Megan’s Birthday and Winner 6

Hey Everyone!
This post is a day late – I’m so sorry!
Friday AND Saturday were SUCH great Birthday Celebrations!!! Thank you ALL for SO MANY kind and wonderful comments!  Over 200 on the blog and 450 on Facebook!  I felt so much LOVE!
It was SO great having two days of “partying” and fun!  It was a MUCH needed break from working and everything else!  My house is quite the mess and I’m behind on my video list, BUT, oh well!  🙂  I think life is a continual catch up, so make sure you just STOP and have fun too! 🙂
Saturday was one of the best most RELAXING and FUN days I’ve had in a LONG time!!!  We started by going out on Dean and Carrie’s boat with the 5 kids…. It. was. a BLAST!  It was an amazing gorgeous day for May, super warm and BEAUTIFUL on the water! Yes we even swam!  I did some tubing and it was Dean’s “mission” to flip me off LOL. I stayed on, but not without some bruising the next day 😉
After a GREAT day on the Boat – The Ladies headed out to Olive Garden and then some fun playing Pool, Darts and a little dancing. 🙂
Finally – My BLOG was hijacked on Friday and it seems as though I have a winner to select 🙂  Here is the selection 🙂
Penny Wyldbore

Hi Megan & Happy Birthday, wish I had more time to spend on ur site, watching your stuff & being inspired, thx for all you do!

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