Enjoying Life’s Moments: Britten’s Confession 7

Last Sunday, Megan posted a personal message about some of her health issues and the changes she’s making to help heal herself from the inside out.   I’m so happy that she has received such love and support from all of you on her new journey to better health!

Today’s its my turn to share!

So let’s start with a confession:

My name is Britten and I LOVE TO EXERCISE – almost as much as I love papercrafting!!!  

Without a doubt, what you eat is the most important thing about maintaining good health.  I have friends who can’t exercise because of old injuries or other ailments, but as soon as they change how and what they are eating, the pounds start to melt away.

Food Is Fuel.

What you do with that fuel is up to you.

Me?   I use it to exercise.

(Yep, my gym shoes have pink laces)


We are lucky enough to have a YMCA within walking distance of our home.  It has a great play area where the girls hang out while I’m sweating my butt off in the fitness center.

I’m lucky that I love to exercise…many MANY people don’t.   Trust me…I didn’t always love it.   But now that I’m done having children, now that I’m on the other side of 35(!), now that I have two little girls that I want to be around for as they grow up…I look forward to it each and every day.  I can’t wait to put on my sneakers, turn up my iPod and sweat out any bad mood, sad mood, or frustrations that I’m dealing with at the time.  I love knowing that each step on the stairmaster, each dumbbell curl, each and every lunge & squat is strengthening my mind, body, and spirit.

Of course, not everyone wants to or has time to go to the gym every day.  But if you are physically able (always check with your doctor before starting any type of exercise plan) you can start making small changes that will put you on the road to better health.  TODAY.

The fastest and (cheapest!) way to start exercising is just to walk.   When you drive anywhere…find a space at the back of the lot instead of parking in the front.  Walk down all the aisles in the grocery store – even if you don’t need anything on those shelves.    Take the kids to the mall early in the morning and push them around in the stroller.   Find a school that lets you walk around their track while the kids ride their bikes.  Walk in the woods.  Walk in the mountains.  Walk on the beach.

Just.  Walk.

I promise you won’t regret it.

I’d love to hear from all of you!  What do YOU do for exercise?










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7 thoughts on “Enjoying Life’s Moments: Britten’s Confession

  • Mariana

    Thank you for your ideas! Three weeks ago I started to eat more healthy and I see changes in my body 🙂 but know I want to start some exercises and your ideas about walking are wonderful! My son is on middle school and they have a field and they let other people to use it!!! I’m going to start walking there!
    Thank so much for your post 🙂
    Have a bless day!

  • Regina F

    OMG It is so ironic that you just posted this, as I was sitting here at my computer thinking how sedentary I have become. My job, which I was always on my feet, running around, moving alot,, has changed and I am now at a desk most of the day. I do not exercise at all anymore. I get up, sit and drive to work, sit at work for 10+ hours per day, sit and drive home, sit and eat dinner, sit and watch tv, and then lay down and go to sleep. Next day, repeat. I do not incorpaorate any exercise,, and have gained so much weight on a body that needs to lose to begin with.
    I need to get up and move. Walking is the best form of exerciase cause anyone can do it anywhere. Though I am not feeling well today, (fever, sore throat, etc…) I do vow that starting tomorrow, my diet is starting and my exercise will begin with a walk. Instead of getting off at my exit in the evenings, I will go to the next one where there is a walking path. 3 laps is a mile. If I do not make it the 3 laps, I will try and do a mile each day.
    I used to be an exercise junkie also, and over the years, took care of everyone but me. Its my time to shine again.

  • reddbudx

    Well, i am surely older than you ladies, but had lost a significant amount of weight and was doing very well with daily exercise untill about a year ago. My job requirements changed and personal life also became more stressful. I will beretired in 3 more weeks (Whoo hoo!) and fully plan to get back into some type of exercise routine. M aybe we can be support and encouragement to each other. Megan, keep on being who you are and know you have loads of admiration, respect, and support.

  • Dianne Bell

    I am a volunteer at our newly opened Trinity Medical Center in Trinity, Fl. twice a week in ER. I work 8Am to 12 noon every Sunday and Tuesday. I love it and do I ever do the walking there. It is a two-fold event. I meet wonderful people and do my best to help them and their visitors out.

    Dianne Bell – Sewpro02@aol.com

  • Crystal Nichols

    I am getting back to exercising and I got to the gym 4 days a week and do a weight lifting class(2 days) and
    Zumba(2 days) and then after class I get my 12 year old son up to do a quick 10-15 min walk, because dad said not paying for a gym membership right now for him. So if everyone can help pray for a change of heart on dad’s part and the finances to do it It would greatly be appreciated. I fluctuate with my weight and am standing on Galatians 6:9 this week to not grow weary. Thanks for the great post and everyone putting their vulnerabilities out there.

  • Lisa LeMay

    Hi, Britten!! Well, my husband and I, (and our 3 kidlets), don’t have a car so we walk-everywhere! We live in a small town so things are close enough to walk. We even load our stroller or wagon with our groceries and let our son pull the wagon and our other two youngin’s walk or ride. (They are little yet.) We also bought some bikes 2 summers ago and a bike trailer. We also have kids seats on our bikes. More than enough room for our 3 kids! This year our oldest, who is 4, will be riding his own! We love to go sledding and play at the parks, and the beach is our favorite spot in the summer! We have no lack of activity in our home! But what us parents do have is a serious lack of energy when day is done! LoL

    Also, my husband LOVES his pop! But the thing is he drinks it for the carbonation, not the sugar. So for Christmas I bought him a Sodastream so he can carbonate the water from our tap! Not only is it cheaper, but it gives him more healthy options-like carbonating Crystal Light! He gets his ‘burn’ and doesn’t get all the sugar along with it! It was something we could not afford to give up! I recommend it to everybody! Sodastream even has their own syrups and water flavors that are AMAZING to add right to our own tap water!!!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful addiction. I used to work at a gym and I miss being able to work out right after work. The sweat felt great after a hard day!!! Take care and have a great week!!!

  • Rita H

    Britten – I loved your post. Exercise and a life style change, in my eating habits, has allowed me to lose 94 lbs. since retiring. I do not say I have lost this weight with “diet” and exercise because in order to maintain my weight loss, I have learned the hard way (put back on some of those lost pounds), I must change my eating habits permanently. I do have the opportunity to go to a gym … I am a fan of the elliptical machine. Doing 30-40 minutes 5 days a week. Next I need to add weight training. I can’t say I love to exercise but I do love how I feel when I am done! And for all those who aren’t sure they can do it, I started out just walking. I do find that tread mill walking forces me to keep a steady pace. Love to walk outside but too easily distracted by God’s nature all around me. Best wishes to all who are just starting out on the exercise journey.