My Scrapbooking/Crafting Studio

Hey all my friends!  Sorry I have been a little MIA this past week or so.  I was having an issue with my video software and there was some crazy things happening in my life, so I took a little break.

I wanted to tell you all about all the fun my husband and I had at the Scrapbooking Expo in Somerset, NJ this past weekend.  Learned a lot of great stuff and also picked up some amazing new tools really cheap, which is always a plus!

Well last week the Fiskateer’s were having a little set of challenges and one of them was to put up a messy pic of your scrap area.  Well I did that embarrassed to say but it was worth it.  Now that the messy picture is floating around the internet, I thought I would give a glimps at it “presentable” I won’t say clean because it certainly isn’t.  But this is my space,  nothing fancy, but I praise the Lord and thank my husband that I have this.  I used to only work out of a bag from my kitchen table, which I know many do.  There is nothing wrong with it, you can enjoy it and get into from there as well!

Oh yes, and I show how I video my videos! 🙂  Hopefully that helps anyone who is ready to start making their own tutorials and getting them out there so I can learn from you too!

Hope you all are having a great week and I will be seeing you very soon with some more great videos this week so check back soon!

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0 thoughts on “My Scrapbooking/Crafting Studio

  • mardi

    What a cute video and thanks for sharing your scrap space, I love it and it is so organized! I am ashamed to even think about showing anyone my scrap room right now, tell me you worked really hard organizing yours!!!

  • Glenda

    I love how you made the space your own. I cannot wait until I get my room back. My daughter and her hubby are in it until he gets out of training for the Army and then it goes back to being pink and pretty. I am enjoying you site very much.