31 Day She Makes Her Life Starts May 1, 2022

Are you ready to shake things up and MAKE a life you love?

She Makes Her Life is back with creativity and inspiration like never before!!!!

We are going to have SO much fun EVERYDAY together in May!
I am SO deeply excited for this year’s 31 Day Journey! I am taking you full out all in to look inside a practice I have done personally yearly or more for the last 10+ years.  A journey to make things we love, process life, tell our stories through scrapbooking and dig into the stuff that sometimes gets in our way of living our best, most joy filled life.  OH and THIS YEAR, I’m even taking you on my journey to someplace tropical in the midst of the whole incredible event…more on that later!
What included in the 31 Day She Makes Her Life Event?
~Live Weekly Videos with Weekly Scrapbook Page Videos
~5 Creative story telling projects we will complete together
~31 Inspiring, reflective, authentic and helpful journal questions and guides for every single day
~Simple yet practical daily prompts to get you through the month
~7+ Printable PDF Downloads
~SVGs to use with your favorite die-cutting machine
~REQUESTED by Members: Music Playlist to fill you up and encourage your soul! Songs that coordinate with the daily theme/reflection plus many bonus songs for fun and energy!
~Many other moments to share!

Two options for joining, 31 Day She Makes Her Life Journey! IT IS included as an awesome bonus gift for being a member of SheMakes.Club!


If you still aren’t ready to be an active Member of the SheMakesClub Community, you can JUST select joining the 31 Day She Makes Her Life Journey for $31.00 

Pick your option and I will see you May 1, 2022!

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Membership includes HERE.

Join the She Makes Her Life 31 Day Journey for $31.00 for access, no membership or renewal fee. Just the Event!

Join May 2022 Event Only.

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