I’m Trying to Connect with You!

Hey you! TIME OUT for a second!!!

YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!  In case you didn’t hear it today – You’re amazing! You’re loved! You’re doing great no matter what you are facing, SO – keep the course! Keep Faith, BELIEVE and you will see the results you focus on!!! That’s true in every area of your life! Thank you for taking the time to stop by today!!!

You being here, your support, your comments and shares – it keeps me going and I never want a day to go by where I don’t express that to you, sitting at home, or scrolling through your phone in those quick moments you steal for yourself during that day — I’m glad you’re checking in and I hope I can share some real value and encouragement to your life!!

I do have some connecting I would really like to do with you like YOU let’s talk one on one together!  I want to hear from you – so at the bottom of this post, I hope you’ll fill out the form below for a Complementary 30 Minute Life Acceleration Call!  I just want to chat with you about your year, your life and where you are going!  I would love some feedback from you as well as offer you some tools and strategies you can implement right away to enjoy each moment of 2017! (Form at bottom!)


I broke a Facebook Live video I did into two parts to kinda make it easier for you to re-watch and check out the parts that would be most important to you…. BUT

I have something I’m REALLY REALLY hoping you can help me with to reach a goal for myself and my kiddos – as well as hopefully turning that into how WE can help at least 700 women PERSONALLY this year!  I’m going to share more about that goal in just one moment! FIRST….

Let’s check out the videos

This is PassionPlanner and they are going to hook you up with the soon to expire Special Discount Code I requested to share with you!

That code is MEGANELIZ10 at http://PassionPlanner.com

I’m also going LIVE in our Facebook Group Tuesday at 9:30pm Eastern Time, I’d love to invite you over to join us there! I’m going to talk about my big goals and how to reverse break them out – stick them ON the calendar and measure their milestones.

Part TWO

Let’s tackle doing clean, fresh, quick, only 6 product makeup for the day with super mega NEWLY RELAUNCHED 3D+ Fiber Lashes! (PS I’m looking for 30 beautiful ladies – who want to take on a TOTALLY Risk Free Makeup Challenge!) You’ll have to contact me for details!  Let’s get you the 3D Fiber Lashes to seriously WOW it up – plus this new formulation conditions, moisturizes, volumizes and lengthens your natural lashes in a super impactful way! You can grab them up NOW at AboveRubiesBeauty.com It’s relaunch time beauties!!! 

Yes and with that new relaunch – I would be doing you a total disservice if I didn’t share this new Presenter Kit!  – Don’t worry – You do NOT and I repeat DO NOT have to sell makeup to take advantage of this INCREDIBLE offer!

You will receive ALMOST $300 in full size and sample makeup, a new bag and a presenter tablet for only $99.00!

This is will also give you 20% off on all your own makeup purchases – this will ALSO go to further the mission to Uplift, Empower and Validate women – helping the heal, helping them to look beautiful, feel beautiful and be beautiful Inside and Out!  This is a totally risk free offer because there are no hidden fees, no minimums you must meet (you stay qualified with $125 over a ROLLING 3 month period) – WORST CASE  you decide you don’t like it, receive a refund or become inactive, most cases, you love it and share it and get free and discounted makeup, BEST Case you invested $99.00 that completely changes your life and lives of women around the world. 

I’d love to welcome you into this Beauty Gems family AboveRubiesBeauty.com


I would LOVE to talk to you and 700 OTHER WOMEN this year One on One – personally to your heart and help you achieve a goal that you have been dying to make happen, but have so much fear and just aren’t sure how!

Will you fill out this form and let’s talk!  NOW one step further – I need your help to reach this goal – will you share this form and message with those you care about who you know have a desire to succeed in business OR life!

HUGE HUGS to you my dear friend! Thank you for coming on this journey!  You’re awesome!


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