Hawaian Bridal Shower

I thought I would share some of the pictures from my sisters first bridal shower.  We had a really fun Hawain theme and we went as far out with it as we could!  We had the shower at my parents church so we bought all kinds of fun decorations!

Brides Maids at shower

(all of us brides maids surrounding the beautiful bride to be!)

Fruit salads and Fruit Dip

Fruit salad bowls we made by hollowing out organges and a pinapple hollowed out for pina cola fruit dip.

Cake and yummy desserts

The yummy decorative cake, cookies with bright icing and a bucket of “sand” (vanilla pudding with crushed grahm crackers on top)

Shower Favors

Buckets o’ shower favors.  We filled buckets with candy and everyone could fill up their own goody bag of their favorites!

Prize Bags

And these were the lovely prize bags that we made.  There is a video on the site for you to check out to see exactly how we made them.

Well we had so much fun.  The shower was a blast!  We played Shower Bingo and even did a little Limbo in there somewhere.  Everyone had their own lais to wear for the day and it was simply awesome.  Thanks for checking out the pics and if you have any questions on how we did anything, please feel free to contact me.

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