How to Make Acrylic Sign with HTV ~ Dating App Anniversary Gift

I did this little Instagram reel on July 7 to celebrate 5 years since Nate and I officially “swiped” and “met” online….10 days from then we met in real life and now here we are happily ever after living life and doing all the hard and wonderful things together!

Wanna peak at the reel? Ok, I’ll share it at the bottom of this post, but, always come check out the Instas! @byMeganE

So let’s get to how you can make your own dating app you’ve connected or match sign. We met on Bumble, so I used the Bumble connect screen as the template for this sign. However, you could use the similar screens in things like Christian Mingle, Tinder, Match etc…

Yes I used HTV on Acrylic, this IS something you do have to be careful with as you don’t want things to melt. I use HTV on like everything. I love heat transfer vinyl because to me, it’s easier to weed, easier to transfer, easier for so many things and it takes on more of the texture to what you’re apply the htv to. Personal preference, but I just love it.

Template to create this same Bumble Dating App Anniversary Sign available inside https://SheMakes.Club

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