Hey Guys! Not to vent on you or anything, but I am seriously frustrated!!!!
When I first decided to start doing videos of my crafting/cardmaking etc… I thought it was going to be such a blast. Well, it is such a blast, but I am having such technical issues and I apologize to everyone!!!!!
I started out using a basic canon digital camera, which was fine, but then, I saw the Sony Webbie. I LOVE the webbie and I love the HD recording, but for some reason I am having real issues getting the screen to play all the way through without a black out. So I am really sorry to all who have been watching and supporting me. I am considering switching to my Flip Mino (It was a gift from a family member after I bought my Webbie). The Flip I have is not the HD version, but I am sure that the HD is the whole reason I am having black out issues with Youtube.
Anyway, stay patient with me! I don not want to upset you, my viewers. 🙂

This is my new plan, (I think)

  • I am going to continue to film videos of my cards, layouts and projects, but I am not going to make them in HD. (at least for right now)
  • I am going to use my Flip, which is a really cute and fun camera.
  • I am going to make videos with my Webbie HD, but they will be video series sets that will be available for purchase for your viewing pleasures!

Alright, well again, I thank you for your support and your encouragement.  Above Rubies Studio WILL get this worked out, one way or another!

Enjoy the Day!

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