Almost November WOW! I Have a Question For YOU! 111

I can’t not believe it’s only a few hours away and November will be here!Β  Where has the time gone???

Well, I have to tell you that this past two weeks has been totally awesome with everyone and once again I appreciate you ALL being here!!! πŸ™‚

I am in the processing of scheduling and planning all of the November videos to come and I wanted to ask you all two questions – Your answers are OVERLY Appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!Β  (Because this is ALL about YOU!)

1) What would you like to see more of?

  • Cards
  • Scrapbook Pages
  • Misc Crafts
  • Home Decor
  • Gift Ideas for Christmas

2)Β  What do you want to learn more about with the Cricut?Β  What questions do you have that you feel like you need to know more about? What is missing from your Cricut experience that you KNOW it does more, you just can’t quite take it there?Β  Tell me, please????

Answers will lead to an extra bonus giveaway that I’ll announce later! πŸ™‚Β  But for now ALL opinions are welcome!!!!

With love!


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111 thoughts on “Almost November WOW! I Have a Question For YOU!

  • Dorian

    I love the cards and scrapbook pages that use the Cricut. I’m relatively new to the Cricut, so I’m always looking for ideas! I also liked your money saving tips, that was very helpful. Thanks!

  • Cinthia H

    I’d love to see gift ideas for Christmas and also scrapbook pages and cards. Thanks for all of the giveaways that you had these past two weeks and the helpful videos that you post. I missed the SEI paper pack by just one! So close!

  • Debbie Meyer

    Mostly I would like more videos on layouts but maybe for the next 6 weeks all things Christmas would be more in order. Also, I would like to see more videos using the Gypsy. Layouts using new product would be nice like Flower Soft and stuff like that. Thank you again for all you do for us.

    Debbie Meyer

  • GloriaH

    With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, I’d like to see more home decor ideas – but anything you’d like to share would be wonderful. Thank you!

  • Sarah

    I LOVE CARDS!!! AND MINI ALBUMS!!! Do you have Everyday PaperDolls…I love that cart but havent used it much…there is soooooooo much on there, that I just get overwhelmed!!! I would love to see what you could come up with….ALSO…I am just starting to really get into stamping, so any tips and tricks would be very much appreciated…especially when it comes to coloring them in!!!

    thanks for all you do,

  • Debby

    Pretty much anything your little heart desires to share. I love learning anything with the Cricut.
    I also love stamping, paper piecing and scrapbooks.
    Is there anyway you can turn an image on the regular Cricut?

  • jeanette

    Hi megan, would love more cards and Christmas ideas, though i really dont mind hints and tips are great too, thanks, jeanette πŸ™‚

  • Dee Mac

    Hello.. I’ve recently joined your site.. from the UK and so far have found it very useful…I’m new to the Cricut and learning … I like card making but would welcome anything to do with Cricut… Byeeeeee

  • Linda Peterson

    Cards are what I make most. I need ideas for the Taga cartridge. I have seen a video for one of the cards but would like to see more.

  • Joann M.

    My favorite projects are cards and layouts. But I read the blogs like I read cookbooks – I take a little bit from everythig and adapt for myself. I learn from everyone’s techniques. So just give us what you enjoy doing and share what you like.

    Thank you so much for all the time you put into your blog. I look forward with pleasure no matter what topic you use.

  • Sharon

    Love this website!! I would really like to see more cards and also some projects altering other things (tin cans, clipboards, etc.). With regard to the Cricut, would love to see ANYTHING. I love my cricut! :o)

  • ShawnfromMn

    I love your cards, but i am always looking for alternatives – like gift ideas, albums ect. I feel real comfortable with the cricut so i am okay with it!

  • Teresa

    I would like more misc crafts and scrapbooking. I would like more instruction on what some of the older cricut cartridge can do. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  • flowerdisco

    I like the variety too and of course the Cricut, the DS and the Gypsy, LOL. I love your site and whatever you decide I will take.

  • Karen C.

    cards, scrapbook pages, easy gift ideas (cheap too and cute)

    i would like to see more of the special features from the carts, like the card feature that has the little image on it, but a card, does that make sense?

    i was wondering have you ever cute Papertrey inc paper on the cricut? i didn’t see it in the cutting guide. if so, how do you go about cutting that. it is much thicker than most. do you suppose the deep housing blade would help with that?

  • Arlene

    My favorites are Cards and Scrapbook Pages but would also like to see some creative gift tags. Thanks for all the great videos so far.

  • Arlene

    One question – I didn’t see DCWV regular cardstock stacks on the Cutting Guide (only the papers and premium stacks). Will you be adding more to the Cuttng Guide?

  • dana

    i am new to the cricut, but not to scrapbooking and card making. i would love to see a variety of ways to use the different cartridges. but i love all your videos!!!!! i appreciate the work you put into them!

  • Sharon

    I’d like to see more ideas for interesting scrapbook pages…I often get stuck!

    I’d also like to see some projects made with cuts from the Cricut. I use mine mainly for scrapping and decorating, but I know it can do much more.


  • KimJ

    I love all of the above. I guess with the holidays coming up some handmade gift ideas and cards would be great. I love my bug but am still learning how to use the CDS as well as SCAL . Anything dealing with those programs would be a great help.

    I love your videos. I think my fav would have to be the day you received your Gypsy.

  • Carrie Krumm

    Gift ideas! Since money is very tight this year, I am trying to make most of my gifts. I Love the tutorials on new products also

  • Wendy

    I love seeing new ideas for cards and scrapbook pages. I love love tutorials with the Gypsy. I am still learning and it is great for me to see the tips and tricks!

  • Cathy

    I would like to see Christmas card ideas using gypsy & Cricut. I love making Christmas cards and would like to get some ideas using the cricut expression and gypsy together.

  • Donna Cloud

    I love the cards, but think a variety is great, so that everyone gets a favorite used. I would love lots of cuts used from our carts, I have 43 carts but seem to know little of what is on them, I should just have 2 or 3 than maybe I’d know the contents!! And the use of DS and SCAL with screen shots shown, I am a very visual person. I love your happy attitude, you do great work and give good ideas. The cutting guide is awesome.

    Thanks so much

    Donna C.

  • Brenda

    Hey Megan – You have done a great job so far, just do a variety of things, LOs, cards, stamping, gifts, product demos, Sales. Take a cart and give ideas – LOs & cards, maybe even do a “viewer submissions” where you ask for submissions of what people have done after watching your video and share those with us. There are so many possibilities, I just wish I had more time to work on things.

  • Kathy Hunter

    Definitely cards and scrapbook pages using the cricut. I am new to the cricut, so any tips and tricks you can share would be greatly appreciated. Also, would love to see more of the Gypsy as well. One other thing would love some videos on stamping too. You make it, I’ll watch it. Whatever you feel led to show us, would be most appreciated. Keep up the excellent work.

  • Jenn

    like many others i agree that just about anything helps…i love learning more on the cards and seeing what can be done with the Wild Card cart…i have it but it kind of scares me-lol

  • Barb A.

    Thanks for all you do. I am really into cards now; however, anything you want to do is fine with me. You are so creative! I just love to see what you come up with.

  • Angie

    I love the cards and the scrap LO’s. I’m a two-page LO girl myself so maybe some of those?

    I’m actually having problem with the Cricut today!! haha. I’m cutting the bird from IA at 1 1/2″ with SU paper and it’s just eating it up. I’m so frustrated. I have your Cricut cutting guide but I’m wondering if it’s just too intricate for that size?

  • rache g

    I love doing cards and gift items. I do not think there could be enough of these. I get a lot of help from you about the gypsy too. Maybe more help there would be good.
    Thanks for helping

  • Gloria Westerman

    Well for me it would be cards. I love how you show how to make cards with the cartridges that we have. I hope Santa will bring me more cartridges. LOL
    And the next would be the Gift for Christmas. But anything that you do I know I will follow.
    Thank you for asking

  • marcia

    Wow! I love it all but I would like to see more cards as well as home decor. Of course it would be great to see easy Christmas ideas,(evrything always takes me longer than I expect!) I enjoy the inking techniques and scrap pages, ah it is all good!
    As far as the cricut, I can never get enough. I feel like I have just seen the tip of the iceberg! I like how you showed us the center point. Thanks!

  • Elizabeth

    I do alot of cards, but I also like the gift ideas for Christmas, mini albums and such. Any thing with the Cricut is great! Any tips on cutting different papers, vinyl, fabric, etc…
    Thanks for all your help and I still don’t believe that I won something!

  • Deborah

    Cards and gift ideas. I just received the Gypsy so any help with that is greatly appreciated! How do you find time to do these videos? They are great and I’m really glad you doing them.

  • Linda

    Would love to see more kinds of cards. I would also like gift ideas and tips. Thanks for what you have already taught me. I have used my cricut more in the last few weeks than I have in the last 6 months.

  • Amanda

    I would love to see you make more scrapbook pages incorporating Cricut die cuts. I have a lot of trouble figuring out how to incorporate my die cuts into my layouts.


  • Maryellen Webber

    Hi Megan,
    I would love to see Christmas gift ideas and
    any crafts you care to share. I’m still new to the Cricut also so any tips you share will always be appreciated. πŸ™‚ Thanks for asking !:)

  • Anne

    Anything you do is fun to watch and learn. I just bought the gypsy and would really like to learn to use it better. Gypsy videos would be great. Thanks for asking us all. You’re too kind

  • maryjean

    Christmas please!!! I’m all about the holidays right now…but whatever you would like would be nice!

    and design studio….lol…will you come to my house and show me!

  • Donna

    Since I just got my cricut, I like to learn any and everything I can to use it. I am just strting to experiment with all that it offers and any help I can get would be appreciated!

  • Sandy

    I got my Cricut 3 weeks ago. I’m like a sponge, soaking up everything. I would like to see more project and gift ideas that can be made from the cricut. Also more DS and SCAL, tutorials, svg files, etc.

  • Marlou F.

    I really want to see Christmas projects… especially mini albums or other gift items. I’m still trying to figure out the sizes on my Cricut as I seem to be wasting a lot of paper guessing. I’ve also had some trouble getting a clear cut on cardstock.

    That’s it… I love that you asked.

  • Kathy Burrow

    I like all of your projects. I think I would like to see some more cards and home decor items.
    Oh! Oh! Some more Christmas too. Seems like I want it all.LOL Love your instructional Cricut Videos.

  • Angela

    I have learned so many new cricut tricks from your videos!! I would love to see ideas for crafty Christmas gifts. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  • debbie wallbank

    Love your new site, Megan! Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself each time too, makes it more personal and fun to watch and get to know you. I would love to see more gift ideas and mini albums – although anything you do is great for me. I am trying to learn more about Design Studio, so anything on that topic would be great too.

  • Lori K

    I would love to see more cards, I love doing cards and new ideas are always great to have.
    I am sure there is lots I hve not explored with my cricut but through you I am finding some great things that it can do.
    I just ordered design studio so anything on that would be great! Thanks!

  • Marilyn C. in TN

    Hey Megan

    LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I love anything card/scrapbooking/cricut related. I also would love to see home decor. Girl, anything you do is alright by me!!! Have a great week!

  • Claudia

    I love it all, but most especially the cards and scrapbook pages. I would like a video on all the different features of the Cricut Expression.

  • Amy Saldanha

    I love to see more cards with maybe a scrapbook page thrown in every say 6th card, hehehe, actually anything cricut is wonderful, thanks for all you do!

  • TR

    1) What would you like to see more of?

    Scrapbook Pages
    Misc Crafts

    2) What do you want to learn more about with the Cricut?
    Gel Pens and markers.
    What questions do you have that you feel like you need to know more about?
    Problems with mats.
    What is missing from your Cricut experience that you KNOW it does more, you just can’t quite take it there?
    I need a list of what each of my carts has. Like TREES.
    where can I find a tree on any one of my carts?

    Hope this helps and isn’t to much thinking.

    hugs, TR

    ps… you’re in my daily favorites. (((HUG))) TR

  • marla H

    Cards and scrapbook pages for sure. I dont like watching the cricut videos because I dont own one or have any desire for them because I have a CB and a SLice machine. I do know that MOST crafters have a Circuit though. Great videos. Keep up the good work!!

  • Tammy

    I’d like to see more cards and scrapbook layouts. I would also like videos on the different features keys of the various cartridges..I’m sure I could be making a lot more things if I fully understood how all the features worked..


  • Debbie F.

    I love to see card and scrapbook layouts. As far as the cricut it would be great to learn more about the feature keys. I have a limited amount of time and any extra info is always welcome.

  • Palestine

    I just got a CE and love your videos. I’d like to see cards, home decor, and gifts. Thanks for making the videos, they are so helpful.

  • Sheryl M.

    I am too like many others that have commented, I just love all that you do and are willing to share with us. Most anything you do can be applied to cards, scrapbook pages, home decor, most anything. Just your willingness to share is most appreciated. Keep up the great work, I look forward to your postings! Blessings to you for all you do for us!

  • Cathy Hartle

    I really enjoy your site and all the work you do! I’d like to see lots of different cards!! And with Christmas coming – gift ideas and of course, ANYTHING Cricut!!

  • robin

    Iwould love to see lots and lots of cards, and other paper crafts for Christmas! robin
    ps I AM SOOOO GLAD THAT YOU HAVE EMBARKED ON THIS SITE. It is already a hit with me…I knew there had to be a way to reuse the Cricut mates! You read my mind…thank you so much!

  • Sherri


    Primarily I would like to see projects with the Cricut. My wonderful husband suprised me with an Expression and a Gypsy. I would also to see Christmas gift ideas and cards. Thanks for the cutting guide. It is a blessing. Thanks for all of the hard work. Do you know what settings I should use for American Crafts glitter paper? I did not see it on the guide but I might have missed it.

    Thanks again.

  • DorisB

    I would love to see more scrapbooking pages. There are so many very talented card makers who blog and share their work. It’s great, but I really don’t make cards unless it’s for something special, but I scrapbook. Thanks for asking!!!!

  • Lisa

    I mainly make cards and have enjoyed watching your videos, so more tutorials on that (especially with the cricut) would be much appreciated. I think I would also like to see some crafts. Lastly, I would love to see projects using the Tags, bags, boxes and more cart.

    Thank you for asking. You are doing an awesome job.

  • maricella cruz

    mini albums i would to know how to make them more tutairls on them. Mini’s albums using tags also more cards using the cricut

  • Carolyn Locke

    I enjoy seeing cheap ways to do things as opposed to just buying the expensive branded materials. I just found a non-adhesive contact shelf paper at the hardware store and wonder if it can be used like the transfer paper? Havn’t tried it yet.

  • Karen C.

    i would love to see how the card feature is used on the different carts. the one’s with the cute little image cuts in them. i would love to know how to spice them up and and color to them.

  • Peggy

    MORE SCRAPBOOK PAGES. youtube is loaded with videos on making cards. More Cricut. i just bought one and got a bunch of cartrdiges but now i am not sure what to do with them Again
    MORE SCRAPBOOK PAGES & Cricut and not all Gypsy

  • Katherine A.

    I would like to see more scrapbook pages and learn about the features on the cricut. I’m a new user so am excited to learn anything! Also, would like some tutorial on Design Studio.

  • Lori Hulstine

    I think a little of everything. Home decor & using the Cricut with simple clothing ideas, too. Incorporating whatever holiday or season at that moment, as well. Using different techniques with the Cricut & the Sure Cuts a lot software, too.

  • Lainey W

    I would love to see more cards and Christmas gift ideas. I would also love to see cards made from the card function on the various cricut carts. I just love your blog. keep up the hard work.