LIVE TONIGHT! Thursday 9:30pm EST What’s New With You?

Life Above Rubies is back LIVE

tonight for the NEW 2016 YEAR!

We are kicking off the year with our New Year What’s New With You Event Thursday January 14, 2016 at 9:30pm EST

I made some BIG commitments and changes in 2015 as it pertains to and the focus on and it’s been such an incredible process and journey!  I have loved sharing my passion for the Cricut and Crafting since 2008 here at – I don’t want to ever FULLY give that up, but my heart and desire for more has grown so much over the last few years.  It’s taken me a while to see how it all fits, it all works, what voice I really want to project….and I’m blessed to say I know I found it.

I have met with so many leading marketing professionals, coaches and even did additional direct training with the experts at YouTube for additional training to refine my process.  I have taken an even deeper approach in further developing my skills and merging the flow for what I love, what I do and what I desire into a super power! I am excited to share more about this with you and how it rolls out in this New Year as it’s been in the works for a few months!

You’re going to see the most changes right here at and you’re going to love what develops out of because of it I have no doubt!

We do have an ALL NEW Video schedule for 2016 I am excited to share.  You can check that out below, more about that will be uncovered during the live event, but you can even download and print it out for easy reference to what is coming and when!

In other news, this is our last event from our LiveStream Channel and I will tell you more about the changes at our live event as well, another reason not to miss out!

Here are a few downloads to get you prepared, ready and join along tonight!

Join LIVE EVENT NOW! (Click Here)

Schedule Download January 2016 Notes Worksheet January 2016

Can’t wait to see you tonight!  Enjoy the Moments!

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