bound paper and lots of freshly sharpened no. 2 yellow pencils. Oh! Yeah! Those were the days. God bless you and your family.

  • Kimmie

    I remember as a home school mom teaching the letter of the week. One particular week we were working on P, so we all dressed like pioneers and made “possum” soup (so the kids named it). All was well til a stranger knocked on the door. To this day we still don’t know what he wanted. Some how the little pioneers with their pretend weapons scared the poor man off…

  • Gail Ganong

    No homeschooling for my kids!! They went to public school and endured the bad and reveled in the good memories. They are now 42 and my baby will soon be turning 30. We laugh about the old days. They still keep out with their school friends thru Facebook!!

  • ExpressionsByElaine

    My fondest memory was doing all the field trips and class mom things, so I could be with my kids more. Although I do wish I had home schooled my kids had I known it was an option. They are now in there 20’s.
    Thanks for the chance to win:)

  • sandy

    I home schooled my son from 4th to 12 and my daughter from K to 8th when I broke both my legs. Had that not happened she would have finished as a homeschooler, both kids took college classes while in high school and my son started college as a sophamore. It was an experience I will never forget and would never change. Best to you and enjoy. Time passes quickly. I have always been a poor speller and was in public school.

  • Toni

    Well, no kids at all for me. Sorry to those who might find this offensive (or un-natural), but I never wanted any.

    However, my step-sister and her kids were up here (I live in the mountains) a few weeks ago (and they’ll be back again over Labor Day – my sister and I want to hit all the yard sales. It’s as if the whole mountain is for sale – lots and lots of people have yard sales on Memorial Day and Labor Day). Anyhow, I digress. My sister home schools her kids. Her oldest turned 14 this year and will be a Freshman. He will now be attending an art school for his music. He started to volunteer there a few weeks ago, prior to the start of the school year. My sister was telling me of how she started to get teared up while driving to drop him off at school. And I started to laugh – saying to her, “Your Freshman son is starting Kindergarten” and we both started rolling. Too funny.

  • Granny Sandy

    Being a Mum for 32 years I have so many memories. Our older three children went to school and I cried and thought my heart would birst on their first day at school. My younger three I homeschooled so it was different. I didn’t cry but had a head full of ideas. Children truly are gifts from God!

  • Lisa LeMay

    I have so many memorable moments of school. I was home schooled too, until grade 12, but the government would not allow me to have a diploma as the program was Christian and American. They said I could only have a grade 10 equivalency. I was so upset! So I went back to public school grade 10 at the age of 17. I was horrified at first but quickly felt more and more grateful. There were many moments of public school that I have to remember and would never have had being home schooled. I am really glad to have been home schooled and am terrified of my kids going to public school, but I know it is for the best. My oldest starts Pr-K in two weeks and I am missing him already!

  • Kathy

    To this day I still think of both my children’s graduation days and how much I would miss their childhood days. Love them sooooo very much and wish I could have kept them from growing up. 🙁

  • Edwina Brown

    I was in the 12th grade. We were having an assembly gathering and awards were being given out for the best proformance in the different. My Mom came and I had no ideal that I was to win on for Home Ecc. I thought one of my brothers was winning something. I won the top prize and a plack for my work above what was expected. I was stuned and had to be told to come get my award. Your 2 children are adorable! Wish I lived closer I would love visiting with you and playing with the kids. Have a good day.

  • Anna

    I am a mature mum and remember how my son never liked to go kindy and when he was there he never liked to leave. Boy did we have battles over these situations. lol

  • Harley

    I have been teaching over 30 years, but I still love the smell of new crayons, the sound of new notebooks cracking open, and the look of new, sharpened pencils. After all this time I still get butterflies in my stomach on the first day of school.

  • Robyn

    I homeschooled our kids and have so many wonderful memories. They are now 34 and 32 and I still miss it. One of my favorite memories is of the books we read together and then talked about. We loved to read and spent hours at the library.

  • ildi-the craftin mama

    I hate when my kids go off to school on their first days!! When they are little it is just so heartbreaking!! I still feel a little funny when they go back to school and they are 4,12 and 14 now!! I applaud those who homeschool!!

  • lisa argyle

    I remember my own tears on the first day of first grade. I was sure that sweet little grandma was going to be the meanest lady in the world!!!

  • Leann

    I remember being excited every year for the first day. I would lay my new clothes out with my school supplies. My very first time my older sister took me. I felt like such a big girl as I held her hand walking to class. Needless to say that feeling soon changed when I realized she had to leave me:)

  • Joanne P

    grabbing some ice cream after the first day of school with my daughter, going over the day with her and buying her school supplies is always fun too.

  • Sue Anderson

    My favorite memory in school was in 2nd grade & my teacher selected me and a boy to go pick the Christmas tree for the classroom. We went on lunch break, so she bought us a hamburger at a fast food place. It was the first time I’d ever had a hamburger & fries. I was in Heaven! That was the best school day, ever! (That was in 1972.) I miss you, Miss Sands, wherever you are! 🙂

  • Islandnami

    My 7 year old always takes a little while to settle into a new class. I always know when he reaches his turning point and feels comfortable in his new situation when he announces that he wants to marry his current teacher. So far he has done this in both Kindergarten and 1st grade. We’ll see what happens this year!

  • Mary R.

    School supply shopping was always fun. I still make a round the section of the store every year. If I reach really far I can almost smell my schoolbags at the beginning of the school year.

  • Tina V

    I work in a school so I have lots of fun stories but the one that popped into my head today was from a couple years ago. A first grader was so excited to visit the Media Center (I’m the librarian) and the first thing he told the Principal when greeting her in the morning is that “today is the day I go to the meteor center!” Of course for our next staff meeting I had to make a new sign saying “meteor center” with planets and stars on it!

  • Chris

    Grade school was the most fun I had in school. I made the best long lasting friendships. I still keep in tough with my grade school buddies and have a life long connection that no one can break.

  • Judy G.

    Getting ready to go back to school was always a fun time for me and my two daughters too. They loved getting new clothes, and new crayons and pencils, little pencil carriers, etc. Brings back fond memories!

  • nancy makela

    My sons first day at school he was getting on the school bus and my husband grabs him back off, he had his knife in its case on his belt . He said he was taking it in to show all his new friends, needless to say that had to get hidden.
    He’s 27 now and I can only hope that when he has kids they dont do these things to him.

  • Dorinda

    My memories of my school days. Sitting down with my Mom ordering school clothes from the Sears Catalog. You know the polyester striped shirts with matching pants. LOL

  • Jan Lynn

    My favorite memories of my daughter’s school days involves her being in band. I was a volunteer in the uniform room all 4 years of her high school years. I always tried to have everything the kids needed from extra uniform parts to fingernail clippers. The band kids said I was the beat band mom ever. One ball game they found out it was my birthday and they gave me the sweetest card that all 130 kids had signed.

  • Barbara

    We were new to the town and my daughter first day of school, the bus driver went right by our road and me standing their waving at the bus driver to stop, and my daughter on the bus crying, we had a hard time to get her back on the school bus the next day
    she was afraid he would forget to leave her off

  • Sharlene Bumgarner

    My favorite school memory for my daughter is her first day of preschool. I was so worried that she would not go in without us. We got there and she jumped out of the car and went with the teacher and never even looked back once.

  • Carolyn Bussey

    This was the best first day in 22 years. I have been a school nurse for 22 1/2 years and this was by far the best first day in all those years. I have a wonderful Christian partner who is the best in our school district. Lots of new students, lots & lots of medications, lots of health care plans to do, seems like millions of new immunizations to put into computer, 2000+ health informations sheets to filter through and all using a relatively new computer data base. But no worry God gave us peace, reassurance and watched over us as we put it all together today. In addition I have a 15 year old grandson who start his school year as one of the school mascots, he is smart, awesome, handsome and wonderful to his family and friend, a truely Christian young man. What a strong Christian model and witness he will be to all he encounters this year. His first day picture made my day. Blessings to all who work in private, public and homeschool children, educating our children is a powerful responsibility we shoujld not do without God’s blessings and direction. Have a great year everyone. Carolyn

  • Kim McNaughton

    My favorite memory of school would be 3rd grade. To help us learn fractions we had songs that we learned and performed for our parents. My favorite one was doing a square dance 🙂

  • Linda

    My sons first day of kindergarten. I got to the day care after work and my child was not there. I went to the school and one of the office ladies said she noticed my son with another little boy in his class. Well she called that boys house and my son was there!. What a scare and it was only the first day. How would that office lady even remember my child on the first day. A small miracle, I think.

  • Eileen Powell

    I think it was 1st grade when I was given a Christmas party since I was the only Christian in my class. I spent many Jewish holidays being the only person in class.

  • Mary Shoffner

    Like you, I have the privilege of homeschooling my daughters. So everyday, though not always easy I am hopefully creating the memory for them that I love them very much and want the best for them.

  • Toothteri

    The first day of school was often on my birthday. I remember getting my first 2 wheel bike and only getting to ride it to the corner and back before I had to head off to school. I could hardly wait for the school day to be over!

  • GrannyB

    Oh WOW so many wonderful memories! One that comes to mind is when the oldest was in first grade and his sister was in Kindergarten they did not have a lunch program. So a couple of the Mothers decided to cook the lunch on Friday and I had the wonderful privilege to be one of the mothers. Every week I was able to share a heart warming time with two loving children.

  • Barbara Wilson

    I was scared to go to school. I lived in the country and my Mother didn’t work. So I really didn’t have interaction with younger children.

  • Arlene (GrandmaTo5)

    Can’t remember much of my early school years except that we moved 2 weeks before the end of my 3rd grade year and I had to be driven across town to finish the year with my class.

  • Susan

    I will never ever forget the first day of my son’s ride home from kindergarden class. The bus let him off 4 blocks from where he should have gotten off. I was in tears but could see him running towards me open arms to give me a hug and to tell me about his wonderful day and how he loved his teacher.The tears went away but the memory is so vivid.

  • Jen

    My son starts pre-k next Wed. I have to take him in that day since there will be no bus service that day. How exciting but sad. Then on Thurs, the big yellow limo will come and pick up my little prince. My little baby is going up so FAST!

  • Carol I.

    I remember my son’s first day of school…he was very anxious but scared…didn’t want to leave my side. He’s now 26, and I remember it like it was yesterday.

  • April Dawn Titus

    My fondest memory is starting school after Labor Day, which is no longer happening. My kids first day of school this year is August 24th.

  • Bethanie

    I loved the first day of school growing up – new clothes, new shoes, and especially the new supplies! Guess I was always crafter at heart 🙂

  • Lauriejane

    My only child starts high school this week, yikes.
    My favorite memories is spending a whole day school shopping with my mom and now I do it with my daughter.

    Thank you for the giveaways!!

  • Trish W

    Oh the first day of school was a teary one but the day I enjoyed most was when my son was in second grade and stood on the stage in front of the entire school and was a commedienne and he did real good too! He still is a ham. heeeheee

  • Katherine A

    When my baby started kindergarten I drove her to school and it didn’t bother me at all b/c it was like taking her to day care. But when she wanted to ride the bus, I stood there and cried my eyes out as they drove away.

  • patricia

    The first day of my son’s 5th. grade in public school (He attended Montessori since he was 3yrs. old) I asked him when I picked him up “so, how was your first day? what do you think about Public School?” he said “mom, school is so boring, all the teacher does is stand in front of the room and talks and we have to sit and listen or write what he writes on the board, and I already learned all these things at my other school”
    Boy, was that a wake up call. I wish his Montessori School would have gone higher grades.

  • Dawn

    The first day of kindergarten is always the hardest. Then going to a new school. But I have to say, now my youngest is in and I miss buying all the school supplies. I loved picking them out and getting a few extras. That makes me sad now.

  • Randy

    I enjoy school so much I became an Assistant Principal at a Middle School…..My daughter of 9 goes to work with me everyday and her school is just 100 yards away. We love our cricut and use it often for work and play.

  • Karen Atkins

    One of my favorite memories was the first day of school for my 3 kids. Of course there was the anticipation but my best memorey was the first day of school picture. No matter how hot or cold we had to get the picture with the first day of school clothes and the new bookbag. The tradition even continues when the went away to college.

  • Jo Ann Greenell

    I took four years of Home Ec; loved the sewing and crafting, but not the cooking. After 50 years, I still have a lap quilt I made. Still hate to cook, too.

  • Pam

    My most memorable moment was my daughter’s 1st day of Kindergarten. We had just moved to our current home and were all a little anxious about the new school year. My husband & I stayed home in the morning to take her for her first day.

  • Kimisue

    Oh Megan I had three amazing teachers. Mrs Danford who stayed in my life until she died last year. She followed my life from 1st grade, through college graduatation and attended my baby shower. When she was dying she called me find out how my mom was feeling. When I asked her how she was she told me I have good days and bad days but don’t worry about me I’m ok. Miss Ryan who is our town historian and taught me to love local history. Everytime I see her in town she talks about our 4th grade class and names all the students. Miss Ryan made me think I could do anything. Mrs. Waller who taught me how to give to others – she and her husband started the Martin Luther King, Jr scholarship fund in our town. So I am so blessed by these wonderful ladies and all the rest of my teachers. They outweigh of the not so great ones.

  • Kathy Tracy

    Although my two kids are all grown up, I remember fondly buying them a new outfit for that first day of school and picking out school supplies in their favorite color. It was a tradition to take a photo of them on our front steps the first day just before the bus picked them up. I smile as I remember my daughter so proud of her new lunch pail and the little tie she wore with her outfit and my son as he climbed onto the bus so brave and turned to me and smiled. It broke my heart at the time. I love my kids so much and am thrilled now to have 3 granddaughter to share new memories with. My daughter is homeschooling them and I am so proud of her. It has been such a blessing watching the positive changes in them. I congratulate you for your committment to homeschooling…it will be such a blessing to your family.

  • Cindy

    I’ll never forget my oldest daughter’s first day of preschool. When I went to pick her up afterward she was having so much fun she didn’t want to go home and threw a big fit in front of the teachers and other mothers! I was soooo embarrassed! Of course she did the exact opposite the first day of kindergarten and clung to me and cried, not wanting me to leave her at school. She was always an emotional roller coaster!

  • Carol

    My memory is my daughter’s first day at pre-school. I went to pick her up and the first words that she said to me was “I want a computer!”

  • Patti

    Wow, I saw a comment by another poster about the “ditto” machine smell and I instantly remember the “mimeograph” machine smell. I’m sure we are talking about the same thing. I used to love that smell and just thinking about makes me smile. I recently went back to Rhode Island where I went to grade school. We were a Navy family and we moved a lot. People actually still remembered me. It was wonderful, it’s been 48 years since I was there last!


  • myska

    As a school librarian, doing story time with the kinders and pre k’s. The day that special-needs Maricela insisted that her line was “to tell the King that the sky was falling!” when I needed her to say “where are you going?” Her teacher and I both had to turn our heads–it was so funny!

  • J Lar

    I love that at the breakfast table this morning my daughter looked at me with one eye open and a smile while asking if I remembered to put her “Happy 1st Day of School” note in her lunch box. Have done this for all my kids since Pre-K as it was something my Mom did for me and all of my brothers.

  • Dorothy B.

    I think every day is a special memory for us. I too have home schooled our kids from day one. They were both reading at the age of 3 and are still love to read. If you get a good schedule that fits into your family life you will do well. You and the kids will find it so much easier to get through the school day. Wishing you the best in your up coming year. This will be my last year with 2 students. My son will graduate in May.

  • Daphne

    My fav memory is the day my daughter started Kindergarten. My son was also starting grade 2 and he took her hand as they were getting on the bus together…it was so cute…and I got a great pic of the two of them wating on the driveway for the bus in their school uniforms!

  • Geri

    Growing up in Illinois, back to school shopping meant trying on woolen skirts and sweaters that stuck to your skin in the August heat. But we knew they would feel so good when walking to and from school on those cold, snowy winter days.

  • Cindy

    My favorite memory was 1st day of high school… I was soo excited to be on my own, but then my mom insisted on going with me; which I wasn’t too thrilled with… but by the end of the day I was sooo happy she was with me. I looked back now and think how amazingly supportive she has always been.

  • Tracy

    Had to be my kindergarten photos-I had on one of those bodysuits with a lace collar in royal blue with a red white and blue plaid skirt that looked like someones couch fabric….thank goodness for fashion evolution!

  • Lynn Mann

    Every school year is started with a picture on the first day of school. It gets harder when they are in high school (it’s not cool mom). But, I persevere and have always been able to get one. This year, daughter started college and I was able to take her picture with no complaints. My high school son will be another story!

  • Dianne

    Like most moms I too will never forget both of my children’s first day of school. Hard to let the 1st one go and then when the 2nd one goes it is hard again knowing it is your last one to enter school.

  • Laura

    So glad you are going to homeschool! We homeschooled our daughters all the way through, with some co-op help with tougher subjects when they were in middle and high school. So glad for the experience! With your sunny disposition, I’m sure you will be wonderful!

  • JO

    lots of memories but the first one that came to mind was actually the day before the first day of school for one of my sons — he decided to cut his own hair (5 yrs old). 🙂

  • Linda

    Back in the ’50s they must not have thought too much about starting school at an early age. An older student asked how old I was and I happily answered that I was 4. He scared me by saying that I couldn’t be there. Luckily a friend was with me and told me to just ignore him. Within the week I turned 5 and was very relieved! I never “suffered” from being so young but I’m glad that now there is a cut-off day for being 5 and starting school.

  • Julie

    I always liked the excitement of the first day of school — new outfit, new shoes, new lunchbox, new notebooks, new pencils, new teachers, and old friends I hadn’t seen all summer. Good memories!

  • Annette

    I remember my first day of K. I was 6 and wore a beautiful yellow dress with my hair in 2 pig tails. Love the smell of new crayons and arranging the school supplies in my pencil box. My kids were always excited about starting school. Now they are both married and I have a 1 year old grandson. No more first day of school for me until my grandson starts school:)

  • Cheryl H

    My favorite school day thing is first day pictures and comparing them to the years past… seeing how they grow. A friend has done it all the way through her daughter’s senior year of high school.

  • gladys

    I’l never forget my youngest son’s first day of school. He hanged to my let and didn’t let go. He did this for three days, finally the Principal said I will take him in and you go home. Everyday after this day she will take him in and I went home until he was ready for me to stay to see him going in with the rest of the class. My other three boys were fine. He was so attached to me. He is 27 and he is still my baby.

  • Lisa S.

    I home schooled my oldest son (now 22) for three years, which helped when we moved to England with the Air Force. But my favorite & saddest memory was when I took him for his first day of Kindergarten and went to kiss him good-bye and he said he didn’t want me to kiss him in public anymore. So from then on, during school days I’d kiss him good-bye in the car. LoL

  • Barbara Escalante

    Being a teacher I have a lot of back to school memories. My favorite memories are those with my daughters. Getting ready for the first day of school is always exciting. Buying the new outfits and school supplies was always fun. The best memories were when they were going to elementary school. They were so cute on the first day. Now one is a teacher and the other works with Special Education students.

  • Sandie

    Every year from kindergarten on, we photographed the kids at the front stoop on the first day of school. Each child held up the number of fingers corresponding to their grade, with kindergarten a curled finger. As they got older there were assigned summer projects which were also included in the picture. It is so fun to watch them grow up in time lapse photography, changing size, hair, clothing, and interests.

  • Adelia

    My Granddaughter went to the same school I work at and she rode in with me everyday. She is going to Middle school this year and I will miss her very much. Buttttt her little brother is starting school this year, so now him and I can have our time together.

  • Jenna H.

    I remember my sweet mom walking me to school every morning with my baby brother in his stroller. I was in 2nd grade and it was quite a
    walk too.

  • Lisa J

    My facrotie school memory was when I was in kindergarten and getting to ride the bus to school in the morning with my big brother! He was my bodyguard and kept me safe!

  • Mindy

    My favorite was when the goat got on the school bus with our son who was in kindergarten. She was a nice little milking goat who I thought was in the shed, but I had not latched the gate so she climbed on the bus with our son Will! The kids and bus driver loved it but I retrieved the goat so that the kids could get to school.

  • scrappinc

    One memory I have is of my niece is when she was in 2nd grade and I was looking at her homework and realized the teacher had her spelling her last name wrong. We talked with the teacher and she was sure she was spelling it correctly and when she took another look at her last name, she realized she had been spelling it wrong. We all had a good laugh.

  • sarah

    Wow that is a hard one but I would have to say when my kids had first day of kindergarden I have 2 boys ages 28 & 15 (don’t advise having them so far apart) I was more excited than they were and I cried more too.

  • Lee

    My oldest daughters first day of kindergarten. We lived on the edge of town in a very small town. Grandma and great grandma came over before she got home so they would be there to see her come home and hear about her day. I went to meet the bus and she wasnt there. I went home and called the bus company. After some investigating we found out she didnt get off the bus. She sat on the wrong side of the bus and didnt recognize her stop. She rode the whole route. It was a bit stressful to send your first child off to school and they dont come back when expected. We laugh today.

  • Cheri

    Lots of great memories for me. My family lived in the country and my two brothers and I walked about 1/2 to and from the bus stop. Most days our cat and dog would be under this great huge pine tree waiting to walk us back from the bus stop! (Another funny one was that I went to a one room school house for 1st grade, years later a friend of mine lived in that school house, and when I visited I had major deja vu!!!)

  • Rose

    My favorite memories are of my son. We did homeschooling through the Abeka Academy. Being able to there beside him each & everyday and seeing him grow…

    I already have yours & Tammy Gypsy DVD A to Z It is a must have DVD I would be very lost with out it!

  • oleladydevine

    I always loved getting the 1st day of school picture of my children, something they were not thrilled with as they got older. I really love your site.

  • Dona Cassel

    I was told that my first day of school I tried to take the bus home, even though I lived 2 blocks away. Good thing the bus driver didn’t let me on the bus. Who knows where I would be now. LOL

  • HRHLadyTina

    I, too, have always loved back to school supplies. One of my favorite back to school memories is when the Scholastic book orders would come in and I would go home with the books and be so excited to read them that night. It was the same later on when my kids would bring their orders home.


  • Pati

    So many memories of the first day of school. Tried to take a pic of my kids by the same tree every first day of school. They got bigger 7 so did the tree!

  • Teri

    One of my favorite memories is my 5th child (son) throwing himself down and crying on the doorstep of the home where his 18 month OLDER sister was having her first day of preschool. He was sooooooo mad that he couldn’t go too!!!! I have a wonderful picture of that priceless moment!

  • Karen G

    I always LOVED school….k-12….as a kid. I couldn’t get enough! I am a Middle School teacher now! Consequently, I have lots of great memories…..27 years and counting! I have 4 kids – 2 boys who are not school oriented and 2 girls who do it all! I guess my favorite memories are the performances….music, plays, scholastic competitions. Lot of fond memories of their dance education too!

  • Patricia L Logan

    I always loved getting new school supplies and school clothes. I also enjoyed picking out what I wanted to wear on the first day.

  • Nancy Ann

    My brother was in the 3rd grade and on the last day of school he took me. I was 5 and I met this cute little boy and decided that day I was going to marry him. We were married 57 yrs.yesterday.

  • Diann

    I like reading your blog – even though my child was not homeschooled – many of her friends were – she went to a very small private Christian school and we loved sharing with our friends who did not have school functions – keep up the great work

  • Gail

    Today was my son’s first day of 1st grade. He switched to a new school from last year. He made a new friend at breakfast and was ready to start the day. He has a huge smile on his face at the end of the day as he told me how great his day was. No tears this year but a proud Mommy.
    I remember when I went to school it was the one time a year that I got new shoes adn I remember loving that smell of the new shoes…

  • Carol Pringle

    I loved taking the ” First day of school pictures” each year. It was always really hot and the girls used to hide under their large broad rimmed hats….so it was a struggle to see their faces……I shared in their excitement when they caught up with their friends and exchanged holiday stories.

  • Judy

    My first day of kindergarten I left school and went across the street to my mom’s cousins house. Much to her shock when she came to pick me up I was gone and noone knew where I was. My Mom went to her cousins, found me and you can believe I never did that again!!!!

  • Jozie

    I remember the Special Time when we went to Sears and bought our penny loafers for school. Buying shoes was a big time back then. School & Easter were about the only time. Then for the first day of school we got two shiny pennies for our shoes for the first day. Shiny shoes & pennies and the new outfit. We were “someone” for the first day!

  • Jess (aka Sparksgal)

    My school memories all surround having a great time with my friends. I enjoyed school…especially getting new supplies and preparing my backpack for the 1st day. 🙂

  • Kelly

    Watching my own kids go off to school and come home to tell me all the amazing things they learned that day. Their growth and development amazes me!

  • Amy P.

    Mrs. Rofuss was my first grade teacher. I just loved her! I remember many of the craft projects we did. One in particular was a vase for Mother’s Day. We took a pop bottle and brushed glue all over it. Then rolled it in crushed egg shells that had been dyed in a variety of colors. Then used our hands to fill in any empty spaces. I have to wonder how many eggs she had to peel to get enough for our craft that day. I was so proud of my creation! My mom kept it on top the refrigerator with silk roses in it for over 20 years.

  • Melinda

    My daughters are grown now, but the excitement of the first day of school with all their new school supplies and new clothes was fun, but as they left me that first day on that big yellow bus always brought tears to my eyes—even when they were in high school. I think it’s great you are homeschooling your children and a great way to grow close as a family….enjoy!!

  • Phyllis

    It was 30 yrs. ago, and still remember taking my son to his 1st day at kindergarten, leaving him at door of his classroom, giving him a kiss goodbye … and then me crying all the way home in the car.

  • millie

    Yeah I miis thoughs days my kids are all grown but once in a while I get to take my grandson to the bus stop and it brings back memories.Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to all.

  • Ami M.

    My favorite memory is graduation day. Standing behind the bleachers waiting to file out onto the football field to graduate. Everyone was excited and scared at the same time. 🙂

  • Megan

    You are unbelievable. I don’t have any kids yet but we are trying. I am going to remember all that you do whenever I start to feel overwhelmed. You are my inspiration. I started school in the 80s and I remember my mom braiding my long hair in pigtails, tying a banana around my waist, and snapping loads of pictures. I look back now and think “what was she thinking?”

  • Frania

    Comme la plupart des mamans, je n’oublierai jamais mes fils premier jour de la maternelle. J’ai encore les larmes aux yeux quand je pense à le laisser partir.

  • Anne

    My kids are both grown and now they are sending their kids to school. One in 5th grade and one in kindergarten. in a couple of years the other two will have their first day too!

  • Judi Farrell

    One of my favorite memories would be when my oldest (who just got married 1 month ago) was headed to her first day of preschool. We lived in Berlin, Germany (military family) and she just wasn’t sure about taking the bus. So, we walked her down to the bus stop just so she could see the bus and other kids and how to do it and then we were going to drive her there. We sat at the bus stop with Alyssa, the bus pulled up and stopped, she jumped up, said “Bye mommy and daddy” and hopped on the bus. We were stunned! We waved, teary eyed, watched the bus pull away, and SPRINTED to our car and followed the bus all the way to school. WHY?? Because we hadn’t taken any pictures or video. (I remembered that sweet memory of my independent little girl as she was dancing with her daddy at her wedding.) 😀

  • Mary

    Mine is in the craft room also, but with our granddaughter. She had to do an Oral presententation on Massachusetts. After grandpa got the presentation board, she and I used Big Shot and Quickutz to cut letters and shapes to match what she wanted to present. It was fun and a great way to us up some of my old product and papers. Nothing can beat the time spent with her working on them project.

  • Pamela Palm

    My favorite memory is when my daughter was in 3rd grade and they had show and tell. My husband had given her a dime that had been deeply dented in the middle with a machine at work. He told her that he was Superman and on the way home from work he caught a “bad guy” that tried to shoot him and the bullet hit the dime in his pocket. She told the whole story at show and tell and proudly showed the dime! Her teacher later told us that she was really interested in getting to know this family! LOL so I need to get the Superman cartridge to make things for my Superman.

  • Angie Becker

    Remember school starting as being a very exciting time. One of my favorite things was the way my school box smelled with all the new supplies:)

  • Gayle S.

    I loved going back to school each year and seeing friends I hadn’t seen in months! Can’t believe my kids will be starting soon too!

  • Donna

    My favorite School Days memory was the first day of school when I got to wear my new Back To School outfit. It was normally a fall outfit and the weather was still warm but I never cared!!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • nanci

    The first day of school with my daughter always involved a new outfit. We would spend weeks looking for it. She also always got a new backpack and lunchbox and was so proud of them. I would take her to school and take a picture with her new teacher. I miss those days.

  • Marla

    My favorite school days memory is from last year. We sent our son to school (we’re normally homeschoolers)for grade one in Mexico so that he could learn Spanish. He was entered into a school spelling bee, where he was tiny you could barely see him sitting at the end of the table and he beat the whole school (grades one to six)!! He has his winning certificate proudly framed and displayed on his bedroom wall.

  • conniemelancon

    My favorite School Day Memories are my kids programs at school. I don’t know who was more proud of them on stage singing me or them!

  • Tanya Thompson

    The first day of school was always the best…new shoes, new clothes, new back pack filled with new binders, pencils, papers….I think that’s how I became a paperholic! LOL! Best memories ever! Thanks for reminding me of them!

  • TheSatuMaarit

    My favorite memories from school are my daughters first school day and this year my sons first preschool day.I was so excited on both of those days that I barely sleeped night before.Everything went well and bot of my kids love to study.

  • Renee

    Everything is a blur for me too, my two are grown now, but I do remember every time my daughter would head back to college after a short visit that I would cry as she would pull away so she wouldn’t see me! ha!

  • Amy

    I always love the way my girls come home on the first day of school ten feet taller than they were when they left. My girls go to a parochial and have uniforms. I always love seeing their little bodies in those uniforms and of course taking the first day pictures. The little ones who aren’t in school yet always seemed to find a way into those pictures too!

  • Jeannette aka Jnett

    Kindergarten, day one, walking my daughter to the door and she stops dead on the front sidewalk, looks up and me and says, “you’re not going in with me, are you?”. I had to assure her I needed this for me, not for her. I was sure she was good on her own, but mommy needed to feel better. Kids!

  • Shari

    I’ll never forget my daughters frist day of kindergarten we just moved to a new town and they bused the children. She fell asleep and they didn’t see her and took the bus back to the depot after going crazy and calling all over they call and said they found her sleep on bus and she would be home shortly. All worked out well through out all her school year she never feel asleep on bus again.

  • Elaine

    My son’s comments on his first day home from college.
    “my best surprise is how well prepared I am for college work.”
    “We always smell each bite of (dorm)food before we eat it- that way we know what it is.

  • Donna

    We always took a picture of each of our 3 daughters on the first day of each school year. Now, I have 3 granddaughters that started their first day of school yesterday. Their mothers are carrying on the tradition of that picture. It is so fun to look back at all those “first” moments.

  • Roxx.t Barnes

    My fondest & funniest school memory is of my youngest when she was in kindergarten. They had a PTA fundraiser & she danced to the Macarena…That was funny but when she put her hands on her hips she was the only one shaking her hips! Soo FUNNY & cute! I should u-tube it!

  • Dixie C.

    I am a homeschooling mom too!Of 5 kids…I don’t know how those little one room school house teachers did it! My favorite memory…would be the ones happening now…after much prayer, my 15 year old has gone back to public school in a new science,technology,engineering, and math magnet school. He is loving it! It is thrilling to watch him blossom. I am able to focus on 3 younger children who need more attention.Lots of changes this year! (The oldest graduated early and will be headed to college this Jan…and that will be very different!)

  • Kavita

    My favourite school memory is going on field trips. We would spend days planning what we would wear and what to take in our lunch box and who we would sit next to on the journey.

  • Judi

    I look back and remember how proudly our kids walked down that long school hallway. They were starting kindergarten and announced they were “BIG KIDS” now. They acted so brave as they marched into that classroom all smiles, eager & eyes shining. My knees were mush!!!

  • Lynn Smith

    I would say my best memories of school would be high school days when I sat in the room across from my now husband to be (then my fiance) and begged the teacher (who was his football coach) to leave the door open. What fun. Be still my heart.

  • Cathy

    I can remember getting all my school supplies and arranging them all in my backpack. Since I’m a super organized person, I would take everything back out and look at it all and reorganize it. Silly, I know but it was so much fun to me! I have since found myself doing that to my 1st graders things ha ha! Thanks for the chance to win and congrats and luck to you for home schooling.

  • Janet

    We homeschool so just the start and end of the school year are our favorite. I am sure all of you know why! THe thrill of starting and the thrill of ending! But of course my favorite part is being close and seeing the progress…God bless!

  • Marla H.

    I would say my best back to school memories happened each year I went to school because I loved school and learning and was always so excited to go back!!

  • Marta V.

    Back to school was always fun for me. It gave me time with my Dad alone. It was one on one, shopping for uniforms, some clothes, and school supplies. That was my favorite, the smell of school supplies. LOL!!!!

  • Jennifer Martin

    My favorite memory is when my son entered first grade just down the hall from my own first grade classroom. It was so great to see him everyday and know exactly what he was up to…. I think of this fondly as he is this year leaving my school and going off to middle school!

  • Renee Roberts

    I remember the 1st day that my youngest went to school so well. His backpack seemed to swallow him and I kept thinking, I shouldn’t be doing this, he is way to young to go to school. LOL. But of course, he didn’t think so…

  • Daviet Knox

    I will never forget the first time I walked onto a school bus. That bus felt so huge!! My older brother was with me and walked straight to the back, the bus driver stopped me and made me sit in front. I was devested! My brother even said it was fine for me to sit with him, Nope k – had to sit in the front! I still dont think it was fair!

  • BJ

    One of my favorite memories is my fifth grade school year. I was new to the school and the teacher and students made me feel very welcomed.
    Another memory is welcoming new middle school students at the beginning of the year. I had fun planning get acquainted exercises for my students. This gave me the chance to make my students feel welcomed and we usually had a great year.

  • Betsy

    I have always LOVED school supplies, too! Just the thought of shopping for them makes me smile. I was a teacher for 30 years, so I got to continue shopping for school supplies for many years, as I always bought the basic supplies for students in my class since many of them didn’t get them at home. Even though I retired 2 years ago, I still love looking in the “school” aisle at the store to see what fun new things they have!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Dana Herin

    Well, not sure if it is my favorite but definitely most memorable. I broke my ankle and was on crutches. I didnt think about the 500 steps (at least it seemed like 500) up to the doors. So I decided to just “walk” up the hill instead. The grass was wet with dew and you can guess what happened. Tumble, tumble. 🙂

  • Carolyn

    I remember the first day of grade school – dressed up in a cute little dress, mom took a picture of me in front of the school, I was so excited!

  • Lisa P

    This year I sent both of my boys to middle school and almost cried because I realized their elementary years are over and time is going too fast.

  • Regina

    I worked as a teachers aide in the same school that my kids attended. They tell me now that the reason they were so good in school is they knew I would find out everything they did. They were very well behaved and they were right!

  • Cynthia V

    Megan, what you are doing with your children is alot of work, but let me tell you so worth it. They do and will appreciate it even more at they get older and realize all the hard work it requires. My favorite school memory…going to the dentist. Yes, it was the only time my mom was able to pick me up from school. I was a latchkey kid who rode the bus and didn’t ever see my mom until dinner time. This is why I know your children are blessed and so are you to do what you do. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Ü Cynthia V.

  • Liz C

    My fav memory is of my oldest who is 32 now, LOL. The first day of school I was ready for tears, etc., we walked into his classroom and he took off, he was so excited by all the stuff in the room and his teacher that he didn’t even care that I was leaving!!

  • Christina Eagan

    I loved going back to school shopping every fall. I loved the smell of new crayons, notebooks, pens, and paper. Now that I am a mom myself, I still enjoy the scents while buying my own daughter her school supplies. Time to feel like a kid again, woot!!

  • Teresa S

    My granddaughter starts kindergarten this month. I am hoping to get pics so that I can make a scrapbook of her first year in school.

  • Simply Pam

    I think the funnies is when I was leaving kindergarten on my last day and I said ‘Bye Miss Pool!, see you next year!’ She told me that she wouldn’t be teaching me next year that I would have a new teacher. I just stood there shocked then started crying my eyes out. lol 🙂 Yeah, you could say that I Loved Miss Pool. 😉

  • lynne

    Everyone who has younger kids enjoy these years. It goes by faster than you think or want it to. It just seemed like yesterday that my daughter started first grade and now she’s starting her first year of college.

  • Kristin

    I would have to say my favorite school days memory is with my kiddos…and it is honestly, the day my husband and I decided to homeschool them….that was the beginning of an adventure that is ongoing, and a huge joy! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Julie Ingalls

    I remember my first day. It didn’t take long for my teacher to write a note to my mom. Julie does great in class, but she tends to talk too much. Hehehee

  • Racel F

    My two little ones are not school yet, but I’ll definitely prepare ahead to make sure they’re gonna be kept forever as a great memory! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Janice

    I recently was going through some pictures and saw a picture of my son sitting on the front porch swing waiting for the school bus on his first day of school. I just sat there and had a good cry. I lost my son in 2009 in a truck wreck. It makes all of those pictures mean so much.

  • Kelli

    I LOVE that you were homeschooled too! I was homeschooled as well and I’m glad that I was. I really want to home school my two boys as well, but my husband doesn’t because he loved going to public school. My favorite memory was being able to go on a family vacation to my grandmother’s house during the school year and bring our studies with us!

  • Vennese

    The day I thought “no one else on earth is experiencing this”! One child was starting high school and the other was starting Kindergarten. WOW!

  • Sandra J.

    Growing up I always loved the first day of school every year. I loved wearing my new school clothes, seeing my old friends again, and meeting my new teacher. Of course my next favorite memories involve the LAST day of school every year! Yeah! School’s out!

  • Karen W

    I remember the first day of school for each of my three children – I think it’s always something you keep in your heart. A favorite memory is playing games with them in the mornings before they went to afternoon kindergarten.

  • Kathy

    My favorite memory from school days is when two of my kids started school.(the third one does not start until next year)…They both had the same teacher, and every year on the first day of school while all the parents are still there she reads a book call The Kissing Hand. It is to help the kiddos understand that when their parents are not there with them that we still think about them, and we are still there with them in thought. It is a very awesome book.

  • Michelle

    When I was in elementary school I was in this WONDERFUL gifted program called “ELP” or the Extended Learning Program and we got out of our regular classroom one day/week and went to the ELP classroom where we got to do all sorts of stuff. One of my favorite things we did was problem solving exercises. It was really really fun & has really helped me over the years to be able to figure out all sorts of things that looked impossible…We also got to go on archaeology & oceanography trips. I so loved that program & wished that I had access to it as I went through my school years.

  • Ann Diehl

    My favorite school memory was always getting new clothes & then trying to decide what outfit I’d wear the first day of school.

  • Sally in TN

    My favorite school memory is when my sons were old enough to ride their bikes to school, I would ride with them – great exercise and fun times!

  • Dana Desmond

    My son and I took my daughter to her first day of Kindergarten. My son was 3 at the time and apparently didn’t understand the process. He and I got back in the van to go home and he broke down in tears and said, “We can leave Kelli, she will be scared! You have to go get her Mommy!” It broke my heart because he was voicing my deepest thoughts as well. But we all survived.

  • Lara

    My favorite school memory is that magical moment when I learned to read and it went from being symbols that I was trying to decode to words that told magical stories. Congrats on your two year anniversary!

  • CHrista Hamilton

    Just like in the movie You’ve got Mail…Meg Ryan says I love the smell of new pencils…Well, I’m not that bad. But, I do love the smell of crayons, they just evoke in me the great times I have had coloring as a child and also coloring with my kids. I also get excited about going to buy school supplies…I don’t know what I will do when I won’t have to do that…sadness!

  • Kelli

    I loved getting new outfits for school and I would plan the week of which outfits I was going to wear on which day. That only lasted the first two weeks after that I was in the mind of what was clean?

  • Sharon

    I remember walking home everyday for lunch so I could eat with my mom. She always sent me with a baggie of radishes fornthe return trip. Love those memories.

  • Debby

    My daughter on the first day of kindergarten took hold of the teachers hand a walked away from me and didn’t even look back good think cause I was in tears.

  • Jennifer H

    My favorite school days memory is of my son’s (who is now 16)first day of kindergarten. He was so proud and thought he was so “big” that he could now ride the bus. I think however I cried the whole rest of the day.

  • christieK

    One of my favorite school memories involve my daughter who just turned 13. Oh my how time flys! Her second grade teacher told me that I have a precious gem on my hands! Then in 6th grade her administrator told me that he all of his students were like her he wouldnt need to be there at all. Proud moments for a mom!!

  • Eva Laney

    My favorite school memories are from my freshman year, Me and my best friend Patty had several classes together and we were lovin it. We are still best friends today! That was a looooong time ago, back in the 80’s ssssshhhhhh…lol

  • Julie

    Boy, I’ve been homeschooling my 4 kids for 9 yrs now, lots of great memories to choose from. I guess one of the best is the luau we had after studying Polynesia/Oceania. We decorated the dining area and made Polynesian foods for dinner. It was a lot of fun!

  • Louise W.

    My most memorable day of school was the first day of school every year – it reminded me just how fast my girls were growing up.

  • Eva Laney

    my favorite memories of when my kids were little …when my son was in Kindergarten they did a Mother’s Day show. They gave us big floppy hats they had made from contact paper and riboons and lace. we all wore them at their show as they sang songs to us Mom’s. It was soooo cute. It made my have happy tears just thinking of it!!!

  • Suzie

    I loved going to Prom with the beautiful decorations and the couples march so we could see everyone’s gorgeous dresses and dates!

  • Paula C

    For me it was my oldest first day of preschool. When I picked him up, the teacher pulled me aside and said I have to tell you about our share circle today. Nathan brought his teddy bear and when they were sharing, someone asked about it’s tail. Well, Nathan said, in his superior voice, that is not a tail, that is his penis!! Only my son.

  • Lori

    My past years are filled with many happy memories from 16 years of home schooling my 2 children and now looking forward to helping with the home schooling of my 2 grandchildren!

  • Dee

    My favorite memory of school is I went to a one room school house. There were 13 students, my 3 sisters, my 3 brothers and I and 6 other kids! I was the only one in my grade for 3 years! So it was kinda like home schooling with my siblings helping me! We still all talk about it!

  • Whitney Cantrell

    My favorite moment is from my middle son when he was in the 1st grade we went to a pumpkin patch on a field trip. He was so excited because there was a corn maze. He went through the maze and made it out on the 1st try. His face at the end of that maze was so cute with his wonderful smile.

  • Bernadette

    My husband and I are both teachers – so the first day at school has a lot of mixed emotions in our home. Parents are your children’s first teachers- and we never miss to chance to combine fun and learning. Last night we went out to the Light House (very dark area) and enjoyed the stars! Although no wants to go back to the routine of school – we all enjoy the challenges of the new year.

  • Tammy

    One super memory that I have of homeschooling my two kids and nephew (son for many years)—is when we called grandma to share with her what se’d learned on our first day of school……………………….They ‘sang’—in puppy language—“Stayin’ Alive”—it was such a hoot!!!

  • Jonetta

    I just took my last child to college this past weekend, entering the empty nest days and trying to remember the positives and not be sad that they’re all grown up now. Every year at the first day of school we would line them all up on the porch and take a picture. We continued doing it all the way through taking them to college. It’s fun to look back and how they changed over the years.

  • kristie

    i loved school. I would always fall asleep on the bus ride home and when my bus driver would let all the windows up on the bus she would find me. thankfully she lived right down the road and knew my parents very well. that was the good ole days…

  • robin breault

    OMG! They are sooo cute! And your right, some one once told me little children, little problems…Big children big problems. So if you think they need you now, just wait they will need you more!

  • Kelley B.

    My fave part of the beginning of the school year with my son (for the last 2 yrs): Their 1st day is a 2-hr. day and I love picking him up early and going out for a special lunch and to do something fun, of his choosing (which usually means Chick-Fil-A and the zoo). I love this time with him and I love hearing his excitement about school.

  • Nicole

    ON the first day of school my mom and I always took my son. This year he starting high school he didn’t want that. sad mommy and grammie….. But we did get to take my 5 year to the first day.. It was very sad but he had a GREAT day..

  • Michelle Dixon

    My favorite school memory is making soda bottle vases for our mons. We had the glass 16oz bottles, painted and decorated them and if memory serves me correctly we put some kind of varnish like shellac on them to preserve it. I can still remember my colors of orange red and brown squiggly lines on it. Lol.

  • Alison C

    The first day of school for me was going to private kindergarten wearing a uniform. I was so happy to have a uniform just like my big sister wore when she was in kindergarten! I wore a tam with a blazer, skirt, blouse and knee highs. My parents took a picture of my sister and I standing on our front step.
    Hate to say how long ago that was!

  • Tammi Amata

    My favorite memory is a recent one. My son started K this year and I will never forget the smile on his face and the ig I received when I picked up that day. He truly had a wonderful time and was ready to go back the next day. Love this new chapter in his life.

  • Darla Haverstock

    I think every day of grade 5 was thebest school day ever but that is probably because I had the best teacher ever!!!
    I remember learning how to sing happy birthday in chinese when a classmate who was having a rough time was given a kitten by our teacher for his birthday (ok’d with his parents first of course). The same teacher had our ENTIRE class over to her house for a sleepover in the summer (which was a blast). She really made learning a lot of fun!!!!

  • Ruth

    My baby is a senior this year. Talk about teary eyed. On his very first day of kindergarten we went outside and took his picture in front of our rosebushes. We did this on the first day of school for the next 12 years. It has been a wonderful tradition for us. To think this was going to be our last one made me so sad. Here he was starting his last year. Standing so tall in his lettermans jacket, car keys in hand.

  • carol

    My favorite school memory was when in 8th grade i was chosen for track queen. i got to hand out all the ribbons to the winners of each event. i was so honored to be picked.

  • Lynn

    One of my favorite school memories was my first day of high school- I HATED it! On day 2 I had a meltdown and swore I wasn’t going back. Naturally, my parents made me. That memory still makes me laugh to this day.

  • Glenda Hart

    My second grade teacher Mrs Smith made me love school and introduced me to Mary Poppins and the world of musicals and I have been hooked ever since.

  • Lois

    My daughters first day of kindergarten, it was 1/2 day and I cried most of the morning, when I picked her up I teared up again at how much she loved going to school

  • jan mckenzie

    I still remember my son’s frist day…I had to work and dropped him off….I dont think I had any food till I seen him in my car!!

  • stephanie m.

    So many first days of school in my life. On the first day of school, my friends and I would drop off our young kids and go for coffee at a local resturant. We either cried or rejoiced with each other.

  • Sue Alg

    Although I enjoyed watching my kids go back to school–the excitement, getting on the bus, etc. I had a really great time watching my grandkids repeating this same ritual. And some of my grandkids are going to the same school as their parents.

  • Jeane

    I remember taking my oldest to kindergarten the first day and all the parents standing outside the windows looking in at our babies. Then, Mrs. Blake came outside and told us “Go HOME!” yikes!

  • Nicki

    Well this isn’t my favorite memory, but I am told that when I was in 1st grade my mom caught me going out the door with a paper bag. She stopped me and looked in it and I had rolls of toilet paper. She asked me what I was going to do with it, and I said I was taking it to show and tell!!! Who knows what I was going to SHOW and TELL!!!!!

  • Beverly

    My youngest just graduated college and it really is special to see your child accomplish something you never had the chance to do and be proud of them!! Cherish your children each day, time passes quickly!!

  • Carrie Davister

    I still remember my son’s first of Kindergarten. He was such a big boy, no tears, and went to his seat and started working.

  • Roberta

    What fun! I really loved growing up where there would be snow on the ground at the bus stop and we would have mini snowball fights. If it got bad the principle would come and sit at our bus stop until the bus got there, not sure if i should be proud or not! : D

  • Tonya R.

    My favorite memory is our traditional school clothes fashion show. My girls model their new school clothes and I take their pictures to go in our scrapbooks. This tradition may come to an end this year, my daughter that is going in seventh grade this year is not excited about this tradition.

  • NanetteMT

    I think my favorite memories was more the getting ready for the new school year…new clothes, bookbags, folders etc. I can still smell the newness of everything! Also, when you got to school everything was fresh and clean. I must be weird…I guess I have a smelling thingy! lol

  • Debbie O'Neal

    My favorite school memory is from my oldest daughter’s first day of kindergarten. She was so cute in her new outfit and backpack walking up to the school. When she got to the gate, she turned to me and said “It’s time for me to go in alone Mommy. School is just for kids and you already had your turn !” and then she skipped up to the door and went inside. I stood at the gate with tears in my eyes and laughing a little but pride in my heart that my child was so confident to go in by herself.

  • Connie

    My favourite memory is my sons first day of JK…the day he learned to ride his bike down the lane to catch the bus. A bittersweet memory as #2 is starting school next week and I am going to cry all over again, lol.

  • Sandy Christman

    I remember when my first son’s first day. I don’t know who was more excited, him or myself. Well time goes by fast once they start school. Just recently I sent off to school his first child to school, and now he just started middle school, We were both nervous on that day. I guess that’s why we like to scrap to save all these special memories.

  • Sherry

    And we’ll have fun, fun, fun, till our hubby takes the Cricut away!!!! He would never dare!! I just LOVE ALL my Cricut and craft supplies!!! They keep me sane!

  • Laurie S

    I loved being involved in grade school – I may not have home schooled but I was very involved in PTA at my 2 son’s school and was there several times a week – I interacted with the teachers, the principal (our favorite thing was to hide in her office and eat M&M’s) and I am still friends with alot of the moms that I PTA’d with.

    It is mind boggling how quickly your children are grown up

  • Delise

    every year we have our kids stand by the door with all their supplies and have them hold up the number of fingers of the grade they are going in to. I take a picture and add it to their scrapbook!

  • PJ

    My favorite memory is getting to eat in the school cafeteria when we had the Thanksgiving dinner. Most of the time I had to walk home for lunch.

  • Heather W

    My favorite memory is of my son at Early Childhood speical education. It is bittersweet as he had some language and the little bit he had was caught on video at group time singing and also using his PECS (he is now non-verbal due to his autism).

  • Yvette

    My favorite school memories are from field days in elementary. Field day was always a few days before school was out and it was the one day out of the year that you felt you were not in school. My favorite activities tug-a-war and water balloon toss.

  • Lori Kaube

    One of my favorite memories was when my oldest daughter came home from school with this big grin on her face. She was asked by her classmates to be the class valadictorian for her grade 7 class. She made a speech that I was so very proud of and I think that day was the one where she became a lot less shy!

  • dbmcgnns

    Cute kids. I remember the first day of school and being worried about them taking the bus and if they were going to get on the right bus to come home. They didn’t seem to care but I was worried all day

  • Lora

    I always loved school and the back-to-school shopping-new clothes, school supplies, etc. Kindergarten was the best for me. I had a great teacher and we only went every other day for the whole day. Good times!

  • ~~Jen H~~

    My youngest just started school and he came home every day that first week and said that every student in his class got yelled at by the teacher because they are bad but not him. I am sure with three kids there will be many more to come this is just one of the memories that is fresh in my mind! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Karen H

    My dad who is 94 tells this story of his being in kindergarten for 2 years. Back then, they did not ask alot of questions. He got in the wrong room and when they discovered the mistake, it was too late to move him into 1st grade. He said he was the best colorer in his class.

  • Nancy

    Oh that’s easy to remember..the VERY first day of school, kindergarten, for my daughter – that bright, shiny new experience of getting dress ed up and taking your new school supplies in your special school bag, getting on the bus for the first time and being a “big girl”! In her red top and matching skirt with yellow and white daisy print and rick rack, and her corn silk, white blond hair all crimped and in a half pony high on her head – ah the picture of innocence and anticipation!!

  • karen

    I now miss the first days of school now that the kids are grown. We would always have the school supplies ready the night before to build excitement and I would take them to school. It was sad when the last went to all day school I knew then my kids were growing up.

  • Susan

    My most favorite memory is not of a first day, but the day my son was a junior in high school and he was picked along with 16 others to go to Russia for a month to study. He was extremely excited and I was extremely nervous. He will never forget the experience and as an adult today he still appreciates all that he has in the USA.

  • Lucille Ellenwood

    My favorite is when my son was in kindergarten
    and had to make a Leprechaun trap. After all
    the traps the Leprechaun got away.

  • Christina

    I think it is great you homeschooling your kids! My 3 kids go to school but I wish when they started school taht I was at home to school them. I push them as much as I can now after schools to make sure they understand how important it is in life. I think many dont express that to their kids. ANyhow, good luck this year staying motivated and moving 🙂

  • Brenda

    I have a 20 yr old and almost 12. For my 20yr it is HS graduation ! What an emotional moment, proud, exciting, sad all at one time, remembering ALL the memories over the years. Now with my second son, starting middle sch, involved in church, sports, scouts, I will get this same terrific feeling 1 more time. Love being a MOM!

  • Cindy

    My favorite school memory is in 3rd grade. My teacher read a poem called In Paisley Print to the class and then we all had to wear something with paisley print on it. Everytime I see paisley I remember that teacher. She was the best! BTW, your kids are adorable!!!

  • Gypsycrafter

    I’ll always love the memory of my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher appreciation party. The class surprised the teacher at the Mom’s day tea! Each child presented a rose for the teacher and assistant teacher so at the end the teachers got 2 dozen roses. In addition, the class mom had collected up new costumes to replenish the dress up corner (including some theatre grade ones!). We all had tears in our eyes.

  • Lyndsay

    I remember my daughter’s first day of JK and waiting for the bus with her watching her dance in circles because she was so excited to finally be going to school and getting to meet new kids.

  • Kelly Juliano

    This being the first year of college for our son was a tough one; our tradition of taking the first day of school picture on the front porch has been replaced with a picture outside his dorm.

  • Evelyn

    When I was a senior in high school I was the editor-in-chief of our yearbook. It was great to see the finished product which had lots of wonderful memories because of the photos taken throughout the year.

  • Beth

    Sent my girls with a flower to give the teacher the 1st day of school, now they are following that tradition doing the same with their children. Grandkids look forward to picking out just the right flower.

  • Sylwia

    My daughter is too little to be in school yet but I look forward to years of great memories! Hope to win and have a chance to create!

  • Pam D

    My most memorable moment in high school was when I was chosen to sing a solo at my hs graduation. Was excited but scared out of my wits. It was a medley of songs about the creation. WOW!! Haven’t thought about that for years. lol!!

  • Springfree

    Wow! First day jitters and anxiousness–exciting field trips–“grand” productions–nervous parent conferences–bittersweet last day . . . all in the year of an early childhood teacher for over 20 years.

  • genelle

    My most memorable day was my first day of school. I am not telling you it was my best day though! I got a spanking my first day (I am 65 years old, so spanking was allowed then). Needless to say, I have not forgotten that day!

  • Anita W

    My son hasn’t started school yet but not long ago he started Playgroup and the best part is when he sits up at the table with all the other bigger children to do crafts and have morning tea. it is so cute and he thinks that he is such a BIG boy now 🙂

  • Barbara K

    My grandchildren started kindergarten and pre-school last week. Kindergarten went well and we are hoping our grandson will adjust to pre-school! Good luck with your children.

  • Marilyn

    Megan, I did not know that you were homeschooled. Well I just completed my wonderful journey in homeschooling. Last weekend we took our youngest child to Biola University. Homeschooling our three children was the greatest blessing and privilege of my life but leaving our youngest at college was probably the hardest thing I have ever done. My memory takes me to the fun science projects and experiments that the kids enjoyed so much.

  • Marilyn Coleman

    To make a long story short–I remember when my daughter (the baby)started KINDERGARTEN–I made a new outfit for her everyday for 2 weeks she posed every morning for a pic–but the first day of school she was excited I wasn’t but she had 2 brothers 11 and 12 yrs her senior (same daddy-same hubby she was an unexpected surprise, and a joyful one) she waited with them for the big yellow bus to come and it when it did she proudly walked across the street and I said stop I want a picture before you get on the bus and living in a small place it was where everyone knew everyone–so holding her brothers hands she stopped and I was snapping away as they walked around the bus–I felt the tears–but as I turned to come back to the yard–I noticed cars stopped in front of bus and behind the bus –sitting there patiently waiting for a mother to get that most precious snap shot of a daughters first day of school they just waved as I went back to the yard–it was a warm and comfortable feeling as I know they all understood! That was 32 yrs ago, but I will always remember that day! antmudd@aol.com

  • Pat

    I homeschooled my daughter too and now she is 30 and has a baby of her own! She grew up to be a beautiful young woman and I so enjoyed all the extra time I had with her while she was home.

  • kathy (felkatz)

    favorite memory!! Has to be 1st day of Kinder.. My mom was told that We had to ride the bus all kids. Mom didn’t like the idea. so she followed the bus all the way to the school which was very far! When i was in the breakfast line. I did not get any milk, because well I did not like regular Milk. So i didn’t get any,the cafeteria lady was getting after me because i didn’t get a milk then all of a sudden i see my mom pop in getting upset at the lady! Saying not to yell at me.. this is my 1st day at school and you should be yelling at any kids. They do not know the rules etc and you don’t know if they have allergies to stuff..etc.. etc.. LOL THat was too funny but she was being a protective mother !!


  • Amy Buchanan

    The first day of school is always exciting for my kids mostly because they get to try out all their new school stuff. I always remember as a child i was excited to see what new kids might have moved to the school.

  • Katie

    I remember always lining up in front of the house with our oversized backpacks, waiting for my mom to take the picture every year… my turn with my first child in 2 short years!

  • Rox

    I do not remember the 1st day but I do remember being devastated. My sister was 1 year younger than me. My Mom babysat while we were young. My sister and all the kids my Mom babysat for got the chicken pox right after each other. I never got the chicken pox so I wasn’t able to stay home from school like they did. I felt it wasn’t fair. I still have not got the chicken pox. I would not like to get it now!

  • Tanya P.

    First day of kindergarten, my son just started this month!! For me, I always loved getting the new clothes and school supplies. I love when they mark down those notebooks to 10 cents!!

  • Diana R.

    At the Kindergarten “get to know your teacher” picnic for my twins, now 21!, I got reacquainted with another mother – a friend from MY grade school days… and we had moved to another state! Still old friends to this day…

  • Felicia

    My favorite school memory was when my mom showed up with a surprise cake and ice cream for my birthday with my class in 2nd grade. Yes, I remember that…lol Smooches…

  • A. Kennedy

    Love reading to my kids at night. My daughter’s favorite book to this day is Great Expectations. I started reading it before first grade. I was a little hard to find alternate words for ones she wouldn’t understand at that age. My son barely remembers it he always fell asleep in the first 5 minutes.

  • Granny Sandy

    My excitement comes for the fresh inspiration and expextations I have each new year I homeschool our daughters. As the term progresses we all get tired and ratty and feel like giving up. But then after a break and some fresh perspective, it’s all new and exciting again~

  • Marie

    My favorite memories are of my daughters and the excitement of the first day of school each year as they climbed on the bus, turned around and gave me a very excited smile for their pictures!

  • Karen

    Kindergarten graduation is my favorite memory. First, the teacher did a slide show of photos thru the year to the song “Angels Among Us” which made all the Mom’s cry. Then, when my son went to get his diploma, he had a handful of change (which unknown by me, he took out of his piggy bank) and gave it to his teacher and said “Buy yourself something nice from me.” It was a real hoot!

  • Ro Donner

    My neighbor and I used to stand on our front porches in our jammies with our coffee and watch our kids get on the bus for the first day of school. We’d toast each other with our cups and shed a tear or two.

  • Elizabeth

    I always loved the first day of school, new school products, a picture with my backpack in front of the house, etc. My love for school and learning has never stopped! I still get a “high” from the smell of new crayons 🙂

  • Phyllis Antosz

    I remember when my first of five when to school and I overheard our little neighbor boy saying to my daughter outside of our window “Did you cry? you better cause mommy won’t think you love her if you don’t” Only 5 years old and already knows how to work us. Haha Memories

  • Cathy Hartle

    My favorite school days memory is being in a spelling bee in 4th grade. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I did do really well. I still love to spell!!

  • Kymm

    My favorite school memory was my first day of school when I looked at my mom and asked “Are you still here?” She didn’t want to leave!! My son’s first day of school is Friday! (I can’t believe it! He’s starting school already!) I know I’m going to cry, so I hope I can take good pictures to capture the memory for him!

  • pattie weingardt

    Gosh I remember how weepy I got when I took my boys to kindergarten. They handled it much better than me. When I took them the first day to
    Junior High I felt sooooo OLD.

  • Jennifer

    My favorite memories are my son’s first and last day’s of school. I love to take his picture and then compare how much he’s grown and achieved each year.

  • Lori Hinueber

    I remember asking my mom, “why is everyone smaller than me?”. I was the tallest in my class until 7th grade when the boys caught up and passed me, thankfully!

  • Elizabeth

    I have great memories of school. I was a majorette and cheerleader, so now when I go to my son football games its always great to join in on a old school cheer. LOL

  • Julie

    One of my very favorite school memories is of shopping for school supplies. My mom and I would walk down to the local Ben Franklin’s store. They would post the lists of supplies needed for the different schools and grades. I loved picking out all of my new treasures. I’ve always loved paper, pencils and crayons, so it’s no surprise that I’ve turned out to be a scrapbooker!

  • Joyce

    I remember my first day of school. I remember that I was fine but my Mom was crying. I remember thinking what a cry baby. I understand now..lol

  • Karen

    I loved the first day of school for me and my children. New shoes, clothes, school supplies everything smelled so good. The best part was the pictures. Our first day to school and back to school each year. Fun to look back at and love the first day of school page in the scrapbooks

  • Melissa Brown

    What a great video to look into Megan’s personal life. Thank you for sharing it! Madison starts Kindergarten on Tuesday. As I think back to Kindergarten I can’t help but remember my favorite memory of my best friend and I, who both had mother’s teaching in that school, getting to eat school lunch after morning Kindergarten. My favorite was tomato soup and grilled cheese!

  • Daviet Knox

    I hated school!! It wasnt until I was out that it wasnt school that I hated it was the way they taught me. I found out Im a hands on learner and ended up becoming a teacher!

  • Mimi R.

    One of my best experiences in school was in the 3rd grade. My teacher Mrs. Collier was awesome! I always finished my work so fast that I asked for more to do (I know extra schoolwork?). Yes I was one of those kids who learned really quick and wanted more to do. No worries though I got over it as I got older, lol.

  • Cathy J R

    I loved my grade 2 and 3 teachers. The one thing I remember is them ring in a wild life thing and I touched a cheeta as it was walking by..:)

  • peggy whisenhunt

    my daughter excited about her first day at school, getting ready so guickly and off to catch the bus, turning and waving to me goodbye and being such a big girl. She did not want her mama to take her to school, she just wanted to ride the bus. I cried when that happened. My baby was growing up tooo fast.

  • Judy

    My best memory about by children’s school days was going clothes shopping, I love to shop and all those cute clothes. Well, I always loved it.