Happiest Thanksgiving to Everyone! 16

Just wanting to check in to say HAPPY Thanksgiving to everyone!!! 🙂

I hope you all are taking time to be THANKFUL for the wonderful blessings in your life!  I know each one of you out there have SOMETHING to be thankful for despite pains, trials and struggles!  I can be honest and say, I’m struggling with things right now and the thankful attitude of the heart for things like my Savior, my Family, my beautiful babies, my husband, my best friend, many other things, are what get me through some days! 😉

I’m very blessed and thankful for each and everyone of you that are here at Above Rubies Studio!  You all have helped many of my hopes come true just in being able to teach and share!  That is a huge passion in my life and I am thankful that I can be a stay home Mommy and be able to share my paper crafting passion in this way on a regular basis!  (Not to mention being Crazy thankful for a husband who supports, encourages and pushes me in this passion everyday!)

I haven’t done a lot of house decorating or preparations for this Thanksgiving, although I can say, I’m really excited to wake up the kids in the morning and make them breakfast and watch the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV together.  Something I get excited about every year!  😉

I remember Thanksgivings growing up of watching the parade and then heading off to my mom and dad’s old highschool football game before a Thanksgiving dinner at My grandparents house.  And while highschool football games isn’t something we’ve attended in years on Thanksgiving day, I’m really excited to take my children to my parents house for a wonderful meal together!

After dinner, I have to tell you how personally excited I am that my mom and I will drop off a car at our local outlet mall and go back to get in line at midnight to do some SERIOUS Black Friday Shopping!  (Makin’ my list and it is checked twice!)  We will stand in line at Starbucks first and foremost because I most certainly will want my Venti Carmel Brulee Latte with EXTRA Whip Cream and then start the shopping.  Planning to hit the Yankee Candle Outlet and Children’s Place to be sure to get “jammies” for my kids and other little things.   After all that fun, I will make sure I get to Walmart because there is no way that I can resist getting at least one of Cricut Lite Cartridges that will be on sale!!! 😉  And a girl can dream in saying, I REALLY want one of the new color Expressions that Walmart is releasing!!!!!

So once I’ve shopped until I’ve literally dropped, I am BEYOND thankful that we will be packing up the kids and heading to Florida for a few days to spend time with our dearest friends!  What a BETTER way to spend some Holiday time and thankful time than with people you truly love??? 🙂

I hope all of you are feeling the blessings of life around you and take time to truly have a thankful heart! 😉

I would love to hear about your holiday traditions, or just the fun of things you’ll be doing this weekend (and yes the shopping adds to what I am thankful for and just LOVE!)


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16 thoughts on “Happiest Thanksgiving to Everyone!

  • Brenda Suni Brandt

    I am most thankful for my family….and then the fact i can sharre the heritage that my ancestors taught me….God’s Blessing is Grand children, THEY make me feel that I have worth.They give me love and joy unconditionally, and it doesnt matter that i am in a wheelchair. they want to bake, craft and sing with me all the time…they give me such JOY !! I pray that everyone has a peace of this kind of joy in your life…God Bless and Have a Wonderful Family filled Thanksgiving

  • Trixie Lew

    I have so many blessings in my life to be thankful for. The best husband of almost 42 years, 4 fab children, 4 amazing dtrs-in-law and 2 gr. children. A fun job, wonderful friends, many artisitic outlets and thanks for making think of that this morning. I appreciate you and all your efforts to share yourself, your life and your talent with us. God Bless you this Thankful day.

  • Lori K

    Ohg wow Megan you are goign to brave the lineups are you? Here in Canada we do not have a Black Friday, so I do not get to do that fun stuff, but from what I hear it is crazy! I hope you find some awesome finds there.
    Wishing everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving

  • Sherri

    I am thankful for everything in my life. I am so blessed. I love this web site and I have only found it a couple weeks age. Thanks for having it.

  • Lynn B.

    Kids are home, daughter’s boyfriend is here. We will have a relaxing day, not stressing over the “dinner” anymore. It’s kind of nice.

    Have a good day and a safe trip. It’s supposed to cool off here (FL) this weekend, down to the 70’s(ha)!

  • Nancy Lee

    I am very thankful to still have my Mother for another Thanksgiving. She is 93 and has a bad heart condition. She is under HOSPIC care and will probably not be with me next year. But I am very thankful I had today with her. We had a good day. I have been blessed to have had my Mom for all these years.

  • Aleda Haynes

    I am so thankful for friends and family that I will spend the day with. We will cook and eat, nap and rest, eat again, and probably eat left overs tomorrow. I do hope to do some Black Friday shopping as well. Thanks for all your work Megan. Hope you have a great day and a safe trip.

  • RSpring

    I, too, am so thankful for all the blessings God has bestowed upon me. And one of the best just happened when our son John surprised us and came home from California for Thanksgiving! Then we got the joy of seeing his 2 sisters and brother-in-law be surprised! And all this at a time when I needed the encouragement. I am truly thankful!
    And, too, I need to add, I enjoy hearing from Above Rubies and the joy of getting new ideas and having you share. Just joined recently and I look forward to seeing what you’ll share. Thank you so much!

  • Linda Jamme

    Wow, you get to go to Florida too. Hope you enjoy your time. I live in MN and it has been real cold here for a few days so Florida sounds terrific.

  • Deborah

    I am very thankful for my boyfriend that has embraced my new hobby. I have just purchased both the Expression and Imagine and had to hit all the sales to get all the goodies needed to get started.
    I want to give a special thanks to you Megan for all your wonderful crafting information. Because of you and your video, I know I will use my Cricut’s to their full potential.
    Hope you all enjoy your long weekend of crafting.

  • Ohhh Snap

    I’m soooo thankful for my wonderful family, especially my DD. We spent Thanksgiving cooking, and went to our traditional Disney movie, which this year was Tangled (let me just say we enjoyed it thoroughly). Last year there wasn’t a Disney movie Thanksgiving release and we “had” to watch the lastest Twilight movie. Though I was a little rattled about the convergence of household repairs that needed to be done the week before Thanksgiving, I am so thankful they were relatively small to repair financially.