Easy Forever Flower Arrangements with Sola Wood Flowers and Some Cricut HTV!

I LOVE how easy it is to make forever and ever lasting wooden flower arrangements with Sola Wood Flowers!

In this video I show you how I used acrylic paint, water and sola wood softener (or vegetable glycerine) to dye the Sola Wood rolled flowers. I usually allow the wood flowers to dry overnight to avoid bleeding. It’s really easy to play with and assemble. AND the BEST part is, you can use essential oils and the flowers become incredible natural oil diffusers! Just a few drops on a few of the wood flowers and they hold the scent and it lasts! The flowers literally last forever, it is just really important to make sure you use Softener so they stay supple and don’t flake or get brittle. I also customized this wooden box with Cricut Iron On in gold – here is another video showing customizing boxes with Cricut Iron On HTV.

I have been asked a few times, is it better to dye Sola Wood with Acrylic Paint or Sola Wood Flower Dye? I personally feel like they do have slightly different looks, but as long as you use Sola Wood Softener, I love playing with both. If you are a Flower Decorating beginner, I would suggest starting with Sola Wood Dye, Sola Wood Softener and even a beginner kit from They make really incredible flower kits and bouquets that make it very easy for you to try out, play with and enjoy! Who knows you might end up totally hooked like I did!

Need Help with How to Use Your Cricut and Design Space?

For MORE help with how to use your Cricut, Check out this Cut with Confidence Course I’ve put together for you! It’s time to Cut With Confidence with your Cricut Design Space! You can take the full 11 Module Crash Course to Cricut Design Space and Learn ALL the Functions & Features of how to Use your Cricut and how to use Cricut Design Space!

Extra Video Sola Wood Flower Video!

This video is really fun because it uses a Spotify Code to make centerpieces that are extra interactive, easy to make and special!

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