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In this post “Questions About The DVD Anyone?”

I asked everyone if they had questions about the upcoming release and Pre-Order of the Above Rubies Studio Cricut A ro Z DVD.

I thought I would start a new post to make it a little clearer for everyone to read.  Keep posting your questions HERE but I will answer them in this blog post.

  1. How Many Projects are included?

    There are going to be over 100 projects total in this DVD (still adding more today) with instructions on how to make each one.  You may not be able to watch step by step each project, but the knowledge you will learn from each of the 40+ lessons in this DVD gives you the foundations to creative Cricut freedom!

  2. What made you decide to finally make a DVD?

    I realized there was a need for Cricut classes all across the country.  A DVD provided me a way to condense many lessons about the Cricut into one place for users to view over and over without loosing links to blogs or other wonderful resources.  It also allows viewers to have more flexibility than just internet connections.  You can watch a DVD anywhere, even in many cars now-a-days.  So what made me decide to do it was to better help and meet the needs of all Cricut users, not just those on YouTube.

  3. How Long is the DVD?

    The DVD final length is still being processed – but we know it will be over 2 hours of learning and hours upon hours of creative ideas for you to work on as well!

  4. Do you show how to use Design Studio, Sure Cuts a Lot and/or the Gypsy?

    I mention that there is such a thing as Design Studio, The Gypsy and Sure Cuts a Lot and tell of their basic functions, but I do not get into how to use these wonderful pieces of software.
    I WISH I could show that in this DVD, unfortunately there is just too much to cover for only a 2-3 hour DVD.  So that leads me to my next question….

  5. Are there going to be more than just this DVD?

    The answer is YES!!!  We are in the process of deciding what will come next, and a lot of that will depend on YOU our Viewers!!!  We want to serve your needs to watch out for up coming surveys and we’ll tailor what we do around popular needs.  As of right now, the “plan” is to aim for a Sure Cuts a Lot or a Design Studio DVD, but that may change based on popular opinion, so stay tuned.  We have also been secretly developing a “Membership” website, I don’t want to share too much about it, but this would give exclusive access to certain things that will be coming out with.  You’ll get a free trial to this membership with the Pre-Order of the Cricut DVD.

  6. Is this DVD exclusive to Above Rubies Studio?

    No it is not, we are working with several retailers who plan to also carry it in their stores/online stores.  We even have a large national chain considering it right now, but that’s all I can say about that! 😉 😉

  7. Are there detailed instructions on Design Studio?

    Again, I am not able to provide all the ins and outs of the three Cricut Machines, several cartridges and all the fantastic softwares on ONE DVD, BUT…more will follow on this later.

  8. Do I have to have the Expression or DS to weld and flip my images?

    This is sort of a two part question, not something I really cover in the DVD in great detail because of not talking too much about Design Studio.  The answer is, you can not weld images with the Expression, or any other Cricut Machine alone.  However you can weld images or letters together in Design Studio or Sure Cuts a Lot or the Gypsy.  To Flip an image you can reverse/flip an image with the Cricut Create or the Cricut Expression with a creative mode that is available on each of those machines.

  9. Will you talk about which cartridges work best with each machine?

    As far as I know, all Cricut Cartridges work in all three of the Cricut Machines that Provo Craft makes.  I know there has been concern to Wild Card in a Create or Baby Bug, but you absolutely can still use those cartridges in any machine.  What you will want to to is make your envelope first, play with your portrait mode and landscape mode, make the envelope fit to page, pay attention to the size it can cut and then make your envelope fit.  They will be smaller than what you can create with the Cricut Expression, but it is still creatable just the same. 🙂

  10. How many Creative Features are in this DVD?

    We go over how to use all the Creative Modes on the Expression and the Create (the Baby Bug does not have additional creative modes) and then we also talk about many creative features on 7 different cartridges,
    That include things like:
    Shadow, Blackout, Shadow/Blackout, Card Functions, Card Frames, Layers, Silhouettes, End Caps, Foundation Keys, Tri-Fold Cards, Shadow Layers and more, I can’t tell you an exact number because I really can not remember how many we cover within the cartridges we show.

  11. Will I include my favorite Features, Cartridges and Cuts?

    I suppose in a way I am including as much as I can, so you’ll hear me saying “I LOVE this” or “This is so fun” quite a bit.  I do use the Stamping Solutions Cartridge which is my fav of all the solutions carts so far.  I wish I could include more of my favs step by step in the video, but you’ll see many in the Inspiration Gallery.

  12. Will you show the Wild Card Cartridge?

    I do not show the Wild Card Cartridge, but it is something we considered for an upcoming DVD.  I do show how to make a card from Stretch Your Imagination, how to them frame it, layer it and put a silhouette on it, so you’ll learn a bit about cards.

  13. Will I learn what card size fits what envelopes?

    We will show how to make your cards fit into the envelopes you create with the Cricut as well as cutting out some basic cards that will fit into A1 and A2 sized envelopes.

  14. Is there anything about the Cricut I don’t know, or are you still learning?

    This question really made me laugh! 😉  I spend a lot of time with my Cricut and I was able to devote quite a bit of time learning it through a wedding last year plus my sisters wedding and my own scrapbooking.  But even with all that time figuring things out and having a blast, I still pick up new little things here and there, and the goal of is to continue to share those things with you on a regular basis!  The key to “Cricuting” is patience and HAVE fun!  Take your time and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn and DO!!!!  It’s the best bug ever! 🙂

  15. Will there be a “quick find” to the DVD?

    This is an awesome thing that we are doing within this DVD, and that is a very specific menu and sub-menus.  We will have sections broken out for you so that you can go back and just watch a few minute part and take it chapter by chapter to learn your Cricut.  You shouldn’t have a hard time finding what you need, and how you need it, in this Cricut DVD! 🙂

  16. Am I being sponsored to do this or is it from my own “free will”? (I’ll change the question just a bit here by saying free will 😉 😉 )

    The answer is, no I am not being sponsored by anyone but the support of my husband and some great crafting friends who all see the need and my passion for helping others.  So from development, to hiring a film crew, to production was all from the blessings of my husband working along side me to make this happen.  (Sean is amazing who does so much more for Above Rubies Studio than he would let ANYONE else see, I’ll just take that minute to brag on how AWESOMLY-FANTASTICAL he is! – Praise the Lord for Him!)

  17. Is this a Provo Craft Product?

    The Cricut Machine and All Cricut Cartidges are registered trademarks and products of Provo Craft and Novelty, however the Cricut A to Z DVD is strictly the views and opinions of Above Rubies Studio.  Things that you see in the video may or may not be the official Provo Craft policies and you should always refer to your owners guide for further information.

  18. Gypsy Tips?

    That is SO going to have to fall into another video further down the line…maybe right along with the Design Studio and Sure Cuts a Lot! 🙂  I show it BRIEFLY in the DVD, but not how to use it. will still continue to put out snippet videos on YouTube/on our Website to show projects with the Gypsy and You’ll see Sure Cuts a Lot as well.

  19. Can I watch this DVD from my computer?

    Absolutely!  This is just like a DVD you would buy from any store, it will work just like they would! 🙂

  20. Do you only use the Regular Blade or do you show the Deep Cut Blade and Markers?

    Great question with GOOD news!  We show many things you can cut with the Deep Cut blade as well as the settings to use by referring to the FREE Cricut Cutting Guide.  We also are so happy to show you markers as well…they are a lot of fun to use.  The “one thing” missing is that I was having a lot of trouble with my make shift gel pens during filming.  So the gel pens for the Cricut will not make the final cut.  But they work just like your markers do. 🙂

  21. Do you show how to cut Vinyl with the Cricut in any Projects?

    Yes there are at least 4 completed vinyl projects shown and I will show you start to finish how to cut it out and even a tricky tip for how to transfer it. 🙂

  22. What is my favorite Cricut Cartridge?
    I keep being asked this question and it’s so hard for me to answer.  I guess if I could only ever have one cartridge I would have to say A Child’s Year.  There are SO many options with that cartridge, so I really do love it.  Surprisingly enough I only show projects completed from that cartridge and don’t really go through that cartridge step-by-step.  The reason being, they are really basic functions that you will learn on other carts I show in the DVD. 🙂  I really love all the cartridges that I have and would genuinely love several more! haha!  The next on my “list to buy” is Doodlecharms (I know gasp I don’t have Doodlecharms!), Graphically Speaking, Everyday Paper Dolls.  Winter Woodland and Zoo Balloo interest me though!  🙂  So if anyone ever wants to pass them along for me to throw into some videos 😉 😉 lol I’d be happy to do so! 🙂  lol 🙂
  23. Will the DVD ever be available in a retail store?
    We are currently working with having it in 4 local Scrapbook stores that also have online stores and we are talking with a national scrapbook/craft chain that is looking further into how we can work together, but VERY Exciting!  (More to come about that as I know what is going on!) 🙂

Again, continue to post questions HERE

Winner for the FIRST PRE-ORDER of the Cricut A to Z DVD will be drawn on Wednesday the 18th! 🙂

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