Gypsy Demo, Viva Demo, Meet and Greet at Crafts Direct Video 19

Here is what I promised!

This is a video from the weekend at Crafts Direct in St. Cloud, MN.  This video highlights a little bit of everything – from the hotel room, the swarm, the Gypsy and Viva Talk, Giveaways, Singing in the car… you name it – its all here!

I was so blessed by all the support and followers that came out!

A very special lady, Denise, gave me a 31 purse bag, because she knew that Above Rubies Studio was based off of Proverbs 31, which is also what the company 31 is based from!  I’m actually going to post a pic of the purse and such later – cause its really a cool company if you haven’t heard of it before.

Another woman drove 5 1/2 hours just to come up and say hi at the store…others traveled several hours as well, and its just awesome to be a part of this crafting world!  So much fun and so encouraging!  Thank you for allowing me into your homes through the world wide web, and thank you for the support you all are to me! Its just awesome!

YouTube Preview Image

Upcoming Events:

We (meaning me and my husband and two kids) are going to try to head back to Minnesota for Scrapfest at the Mall of America this September.  We are trying to get a few more details worked out – but I think I’ll be there. 🙂

October I’ll be heading to Orlando for more fun and exciting travels and then November I am going to be doing a few other fun things I’ll be announcing at a later time! 🙂

Man before I know it – January will be here and we’ll be heading out to Los Angles for the next CHA!!! So fun!

Thanks for following along on this amazing journey!

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19 thoughts on “Gypsy Demo, Viva Demo, Meet and Greet at Crafts Direct Video

  • Heather Novinger

    Hi, Megan! It looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing the videos! I wish I could have gone, too! 🙂 I’d love to meet you, you are such a sweetheart! Keep up the good work. I love your videos. You are a great inspiration! 🙂 I live in the Cleveland area, so if you ever come around here be sure to let me know! I will make you dinner!! lol I hope you have a great day! Oh, and you need to post a video with your kiddos in it soon..I bet they are growing!!

    ~Heather Novinger

  • Dianne Bell

    Enjoyed this video. Made me laugh a lot. Ever going to come to Tampa? Hope so. It is a great town and beaches, too. I know you will be in Orlando soo, but would love you to come here, too.

  • Melissa

    Megan, thanks so much for taking the time to face paint on Madison’s cheek/hand! She LOVED it and was very careful not to have it rub off. It was great meeting you and hopefully I’ll see you at ScrapFest…I will be there on Friday and will be on the lookout for you. Take care!

  • Sandy

    Megan, the video of Madison was so cute, I emailed her mom the other pictures that I took of her yesterday. You were going to send me some info on the Viva Decor products if I emailed you so this is it. Had a great time on Sat. Am available to assist you at the Scrapfest for the kids or whatever.

  • Linda Carson

    Taking your act on the road…. looks like a fun time! Sure wish I was young again (with good knees) I would be out there with ya!!!

  • Ann G

    Looked like a fun time I too would like some info about Viva Decor products you use. I ordered the Cricut and Gypsy video’s can hardly wait for them to arive.

  • Mary Schmidt

    I will be flying into MSP on 9-18. Will you be in Mpls then? Would love to see you. Don’t think I will buy a Scrapfest ticket(: as I will be going on to stay with my daughter and family that live 1 hr SE of Mpls. I havn’t decided if I will check out the Scrapfest before going on to her place. I would love to have time to spend at Achivers. Whenever I go to MOA with my daughter and 2 toddlers, we don’t stay long at Achivers. I need to check if there is shuttle from airport to MOA or the lyterail(?).

  • Julie

    Scrapfest is the best. I hope you will be able to make it. Fall in MN is the best time of year. The colors are awesome and weather is perfect. MOA has lots for your kiddos to do too.

  • Hilary

    I LOVE Crafts Direct! It is my all time favorite store. I go with my best friend after work at least once a month, we were there tonight actually! Wish I would have know about your site when you were here and I would have totally come. Hope you come back soon.