Above Rubies Studio: The Good News and REALLY Good News! (Part 2) 19

Ok yesterday I posted a bit of “BAD NEWS” – so TONIGHT – Lets have some GOOD NEWS!  Woohooo!


Craft-e-Corner.com saw my “bad news” post yesterday about my Mystery Boxes of goodies I was sending out and running a Contest With….WELLL they decided that they could be helpful and extended the Offer and are taking various supplies and parts of ME (Megan Elizabeth) products/Kits and placing them in all new MYSTERY BOXES!!!  SOOOO here is the deal – this is REALLY good news – but could turn to bad news quickly if you don’t act fast…there are STILL only a small amount of boxes because we are using only products used by Megan Elizabeth and paper that I have used and LOVE – soooo – ACT FAST!  Here are the DETAILS….

Go to https://www.craft-e-corner.com/p-2818-mystery-box.aspx and order your box RIGHT away!  (there are not THAT many we can make!)

When you purchase your box ($28.00) you will have until Midnight on March 15th to create a project with as many or as few of the contents IN your box and submit them to happymailMegan at yahoo.com (use @ sign without spaces please to submit 😉 )

When you create and submit your project by the deadline – we will select projects to win our grandprize – INCLUDING a Cricut Potpourri Cartridge and many other GREAT Prizes in value up to $100.00 or more! 🙂  I will select three winners total from projects made with items in Mystery Box.

Items in mystery boxes from Craft-e-Corner.com and Megan Elizabeth will be a Retail value of up to $40.00!  No two boxes are exactly alike and you’ll receive at LEAST 20 sheets of 12×12 designer paper.  Each box will have some variety of either something like a small tool, or maybe a punch, ink pad or maybe stickles, makers, ribbon, buttons, brads, etc….(BTW ALL products in the Craft-e-Corner boxes will be BRAND New Products – Original MBs had a few “slightly used” products in them) you NEVER know what will be included – but you’re sure to get SOMETHING you’ve seen Megan use in videos or other projects and you can create with them now too! 😉



NOW FOR MORE GOOD nay nay, I say – GREAT news!!! 🙂

Lets talk about the NEW Megan Elizabeth line of Scrapbooking Products! We launched these at CHA and I wanted to give some photos and information.  These products will be entering the Above Rubies Studio Store over the next few weeks with lots more to come in the near future! I know SUPER Good NEWS! 🙂

The Megan Elizabeth Adhesive Combo Packs will be Available in March 2012

Megan Elizabeth Sparkle Lightz (you are going to LOVE THESE!) Are scheduled to be in the store NEXT WEEK which is FABULOUS and these ARE going fast first round – you do NOT want to miss getting these! They are a completely smooth rhinestone that completely LIGHT up your paper projects! Definitely don’t want to turn this good news to bad news by missing them!

Nesting Dies – we have 3 different sets of nesting dies that are in a BEAUTIFUL pink color that are in shapes and sizes everyone creates with on a regular basis – making these dies MUST haves!  Coming in March 2012!

Ink Edgerz – These mini 1″ square inks coordinate PERFECTLY with the colors of Paper Layerz paper.  These inks are specifically designed with edging paper in mind.  Extra soft pads and extra juicy pigment ink give LOTS of blendablity and workability for all your mixed media art and other projects!  You’ll LOVE how far these ink pads go! (But be careful – they ARE wet!)

Alphabet Stickers – There is a full line of Alpha stickers both chipboard and mini flats you are going to go gaga over!  Again – these colors coordinate right along side the Paper Layerz color schemes so you can really play a great matchy matchy set without a lot of hard work but with a TON of customization of your own!

You will see ALL of these products in the AboveRubiesStudio.com and Craft-e-Corner.com stores by end of March 2012! 🙂

Now Go Ahead and take a Peak at some of these new products coming March-April 2012! 🙂

Only a peak with MORE to come! 😉

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19 thoughts on “Above Rubies Studio: The Good News and REALLY Good News! (Part 2)

  • Kathy F

    I can’t wait to see the rhinestones & dies. Anything unique about the dies? But what I really want to try is your new line of adhesives. You have said that they are really strong. How crazy is it to get excited over adhesive?

    Really can’t wait to see everything!

    good luck to all!!

  • Robin

    I am so excited for you and everyone who gets the fun out of using your new products! Missed seeing the “daily” updates from CHA. Love what you do Megan!

  • MommyMe

    I am in awe of you growth! I am even more in awe knowing that you haven’t finished growing. I wish you continued success. I’d love to run right out and snatch up your new products, this minute!

  • Amie Kiger

    Oh my…those sparkle lights have me all aglow! 😉 Cannot wait! Ingenious to match those ink colors to the papers! Thanks, Megan! Awaiting my mystery box so I can create!

  • agnes

    oh megan, your products look awesome and so yummy. wish you the best. oh…i emailed you a few weeks back. i wonder if you ever received it or not.
    glad all is going well.

  • dedra

    Whooo hoooo…just ordered my mystery box. Cant wait to see it. I’ve been stocking up on supplies to play with when i retire in three months, and my craft room is starting to look like a small store! Thanks Megan and Crafrecorner

  • sally

    What a wonderful long journey you have undertaken, would love to order a mystery box but our customs and wonderful government (NOT!!!) have changed the amount you spend overseas before getting screwed for import duty and post office handling costs, so I can only dream and see what others have done with their box of goodies, good luck everyone

  • Sandy Christman

    I can’t wait for the sticky of things. I was a lucky person in Dec and received a csample that even my husband liked. He wanted me to go buy more. LOL You’re truly blessed with this business, keep growing and keep God 1st.

  • Tami

    I love the new lines you have come up with. The dies are my favorite. Can’t wait to see the rest! You have come a long way from just youtube vids to where you are now. That is where I first learned to use my expression. I have purchased all your dvds. I do recomend your website and your dvds to new Cricut owners. The Lord has blessed you, and you are one of God’s jewels. May God continue to bless you.

  • CathyinMN

    I just ordered my Mystery Box. I like surprizes — if they’re good ones, that is, and I know this will be a great one. I’m a little out of the loop. What’s this contest using the Mystery Box? What are the rules besides creating something using some of the contents from your mystery box and emailing a photo by March 15th? Do you have to have a blog?

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    God has richly blessed Above Rubies Studio because you have put HIM first in all you do and it shows. I am so blessed by the way you show appreciation to us and are so thoughtful and you make me feel like I know you personally from the sweet words you write. I will always follow your blog. You are a blessing, your children are beautiful and if I am ever in Pa, I want to personally meet you someday. P.S. I am a 64 year old mimi that just loves to scrapbook and wish that I had discovered this craft when my children were young. If I had I would have had to build a house just to hold all the pages I would have done in 40 years. Thank you Megan, for the person you are and the blessings you bring to all of us.

  • Lisa Simpson

    I wish,if it weren’t for bad luck,I’d have no luck all,sounds like a song,lets see how long you’ll be singing in you mind today.I’ll just watch and who all the lucky people,keep posting the great tips and new must have items.