ARS Post #1,000 AND shape card with Tanner 17

I can NOT BELIEVE It!  This is post #1,000 for

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Hey Guys its Tanner from Tanner Bell Designs!   So today I’m showing you how to make a shape card, I know all of you at home want to make handmade christmas card but simply don’t have the time! BUT, with your cricut, stamps, and paper you can make these pretty FAST! I’ve got 15 done before in an hour, So now would be a great time for you to start working on your Christmas cards. 

Click here to watch on Youtube 

I hope you enjoy my video and card! It’s a really simple card maybe to you, But to someone that doesn’t craft would think you spent HOURS on it and just make them feel special. 

There’s the sentiment, Really simple to stamp and cut out! You can also see the nice dash lines from today’s card, Which is a great affect from a white jell pen. 




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