5 Minute Scrapbook Page Help and Inspiration

I am such a huge believer in using crafting, journaling and art as therapy. It’s such an awesome way to help you process your thoughts, life, emotions, preserve the highlights and memories, celebrate moments and work through allowing your mind and body to metabolize the stresses and events that aren’t always the shiny happy moments of life.

I have really found through the art of scrapbooking and journaling that it truly helps me regulate my reactions but not ignore my emotions. It helps in developing and responding in resilience instead of becoming more rigid in physical reactions.

I have been going through really tough emotional, physical and mental traumas the last few years and now more than ever taking 5-10 minutes several times a week to scrapbook highlights, journal thoughts and emotions and get quiet and intentional in this way helps more than ever. So quick 5 minute scrapbook pages whether of happy moments or challenging ones change your brains way of looking at and thinking about situations.

So here, is a 5 minute layout idea you can replicate to help you on a regular basis enjoy this hobby, but also enjoy the moments of your life!

SheMakes.Club is all about this very thing!

September inside SheMakes.Club is all about Feeling Stronger, and I would love to invite you in to the creative conversations and scrapbooking inspiration we do together! Most people join thinking they’re getting this awesome library of creative and Cricut content (which you are), and that they get to attend a virtual scrapbook crop every single month (which you do), or get some fun extra PDF downloads and prompts (which also yes), but what you REALLY get is so much more. It’s community, its support, its a way to process and feel better and make a life your truly love! Join Us!

Need even more help and support?

I am offering 1:1 creative arts therapy coaching sessions. I only work with 10 people at a time and currently only have 3 spots open for this type of 1:1 support and coaching. If you want to learn more feel free to reach out and message me at any time, here are a few options below.

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