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So I was VERY Blessed to get to go to NYC this weekend with my mom and some friends to see Donny and Marie in concert.  One of the ladies from my Mom’s church got the hotel room for us ladies and drove us up there (THANKS DONNA and Brian too 😉 ) Had a GREAT time in Rockefeller Center, Times Square and OF COURSE the show!

About an hour before show time, I decided to venture off from the other ladies who were shopping to see if I could get any info on seeing Donny before/after the show!  haha!

So I walked around the theater and up to a guard, who was so kinda in “not telling me which direction I could not head if I wanted to see Donny”  haha!  So I ended up at the stage door and the guard there was SUPER nice and even took me right backstage to meet Donny and Marie’s assistant.  She was kinda enough to let me peak in on sound check and even allowed me to give her a note to give to Donny along with my AboveRubiesStudio business card 😉  We’ll see if he calls me!  (lol hey a girl can dream!)  But it was AWESOME to have a few moments back there and was sad my momma wasn’t right next to me for that.  My mom has known him for years, was actually in Tiger Beat magazine with him in the 70’s and my Uncle was one of the Osmond’s photographers at the Allentown Fair.

Donny has been part of my life for a LONG time.  I met him for the very first time when I was 14 when he did a lecture in Reading, PA and had a lunch afterwards that my Mom, Aunt and I were lucky enough to be apart of.  I literally went weak in the knees for the man and have had a wonderful fondness for him since.  The Puppy Love if you will! 😉

I screamed a LOT through the show (as I do at all of his shows) and had a GREAT time! I have met him several times now, he’s just awesome and so I screamed “I love you Donny!'” and he yelled back “I love you too babe!” and that has happened to me now at 4 concerts that I have attended when I’ve screamed it out in the crowd!  Its become “our thing” when I’m there! 😉 😉 LOL  Happy to have the moment on tape this time!  Yes I maybe a crazy girl and seem extreme and over the top…lol…but really its all in good fun and I’m not as obsessed as I may seem!  I really do have an admiration for the man and am not by any means “in love” with him like a silly little girl.  😉  Donny really is a wonderful guy, very kind, very sweet, very talented, and I’m sorry but still very gorgeous for being 53!  I don’t know many 50+ year olds that can move like that man!  😉 😉  Not only that, he has been a true inspiration to me, he’s been WAY down, lost everything, and gotten back up to be back on top again!  I feel like I’ve been there up and down several times in my short little life and I just pray I have the blessing of being in my 50’s still doing what I love and being “on top” in what I love doing and being.

Being at the concert also gave me a whole new outlook and appreciation for the Proverbs 31 woman I talk about and aspire to be…realizing that more and more, I’m not perfect by any sense of the means, but that woman is a pretty strong, awesome chicka, and, yeah, I could go on and on about that, but I will save that for another time.  If you haven’t ever read Proverbs 31 in entirety, I dare ya to do it! 😉

So thanks for letting me share more of my life with you all.

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9 thoughts on “NYC Trip to See Donny and Marie!

  • Marilyn

    Donny was my landlord in college (true story). He’s a very nice guy. Marie is very funny. Hard to believe Donny is a grandfather now.

    (BTW taking video of a Broadway show –and posting it–is a violation of Actors Equity Rules and against the law. I know you wouldn’t want your intellectual property work copied without your permission. Neither do performers and singers).

  • Rosalind

    Super happy to see you had a great time. Love the pics. Your mom is very pretty as well. God bless and I have read Proverbs 31. I know what it means.

  • Gayle

    I’m an Aussie, have never been to an Osmond concert, used to watch their show on TV (showing my age), I love them too. Watching your video and hearing how excited you were, made me feel I was there tooooo. Thank you, abundant blessings to you and your gorgeous family.

  • Teresa Kaufhold

    I too have been a fan of Donny’s since I was about 12 (and I am now 50!). I know what you mean by getting so excited. I have not had the thrill of meeting him in person but I just appreciate him and all he’s done and been through. Bless Marie with the loss of her son. Amazing she is able to carry on and work!
    Lucky, lucky girl!!

  • Dianne Bell

    So much fun. I’m glad you were able to go behind the scenes and see what the rest of us can’t. And, I laughed myself silly when you yelled out your comment to Donny and he answered. So cute. And as far as that comment that Barbara made, I do not think you revealed any “secrets” or personal agenda on the show. The video was not real clear and you could not make out the performer because of the spot light. So sorry that Barbara wasn’t impressed with your enthusiastic energy. Anyway, so glad you had a good time. Merry Christmas. God Bless!