Meeting Lead Fiskateer Wendy Jo!

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Yesterday was totally awesome!

Not only was I Super Duper *Hyped Up on Chocolate* Excited about being at Times To Remember in Hershey, Pa….

I spent an AWESOME amount of time with Wendy Jo, Lead Fiskateer from Fiskars.Ā  She is AWESOME and I want to give her this HUGE THANK YOU!

This is Wendy Jo and I at Times To Remember....She ROCKS!
Lead Fiskateer Wendy Jo and Myself…She Rocks!

I learned a lot about some Fiskars Products and was able to have a great time playing with punches, the new corner/border punches, tape runners and paper galore!Ā  Oh what a FUN time Becca (My BFF) and I had! šŸ™‚

Becca and I also had to get ourselves over to Chocolate World and get ourselves some yummy treats and take the Tour Ride! (You always get free candy at the end!)

Becca and I and the BLAST at Chocolate World!

Becca and I and the BLAST at Chocolate World!

Oh Yeah, hear are a few other pics from the day too while I am at it! šŸ˜‰

Goodies and Door Prizes!  How fun!?!?!?

Goodies and Door Prizes! How fun!?!?!?

Testing Out the New Fall Punches!

Testing Out the New Fall Punches!

Learning SO Much!

Learning SO Much!

I asked the question on the Fiskateer Website, and Now I am going to ask YOU!

So Tell Me!!!!

What are your Top Three Favorite Fiskars Products!??!

What are the Top Three You want to “Get To Know Better”?Ā  What have you seen and not used or know about?!

I Love:

  1. My Fiskars Stamps
  2. My Large Squeeze Punches (Especially the Scalloped Circle)
  3. My Fiskars Tool Taxi

I want to Know Better:

  1. Emboss Plus Punches
  2. Finger Tip Craft Knife
  3. Floral Markers/Markers

So tell me!!Ā  Please?Ā  What do you think?!?!?

READY?!?!Ā  SET!?!Ā  GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚

Comments will Lead to a PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I Will Draw a Name on Saturday the 29th of August!

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0 thoughts on “Meeting Lead Fiskateer Wendy Jo!

  • Lindsey

    I LOVE their paper trimmers, I’ve used them for years. I also use a few of their punches…love those too! And their scissors…I have 2 pair already! (Who needs 2 pair!!?) I’d really like to know more about the Emboss Plus Punches, that sounds too fun!!!! I think I’d consider this an enabler alert! šŸ™‚

  • Lisa Simpson



  • Marianne Brinkley


    Thank you for the chance to win a gift from you! Looks like a fun place to go!

    My favorites:

    1. I have always loved my fancy scissors.

    2. Border punches.

    3. Small paper trimmer that I use with a scoring blade for cards.

    Things I’d like to try:

    1. Self-embossing punches.

    2. Adhesive runner (in the market for new adhesive).

    3. The punches that punch a pretty corner for picture corners to go under.

  • Marianne Brinkley

    Hi! I entered my lists and it says it looks like I put in duplicates. Not sure why. They were all different. i will try again.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Things I have and like:

    1. Collection of fancy scissors.

    2. Small trimmer i use for scoring.

    3. Edge punches.

    Things I’d like to try:

    1. Item for making fancy corners for pictures to tuck under.

    2. Self-embossing punchie.

    3. Not sure if it would be stamps, markers or adhesive roller. There are always so many things out there and I always want to try them all!

    I tried to use some different words – so I won’t get the message saying I duplicated. So, if it sounds like I didn’t know what I was talking about, I was just trying to come up with new words for things that might sound alike.

    Thanks again! Marianne


    1) PUNCHES


  • AndreaA

    I love………

    1. Fiskars rotary cutter
    2. Fiskars paper border punches
    3. My fiskar scissors with my fiskateer number on them

    What I have seen and would like to try is many
    1. The squeeze punches
    2.I haven’t even seen the floral markers
    so that wouldbe something that I might like to try
    3.I have a few fiskar stamps but there is more that i world like to try

  • Karen Poirier-Brode

    I love:
    1) The scissors – especially all the pretty designs on the special edition ones
    2) The squeeze punches – especailly the limited edition ones
    3) The adhesive

    I want to know better:
    1) The inks
    2) The floral tool line
    3) The wire tools to make jewelry

  • Rosalee

    Wow Mean thanks for the great chance to win. Here are my answers to your questions.

    I Love…

    1. Squeeze Punches (I love that we can actually see where we are punching)
    2. Scissors
    3. Embossing Tool

    I want to know better…

    1. Rock & Paper Trimmer
    2. Border Punches
    3. Gardening Tools

  • Charity Donaldson

    I love:
    1. My fiskars stamp press
    2. My fiskars Embossing border Punches
    3. My fiskars paper trimmer (well, both I now have two)

    I want to know better
    1. USX
    2. Floral Tools
    3. Squeeze Punches

    #6271 Thanks for the chance!!

  • Laura C #5939

    My 3 fav Fiskars products:

    1. My scissors
    2. 12″ cutter
    3. Threading water border punch

    I have a few more but those have to be my 3 favs

  • Missy Chandler

    How fun! Wish I could have been there to play with you guys!

    My “Faves” are:

    1-My Squeeze Punches… the squeeze is so much easier for me.
    2- My Threading Water border punch
    3- My Texture Plates, I use them in my Cuttlebug

    What I want to know better:
    1- My Push and Print stamp factory, haven’t really played with it yet
    2- Fingertip rotary cutter
    3- markers


  • Kerri_fiskateer_1017

    loving :
    1.shape templates
    2. large circle & funky love squeezie punch
    3.clear stamps

    want to know better :
    1.shape boss
    2.finger tip craft knife !

    awesome door prizes,loving the orange bucket:) looks like u had a awesome time.thanks for the chance to win & good luck to all

  • gscrapbooks

    I love:
    1. my Fiskars 12″ rotary desktop trimmer
    2. my Fiskars Soft Touch Microtip scissors
    3. my Fiskars Tape Runner

    I want to know better:
    1. Fiskars 45mm Comfort Rotary Cutter
    2. the new corner/border punches
    3. Twist and Flip Corner Punch


  • LWal #3510

    My Fave:

    1. Paper Trimmer
    2. Border Punches
    3.XL Squeeze Punches

    Wanna know bettah:
    1.Corner and Border punches
    2.Ultra Shape cutter
    3.Craft Hand Drill

    TX for the chance!

  • Corina

    Ok so fiskars is something that I actually don’t own a lot of but I do own the Rock Paper Trimmer and I absolutely love it! I would love to learn about so many more things that are made by fiskars but to name a few I would choose combo corner punches,4 in 1 embossing corner punches, I would love to know more about the floral markers as well they look like a lot of fun!

  • Laura C #5939

    Now for the 3 I’d like to get to know better

    1. The Fall Owl Punch :0)
    2. The templates
    3. I own the finger craft knife but I guess I need a lesson on it

  • Suzi

    I love
    1. my Fiskars fingertip craft knife
    2. my huge Fiskars pinking shears and
    3. my Fiskars crimper. I like to do a lot of candy packages. The crimper and shears give them a professional looking seal.
    But I’m leaving our some of my dearest friends, my squeeze punches. I didn’t want to pick one, and offend the others. LOL!

    I’d like to get to know
    1. the rotary finger knife,
    2. a new border punch (or two)
    3. Some of the seasonal squeeze punches

  • Lesa Livingston

    I love my 12″ desktop rotary trimmer, #5 microtip scissors, and fingertip craft knife. I can go on and on with my loves, lol, with border punches, squeeze punches, stamps, etc., etc., etc.!
    Want to know better: embossing stuff, border/corner punches, The Right Angle tool. I can continue this list with lots more stuff, too!
    Fiskars makes some really neat stuff!

  • sandyh50

    I Love:

    1. My Fiskars cutter
    2. My Fiskars squeeze punches (they are so easy to use)
    3. My Fiskars scissors

    I want to Know Better:

    1. Fiskars stamp and press
    2. Finger Tip Craft Knife (I still don’t cut well with this)
    3.Fiskars corner border punch (I would love one)

    Sandyh50 fiskateer 4165

  • Debbie C

    Favourite products
    1. express templates and cutter
    2. my squeeze punch
    3. my threading waters border punch

    Want to know better:
    1. embossing punches and plates
    2. floral cutters
    3. frankie..stamper

  • Maria

    My favorite fiskar products would have to be:

    1. My paper trimmers (yes I have more than one)
    2. Squeeze punches
    3. My fiskateer scissors

    Things I would like to know better:

    1. Twist and flip corner punch
    2. The stamp and press
    3. The fingertip craft knife

  • colleen F

    Favorite Fiskars products
    1. Scissors
    2. paper cutter/trimmer
    3. I have a few squeeze punches and LOVE them. so much easier than other punches

    Get to know better
    1. I want to learn how to use the shape templates withthe cutting device
    2. Frankie
    3 embossing templates

    What a fun question.

  • Brandy

    My top 3 Favorites are:
    1. My squeeze punches
    2. My trimmer
    3. My decorative scissors

    The things I would like to know better are:
    1. The Shape Express
    2. The Stamp and Press
    3. The combo corner and border punches.

  • Ms. Jackie

    I love the squeez punches and border ones. I grew up on Fiskars so orange handle scissors are not new to me.

    I was just at a Fiskars Crop in Concord CA with Angela this pass weekend, and I would have loved to have had time to play with the combo corner punches. Just way to busy.

  • Christine C #2264

    Looks like you had a wonderful time.
    My top 3 fav:
    1. rotary paper trimmer
    2. Fiskars clear stamps
    3. threading water border punch

    Things I would like to know better:
    1. combo border and corner punches
    2. fingertip rotary knife
    3. Frankie – the push and print stamp factory.

    Thanks for asking šŸ™‚
    Christine C Fiskateer #2264

  • Jenn #6361

    I Love:

    1. My Fiskars Punches
    2. My Scissors
    3. My Fiskars Tape Runner (Totally beats a gluestick)

    I want to Know Better:

    1. Rotary Trimmer
    2. Finger Tip Craft Knife
    3. Stamps and Embossing Tools

  • sue mettler

    Thanks so much for the chance to win. I love Fiskar’s stuff!!
    I especially love,
    1. fancy scissors
    2. my paper trimmer
    3. and the border punches.

    Thanks again!

  • sue mettler

    Forgot to list what I would like to know better
    1. express templates and cutter
    2. my squeeze punch
    3. twist and flip border punch

    thanks again!

  • Beth

    1. corner punches
    2. border punches
    2. paper trimmer

    I would like to try…
    1. the circle punch
    2. stamps
    3. embossing templates

    It’s really difficult to pick my fave 3 šŸ™‚
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kris

    I love my scissors and cutters from Fiskars and the fingertip craft knife. I want to learn more about the embossing tools,Frankie and didn’t know they made stamps. Thanks for this chance to win. I’m anxious to follow your blog.

  • Brenda z

    I haven’t had the oportunity to try a lot of fiskars items but the ones I have tried I love.
    They are:
    1) fiskars border scissors
    2) border punches
    3) embossing texture plates

    I would love to try the embossing plus punches. I would try any fiskars items.

  • DebMac # 6239

    My top three favorite fiskars tools
    1. Rock Paper Trimmer
    2.Micro Scissors
    3.Squeeze punches

    Three things I would like to know more about
    1. Around the corner border punches
    2.Floral tools
    3.Circle border punches

  • marla#3291

    Top 3 favorites: 1) paper trimmer 2) squeeze punches 3) fiskars arcyllic stamps

    Things to get to know better: 1) craft drill 2) swivel craft knife and 3) corner/border punches.

  • cher

    Hi…sounds like a fun time with Wendy! NICE!
    3 favorites of mine
    1)ALL of my different scissors
    2) my paper trimmer
    3) my fingertip tools

    3 things I need to know more about?
    1) floral tools
    2) circle border punch (its hard for me to use)
    3) the stamp factory

    on a side not…I would like to know why I can’t get certain Fiskers items at any stores around here…My LSS tell me they wont carry what the big box stores have so they have rare fiskers items. The big box stores around me have none of the punches I want! eg the darn umbrella punch I am in love with..So it sort of forces me to order it on-line which costs more when you add the shipping. There wont be any wharehose sales here that I know of so what’s a gal to do? lol

  • becca

    hey! reading all these comments made me want to join the fun too!
    i love:
    1. fiskars scissors… love the funky edges i can make
    2. my fiskars paper trimmer… i have used it so much, i think i need a new one.:)
    3.fiskars markers!

    i want to learn A LOT more about:
    1. embossing
    2. the tool taxi
    3. stamps and the stamp press

  • Brenmarie #1175

    I love:
    1) My Fiskars Finger Tip Craft Knife
    2) My Fiskars Tool Taxi
    3) My Fiskars Scrapboss

    I’d like to get to know these better:
    1) 12 in 1 Sewing Tool
    2) Rotary Finger tip craft knife
    3) Corner/Boarder Punches and Sqeeze Punchs

    I have a boarder punch but I’d like to get to know the corner boarder punches. I’ve seen them all over but haven’t tried them yet.

  • Viji#5858

    I love!
    1)Fiskars Cutting Mat
    2)Fiskars Scissors
    3)Fiskars Punches

    I would like to know more about!
    1)Fiskars Baby Stamps-I just had a baby..but dont have the funds to buy it yet!
    2)Fiskars Stamping Press
    3)Fiskars Inks!

  • Christy Tobin #4991

    Isn’t Hershey the best! I was there last fall when Wendy Jo did the Fiskafrenzy at the Lodge.

    I Love and couldn’t live without:
    1. Fiskars Trimmer, I have the basic grey with orange stripes one with interchangable cutting and scoring blade. They are the best!
    2. Fiskars Microtop Scissors- they are better than the Tim Holtz Tonic ones. They cut so nice!
    3. Fiskateers- I know this is not a product, but I learn so much from the other member that they really our a tool in my crafting life.

    I want to Know Better or Use More Often:
    1. Finger Tip Craft Knife- I have had this for more than 6 months and have yet to take it out of the package. I am a little scared of the freehand cutting.
    2. Ultimate Shape Express and Self Healing Mat- I forget to take it out and use. Gets lost in the shuffle of all my punches and dies. But is an awesome tool
    3. Embossing templates- again I love the effect, but forget to take out and use.

    Thanks for the chance!
    Christy #4991

  • Joan

    I love
    1.Fiskars Squeeze punches
    2.Fiskars stamps
    3.Fiskars Trimmers

    I would like to know more about
    1. Fiskars stamps that match the squeeze punches
    2. Fiskars stamp factory
    3. Fiskars embossing punchs and fiskars embossing templates

    Joan Fiskateer #808

  • Krysti

    Where to start.. “Frankie” he’s my best friend for stampings.. My Rock Paper Trimmer who i named Big Blue, also a needed part of my family.. Next is onto the scissors, i have like 6 pairs and LOVE every darn pair of them – Fiskars ROCKS my socks!

  • Jena Baker

    I Love:

    Finger Tip Craft Knife
    Border Punch (Threading Water!)
    Decorative Scissors

    I want to Know Better:

    New corner/border punches
    Rotary cutter with interchangeable blades
    USX and templates