A Scrapbook Expo From Home? 1

Hey Everyone

So here is ANOTHER Info video for National Scrapbook Day and just something else to keep you busy and having fun!

We JUST Launched and released our ALL NEW Classes and Workshops with a LOT more to come! We started by featuring TWO instructors Darlene V and Jessica H with a few other goodies by Britten Linn.

Our testers LOVED this SO much and other fans who started taking our Downloadable, Printable Workshops and said, “It’s like Scrapbook Expo from home!”

And its SO true! You can do as much or as little as you like! You can browse new products to see what NEEDS to be added to your stash, you can learn how to create little mini projects or take an entire class or course at your own pace on a variety of topics.

New classes and workshops and even LIVE class announcements will be added often so make sure you keep checking in!

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