Craft Summit THIS Week + New CTMH Catalog Looks!

There is so much happening this week! EEK! First of all, Happy August to you! Is time going at warp speed and in slow mode all at once or is it just me?

I am so excited to share with you two big things this week and a few other bits of info I know you’re gonna wanna hear all about! I’ll break it down in this video, but also leave you with all the links and the info you need to get in on some of the best stuff!!

2022 Paper Craft Summit

I have the amazing honor and privilege to be the instructor for TWO classes inside this years Rebecca Page 2022 Paper Craft Summit. AS I mentioned before it’s FREE to watch each day, but to get the best experience and true on demand education the VIP experience is definitely the way to go! Plus there are all kinds of bonuses including a bonus class from me!!

New 2022 Core Products Catalog by CTMH!

I am SO excited about this catalog, I’ll be honest and as I mentioned, I felt some sort of disappointment at first when I saw this years Catalog cover. I don’t know what it was about it that somehow made me feel some what disappointed compared to other covers, but oh my goodness do NOT let the cover fool you! (Unless of course you love the cover and then you’ll REALLY love what’s inside!). What is inside of this 2022-2023 Core Products Catalog is INCREDIBLE! I break it all down in the video and there are some really fun things to unbox too! I can NOT wait to create inside SheMakes.Club with all these goodies and do so much more! ALSO, my Jena girl is BEYOND THRILLED that a pic of her and I from a few years back is the photo that goes with the COLOR OF THE YEAR by Close To My Heart and it’s a GORGEOUS color! Page 108-109 to check it out!!!

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