I Blame Ellen DeGeneres! 120

This is it!  The LAST Saturday in March!  Its the BIG One!  The BIGGEST Make Someones Day Saturday I’ve EVER DONE!

I know its not going to be as BIG or Crazy Life Changing as this Mega Millions Lottery Craze – Congrats if you won Last night BTW! ;)….

Now Here’s the thing!  I haven’t posted all the winners from all the make someones days yet…but I’m going to!  I’m going to on April 3, 2012 – and I’m not just picking One winner, per day!  I’m picking a TOTAL of 9 winners!!!  I’m picking Facebook Fans, I’m picking Above Rubies Studio Commenters and we are going to have a GREAT time and I REALLY want to make EVERYONES day!


This is ALL Ellen DeGeneres’ fault – Watch This:


YouTube Preview Image


Ok now that you’ve seen the little video – here is what you need to do!  Share the LOVE – PAY it Forward too and Try to make Someones day yourself!  🙂  I want to make your day so post what small thing you can do TODAY to make someones day!  Post on FACEBOOK and use the @ sign to tag Me at AboveRubiesStudio – To Tag Above Rubies Studio you have to first LIKE Above Rubies HERE www.Facebook.com/FollowAboveRubies Click LIKE then in your own status write what you are going to do to make someones day and share that I want to make someones day to @AboveRubiesStudio.


PS Here is the Check in WITH Lisa after Ellen gave her the house!  I LOVE this SO much!

YouTube Preview Image

I still am so happy and smiling every time I see things like this happening!  Time and time again Ellen does it for deserving people on her show!  I just hope and pray that we can do that for all of YOU Very deserving Crafty folks too! 🙂

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120 thoughts on “I Blame Ellen DeGeneres!

    • Caity Sue Treadwell

      You are AWESOME!!! That is a wonderful and amazing thing to do…instead of being selfish and spending that extra $$ on yourself (which you are TOTALLY entitled to do after doing something as awesome as quitting smoking!!!) you took money that formerly went to a bad cause and turned it into something good. You are my new hero!!
      P.S. I quit smoking almost 18 years ago (April 8th, 1994). I have NEVER regretted it – EVER. Best thing I ever did. It was all my son wanted for his birthday. He will 33 in April…and the little bastard took up smoking at 18 years old. lol

  • Andrea Asher

    I am taking care of my Grand furbabies ( Dog and Cat) for 4 days while their Mom, Dad and Brother go check out a college in Toledo. I didn’t want them to go to a kennel.
    I know that don’t sound like much but for me it is a lot because I haven’t went to sleep yet, when it is time to get up get in the car and go let him out.

  • Sheila

    Thanks for making me think about this. Even if I do not win anything it was SO importand for me to think of my mom. She has taken a bus everyday since September to see my dad in the hospital, and never complained. My dad recently had both of his legs amputated and has slipped into a very deep depression. My mom has not left his side. She does not have a car but that has not stopped her from seeing him everyday. He is literally across town, 15 or so miles away from her hom. She was with him on Thanksgiving and Christmas. She goes up early in the morning and gets home late in the evening. Since I began thinking of someone I would like to “make someone’s day” I realized that I probably do not tell her often enough how amazing i think she is. I have taken for granted the fact that she goes up every single day. I dont think I tell her enough that I appreciate her. SO, thanks Megan, for making me remember my mom. I plan on trying my best to give her a ride at least once a week and taking her out to luch a couple times a month to give her some time to not have to be at the hospital. Its not even about “winning” something to me anymore. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Amanda

    i went to tim hortons drive thru (big coffee chain in canada) and paid for thr vehicles order behind me without knoing who they were or what they had ordered. Someone did it to me, and so I thought would pay it forward.

  • Kristan N Anderson

    I know this isn’t a very big thing, but i mailed out a thank you card for someone who is a craft Design team with me. She had sent me some paper flowers in the mail so i wanted to make her a card to tell her how much i appreciate what she did. I know she hasn’t been feeling very well the last week so I hope when she gets her card it will put a smile on her face!!

  • very0521

    Thanks for all you do you was and still are my inspiration to papercraft i love so much your website i start following your when i first start doing papercrafting couples of months ago and it help me a lot and it still helping me now.I love what you start doing on Saturday i believe that one person at the time can make a big change in someones life.God Bless you always.hugs Very0521

  • Carolyn

    As a teacher, I’ve been waiting for Spring Break and the relaxation all year long, but I couldn’t refuse the call for the emergency placement of two young boys who needed a place to stay during Spring Break due to family issues……so, I guess I have to turn my thinking away from spa treatments to kid friendly activities and begin to dream about and look forward to the summer, if they are not still here!

    God knows!

    • Kristy

      This moved me to tears. What an incredible teacher you are. Not only are you educating them in the classroom but you are educating them in life. Hopefully some day they will pay forward the kindness you have shown them.

    • Caity Sue Treadwell

      Wow!! What an amazing sacrifice..I know SO few who would take on MORE kids when they are supposed to be getting a break from them. I have a feeling that you will end up FAR MORE blessed then had you spent the time at a spa. That is my prayer for you!

  • Margaret K

    It is only 7 am and so therefore my day is just starting but since my daughter doesn’t drive yet and she wants to go shopping I will take her and then I will be helping my husband run his flea market this afternoon. I took a vacation day to do all of this. We also have company coming in tonight from Maine so we will go out to eat. I have been trying to think of a craft item I cam give them while they are here aso. This isn’t much for today but Thursday my neice needed a babysitter and I was there for her, her husband needs our prayers he is only 27 and may need a pacemaker. I may be keeping my nephew more in the new future while they handle this medical issue.

  • melanie kuzik

    this is so awesome and all I can say is Thank you for all you do and the great videos projects and your upbeat attitude all these not only make my day but inspire me So Megan here is your big thank you and I wish I could do more and each day try too. I am looking for ways to pay it forward and do little things and someday will do bigger but isn’t it all about doing the little things that really are big things in the long run. I am a very blessed person and am very thankful for each blessing.

  • Jan Lynn

    I am spending most of today with my grandsons, takeing them to their ballgames since their Dad is having the van worked on today. Tonight I am going to cut some simple shapes for the older boy to have a booth at my SIL’s beauty pageant for family and friends can make a poster to support their favorite contestant. I have taken this next week off to spend more time with both boys on their spring break with plans to go to Huntsville and the Memphis Zoo and what ever else we can find to do to have fun and expand their minds.

  • Angela

    I am in the midst of prepping for baking 180 cupcaks for an engagement/shower for my nephew. last night I spent time cutting out their initials to put on 72 of the cupcakes identifying them as chocolate and two dozen red hearts for the red velvet. Today I’ll finish up with embellishments for the yellow cupcakes. I’ve still got about 50 more cupcake wrappers to cut on the cricut – which I took to work Thurs to do on my lunch break Thurs & Fri. So today is going to be pretty busy. I really want them to be happy next Saturday for their party. Next on the list is their “Save the Date” card and then on to creating their wedding invitation. I am glad that I am able to do this for them and help the family out with these expenses. My way of making their future Saturdays together happy ones.

  • Jane

    I’m on a very fixed income, but lately I have just been so happy creating flowers and butterflies since it’s so close to Spring and the warm weather here in New England has the trees and bushes blushing and Spring flowers breaking through the ground. Wherever I go to visit someone or to a doctor’s appointment I have been leaving behind flowers and butterflies. I get such great smiles because I bring Spring inside. I use the spray repositionable glue on the backs and they can hang out anywhere they are put. Just yesterday I went to visit one of my homebound elderly cousins and she said that the Butterfly that I attached to a picture frame on her windowsill just made her day.

  • Binnnie

    I have a friend who has been taking a water aerobics class with me for several months. She has very recently lost her job and is depressed because she cannot afford to pay for the April class. I am going to surprise her by gifting her with the April class. I will be repaid by seeing a smile on her face.

  • Kamilah Clark

    Megan, you are awesome!!! Thanks for everything. I always look forward to all your videos. Your energy and love is great. It’s a rainy day here so I’ll spend some time crafting. Happy Saturday!

  • Angela W

    Hi Megan,
    I am a stay at home mom of 3. My daughter (16) has been on homebound for 3mo, she has a heart condishion and we have just been told she has chromes disease. We spend alot time together in the craft room working on projects together to help kept her mind off of things and to keep her busy. Due to all the tests and hospital stays we are unable to purchase the fun stuff as I like to call it, and it would make our day to have some Paper layers or one of your kits or even the Imagine video. I would like to say Thank You for all you do and for all the help you have given us with your videos.
    Hope you have a Blessed Day!

  • Pat

    We have a lady in our church who loves stamping and card making. She was hit with a very rare sickness and has been pretty much a shut in for a few months now. When she does go out she has to wear a mask because of the danger in getting any type of germ could set her back. She loves cats, anything cats. I was in a craft store and saw these adorable cat stamps and picked them up for her. She loved them. Made me happy to know I made her happy 🙂

  • DawnBarb

    Hi Megan! You are amazing for sharing so much! I’m not sure what I will do today to pay it forward – I know we’ve got housework, three kiddos to take care of, and yard work to do – BUT I will make time to go visit a friend in the nursing home that broke her hip the day before her husband’s funeral and take a little something to her to let her know we’re thinking of her. Anyway, thank you for the prod – sometimes I need to be reminded it’s not all about me 🙂

  • Rhonda Harre

    I am my husbands full time care giver – 24/7. I pray that in some way I am making his days a little brighter. It isn’t just for Brad that I care for him, I feel that it is about committment and tending to the ones we love even when it is a sacrifice on our part. Oh, I do have days when I want to quit – then God graces me with a glimmer of encouragement or hope.

    Anyway, today is Brad’s Spa Day, as we call it. I bathe him, from head to toe, including trimming his hair, finger nails, and toe nails. The morning is hard on him and sometimes he fights me, but when it is all done, he says it makes him feel so good to be clean all over. That makes it all worth it!

    Tonight I am going to help a childhood girlfriend laugh, she is going through a rough time at the present. I bought tickets for us to see Chonda Pierce tonight!! We will have a great time together and laughing makes everything more bearable!

    Smiles – Rhonda <

  • Linda Jamme

    That is so sweet that you are giving to so many. I know how good it feels too when we can do a little something for someone else. Some of the little things people have done for me mean even more than the big things I have gotten. Just those little touches from the heart go right to my heart! I wish everyone the best in this season of Lent. I gave up buying any craft items for lent and it has been so difficult but I am truly blessed to be able to buy at other times.
    Good luck everyone. Hope Megan Elizabeth picks YOU!

  • Barb A.

    I used to drive 4 hours one way once a month to visit my 91-year old mother in a care home. Last year, I moved her into the house with us. I care for her on a daily basis and love every minute of it. At least now, I know she’s eating right! Also, before I go to Hobby Lobby, I print out extra coupons to take with me. Since I know that I can only use one of the coupons, I go up to people and ask them if they can use the coupon. Love the looks on their faces!

  • Susan

    I travel from VA to NJ fairly frequently and one of my favorite things to do is to pay the toll for the car behind me. Once in NJ I love crafting with my granddaughter who is now a true crafter and is having paper crafting as the theme for her 8th birthday.

  • terri oo

    After a long 9 months of termoil my daughter is coming home to stay so i can help her recover from a abusive relationship/drug addiction together we will make it one big step at a time and we will do this through not only professional help but she wants to learn how to scrapbook so i will keep her loaded up with plenty of paper and many cricut mats.

  • Gail Ganong

    I am cleaning out my closet today and bringing the clothes I have not worn all year to our local Goodwill. I too love and admire Ellen and JCP

  • Arlene (GrandmaAYW)

    Today we are taking our son and his family out for a special birthday dinner and then our son is taking us to a special book store so that my husband can buy whatever books he likes (part of a Christmas present our son gave him). So we’re making our son’s day and he’s making his dad’s day.

  • Debby J

    I have several bags of books that I have read and are piling up, so my hubby and I are going to drop them off at the thrift store run by the local animal shelter. After that I hope to work on cards for Operation Write home. Even though so many of our troops are coming home and many card makers have stopped making them, there is still a need for cards. I am going away the end of April, so I am trying to make double what I usually make in a month and get my “supply” of cards out. It is very rewarding, knowing that in a small way I am helping someone send greetings from a far off place to those at home.

  • Jean

    Melissa, it is so great that you do for others. I try to help my neighbor out as she has a very limited income and many health issues. we only live next to her 5 mo of the year as we are snowbirds but help where I can.
    Her house is not entirely airconditioned and in Az the summers are brutal. I loaned her a cooler to hopefully help her this summer while we are gone, It feels good to do little things for her and anyone I can help.thats what it’s all about!! Have a great day,

  • Judy Miller

    I make meals for my bevreaved friends. Today I am making food for a friends cousin whose mother passed. Many friends did this for me when I lost my husband almost 18 years ago and I have been doing this for all those years to pay back.

    I also work in an emergency food pantry where I give out food to the hungry. I was one who needed food for my chidren at one time so this is also a pay back for me.

    Another area for pay back is helping a young lady and her grandmother learn to scrapbook. I am not a pro but love to share the little nowledge I have. We have lots of fun doing this craft.

  • Janet Sisk

    My local Christian radio station does a cool thing on Fridays. They suggest that listeners pay it forward at fast food restaurants. You pay for the person’s order behind you in the drive through. I will try to do that today. 😀

  • Barb Walters

    I have not spoken to my mother in 14 months. Today I will be attempting to make peace with her. Thank you for your encouragement.

    • reddbudd

      Barb, this brought tears to my eyes. I will pray that everytahing will be well between you and your mom. My daughter is angry with me also and i miss her terribly. I am optimistic for reconcilliation very soon.

    • Caity Sue Treadwell

      Oh Barb….this breaks my heart..but I also understand it. My mother and I have had a rather fractious relationship over the years. I live about 20 miles from my parents … and my sister who lives 600 miles away sees our parents more than I do….I miss not seeing my dad but some days the thought of seeing my mother makes it hard to see my dad. I so want things to be better between us…she is almost 80 years old and I know that her time here is limited and that I should make peace. I wish you much luck in your endeavor…it is better to make peace now then to try to do it from the gravesite….kwim? HUGS and best wishes!!

  • Mags

    I love Ellen and everything she does and stands for! She is brave and generous, you are right Megan…I rescue those that have very little voice, kitty cats, particularly feral kitties. I have eleven of them myself and it is a huge responsibilty. They were all kittens when they came to me, their litter mates all adopted to other loving homes! God bless my husband b/c he is alergic to cats but he loves them dearly also! Each one of my cards is marked with “The Cats Meow” on the back and 25% of my proceeds will go to an organization here in Orlando, FL that helps rescue Feral Cats! I will always continue to “Pay It Forward” !!

  • Sharon H

    Today I am making a card for a very special online friend who had to let go of her 16 year old dog two days ago. My husband and I have buried two of our long-time furry friends over the past few years and I understand the pain, but this woman has also had to bury her daughter this past year and THAT is an emptiness that I do not know personally. Megan I so appreciate your generosity and your uplifting messages and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done!

    • Caity Sue Treadwell

      Sharon – Oh gosh – I know JUST who you are talking about – isn’t that just too heartbreaking??? And can you believe people emailed her and berated her for comparing Mandi’s death with that of her daughter’s? That wasn’t what she was doing at all….Oh how my heart aches for her!! She truly has been through so much and tries to be there for everyone!!!

  • Marla

    You are awesome! Wanting to give of yourself…..in 2007, our house burned down and I was absolutely amazed by the generosity of total strangers at that time. It still brings tears to my eyes every time I look at the quilt on our bed that was crafted for us by a group of ladies, all strangers, after I mentioned one of my most difficult losses was my grandmother’s quilts….anyway, since then I have tried to do something small for someone each and every day. We now live part-time in a country where there is a lot of poverty, so I have lots of opportunities to help, from giving food, clothing, toys and supplies to local aid organizations, to handing out homemade ‘blessings bags’, to giving of my time. Right now, one of our biggest needs is for school supplies, specifically pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, colored pencils, notebooks and backpacks for the needy children of Chelem Puerto, Yucatan, Mexico. Although education is funded by the government, many children do not attend school because they cannot afford the supplies they need.

    • Caity Sue Treadwell

      Maria – I know firsthand what fire can do – I have been with the fire department for many, many years now….and will be retiring soon (I say that – but the thought of not working anymore fills me with anxiety, I fear!) I am glad you survived the fire, even though your grandma’s quilts didn’t…how wonderful, though, that you have a new quilt that is tied to the memories of the old ones!! As I often tell people – NEVER EVER go back into a burning house – things can be replaced but people NEVER can! As hard as this may be to adhere to – NEVER EVER go back into a burning house for people or pets! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us do our job – unless you have the specialized gear & equipment, your chances of you OR the person/pet you went back for coming out alive are Slim and None…and too often Slim has JUST left town and the last bus! Sorry for that tirade, but this is something I am passionate about!!

  • Laura

    I’m volunteering my time this weekend to help work a Basket Bingo for a local organization. The money they raise as a result goes to filling Santa Sacs at Christmas to provide those who can’t afford Christmas with a full lot of toys and essentials on Christmas morning!

  • Judy Resop

    While I was checking out at Walmart a girl walked up with her lunch in hand(pepsi & sandwich)to purchase so I told the check out lady to just put it on my bill. It was not that much,but the girl was so greatful. Every little bit helps, So everybody out there reading this I ask that you can also make someones day & show them that there are alot more good poeple…rather then bad.

  • Alison C

    Someone in line ahead of me at Starbucks didn’t have enough money for their coffee and was going to cancel the order. I paid what she needed. She said she would pay it forward the next time she came in.
    I thought of how disappointed I would be if I was in line and looking forward to something only to find I couldn’t pay for it. Have a great day!

  • Danita

    Thanks Megan! You are inspiring! I am going to my Mom’s to teach her some stamping techniques and card making. This is a blessing to share with her the things that I love. Danita

  • TK Watson

    I truly try to help other in small ways and I’m working on helping my best friend (more like a sister to me) in a big way. We’ve only seen each other twice in the last 30 years, she lives in Oklahoma and I live in Washington. She has endured the death of two of her four children (the other two are now young adults), a brutal act of violence last year and last weekend she was airlifted out of state after rolling her car 5 times (she hydroplaned in heavy rain) — she has seen such tragedy it breaks my heart!!! Anyway, I am now trying to pay for her flight out to Washington, and hopefully her husband’s too, as soon as she’s recovered enough to travel. We need to see each other so bad and I pray for the peace of God for them daily. I know it would be a huge touch because just yesterday she was telling me how she went around bragging about the card I had made and sent her!

  • Joybird

    Today Im going to hang Kindness Charms around town…these are made up of old jewelry people have donated to a group of women in Sedona and fashioned to make little having charms. Each has a key chain that says “Take Me Home and Spread Kindness” The original idea came from a bereaved Mother in Tucson who’s child passed, and to give herself comfort, hung bells all over town to make someones day better. We read about Bens Bells and felt we needed to help remind everyone to just.be.kind. This is the annual week that Bens Bells are hung, so in honor of Ben, and KINDNESS, I hang my charms for all of you to find.

  • Ruth G

    I can see what you mean about how inspiring that Ellen episode was! So much fun!
    I’m asking for prayers that my hubby will agree to letting me become a Close to My Heart consultant. It’s something that’s been of interest to me for a while and today’s the last day to get a bonus if I sign up and it’s my birthday, so I’m hoping it all comes together and I can start earning great products doing what I love – sharing new crafting techniques with family and friends and recording memories!

  • Ruth Halbach

    I have devoted all day today to create decorations & such for my granddaughter who will be having her 4th birthday party here tomorrow. She told me “Grandma, I want ALL the princesses!”

  • Stacey

    Our middle son, Braydon, was born with cCMV. He is now almost 5 and finally thriving! He recently got hearing aides (95% hearing lose in left ear and 65% in his right ear). A whole new and wonderful world has opened up for him. While watching him (finally) interact with his classmates and his brothers it brought me to my knees thanking God for our little miracle and for all the Blessings He has brought to us through cCMV and Braydon. Braydon is reminding us daily that it is the smallest details in our daily routine that bring immense pleasure to the day. He heard a mocking bird singing yesterday and kept saying “momma, do you hear that? it a angel singing”! I have always been a firm believer in “enjoy the moments” but let me tell you, there are many “moments” that you don’t even realize you are missing until you watch your almost 5 year old enjoy them for the first time! So my husband and I have decided to “trim” back on our “joys” and spread the JOY! I am going through my scrap supplies, putting together little “kits” of my own using only new supplies to give to friends and community members that love to craft but don’t have the funds to do it. Then together we are going to go through the rest of the house and put together a “free” garage sale! I have heard of different communities doing this and thought we would give it a try. Thanks again Megan for all that you are doing to inspire us 🙂

  • Kymm

    One of my neighbors that I get along with really well just got back from a long trip to see her ailing sister. (She passed away a few weeks ago, but it’s for the best. She’s no longer in any pain from the cancer.) Jyll will be moving in a month, she has no family here in town, so I’ll be spending the next several weeks helping her pack up her apartment so she can move to the area where her family is down south. I’m going to miss her like crazy! She’s a great friend, but friends can’t compare to the support of family!

  • Roxanne

    I am so grateful this week I actually work 40 hours (the 1st time in 18 months) I have been having so much trouble finding a job. Ive had temp jobs here & there. I have 1 perm job for 15.5 hours and a job that calls me in when they need me. Unfortunately, these jobs do not have benefits/insurance. So I am still looking for a full time perm job. I know that God will provide. I would love to win something. Thank you for making everyone’s day with just your sharing. I love your teaching and ideas.

  • Linda Lapotka

    I love Ellen too! She is the bright spot in the afternoon. I have been making scrap bags like thread catcher and sending them to people. Today I finished a small dresser for a friend. Looking forward to surprising her with it. I love creating so sometimes I don’t feel like it is paying it forward because I get so much out of it.

  • Sandy #1781

    What incredible inspiration! I love Ellen but have only actually seen clips of her shows now and then. I love what you are doing to pay it forward. This month has been about gathering some of my stash together to help a gifted school program and our library “free” craft class program. I just learned about a fellow crafter who lost her home to a fire, so today I plan to sort through my tools to see what I haven’t used this year, and send them to her.

    Thank you for such an awesome site to visit and thank you for caring. Just thinking about your approach to MSD Saturdays, has added a smile to my entire month.

  • Cathy Nelson

    that is so sweet of you to try to make someones day. I am going to dedicate today to see how many days I can make for people too, and then try to do a little bit every day in the future for my fellow man. Thanks for your inspiration. You along with Ellen are very kind!

  • LeeAnn Sinclair

    Today I am going to be posting some old family pictures that I have for a second cousin of mine in NY that I’ve never met. He is working on a geneology project and I just happen to have some old photos of his grandparents/my aunt and uncle and some other family mambers that he is looking forward to seeing. Facebook brought us together and now Facebook will be how he gets access to some great pics that he didn’t know existed.

  • Amy S

    I went to a very fancy restaraunt last night and in there was a group (4) of United States Marines having dinner…(well with my husband being a Marine as well) I decided to pay for their meals. When I was done, I stayed behind to watch what would happen when they asked their waiter for the check…when they asked, the waiter said that it had been taken care of. Not knowing who had paid for their meal, the group of Marines stood up and thanked everyone at the restaraunt

    • Caity Sue Treadwell

      Oh I love this!! I have done this as well…and it’s so heartwarming to see the reaction it gets from the recipient! And as the mother of a son that has done 3 tours of Iraq to date…THANK YOU!!! Hugs!

  • Leslie

    Today I will be making a craft project for a co-worker. She has been having a very rough time lately and I just want to do something to bring her some joy and make her smile.

  • Trix Sorensen

    I always leave a $5 bill in my car within easy reach. I don’t have much, but when I see someone who needs a little help along the roads of my travel, I am always ready to help. I love your posts and have learned some great new ideas and techniques from Meagan Elizabeth! Thanks and keep it UP!

  • Sondra Haft

    Hi Megan,
    Love your work and your willingness to share with all of us crafters!

    I go to the County Jail 3 times a month to have a Bible Study with the ladies in the jail. I also take Bibles for them to keep! I believe the verse in the Bible that says “One plants, one waters, but God gives the increase!” I pray for these ladies that the Word will change their lives forever!

    Blessings to you and yours!

    • Sondra

      Hi Megan, Love your work and your willingness to share with all of us crafters! I go to the County Jail 3 times a month to have a Bible Study with the ladies in the jail. I also take Bibles for them to keep! I believe the verse in the Bible that says “One plants, one waters, but God gives the increase!” I pray for these ladies that the Word will change their lives forever! Blessings to you and yours!

  • reddbudd

    Today i will call my brother and thank him for advice he recently gave me, and let him know how things worked out. I will also finish two cards to give to my bossess at work to let them know they are appreciated. I will also give my friend a pair of earrings that she has admired. She will wear and enjoy them far more than i will.

  • Margaret

    My sister works for the state institution for Downs Syndrome clients. I make card kits at their level, out of my extra supplies. They complete the cards and are sold. Giving them a chance to make money, which who doesn’t enjoy that.

  • Becky H.

    I am making a special dinner for my husband. He has had a very rough week at work. Today is the big UK, UL game and I thought it would be nice to pamper him with all the things he loves to eat while watching the game. Go Cards!!!!

  • MommyMe

    My preference is always to contribute anonymously. However, there are little things I do on a daily basis…I don’t think of them as being special, but my youngest daughter asked me recently, why I do them. Her questions made me aware that many people seem oblivious to others. Through demonstration and explanation, I have always taught my older children, (and now my little one), to be observant of those around them. Hold doors open, help carry bags, pay a library fine on someone’s behalf, pick an item up for someone that’s been dropped, offer an umbrella in the rain, help a neighbor with yard work/shoveling snow, pass extras along, purge possessions every few months to charity, etc. There are infinite opportunities in every day to help someone else. I am rarely able to help others financially, but I will always offer any help I can. My 13 year old son held the school exit open following a performance the other night. The entire school emptied, (almost 200 people), before he closed the door! Even though the rest of the family waited several minutes for him, it was absolutely worth it…in that moment, he was putting others first. He was dismayed that only a handful thanked him, but it was an opportunity for me to teach him, that you don’t help others for accolades. Thank you for putting a focus on this! You are a beautiful person!!!

    • Caity Sue Treadwell

      What a great opportunity for your son to learn that our kindness isn’t always appreciated by others, but that should never matter! Recently I held the door open for a man and I looked at him and said” See, chivalry isn’t dead, it just changed hands” lol…He laughed, as did I. 🙂

  • Marissa

    You are such a pleasure to watch! I’ve learned many techniques form you! I hope to pay it forward by showing these techniques to my niece. She doesn’t consider herself very creative – but I totally disagree! I am having fun creating things with her…I introduced her to the SMASH book and we’ve had fun making pages together!

  • Audrey Roseman

    Good Aftrnoon Megan,
    I am so happy that youar doing a pay it forward. I try to so that all the time as I am so richly blessed not by earthly riches but richs by God and what I have received form Him. I have been able to mae and give cards and some cash to people who rally need it in out area and we have a Goddaught4r from a local shelter that we have been able to pay it forward with her to supply shoes, school materials and other things to help her. She is 16 so you can image the things that she needs as an abandoned child who now lives in a lovely shelter of over 50 children. We also pay her medical bills and such. God has blessed us with her in out lives and she also pays it forward by doing things for the other children in the shelter.
    Thank you Megan for making my day everyday by your inspiring words and fun videos.
    Be Blessed.

  • Jill

    Wow, can’t believe March is over, and I didn’t have time to do very much crafting. I do a lot of stuff on my Cricut for the school I work for. I would love some decent paper and a corner chomper to help keep this going! I was hoping to go to the Scrapbook Expo to check out what the best brand of carstock would be, but missed it here in Calif. I love your website, thank you for all your inspiration!

  • Cheryl S.

    I love what Ellen does too! She inspired my husband and I to help out our neighbor when his wife died and left him to raise his too children. He is an over the road truck driver so, he couldn’t just quit his job. My husband and I stepped in and stayed with the children for over a year. Thanks Megan for all you do!

  • Amy E.

    Hi Megan! What a fun month this has been watching all you’ve been doing for your viewers and followers! I especially love today, reading all of the proceeding comments about how people have been paying it forward…LOVE IT!!

    My husband and I are on a very limited income, and usually come up short each month when it comes time to pay our basic bills. I’m disabled, and unable to work, and he has cancer, although he’s still able to work full-time to support us both. A necessity to keep food in the house a few years ago, make me learn more about couponing. I’ve been an extreme couponer now for the past couple of years. By extreme couponing, I mean that I get almost all of our groceries for free (or at leat 95-98% off) An integral part of couponing is stockpiling things when they are free or cheap, so that you don’t have to pay full price for that item when you run out…you just go grab another one off your pantry shelf. The resulting stockpile has kind of turned us into the neighborhood food bank!!

    When one of my neighbors was going through chemo for breast cancer last year, I would make her come down (she was a little embarrassed, but got over it when she realized it was going to be the only way to keep food in her house) and go “shopping” in my pantry every week or so. I’ve done this for numerous friends and neighbors, when they have the need. If we still have extra (which we often do) we take this to our local food bank. The year before last I was able to use sale prices and coupons to get 21 glucometers (a machine for diabetics to check their blood sugar) for free, and were able to also donate them to our local food bank…they keep other specialty items like that for people in need.

    Tomorrow is a good sale/couponing day, so I’ll go do it all again!

    Thanks again for warming my heart with al your good works this month!

    Amy E. (your Facebook Once Upon A Time buddy! Haha!)

    • Caity Sue Treadwell

      I love that you do this!! I see the people on the shows about extreme couponing and you KNOW that they will never be able to use all those supplies they have stashed…but what you do works out SO well!! I love it that you have a “Food Closet” right in your garage!! Your neighbor is a very lucky lady indeed!! And so is your local food bank!!

      • Amy E.

        Thank you SO MUCH for saying so! I try to take the “crazy” out of extreme couponing!!! We still have a stockpile for our own use, but the majority of it goes.

  • Suzie Q

    I’m a demonstrator for Stampin Up. I was supposed to have a class in my home last weekend but was too sick because of a flareup from Multiple Sclerosis. I still wasn’t too sure about this weekend but when I spoke to the ladies I knew I couldn’t let them down! Not only did I have the class but I surprised them by giving each one of them a stamp set or pack of patterned paper (their choice). I usually pick one person to get a door prize but I want to pay it forward! Love my scrappy girls!!! Megan, thank you for being such an inspiration to me!!!!

  • Deborah R.

    I have never seen the Ellen Degeneres show but after watching this clip I will have to watch it. You are right, it did make me smile. I have been in the process of setting up a room to scrapbook in and purging my extra supplies. Instead of going to sell at a garage sale I have decided to donate them to a local elementary school . I know this is small but you have encouraged me to find ways to pay it forward and this will be my start. Thanks you so much!

  • Islandgirl

    Megan your an AWESOME person. For your giveaways to videos to your inspiring words. Because i am on a very limited income I will be cleaning out my closet and take stuff you goodwill. If this makes one person happy that would be great.

  • Darlene

    Hi Meghan,
    I recently retired after teaching Special Education for 37 years. I decided to donate all of my “things” to my church’s preschool program. To say that the teachers were thrilled with my supplies is such an understatement. I was glad I was able to pay it forward to help out this program.

  • Lillian K

    You will be rewarded for all you are doing even if it is a warm feeling in your heart. Thanks for all you do. For almost 10 years now we have been picking up senior citizens and taking them to church each Sunday and then out to lunch afterwards. After sometime we have lost many of these seniors and it always leaves an empty spot in our hearts. They have all been so caring and grateful to us, however I think we were the ones who were most rewarded. Just the opportunity of having known them and to have them share themselves so much with us was the greatest reward we could have ever wanted. All have accomplished so much in there way. As for a group of crafty ladies I am in, we are doing a swap or give away crafting items we no longer need or use and it is surprising how this has inspired additional crafting ideas. Once again thank you Megan for all you do and have done.

  • Amanda Haynes

    I know its not much but what I did was helped my parents out. My sister and her family live with them and they just want to disney on spring break. Well my dad has a lot of medical issues going on right now and money is tight for them.So Monday I made a big meal for them and my family. I made a 14 lb turkey and all the good thanksgiving type sides. ( I have been know to make a big turkey dinner at least 4 times a year) They had enough left over to eat left overs the next day and make turkey rice soup the following day. Like I said it wasnt much but it was helping my parents and that is what counts.

  • Dorothy Breitenstein

    Received this on my Face Book page from my niece: Recently, Vivian’s 5th grade class read the story “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.” The story is about a Japanese girl who became ill as a result of the bombing of Hiroshima. The girls’ friend tells her that there is a Japanese custom that if you make 1,000 paper cranes, your wish for health will come true.

    Vivian’s classmates (an incredible group) decided they wanted to make paper cranes for Vivian. But 1,000 is a lot…and I’m asking for your help.

    If you are interested in helping us reach our goal of 1,000 by the end of May, please let me know! I’ll warn you….they’re not easy to make, but if you’re up for a challenge, creating one is very rewarding!

    Now Vivian is my nieces daughter that has been diagnosed with epilepsy, a brain atrophy in her cerebellum, and had also developed pretty intense OCD tendencies. I have put my card making and scrap booking on hold for now and have been doing the origami cranes. To date I think I have done over 225 and plan on doing alot more.

    I am blessed with healthy children and grandchildren. So I am paying it forward and helping this class and hope this will also help Vivian who is a very special courageous girl.

  • Sheri C

    I have a niece that I adore. She is married to the most wonderful man that loves her and cherishes her daily. They are both very hard workers and are so trying to get ahead, so she doesn’t have the luxory of spending money on crafting things. Her Mom and I bought her a Cricut Expression and oodles of crafting stuff to play with. Some of us in the family are sending her care packages full of fun stuff to play with, she is so very grateful and appreciative of everything anyone dones for her. I am hoping to win some of the pay it forward things to send to her.

  • Mary

    I try and do little things to help people, I don’t have much money but sometimes just helping people is more help then money. Watching your YouTube did make me cry, you are so sweet and I can tell you really mean every word you say. So I am going to try harder to help people and I’m crying again. See just you and your video will help the world, you’re the best 🙂

  • Brandy Rinearson

    How inspirational…I just love Ellen. I always enjoy watching her shows. I love giving to people. Last Christmas my mom, daughter, son, and my daughter’s friend went and delivered presents to a nursing home my mom works at. Just the sheer joy on their faces is so priceless. We didn’t spend a lot of money, but it’s the thought that counts. We gave them scarfs, gloves, socks and some other little things. Thanks for spreading the word and making so many peoples day!

    Just started my blog…still needs work but I will get there!

  • Diane

    Don’t understand the @ sign tag thing, but I put on a woman’s retreat and we made cards to give to Habitat for Humanity to sell. Love my friends! Love card making! Perfect day for giving back!

  • facsmom

    In addition to all of the give-a-ways you have done/are doing, it puts a smile on my face to see how you have inspired the Pay-It-Forward concept. It has been a joy to read all of the posts. Think how one little idea is multiplying in homes and with families across the country and across the waves.

  • marilyn richardson

    Today I baked a German Chocolate Cake for a friend… thanks for doing pay it forward. I have found that if I help or do something nice for someone else then something Great always comes by way…

  • Suzanne Jorda

    I just watched your video on Ellen and just wanted to say she seems to be inspiring a great many lately. I just this week have taken her philosophy that to just “be kind” to people. I think this will make a difference in my life so much. I love your videos. I have just recently started scrapbooking and making cards. I work at night and enjoy coming home to watch your videos to give me inspiration for my scrapbooking on days off. Thank you for your great work and dedication!!!

  • Tina Engel

    OMG! So many wonderful and thoughtful folks out there. It’s nice to see there is still hope for this big ole world yet. If I had to comment on each post that brought a tear, I would be spamming the board. God Bless you all that believe and to those that don’t, YOU ROCK!!!

    Now let’s keep on Paying it Forward!!!!!


  • Shelly

    We recently moved and during the move I lost the power cord to my original Cricut Expression. I am in the process of trying to make the wedding favors, invitations and reply cards for my sons September wedding, but without the cord it is hard. All of the family is pitching in money for the wedding, I am doing online surveys to earn gift cards to order things to help out. I could really use a power cord. I will pay it forward by sending out a care package to someone (you choose) of paper and embellishments (I have plenty) to help someone out, as I do a lot of cardmaking for a card ministry that I have been involved in over the years.

    Thanks for all that you do and the inspiration that you are to all of us.

  • Mary Ann Huntington

    Hi Megan, There is nothing we like better than doing something for someone else. We are seniors on a fixed income but love love all our little neighbor kids. Every Easter we stuff eggs with $120 in small change and invite them over for an egg hunt. What a fun event to watch. It brings tears to our eyes. After the hunt we have a hot dog party for their families while they count their loot. The little ones are already countng the days until next Sunday.

  • Gail Peters

    I enjoy making a student’s day at the Elementary School I work for… It doesn’t take much to thrill them or make their day. From teaching a little guy to tie his shoes, to getting excited with a little girl because her daddy is coming home for the first time in a year. Giving out hugs for kids that are sad or are missing their mommy, to passing out a sticker (or two) to someone who has finally mastered their Wall Words. I love my job and I know I’m making a difference from the smiles and hugs that I get everyday! The little things all add up to happy kids that love school. 🙂

  • Kim

    My boyfriend has a grandmother who is 90 years old, we went to visit her today and she was complaining that her hair was a mess and she needed to get to the hair salon to get it done, but said none of her kids ever have the time to take her because they are all so busy in their own lives . I told her that I wasn’t too busy and If she would make the appt, I would take her. You would have thought I just handed her a million dollars. Somemtimes we forget that they elderly have needs too and they took care of us their whole lives, we need to remember to take care of them as they age

  • Betty

    Well, too late for today, as I went on the internet to look for an order and saw your e-mail. What a great idea, and am so inspired as I read all the comments. What a wounderful group of women. I will get up tomorrow and start to work toward making someones day a little better. Megan don’t send me a thing. God has been so good to me. There is nothing I need. Maybe I’ll go through and donate a lot of my craft thing to the Joplin storm victims. Thank Megan for the great idea. Betty

  • Jessica Beougher

    I’m just retring home after a very long day, To start my day I had my clinical as a CNA student and the nursing facility and I think this is going to be a super rewarding job the residents are so easy to please and so willing to let us(the students) practice on them. It’s amazing how when you just take an extra minute or two with a resident to learn a little about them how they just really light up. On the way home I stopped to pick up a few things at the store and the lanes to check out were crazy and a lady looked liked you was in a rush so I let her slide in front of me somthing typically not me but today for some reason I just felt like she could use a litte luck. Then I spent time playing with my kids which always makes them smile and then a freind asked if I would tag along to a home makeup party with her (even though its the same line that I just signed up as a consultant) My friend order somthings but would like to get some more so I told her I woul let her use my 1/2 off discount and would let her get the make up brushes at cost. Now I’m home and going to treat myself to a facial and some cucumber eye pads before drifting off to sleep and starting tomorrow. On a side note I just love what you are doing Megan and paying it forward can be just the small things we take for granted everyday and just helping me to remeber that life maybe short and the even small gesters in everyday life can be super rewarding at the end of the day.

  • Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    I will be helping my son with his fledgling business. He needs a bit of help packaging items,etc. but is not at the point where he can afford to pay workers. Thanks for having “Make someone’s Day” month.


  • Caity Sue Treadwell

    I work for the Fire Deparment – so my job requires that I help others – and I don’t think that counts for this, right? when I’m not working on Christmas, I volunteer to deliver meals to shut-ins on Christmas Day. I can’t tell you how much I love doing this!! BUT again, I don’t think that counts. So, my housekeeper was sick with the flu this week and called to let me know…she was willing to come clean my house even while she was sick, but she was worried about my 3 wk old granddaughter and my 94 year old mother-in-law, who live with us. So, I am going to pay her anyway for the week she missed. She has been with me for several years and is such a good, hard worker and doesn’t get benefits or sick leave…:(

  • Cindy Dillon

    I work at a fuel station and I try to be upbeat and positive sharing happy thoughts daily with those I come in contact with. Many people have told me they come to where I am just to get their smile of the day. If that makes them happy, I am thrilled that I can do it!

    Cindy in WV

  • Sue

    I really don’t publish things like this cause I don’t want people saying I was bragging or something. My Grandaughter lives about 800 miles away from us. She’s been wanting to come home for quite awhile but just couldn’t afford it.I have felt so bad for her so my husband and I sent her $800.00 so she could rent a truck and come home. Now I can’t wait to see her. She will be home next Saturday, April 7th. Thank you so much Megan for the things you do.

  • Candace

    I read so many stories of paying it forward, that I have to say, “What a great bunch of people that we have in the world.” Some have brought tears to my eyes or an autable “WOW”.

  • Candace

    I didnt finish my last comment… I have a great job that I can help our local residents. I maily help the seniors apply for programs that the state of Illinois gives the seniors. I get so many different questions that I have a hard time to answer. If I have the time, I look the answers up online while they are there. So many hand have said that they will only come to me because they know I can help them. I get a ton of hugs, “thank yous” and one time I received hand knitted wool house socks. Its always a pleasure to help my community. I go out of my way to help that sometimes it makes my day and I go home with a smile. I have discovered the fun art of “artist trading cards” I have so many made that I have been giving them out to whoever wants ones. I have quotes of encouragment on them. Its my way to say that you are worth it!

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    I love to pay it forward. I have done acts of kindness for many times. I make jewelry and love to give it to people, especially if I know that they would not buy it but would love it. sometimes I do a scrapbooking page and give it when it is something they would like to treasure but do not scrapbook themselves. I just love to surprise someone and it does not have to be anything of great importance. I baked cookies for my insurance agency’s whole office because they saved us money on our insurance. Its not what you do , but that you do something and think of others and not yourself. It is such a wonderful feeling to see such surprises on someone’s face when they are the recipient of a Pay it Forward or Act of kindness. thanks for giving us all a challenge. You are an inspiration.

  • Carmen Elrod

    Megan~ You and Ellen are both AWESOME! This is just right up my alley! I love doing Random Acts of Kindness for others. In fact, when my grandmother passed away, I used my small inheritance check to start my own RAK club. I named it WWGD What would Grandma Do.(My grandma LIVED to do kind deeds for those who she knew and didnt know.) I invited my sisters and we meet monthly and we each take turns hostessing the club. The hostess plans what RAK we will do, and we go out and do it…..We have done so many different ones, and the Blessing you receive by doing a kind deed is probably more thrilling than the one who receives it! God Bless You Megan~ and keep on inspiring us ~ and enjoying those moments!

  • JustAPacRat

    I make cards for Operation Write Home! I have a personal goal of 30 a month, but have been falling behind the last 6 months or so. After seeing your post, I decided this weekend was going to be spent making cards for the cause. Created 69 of them, all from scraps and mostly DAD or Missing You Cards. Thanks for the inspiration to keep at it.

  • vivian kaufman

    I started cleaning out my craft room and will be donating some of my supplies that I will never use but purchased because I thought I would. The supplies are all new and I will be donating them to someone who can not buy supplies.

  • vivian kaufman

    I always give things to cancer society and other groups but one of my co-worker little girl love to craft and they are not able to buy her a lot of crafting items because they have 4 other kids so while I was cleaning out my crafting/bedroom I gave her a lot of things and I am also donating a lot of supplies that I lpurchase and have never used and probably never will. I just love doing things for people and I do believe that is what God would have me to do. Thanks for your inspiration.