Erin Condren Daily Duo Move In & Promptly Journals

Erin Condren Daily Duo is ALL new to me, but July 1, 2022 was planner move in day so I spent the weekend setting up the Daily Duo to be a companion to my Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner which I keep track of my daily 3’s, appts and ideas in….the Daily Duo I am going to use as more of a daily intention and structuring planner that prayerfully helps me with the growing responsibilities and allow me to visualize a better day to day structure for my family, my businesses, my health and extended family.

Check out Erin Condren HERE and get $10 FREE when you register to become an EC Insider! Lots of benefits to check out!

Promptly Journals is new to me but wonderful! You can see their variety of prompted journals that really help you think deeper and process your life and story in bite size ways which I am ALL about! Visit Promptly HERE!

The Daily Grace Co is my faith based, Bible study and faith journal GO to if that is more your desire: See The Daily Grace Co Here!

As you know I have been using Erin Condren for several years now and really finding what works for where you’re at in life and your needs sometimes takes a little work and sometimes playing with different layouts to really hone it in. The best way I can suggest figuring out what planner will work for you is starting with what your needs, desires and goals actually are. For a very long time I used just a calendar notebook as my planner. Kept track of my Daily 3s, some brain drop ideas and a calendar for appts and dates. AS life has changed, I shifted to using the Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner, easy day section was for my Daily 3s, 3 Things Thankful For, 3 Committed to Action Item To Dos and 3 Big Goals/Dreams every day, dashboard and notebook pages to do additional tracking and goal setting and the monthly spread for tracking all my appts, QVC shows and classes. Now life calls for even more structure, planning and prioritizing so switching to the Daily Duo Planner where you get a full page for each day along with those notebook pages, dashboard and monthly spread, I’m keeping it on my desk for everyday use!

My Planner/Bible Basket stays in the Living room on the coffee table “shelf” and it contains the planner stickers, planner stamps, ink, pens, highlighters, my Bible/Journal set from QVC, Notebook and Promptly Journal.

What IS that Other Thing Megan Is Working On?

If you want to follow along on what’s been calling at my heart to share that goes just beyond crafting and even deeper into your personal connections, let me just drop Connecting to Restore here for you. This is not for everyone, but my heart desires to share more healing and coaching help beyond what SheMakes.Club allows. We won’t be launching anything until late fall 2022, but my heart is bursting to continue forward in a slow but really impactful way. No content is there yet as I mentioned, but to be first to know what all will drop you can follow along!



Instagram: @ConnectingToRestore

Youtube: Connecting To Restore

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