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I just got a very interesting email today from someone who “Doesn’t Care” – but for not caring, they seemed to have a few things to say.

Here is the email I received and I would like to take a little time to appropriately respond to those of you who may have similar concerns or questions.Ā  I want to be as transparent and forthcoming as possible to all who check out

So here was the original email:

Contact Us
Your Name Doesn’t Matter
Message It’s great that you offer the Cricut Cutting Guide, but if you are going to put people on a mailing list and this is how you get them to join, it’s not very tasteful and I can’t imagine that people will look forward to your newsletters.

It’s tricky and its not nice. Right on the front page it says “don’t be fooled by imitation guides”. Well we’re not fooled by that, but you sure fooled me into getting your newsletter.
If you want to be above rubies, be honest. Oh and check your spelling.

So, even though this wasn’t as nicely put as it could be. I’d like to make sure everyone is fully aware of what’s going on at “Above Rubies Studio”. šŸ™‚

First thing I would like to say is that “tricking” people was certainly never an intention what so ever!!!

Secondly, we offer this Cricut Cutting Guide for FREE with the hope that we will have a chance to further help you in the future.Ā  Never to give you information you would not want or communication you would not like.Ā  We certainly don’t want anyone to receive updated information without wanting it!Ā  You have the option right off the bat to never receive another thing from after you download the Cricut Cutting Guide.Ā  That is TOTALLY up to you! šŸ™‚

The reason we have you confirm your email address is for this very point alone.Ā  We don’t want to spam anyone!

We make sure that unsubscribing is as easy as possible and you are certainly free to do so at ANY point and time.Ā  There is an unsubscribe option on any and every email that would come from us.

Any other emails you receive would be from you choosing to subscribe to feedburner, which again is your choice to fill out your email and you can unsubscribe to that at any point as well.Ā  There has also been a question about the e-mails received from comments.Ā  This is not something that I control, but when you leave a comment you can chose to be notified as to whether or not you will receive the notification of response in that comment thread.

I want to reiterate there really is nothing “tricky” going on and deception is not the goal.Ā  We follow all “CAN-SPAM” laws and make sure that you never receive unsolicited emails from Above Rubies Studio.

I want to apologize to anyone out there that may have felt misled or “deceived”.Ā  I truly want to be honest with everyone, and it would really hurt me to think that anyone of you wonderful people would feel I lied to you about something.

And for the final issue mentioned, I have to say I am sorry!!! I hope that my spelling and grammar weakness is not totally inhibiting your enjoyment of the website and the information and try to provide to you all.Ā  I use spell check as much as possible, and as for grammar…let’s say I really enjoy writing exactly like I would talk to you! šŸ˜‰Ā  (Sorry to all my teachers in school!)Ā  This weakness is a real bugger sometimes, especially when you try to do something nice for your husband and you end up making a card like this one! šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰ LOL – But I can laugh at myself, and again, try better to be MUCH more aware next time.

I really appreciate your feedback and want to make serve you the best that I possibly can.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and I really hope that I will continue to see you in the future despite my many many shortcomings!

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80 thoughts on “Interesting Email – I’ll Respond Here

  • Dana Taft

    Please don’t let one persons bad day ruin yours. I have never felt mislead at any point in visiting your site or receiving the cutting guide. Obviously this person is having difficulties and pain from other sources that has caused them to lash out at others. I pray you continue to provide this wonderful resource to those of us that truly appreciate your site and you as the wonderful, caring and giving person that you are.

  • Christa Hamilton

    I to have never felt misled in your site. I think your doing an awesome job….keept it up. Oh by the way…don’t draw their name for the prizes. LOL!

  • Deanna

    I agree, I love your site and was not in any way mis-led in any way. šŸ™‚ Keep up the good work. My guess is that the email was sent from some-one else that is trying to put out the same type of help guide or something. šŸ™‚

  • KimJ

    I personally love you site and was overjoyed that you would take the time to not only compile a cutting guide but offer it for free!

    I do not feel you have been misleading in anyway. you have been more than generous with your time and talent.

  • Marlou F.

    It feels like someone just wanted to get your goat, so to speak. I love what you do and I totally enjoy your site. I was never tricked – I made a choice to have your updates.

    Keep going… keep caring… keep sharing… we appreciate what you are doing.

  • JessicaDA

    I’m sorry that email got you down. I also have not felt misled by the site. I love what you are doing and am looking forward to what you bring out in the future!

    As for spelling and grammar…yes, there are errors, but there are a couple in that email too. Random aside (that is loosely connected)- did you know that book publishers leave some typos in books so that they can more easily dispute copyright infringement lawsuits…

    And I agree with Christa – no prizes for him/her!

  • Debbie Meyer

    “A good deed never goes unpunished”. Geez, people never fail to amaze me. What in the world? I joined you newsletter list and I’m so glad I did. I downloaded your guide and three of my friends saw it and wanted it also. There are so many wonderful people in the world and then there are a few grouches. Thank you for all you do.

  • Betsy

    So sorry that people cannot just enjoy what is
    offered. My thought would be to pray for them
    and please continue your site. I enjoy it.

  • rache g

    I love coming to your site. I cannot explain why anyone would send such an email to you. I would not ask you to change anything.
    Keep up the good work and do not let anyone hurt you.
    We love ya.

  • Sandy C.

    Oh my goodness. People are not happy unless they are raining on someone else’s parade. Give me a break. You are fine, adorable, fun, a great person to see everyday. I enjoy you blog so much. I never noticed anything wrong with your spelling, are you not allowed to be human and make mistakes. Whatever, just ignore that person. I agree with Christa above, don’t draw that persons name. LOL Take care and don’t let that person upset you. Sandy C.

  • Brandy

    Don’t let what one person thinks ruin what you have tried to accomplish. You are doing a great job and I am glad that you have shared that with us. Thank you so very much!!! Brandy

  • Kim

    Megan, all I can say is WHAT A JERK. There is nothing tricky or under-handed here…simply women coming together to share their love of crafting — something in which we can ALL use new ideas and instruction. YOU ARE ANSWERING A CALL THE LORD HAS PLACED ON YOUR HEART…and don’t let anybody tell you any different! Unfortunate for ‘her’ that she’s missing out on some great ideas and inspiration. Your other Proverbs-31-wanna-be’s are out here rooting you on! SMILE…”The Lord bless you and keep you; may His face continue to shine upon you and GIVE YOU PEACE!”

  • Jackie P

    am i missing something???? i think this is an awesome site that just offers tips and support! some people need to get a life!!! keep up the great work! the rest of us appreciate it!!!

  • marcia

    I agree with everyone else, except for your disgruntled guest. We are all guests and have the choice whether or not to visit your site. I appreciate and thank you for the many new tricks you have taught me. It is obvious you put a considerable amount of time into offering us this free gift, for that I thank you. Hopefully, your guest will read some of these comments and realize it is their choice to be a part of your site. Keep up the great work!

  • Deborah

    Dearest Megan,

    It’s a beautiful fall day… with a chill in the air… and the smell of crisp leaves falling… šŸ™‚
    May your day be blessed with more positive things along the way…

    I for one LOVE the guide… thank you again so much!! I also look forward to your newsletter… keep up the great work!!!

    As for the misspelled word “because” in your guide description… it’s no big deal… life is simply too short to be so serious and worrisome about the little things.

    I pray you will have a fun and safe Halloween weekend with your family:)

    P.S. I loved your pumpkin video… too cute to spook for sure!!!

    Please forgive any typos… *wink*

    **Lots of Hugs**

  • Kathy Hunter

    I 2nd all the emotions above. Some people just aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about. If they cant find something to complain about, then they make it up. You have touched my heart by being so generous and sharing your time and talent with us. You also touch my heart by letting your love for our Lord and Savior shine through. God certainly knows what your intentions are and that is the most important thing. I believe that those of us that enjoy your site know that your intentions are honorable as well. Please don’t let one ungrateful person stop you from the work you are doing on this website. Like everyone else, I chose to receive your newsletter and updates. I look forward to receiving them everyday. As far as the spelling issue goes, who cares. If you look at some of the comments above, there is some mispelling there as well. I myself have mispelled things in comments I have left you. Sometimes my fingers just don’t keep up with my brain, or maybe they work faster than my brain does:). At any rate, I love all that you do for us. Please keep up the good work.

  • Vickie Miller

    There will always be that one person who has to complain. Life is about choices. My choice is to come here and enjoy what you offer. They can choose to go elsewhere.
    thanks for what you do

  • tawnya

    after reading the rude email and your expalnation, wich wasnted needed. you have not mislead yourself. as for the spelling, heck we all at times mispell, pretty sure i already did…lol….your site and your youtub post have been very helpful and open my eyes to what i can do and to think out side the box. you have talent and you care, so your sharing it with the world, i commend you on that and do not let one person tell you other wise what you are doing a bad job. you have support from me and your other guest. we are here for you just as you are there for us. thank you!

  • Barb A.

    I enjoy your site very much. I anxiously await the opportunity every day to turn the computer on and click on your site to see what kind of information you have to offer. You have a great site. Do not let anyone who’s having a bad day ruin your good day. (I haven’t noticed that many spelling errors….We’re all human and make “mistakes”.) Keep up the good work.

  • Felisa

    For me I don’t wait on an email from your website it is one of the ones I go to first thing in the morning (every morning and just not for the free gifts. I never win but your inspiration)looking for your smiling face or wonderful crafts or tips. I enjoy your work please keep up the good work.

  • Monica Wolfe

    Hi Megan, I never felt deceived myself nor did the thought ever come to mind. You know, do not let the enemy steal your joy. When we are doing what we are suppose to…like letting your light shine in your life and in your own creativeness, and in the joy that is shown in your character, that seems to be the time when things TRY to come our way. Be Strong and courages. May God’s bessings continue to pour upon you and your family!

  • Steph

    First rule of business: You can’t please all the people all the time. It’s a shame that “don’t care” did not simply appreciate the Cutting Guide they received for free. I believe it’s rather obvious to most that when email addresses are collected, they are for marketing purposes. That’s the way business works. But, we all have the option to “opt in” and “opt out.” It’s a shame that “don’t care” didn’t just choose to opt out with a simple thanks for the Guide.

    Many of us do appreciate all the work you put into this guide and are more than willing to be on your distribution list. So, thanks!

    Does Care

  • Felkatz *Kathy*

    misleading? HUH WHAT? in what way were they referring to?

    No worries about anything! This site is awesome! I come home from work & check all my blogs that I follow and yours is up there!

    I 2nd the motion to not draw their name in the drawings!!! grrr to them!

    YAY to you!!!

    keep up the good work look forward to seeing much more in November!!!


  • Elizabeth Williams

    How rude! None of those thoughts ever crossed my mind. Seems to me that only people who who are themselves deceitful worry about other people fooling them!

  • Joann M.

    When you go out in the world to spread the word of the Lord – it does not always have to be with words from the Bible – but can be by just the pure wholesome way we live our lives and share with others. Your sharing your talents with others is a blessing to many.

    I look forward every monrning as I enjoy my 1st cup of tea and thank the Lord for another day – to come and see if you have posted anything new.

    Keep growing and going. Don’t let anyone stop you from being you when you are an extension of the Lord.


  • ShawnfromMN`

    My dear – it absolutely discusses me when someone states things trying to sound inclusive – such as “all”, “we” ect. Do not let this individual get you down!! You do not force me or anyone else to view your blog. I love this site and check it daily. Dont change a thing!!! Hugs!!!

  • Sharon

    I love your site and your videos. You’re cute, fun, happy, talented and a joy to watch. You did a great job responding to that e-mail. I wish you much success!!!

  • TR

    Keep your rain coat on and let it slide right off your back.
    I’ve seen nothing “tricky or deceptive” here.

    ((hug)) Thanks for being brave enough to be transparent.

  • Angie

    Wow. That is so shocking that someone would write this to you. You seem to be so forward and honest. There is nothing tricky about you or your site. I truly appreciate everything that you do and hope you know how much I love receiving the emails I CHOOSE to get! Keep up the great work!

  • Pam

    Glad I looked at the “mistake” because you taught me something. I make lots of typos so don’t feel alone . Thanks for your help. Pam (a Rubie newbie)

  • Kitty

    I just spent my morning cleaning & re-applying sticky stuff to my Cricut mats. How did I learn how to do this? I watched your video!!!! Thanks for all you do & share with us. People are so mean sometimes. You’re the bomb girl!!! Kitty

  • Jen McLaughlin

    Unfortunately when you start a business you sometimes have to deal with “not so fun stuff”. It’s sad but unavoidable. I feel that you handled it great. You didn’t hide it under the carpet and I hope you didn’t have a good cry over it either! Your response was GREAT! As you can see above me everyone loves you and has learned so much. People do come here because they want to and you do give everyone the CHOICE to continue. I personally look forward to every email I get. Looking at their email name they must do this alot. I wound never go through all that to create a fake email just to be mean. I mean if you can’t say something and be held accountable for it then it’s not worth hearing from you. SOOOOO, brush it off, put that smile on that we so enjoy and turn on the camera cause we’re all waitin for ya.

    Besides we’re having a party tomorrow and I don’t wanna see you crying, even though it’s your party! He He Party Party

    One more thing on the “spelling and grammar”. I did notice a few things myself, but thought it’s FREE, what the heck. BUT, now that I know you….I have to agree that you write like you talk and it’s refreshing. Besides you took your personal time to do a GREAT thing and we should be down on our knees thanking you…….which I am right now! LOL

    Hugs – Jen

  • jeanette

    Megan, I totally agree with all the responses above mine. From the first video I watched, I was hooked and mentioned to my friends how great the site was. You are totally refreshing, enthusiastic, passionate and inspiring (i could go on) BUT never have I felt misled.
    Perhaps the mailer is a little envious of such a great guide, site, blog and all for free out of the goodness of your heart??
    The fact that they didn’t feel honest enough to leave a name or e-mail shows they are not to be taken notice of.
    Sounds like sour grapes to me.
    Now though, that we have all been thinking about this person, perhaps all our good thoughts and wishes will rub off on them and they will feel better. Tomorrow is a new day and they might feel happier when they get up in the morning!!

    Keep up the great work Megan, can’t wait for the next video! Thanks for all the previous personal e-mails and uplifting messages you have sent me and thanks for sharing. xx šŸ™‚

  • Jeanette

    Keep up the great job, Megan. I have really enjoyed your website so far and look forward to the daily emails. KEEP SMILING – it drives the unhappy people CRAZY!!! šŸ˜‰

  • Odalys

    Keep Up the good work! You are great and I enjoy watching all the fun stuff you create. You are such an INSPIRATION! I am so glad I was referred to you by Craftjunkietoo. You gals are great!! Don’t let anyone bring you down.

  • Lori

    I for one love the cutting guide and I like email updates. I tend to overlook spelling and grammer errors, hoping no one will critize mine!

  • Lisa M

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! What a childish individual! Waaa give me something I want and don’t bother me! Sounds like a spoiled ROTTEN BRAT to me! Your better off without them Megen!

  • LeAnn

    I am so sorry that you had to receive an email like that. Unfortunately, it is the “nature of the beast” when dealing with the public. People need to understand that they are getting all this wonderful information and help for FREE. Plus, it is my thought that if you are adult enough to write a mean-spirited email be adult enough to leave your name. You have a great weekend and put that email out of your mind and concentrate on those of us who LOVE what you do, misspellings and all!!

  • Suzie Q

    Megan…apparently all here agree (and so do I) we all LOVE you and appreciate everything you do for us.

    To the HATEFUL person that wrote that email: if you are big enough to write such a nasty email then you should be big enough to sign your name. Nothing but a coward.

    We will pray for you anyway.

    Keep up the wonderful work Megan!

  • Merian Candioli

    Dear Megan
    Please, dont change your way of being… We all learn and laugh alot with you… and I wait every day to see the newsletter in my box! That person should be at PMs…
    Hugs from Brazil

  • Cheryl Burns


    I agree with everyone above!! I can count on one hand the blogs I check each day after work and yours is one of them. I am so thankul that I learned of your site from CraftJunkieToo. Keep up the great projects and encouragement! We love you!!

  • Michelle

    this is ridiculous…no more needs to be said. obviously this person woke up on the wrong side of bed & was having a bad day. you unfortunately took the bruise for it.
    there is nothing deceiving or misleading in signing up…its pretty straight forward. not sure how she was mislead unless she wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing!

  • uk_stressed

    i have never felt mislead i enjoy visiting your site.
    as for shortcomings, you can join my club i have loads!

    we all make mistakes but hey in the great scheme of things are they really important, no they are not.

    keep doing what you do, you are doing it great.

  • josie

    all I can say is WOW?????? did that person only want a freebie with no strings attached…like all your hard work….I like your site and the informative videos you do……spell ck šŸ™‚

  • Megan Gravener

    Wow! Thank you ALL for your OVERWHELMING support! I really was not at all expecting this response!!! šŸ™‚
    Don’t worry this email hasn’t totally put me down to stop – but I did want to make sure no one else felt this way! Since I had no way of emailing “Doesn’t Matter”, I thought at least I’d put my response out there, though I’m sure he/she won’t read this.

    Again, thank you ALL for the warm encouragement and kind words. šŸ™‚

    You ALL ROCK and I’ll see you soon in a funny out takes video and the winners posted in the mornin’ šŸ˜‰

    Please feel free to write me though if you do have any more questions or concerns. (I can take it šŸ˜‰ )

  • Rickey

    Hello, just wanted to echo the “sediments” of others. Just because someone “dosen’t” get it. Don’t let it get you down. (the heck with typos).I love your videos — you have taught me a great deal. If your purpose is to entrap me — trap away. I love your new blog. Keep up the good work!

  • Debby

    Well as Thumper’s daddy always said “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”! This person that wrote that email didn’t even have the guts to say who they was. Hiding behind a false email and name. Apparently they was ashamed to admit it came from them. Don’t let it get you down, I have NEVER felt like I was being misled, I chose to get your updates and I come here every day to see the happy smiles you put out and the perky personality you have. Makes me in a good mood and I learned some awesome things.
    As for the spelling, God did not make us perfect, I misspell all the time and I never look for a misspelled word in someones postings, I don’t care if it is spelled right or not as long as I know what is meant by it. As someone said above, my hands, fingers going faster than my brain and I don’t always catch my misspelled words. If you care enough for what the person is saying it shouldn’t make a difference.
    Keep the happy perky personality you have you are a joy to watch, you make me happy and bring a smile to my face. I am learning a lot about the Cricut because of you. Please keep sharing.
    Angel hugs

  • Martha

    Oh I’m also sorry Megan. My son went to school today dressed as Harry Potter and kids called him Harry Pooper all day. It hurt his feelings. Sometimes I don’t think people understand how easy it can be to hurt people. I’ll tell you what I told him, “Don’t even worry. I think you’re cool!” Also I can’t spell either! šŸ™‚

  • Gloria

    Megan —

    Just keep in mind that anything done to glorify Christ will be treated by someone just as Jesus was treated. He came to save those who spit in His face and beat His body – yet they rejected Him! Blessings to you and thank you for sharing your faith along with your talents with others. May God continue to shine upon you!

  • Leona V.

    I have enjoyed your website. And thank you for the guide. I have made copies of my guide and share it with the ladies in my group of scrapbookers. I spoil them like that. So see your positive and good heart is passed on. I wouldn’t think of that person anymore except in my prayers. Love is a powerful word!
    So again thank you and god bless you and yours.

  • Helen

    I don’t feel you are miss leading. Love my guide and the list.You know when you strive to try and live as a Godly woman you are going to get this junk thrown at you.We will just pray for this person. Keep on being you and remember this is part of living for a real purpose and goal.God Bless You!

  • Lisa

    I have been blessed by your videos and the guide. You have no idea how much I appreciate all the work you put into that guide and making it available, free of charge to us. I constantly referr to it before making a cut.

    I have never felt mislead. In fact, quite the contrary. As I have observed your videos and your site I feel that you are a Godly young women, which blesses me even more.

    Unfortunately, we can’t please everyone, all the time or even some of the time. What really matters is what Our Lord in Heaven thinks of us. My guess is that He is pleased with His creative daughter, who so willing gives of her time and gladly shares her talent without asking for a dime. God bless you sister.

  • Gloria Westerman

    I feel the same way as the others. I REALLY ENJOY your site and all your videos. I think the person must be jealous of you and has nothing to else to do, but make others feel bad. We all should pray for the person to find peace and love in thier hearts. Because they need it. You keep doing what Gods wants you to do. Sincerely gloria
    PS I can’t spell either. I keep a dictionary at my computer at all times. HA HA

  • Pat Y

    WOOW! What a jerk. All I can say is if you are misleading us, well there’s an awful lot of us who enjoy being mislead because we keep coming back for more. So keep it up we enjoy the site. As for the misspelling that just says you are human and non of us is perfec.

  • Nancy

    Why on earth does someone need to be ugly. Everyone has a choice on if they want to receive any thing. I just started on this website,and I think it’s great that someone has taken the time & effort to give us some thing free. I know I wish more people or companies would. Thank you for helping me & I’m sure others out.

  • SueAnn

    You are doing a fantastic job on your new site. Above Rubies Studio is a kind, happy, uplifting site. Clearly some people choose to be unhappy and are better off ignored. Thanks you are doing great!

    Joy In The Journey

  • Gail Heinecke

    Please don’t let this person, who doesn’t even use their real name, set you back. You have created so much fun and excitement this past week, you are awesome! Gail

  • cindyb

    Please don’t let “one bad apple” change anything you are doing! If they don’t like your site, then they don’t need to come here..but the rest of us that just Love your site..will continue to follow! Keep doing what you are doing! We love it!

  • Michelle

    Don’t let the bitterness of one person deter you.I just used the cutting guide and it saved me lots of the frustration thhat I usually experience when cutting .
    Continue to be a Proverbs 31 woman

  • Ann G

    Love your site, keep doing what you’re doing and we all have choices so they can choose not to come back; I choose to come back repeatedly. ;}

  • Lori Hulstine

    I never ever felt misled in any way. I love your videos & enjoy all the projects. Your guide is absolutely brilliant. It shows true dedications to the scrapbooking, card making & just about any kind craft community. This has been a wonderful tool to use & has saved me time, money & frustration while doing my crafts. Keep up the excellent work.

  • Amy

    Well I wish I could be as perfect as this person is. Honestly I haven’t noticed any spelling errors myself. It is too bad this peron doesn’t take their own advice since he/she mislead you by giving you a false email. I love seeing your videos and receiving your newsletter and think I am truly lucky that there are such caring and generous people in the world like you. Keep up the great work, we all love you!

  • Lori K

    Sheesh, that person sure was nasty! I hope that you dont let that persons letter get under your skin, so far as I see your whole site has been upfront and as you said that person could just as easily unsubscribe. It is too bad some people feel they have to grab what is offered (especially since it is free) and then take time to be so insulting.
    As for the spelling errors, “to err is human, to forgive devine”
    Oh and you took negative feedback and didn’t get all snarly about it, that not many can do.
    just want to thank you for all that you do, and say keep your head up one bad comment is nothing compared to what we feel about you and your weBsite!

  • Kimmie

    Good Morning Sunshine,
    We have all experienced people who can’t just let things go. Pointing out weakneses of others can often be the only way some can feel built up. You come to all of us honestly, openly and through that the outpouring of love and respect others have for what you are doing shines. If a spelling or grammar error is going to let someone miss a blessing; how we all need to feel sorry for where they are in life and pray for them. You never came to us as an English tutor. You came to us as a crafter who presents enthusiasm and talent for the craft. Your outlook on life, your love for your precious family and mostly your joy in the Lord is obviously center in your life and quickly becomes contagious to us all. I hope we can all learn through this to be careful with our words towards others and look for the gifts God blessed them with, not the ones we think they should have.
    Shine on as a ruby for Christ.

  • Stephanie

    *sigh* Why some folks feel they “must” rain on the parade of others is something I will never understand. I have never felt misled or tricked.

    As someone else mentioned, only a coward writes a letter like that and doesn’t sign it. A pastor friend of our’s won’t even read a letter that comes to him unsigned.

    You have sure handled this negativity in a very gracious manner. Proof of your efforts to be a Prov. 31 woman. Keep up the good work and thanks for your generosity to the rest of us.

  • Dawn

    HI Megan,
    I was talking to a good friend of mine, Robin Beam, who works with AC Moore. She will be visiting me here in Michigan, in a few weeks. I know she loves the Cricut and she suggested I stop by your website here to check out some videos and help stuff. I must say Im totally addicted. Ive sat here for the past 4 hours roaming around your site here.. and I love it. I appreciate the work you have put into this and yes.. i did download the cricut cutting guide. I think I better get to bed.. BUT.. I just wanted to say.. I deal with the public a lot too.. and just try to smile and dont let one bad apple spoil the bunch.. tell her to get her panties out of a bunch and relax … hehe. Anyway.. I just had to remark.. as Ive totally enjoyed what Ive seen so far.. and I want more more more!! I also have that zutter cutter.. and now I cant wait to use it (before was intimidated by it).. so THANK YOU.. for all this VERY helpful information.. you rock!!! (i dont think you are at all misleading.. hehe)


  • Candi

    Hi Megan ! I just read some of the supportive comments and I totally agree with all of them! I love this site and only wish I had high speed internet so I could watch all the videos but as it takes so long to load I cannot but love to read everything! Keep up the good work and well for some people they aren’t happy unless they find fault with something or someone ! I sent your group addy to everyone who I know owns a cricute> Thanks for shring with us!
    Hugs, Candi

  • Sharon Gresh

    Hi Megan…I just read that nasty email you received. I bet there is someone out there who is jealous is my feelings. I didn’t download your cutting guide yet but I plan to. I would love it and would love to be on your mailing list. Thank you so much for all your instructions and giving so much of your time and talent to us Cricut challanged people. You go girl!!!! Bless You.